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Voice, the organ of the soul, 5706. Ways, a hundred and fifty, 3668.
Voices, are sweet anong us, 5703. more, to the woods than one,
not musical, 5703.

Voluine, a stray, of real life, 3119. Weak, concessions of the, are, 1547.
Volumes that I prize above my duke. Weakest goes to the wall, 1450.
dom, 565.

Weakness, amiable, 1972, 1053.
Vote, my hand and my heart to this, crops out our human, 2716.

strength lies in our, 5621.
Vows, unnecessary, are folly be. two kinds of, 5717.
cause, 5:06a.

Wealth, an honest man's peerage,

Wagon, hitch your, to a star, 99. boundless, of its blessings, 5579.
Wait, everything comes if only, 3940. breeds poverty, 5752.
work and, 3958.

fatigue of getting, 387.
Wall, standing like a stone, 4037. first, is health, 2:387.
weakest goes to the, 1450.

generosity inore charitable than,
what you say before a, 3258.

Want, God alone is entirely exempt his that enjoys it, 5751.
from all, 2083.

is not his that has it, 5751.
keeps pace with wealth, 5762. is power, 4.381.
War, an exterminating, 5716.

may not produce civilization,
art of, consists in, 5745.

calls forth intellectual qualities means liberty, 5756.
and great virtues, 5708.

no nation can bear, that is, 574
civil, a momentous evil, 5739.

of society is productive labor,
civil, needs solemn justification,


requires the whole heart and,
dare not make, on cotton, 4307.

difficulties of civil, 5714.

safe use of, without reason, 5760
displays spiritual grandeur of the least gift that God has be-
man, 5728.

stowed, 5757.
great acts of, require, 5732.

want keeps pace with, 5762.
has philosophy of its own, 5735. which will not decay, 2958.
I hate, for it spoils, 5723.

without thee there is no, 903.
is a reflection of the soul, 5712. Wealthy, if you would be, 5750.
is human nature, 5736.

Wear, better to, out than, 5959.
is to re-organize, 5721.

Weather, tedious to talk of the,
never was a good, or, 5724.

one of the greatest plagues, 5734. Web, the, of our life is of a, 3247.
sometimes, must, 5731.

Wed, December when they, 3516.
strategy, most important de. Welcome, and the hostess say, 5765,
partment of, 5729.

Well, not so deep as a, nor so wide
the doctrine of the right of, 5718.

as, 1116.
the science of destruction, 5707. truth at the bottom of a, 5522.
to be prepared for, 5743.

worth doing is worth doing,
Varning, in, there is strength, 625.

Wars and pray for their presump. Well-favored, a, man, 4069.
tion, 5741.

Well-read, respect for a, man, 3265.
civil, strike deepest, 5711. Western gate of heaven, 5561.
civil, the greatest of evils, 5738. Wherefore, every why has a, 4647.

that we may live in peace, 5715. occasions and causes why and,
Water, darkness is deeper on the, 617.
than, 1062.

Whirligig of time brings in his re-
virtues we write in, 4742.

venges, 5423.
Water-thieves and land-thieves,5759. Why, every, has a wherefore, 4647.
Wave takes its form and shape, occasions and causes, and where.

fore, 617.
the, on the opposite strand, 5746. Wicked are always ungrateful, 2787.
Waves, winds and, are always on 'cause I's, - I is, 5767.
the side, 4.

little better than one of the, 608.
Wax, brings home honey and, 571. Wide, nor so, as a church-door,

fill our hives with honey and, 1116.

Widow, than the bell rings and the
Way, always a best, 5014.

weeps, 3629.

Wife, a constellation of virtues, Wisdom, the abstract of the past,

hath, and children hath given, the expression of the Eternal.

Will, everything depends upon, 5770. the master-piece of, 3847.
is nature, 1152.

the, of old age, 3&18.
necessity and free, 5177.

the only jewel which, 5801.
the unconquerable strength of, the perfection of, is, 738.

the practical part of, 5792.
to live by one man's, 5772.

wit and, are born with a man,
to rightful authority, 5215.

Wills, the, above be done, 1112.

without suffering, 5795.
Wind, funeral anthem of the dying Wise, a word to the, 81.
year, 5780.

competition worthy a, 5797.
God tempers the, to the shorn experience makes us, 1418.
lamb, 4525.

folly to wish only to be, 5802.
like the blast of a trumpet, 5780. he is, who can instruct, 5788.
see by that which way the, is, if we be made content, 898.

make friends of the, 1766.
sisters of the south and west, man does not grieve, but re.

joices, 5790.
the very ghost of sound, 5775. man knows himself to be, 1611.
Winds and waves are always on the man will always be a Christian,
side, 4.

Windy, keep o' the, side of the law, men say nothing in, 5810.

never thinks never can be, 5798.
Wine, exclaim no more against it, silence of a, man, 5012.

what, men do foolishly, 1610.
gives a man nothing, 5776.

when a, man gives thee, 80.
good, is a good, 5777.

worse becomes a woman than
good, needs no bush, 5778.

when she will be, 5893.
invisible spirit of, 5779.

Wish, industry need not, 2751.
throws a man out of himself, men to do to me, 2896.

Wit, a beautiful and delightful, 5854.
Wings, hear the beating of his, 1077. age is in, the, is out, 3866.
Winter, a thoroughly honest fellow, a, is a warfare, 5839.

ambles well, 5845.
is careful in trifles, 5782.

and art, what power, 5855.
Wisdom alone is a science of, 5806. and wisdom are born with &
cannot be exaggerated, 5787.

man, 7.
caricature resemblances of his, a skirmish of, 5846.

beautiful effects from, 5834.
consisteth not in, 5800.

buffoonery is often want of, 597.
consists in rising superior, 5784. doors upon a woman's, 5843.
God gives them, that have it, enables us to act rudely, 5837.

has a great charter, 5824.
God only teach, 5789.

has few true judges, 5859.
half, goes with courage, 946.

has its place in debate, 5838.
he who exercises, 5791.

implies contempt of folly and,
if, was to cease, 5809.

is a hen, 5813.

implies no small amount of wis.
is everlasting, 5804.

dom and culture, 5828.
is neither gold, nor silver, nor, I'm poor enough to be a, 1597.

is as quick as the greyhound's,
is to the soul what, 5803.

love itself, 5794.

joined to malice, 5831.
men lose, as they are conceited,

like money,


makes its own welcome, 5825.
of our ancestors, 132.

marries ideas lying apart, 5856.
preceptive, 5814.

more conversation than, 930.
preserved iy quotation, 4569.

more necessary than beauty,
sends us to childhood, 5805.

sign of, is a continual cheerful. more than, necessary to form an
ness, 707.

author, 344.

Wit, neither, to speak well, 5303. Woman, one that was a, sir, 5902.
never made us laugh, 5823.

one tongue sufficient for, 5895.
no more, than a Christian, 5841. reputation of a, 4727.
nourishes vanity, 2819.

requires tit surroundings, 3853.
no young woman ugly that has, seldom roused courageous ex

ertion, but, 5866.
object to, are envious, 5830.

shall not come in my grace, 5903,
of language inferior to, 5853.

the masterpiece of nature, 5892.
past the, of man to say what the salvation or destruction of,
dream, 1208.

power is too hard for, 5858.

to want a confidant, 5876.
rarest quality among people of was never yet fair but, 5905.
education, 5832.

what love does to a, 3342.
reading nourishes the, 4634.

without a laugh in her, 3050.
run him out of his money,


worse becomes a, than when she
society develops, 5117.

will be wise, 5893.
the cause that, is in other men, you not know I am a, 5901.

Womanhood, heart of true, 5879.
the salt of conversation, 5833. Woman's, a thought runs, 5396.
the very flavor of the mind, 5827. best qualities reside in her affec-
tongue runs before your, 5324.

tions, 5906.
too fine a point to your, 5818.

caricature of a, form, 5903.
ways are unaccountable, 5815. life a history of affections, 5885.
will make use of anything, 5811. lot is made for her by, 5872.
with greatness or, have not vir- mission and throne is the fam.
tue, 5668.

ily, 5909.
without an employment is, 5817. most precious possessson is a,
Withal, who he stands still, 5124.

heart, 3391.
Without, may live, architecture, 177. syllable of, speech, 3318.
Witness, the, of the past, 5189.

virtue is, 5681.
Wits, malice in thelhearts of all, 5829. wit, and it will out, 5843.
the falling out of, 58:22.

Women are ever in extremes, 5888.
Witty, not only, in myself, 5842.

are like pictures, 5877.
Wives, sky changes when they are, are like thermometers, 5899.

are to be talked to as, 5869.
Woman, a chaste and virtuous, 5868. err, they are weak, 1382.
a, keeps her

secret though, exceed men in love, 3329.

few, whose charm survives
a, in love is a, 5907.

beauty, 5891.
a, is only a weaker man, 3831. forgive injuries, but, 5878.
awakes the courage of, 945.

great, belong to, 5881.
a wretched, 5883.

higher worth of, sooner lost
beauty of a lovely, is, 5873.

than, 5898.
delight and the terror of man, if, were humbler men, 5.10.

love last and longest, 3302.
despises a man for loving her lovely than the love of two
unless, 3372.

beautiful, 1837.
divination, highest power in, nature has given power, law has

given them little, 5886.
elegant, never forgets her ele- ought not to know their wit,

for thy sweet understanding, a, seldom inventors, 2833.

slavery of, 5061.
good, is a treasure, 5889.

the happiest, 5874.
has same human nature that, where, are, 5862.

wish to be loved because they
hurt a, worse, aim at, 5911.

are, 5865.
if God made beautiful, he, 5908. with bridal dower of love, 5897.
is easily governed, 5887.

Wonder, if once explained ceases
is the estimate of, 5871.

to be a, 5912.
man delights me not, nor, 1188. is prophetic, 5913.
man the superiority above, 723. Wonderful, most, wonderful, 3505.
nature in earnest when makes, Woo, men are April when they,


own, 347.

Wood, shadows of the, 5456.

Work is alone noble, 5956.
Woods, more ways to the, than one, is for the living, 5957.

is godlike, 5974.
Word, a, once vulgarized, 5935.

is man's servant, 5958.
a, to the wise, 81.

is not living, 5967.
before employing a fine, 5930. is the grand cure for, 5958.
every, once a poem, 4163.

joy in one's, 2877.
every, stabs, 5904.

man's record is the record of,
remove the thorn from one, 5941.

suit the action to the, 36.

necessary as eating and sleeping,
the, to the action, 119.

Words, a fine volley of, 5944.

no, menial or mean, 5965.
and very precious, 5927.

the true source of human wel-
anger must be allayed by cold, fare, 5975.

under all circumstances, 5962.
are freehorn, 5918.

Workingman's house, hunger looks
are half battles, 5917.

in, 2750.
are pegs to hang ideas on, 5916. Works, faith, the root of, 1471.
are the daughters of earth, 5929. great, are performed by perse.
are the money of fools, 5925.

verance, 4013.
are wise men's counters, 5925. man's, have an age, 454.
articulate, are, 5:23.

stark mad on the subject of their
become luminous when, 5931.
darken whatever they not

the son of

his own, 4043.
help, 5932.

unless a man, he cannot, 5961.
end music begins, 3688.

World, a calm, and a long peace,
fitted to man's mouth, 5943.

grown so false, 5949.

a comedy, 5982.
in, are seen character of speaker, can go on without us, 2591.

comes round to truth and right,
kind, are benedictions, 5942.

less needful to sorrow, 5928.

in one's thoughts than on the
like nimble and airy servitors, shoulders, 2680.

is the same everywhere, 5977.
little minds use many, 5933.

might of the, is now, 726.
made to declare and show, 5934. not made for the, 5980.
may be greatly revenged, 4775. one half of the, knoweth not
men of few, are the best, 5946.

how the other half live, 2670.
necessary for them to multiply, quit the world, and the, forgets,

poble, are a memorial and, 5939. syllables govern the, 4394.
safest, bring most directly to thought and I were of another,
facts, 5937.

sensitive to the most trifling, the arbiter of a nation's fame,

that last forever, 5924.

wise men avoid the, 5981.
the most powerful, 5922.

Worms, to time and, have eaten,
the signs and counters of knowl. 1110.
edge, 5919.

Worry is rust upon the blade, 5983.
the transcript of those ideas, Worship, a certain, of heroes, 2408.

poetry, language of all, 4221.
words, words, 5948.

the loss of, 5987.
world is content with, 5938.

the source of intellect, 5986.
writers and orators economists | Worships, and, his creator, 4916.
in use of, 5951.

man always, something, 5985.
Wordy evidence of the fact, 5294. Worst comes to the worst, 4048.
Work'and wait, 3958.

Worth, what he is expresses the, of
avowed, less trying to patience

a man, 639.
than, 5960

Wounds, truth alone, 5533.
better to give, which is above, Wrestles, that, with us strengthens,

by, that man carves his way, Wretched, none completely, but

those who are without hope,
genuine, alone, 5954.


for money,

Writ, justly called Holy, 456. Wrong-doing, yoke of our own, 4714.
Write, glory and merit of some to, Wrongs, tights well who has, to
well, 343.

redress, 5601.
look in thy heart and, 363.

with as a spur,

man may, at any time if, 319. Wrote, blockhead ever, except for
them on paper, and sell them

money, 329.

Wrought, he, better that made the
to, me down an ass, 827.


with a goose pen, 362.
Writer, ablest, is a gardener, 310. Years, first, make provision for last,
every great, is a writer of

history, 2148.

Yesterday, curtains of, drop, 5406.
great, is the friend of his readers, to-day different from, 5430.

Yet in the word hereafter, 1951.
great, known by his guiding the Yoke, thrust thy neck into a, 3517.
mind, 360.

to wear the, of, 4714.
greatness of an artist or a, 2744. You, he is, and you are he, 5:336.
great, reveals himself every. Young, lay up for old age, 4531.
where, 350.

to be, the best gift of life, 5997.
judge of the excellence of a, 361. unless pretty, 3890.
magical boon, a, of great genius Youth, a continual intoxication,
confers, 355.

must be exempted from secular age will perform the promises
labor, 306.

of, 3231.
no surer sign of a bad heart than beholds happiness gleaming in,
for a, 369.

renown is the, 358.

but once, 5995.
who is a severe critic to him. character gives splendor to, 655.
self, 367.

corrupted the, of ile realm, 4486.
Writers, cheerfulness, a characteris. everywhere in place, 5991.
tic of great, 308.

feeling of eternity in, 5903.
have great influence on the hath a beard is more than a, 395.
public mind, 292.

if, be a defect, it is one, 5996.
lost in their collected learning, salt of our, 5999.

the summer of our, 5998.
reputation from their works, 340.

two sorts of, possess genius, 359. Zeal, attended with knowledge, 6007.
Writes, practises so well as he, 333. becomes the greatest scourge of
Writing, good, brings on ready humanity, 6006.
writing, 341.

hopes of, not groundless, 6003.
ready, makes not good writing, if, were true and genuine, 6000.

is called, 6004.
Wrong, a remedy for every, 813.

men, deceive themselves than
better to suffer, than to do, 5989a. in, 6002.
done, think that punishment is, outrun your charity, 691.

religious, leads to, 6005.

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