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Temperance, requisite for happiness, Thought takes out of servitude into,

the nurse of chastity, 5355.

the, his at last who utters it
the power which governs, 5354. best, 5391.
Temptations, find what your, are, the, of thinking souls, 3262.

the property of him who can
Tenderness is a virtue, 5357.

the repose of passion, 5359.

universe is a, of God, 5588.
want of, proof of stupidity, 5358. value and currency to, 5210.
Terror, with the name of antipathy, was once a poem, 5393.

work in silence, 5374.
Text, a neat rivulet of, shall mean. Thoughts, all great, are born, 5379.
der, 4217.

are accompanied with noble, 805.
Thanks, I am even poor in, 5361.

are according to inclination,
you owe nie no, 4771.

Themselves, that help, 1926.

are like mummies, 5390.
Theoretic, the, faculty, 449.

dependent upon language in
Theories, theorists and, +402.

which, 5394.
Thieves, when, cannot be true, 3408. difficult to appropriate the, 4574.
Things are the sons of heaven, 5929. great, stalwart, 675.
sad vicissitude of, 634.

highest, are least dependent on
Think, write one thing and to, an. language, 5395.
other, 2802.

ill, not roll them under tongue,
Thinker, a, is a person,


arrival of a, in the world, 5363. our secret, are, 848.
God lets loose a, 5366.

pansies, that's for, 1591.
profound, suspects he is super- reduced to practices become,
ficial, 5365.

acts, 5380.
Thinkers, abstruse, 5367.

rule the world, 2224.
shallow, 5367.

second and sober, 6383.
Thinking is creating with God, 5371. Thousand, not upper ten, 186.

nothing either good or bad, but, Three may keep a secret, 4887.

Thrones, climb up into their, 5571.
Thinks, never, never can be wise, Time ambles witħal, 5424.

brings forth and devours, 5404.
so far as a man, he is free, 2812. choose, is to save time, 5402.
Third, second mads him, and a, gains, gains everything, 5408.
drowns, 1220.

gallops withal, 5424.
Thought and I were of another greatest friend of truth is, 5494.
world, 5387.

great mystery of, 5405.
a, often makes hotter than, 5389. if he have lost no, 5990.
a penny for your, 1054.

important thing in life, 5412.
application of the, of another, is a great ocean, 5414.

is immeasurable, 5407.
a sudden, strikes me, 1854.

is money, 5403.
awakened does not slumber,5373. is scytheless and toothless, 5422.
came from others, 4575.

is the excuse of feeble and puz-
every, alters the world, 2769.

zled spirits, 3901.
interchange of, 5388.

is the old justice, 5425.
is always troublesome to him, know the true value of, 4505.

leaves its shadow, 5410.
is nature, 5381.

let, try, 5425.
is silence, 5398.

love life, do not squander, 3216.
language, the dress of, 3019.

money and, are, 598.
material of, reacts upon thought, restores all things, 1385.

the anodyne, 5427.
no, can be just which, 5370.

the consoler, 5427.
no great, no great object satis- the greatest of poets, 5418.
fies, 2285.

the lazy foot of, 3399.
no, is beautiful which, 5370.

the life of the soul, 5416.
one, includes all thought, 5376. there's a, for all things, 3906.
parent of the deed, 5372.

the shadow on the dial, 5416.
runs before her actions, 5396.

to, and worms have eaten, 1110
single, is that which, 5375.

trots withal, 5424.

Tiine, very age and body of the, 42. Treasons, man who cannot laugh,
weakens love, 5413.

fit for, stratagems, and spoils,
whirligig of, 5+23.

Times that try men's souls, 4064. Treaty, a, the promise of a nation,
Toady, you know what a, is, 5103.

Tobacco, roguish, 5428.

Tree, majestic, is greater than, 5455.
To-day, better is it to do so, 4488. the wiilow, 5457.
can do, 4489.

when we plaut a, 5459.
different from yesterday, 5430. Trees, an ideal oak, 5465.

is worth two to-morrows, 5429. assume, an air of anguish, 5461.
Toil, a lifetime's 2937.

forest of all manner of, is, 5462.
Tomb is the pedestal of greatness, maples and beeches and bircnes,

of the Capulets, 2193.

pines, and firs and spruces, holy
Tombs are the clothes of the dead, hymns, 5458.

pine shadows rest upon a na-
decked by the arts, 3630.

tion, 5466.
To-morrow, an old deceiver, 5432.

shadows of the great, 4971.
curtains of, roll, 5:06.

since they cannot change their
leave that till, 4489.

places, 5460.
questions concerning, 5431.

the mountain oak, 5464.
watch to-night, pray, 3451.

the pine, 5463.
To-morrows, to-day is worth two, Tribute, not one cent for, 3975.

Trick, a, worth two of that, 5468.
Tongs, the, and the bones, 3712.

is a mean thing, 5467.
Tongue, heart thinks his, speaks, the, of singularity, 4081.

Trifles, affection magnities, 5470.
his, is the clapper, 3580.

jealousy, thou magnitier of, 2841.
one, but two ears, 3256.

make the happiness or misery,
one, sufficient for woman, 5895.

runs before your wit, 5324.

not stand upon, 5469.
spendthrift of his, 5312.


of unconsidered,
wise as to hold thy, 5008.

Tongues, evil, never want a, 5305. Trot, riseth late must, all day, 1134.

judgment to hold their, 5303. Troubles are God's rains, 5173.
Toothache, sleep feels not the, 5085. sleep, cure for waking, 5079.
Top, fool me to the, of my bent, Truce, bugles sound the, of God,

Trade, a perilous, 365.

True beauty is sweetness, 427.
hath a, hath an estate, 5637.

be simply, 5031.
is a social act, 5134.

be, to highest convictions, 2638.
speech is free, our, shall be free, man may be, 5039.

people who mean to be, 5032.
Tradition, thing better than, 5435. what everybody says must be,
Tragedy, imperial, 18.

the delight of, 18.

Trust, cannot be forced into, 835.
Traitor, an arrant, 5138.

happier to be cheated than not
Tranquillity may be indifference, to, 5989a.

is immediate, 5479.
Translated, poetry, indeed, cannot man poor in, the poorest of,
indeed be, 3020.

Translations, something lost in, 5441. men, they will be true, 831.
Translator, like his author, 5+42.

that man in nothing who, 869.
Transmit, will, to them the bound- the corner-stone of happiness,
less, 5579.

Travel teaches toleration, 5414.

the, of giving counsel, 66.
Traveller, every, has a home, 5147. we, because we are obliged to,
Travellers must be content, 5448.

Travelling is a fool's paradise, 5145. Trusts, the child, because, 5476.
no fool's errand, 5143.

Truth, acknowledgment of the force
Treason against country, among the

of, 3427.
most damning sins, 3979.

agreeable found in the, 5536.
fellowship in, 5450.

a heretic in the, 438.
if this be, make the most, 5452. all, is valuable, and, 1000.

little of our,

Truth, all things speak, to, 5491. Truth only smells sweet forever,
alone wounds, 5533.

at the bottom of a well, 5522.

open to all, 5512, 5510.
beginning of every good, 5537. pre-eminence of, 5550.
be ready to receive, 1768.

rejoices to come to the light,
best guide to make a man write 5504.
forcibly, 345.

rise above falsehood, 5549.
beyond the use of satire, 5524. savor of newness in it, 6523.
came into world with Divine sincerity, find opportunity and
Master, 5531.

advantage, 5553.
carelessness about, 1480.

80, be in the field, 5530.
childhood holds a, which man- 80 difficult, 1477.
hood, 55:39.

something noble in publishing,
choice between, and repose, 7:24. 337.
comes unawares upon caution, strengthened by observation,

conquers within itself, 5498.

takes stamp of the soul, 5513.
constant companion is humility, teaching the wisdom of silence,

digested, assimilated, 5546.

tell, and shame the devil, 3430,
essence of, is, 5529.

find, not construct it, 5535.

the first lesson of the child, 5548.
found where it is sought, 5510. the genuine essence of, 5487.
germs of all, lie in, 56:25.

the, intentionally, 5554.
gravestones tell, scarce forty the masculine of honor, 2526.
years, 1371.

the measure of knowledge, 5521.
greatest enemy, prejudice, 5494. the most powerful of all things,
greatest friend of, is time, 5494.

great the power of, 5492,

the shield of, 3430.
honest man speaks, 5551.

the triumphs of, are, 5495.
honest mind turns toward, 5508. the vantage-ground of, 5484.
illuminates and gives joy, 5483. the work of God, 5559.
immense niasses of, 5188.

to, belongs freedom, 5538.
immortal alıd perpetual, 5499. to love, for truth's sake, 5520.
impossible to be soiled by, 5532. to mould an intelligence and
inclusive of all the virtues, 5481. instil, is beautiful, 2775.
innocence and bold, 2792

travels from heights of phil.
is, a fantasy, 5505.

osophy, 6500.
is a good dog, 1378.

truth is, 55+7.
is always present, 5497.

unproductive, is none, 5542.
is a profound sea, 5501.

whose mother is history, 5489.
is as apart and separate from, will never be tedious, 5541.

Truthfulness, foundation of per-
is courage, 5485.

sonal excellence, 5558.
is essential to poetry, 4196.

only grow with its growth, 5556.
is eternal, 5503, 5517.

Truth's, my country's, my God's,
is not the, the truth, 5557.

and, 3982.
is sensitive and jealous of, 5482. Truths, best spoken by implication,
is strong, next to the Almighty, 5180.

great dwell with minorities, 6519.
is the wittiest of, 6826.

greatest, are the simplest, 2234.
justice is, in action, 2898.

hold these, to be self-evident,
last aspiration of manhood, 5548. 2726.
like a pearl, 5514.

liar tells a hundred, to one,

man seeks for, 5490.

lies are the gliosts of, 3440.
man's proper good, 5511.

to be self-evident, 1377.
moral, is divine, 5526

Twenty tu follow mine own teach.
nature and, are one, 3758.

ings, 5338.
noblest ground on which to live Twin, impossible as one, 1222.
is, 5496.

Two, secret, if, of them are dead,
no one track of life, 5486.

nothing so grand as, 5516. Twofold, our life is, 3198.
of importance only as, 5506. Tyranny, a remedy against, 5565.
one may tell, with safety, 3430. bad laws, the worst sort of, 5562

Tyranny, degrees of, 2170.

Vagabonds, nature made us, 829.
doubt, the accomplice of, 1199. Vain being is really solitary, 5602.
few to which, is not, 5564.

man makes, 5606.
in the nursery, 1268.

Valiant, a, flea, 5519.
measured by powerto abuse,5566. Valor and power gain lasting mem.
no, so despotic as, 5507.

the, of the world, 3873.

better part of, is discretion, 5597.
will above law is, and despotism, discretion, the best part of, 5590.

distressed, 5595.
Tyrant, 'sovereign is called a, who, is certainly going, 5600.


cowardice and
subject of a, has no country, 5572. rashness, 5592.
Tyrants, cut off the stairs by, 5571. the power of self-recovery, 5593,
kings, from policy, 5570.

to taste their, 5596.
necessity, the argument of, 3784. truest, to dare to live, 5591.
rebellion to, is obedience, 5573. Value, art in thyself determines thy,
tree of liberty watered by the 610.
blood of, 3125.

Vanity, intimacies which increase,

destroy friendship, 1678.
Ugliness, happiness does away with, is anchored in the heart of man,

Understanding, acuteness and sub- knowledge of thyself preserve
tlety, 5577.

from, 5605.
the, to direct, 4061.

nothing, does not desecrate, 5604.
without a good, no pleasantry, pampered, better than starved

pride, 4154.
Undivided, country is, and indivisi. sympathizers with sorrows of,
ble, 5580.

Unforgiving, an, temper, 146.

the apparent motive of advice,
Ungrateful, the man is, who, 2788.

Unhappiest of all mortals are, 598. the rock of, 5610.
Unhappiness, happiness or, depends virtue not go far did not, 5669.

upon dispositions, 2361. Vantage-ground of truth, 5484.
present, is selfish, 1183.

Variety, is natural admits of, 5616.
there is, so great that, 2371.

the condition of harmony, 2372.
Union, dishonored fragments of a the mother of enjoyment, 5615.
once glorious, 5587.

Vengeance, delay in, gives a, 5618.
glorious, will not perish, 5579. Vengeful, the, thought, 4783.
keep step to the music of the, Venus will not charm without her

Graces, 5619.
liberty and, now and, 5586. Verbosity, the thread of his, 5945.
of states bé cherished, 5582. Verse, is an absurdity except as,
of the states is indissoluble, 5580. 4194.
our federal, 5581.

meretricious mannerism of, 5914.
peace and, 4054.

Verses, good, are like impromptus
to that, that we are chiefly in. made, 4185.
debted, 5585.

who writes, builds it in granite,
to that, we owe our safety, 5585.
virtually a dissolution of the, Vibrations, world of thrilling, 3691.

Vice, amusements, they keep peo.
Unique, great man is a, 2221.

ple from, 130.
United, one, and entire, 3983.

do not always encourage, when,
United States, people of the, framed 694
their government, 2132.

floats in the atmosphere, 5632.
Universe, is a thought of God, 5588. have been better to serve, 5650.
University, trne, is a collection of in the present age is, 5627.
books, 3178.

is a peripatetic, 5625.
Unjust, never wise to be, 2914.

is stimulated by satisfaction,
Unkindness, drink down all, 5589.

kindness blunts the sting of, lost half its evil by losing, 5624.

nature of, to leave no resource
Unknown, the, is an ocean, 850.

but, 5630.
Upper-crist, our, 186.

personal, 5634.
they are all, here, 187.

revolted from itself, 5075.


Vicc sanctioned by general opinion, | Virtue is to be pursued without, 5673

love of, is produced by, 5678.
sophisticates in favor of, 3098. measure of, is, 5001.
that cannot be forgiven is, 2014. mechanism about our, 2110.
the beginnings of, 5529.

never any one without, 5659.
the homage, pars to virtue, 2621. no re-ascending to, 2161.
the virtue of, 5667.

no sanctuary of, like hoine, 2490.
to, innocence must seem, 2797. not go far did not vanity, 5669.
virtue, except in hypocrisy, 5631. offence against, is to speak ill,
we old men are to this, of lying, 5660.

requires no qualifications, 5984.
which is productive of every pos- self respect, corner-stone of all,
sible evil, 1957.

Vices are written in a language, shows as well in rags and, 5651.

speak of, which we lack, 5671.
good qualities run wild, 5628. that gives glory, 5665.
if, were profitable, 56:22.

that wavers is not virtue, 5675.
virtues nor, are all our own, 2777. the business of, 5639.
which are insupportable in

the course of perfect, 5649.
others, 5633.

the foundation of happinese
Vicissitude, sad, of things, 6:34.

Vicissitudes, man used to, not de- the harmony of man, 5646.
jected, 632.

the health of the soul, 5666.
Victors, to the, belong the spoils the homage vice pays to, 2621.

the very sinews of, 5694.
Victory, a, is twice itself when, 5636. to show, her own feature, 5689.
I will not steal a, 2518.

vice, except in hypocrisy, 5631.
prepared is half the, 620.

virtúe hath no, if, 5685.
prevent me from winning a, 281. were misery if fame, 5053.
Vigilance, eternal, is the price of lib. when it is inspired, 5677.
erty, 3175.

which requires to be guarded,
Villains by necessity, 1607.

Villainous, a, coward, 982.

will catch by contact, 945.
company hath been the spoil of, without which friendship, 1822.

would have his, punished, 1505.
news abroad, 3793.

Virtues are written in a language,
Villainy you teach me I will exe. 5623.
cute, 5638.

gratitude one of the rarest of,
Violently if they must, 5584.

Violets, would give you some, 1592. great names stand for great,
Virtue, a fugitive and cloistered, 2233.

learn more from a man's errors
alone makes a man great, 5656.

than from his, 1381.
as beautiful as it is obligatory, moderation, silken string

through all, 5658.
can, hide itself, 5686.

never deceived by, 2249.
carries an intrinsic worth, 5692. nor vices are all our own, 2777.
commands respect, 5683.

we write in water, 4742.
does not truly reward if, 5650. world to hide, in, 5687.
forbearance ceases to be a, 3938. would be proud if our faults,
for the rule of life, 5647.

friendship, only a part of, 5679. Virtuous men alone possess friends
graces and beauties of, 5654.

great and godlike as justice, 2890. truly great man, truly, 5655.
hath no, in himself, envieth vir- Virtuously, live long who have liveå,
tue, 5640.

in the mind not, 5682.

Visions, divinations or, 899.
is bold, 2113.

Vocation, for a man to labor in his,
is its own reward, 5693.

is like a rich stone, 5641.

'Tis my, Hal, 5701.
is like precious odors, 5642. Voice from the tomb sweeter than
is not a negative quality, 5643.

song, 2196.
is obedience to God, 5662

soul reveals itself in the, 5706.
is the truest liberty, 5652.

the, has an authority and, 5704.

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