Constitutional Amendment Making War Legally Impossible: Hearing Before a Subcommittee ... on S.J. Res. 100 ... Jan. 22, 1927


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Seite 22 - I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the United States of America ; that I will serve them honestly and faithfully against all their enemies whomsoever ; and that I will obey the orders of the President of the United States, and the orders of the officers appointed over me, according to the Rules and Articles of War.
Seite 31 - If you have a nation of men who have risen to that height of moral cultivation that they will not declare war or carry arms, for they have not so much madness left in their brains, you have a nation of lovers, of benefactors, of true, great and able men.
Seite 22 - No enlisted man, lawfully inducted into the military service of the United States, shall be discharged from said service without a certificate of discharge, signed by a field officer of the regiment or other organization to which the enlisted man belongs or by the commanding officer when no such field officer is present...
Seite 2 - Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled (twothirds of each House concurring...
Seite 76 - I choose to solve the controversy with this small distinction, and it belongs to all three: any government is free to the people under it (whatever be the frame) where the laws rule and the people are a party to those laws, and more than this is tyranny, oligarchy, or confusion.
Seite 24 - The Chief of the Chemical Warfare Service under the authority of the Secretary of . War shall be charged with the investigation, development, manufacture, or procurement and supply to the Army of all smoke and incendiary materials, all toxic gases, and all gasdefense appliances; the research, design, and experimentation connected with chemical warfare and its material ; and chemical projectile filling...
Seite 32 - Whenever we see the doctrine of peace embraced by a nation, we may be assured it will not be one that invites injury ; but one, on the contrary, which has a friend in the bottom of the heart of every man, even of the violent and the base ; one against which no weapon can prosper ; one which is looked upon as the asylum of the human race and has the blessings of mankind.
Seite 9 - The point of the bayonet should be directed against the opponent's throat, especially in hand-to-hand fighting, so that the point will enter easily and make a fatal wound on penetrating a few inches. Other vulnerable and frequently exposed parts are the face, chest, lower abdomen, thighs, and, when the back is turned, the kidneys.
Seite 15 - ... believe so little now in anything or anyone that they would find it hard to understand the simplicity and intensity of faith with which these phrases were once taken among our troops, or the certitude felt by hundreds of thousands of men who are now dead that if they were killed their monument would be a new Europe not soured or soiled with the hates and greeds of the old. That the old spirit of Prussia might not infest our world any more ; that...
Seite 24 - ... chemical projectile filling plants and proving grounds; the supervision of the training of the army in chemical warfare, both offensive and defensive, including the necessary schools of instruction: the organization, equipment, training and operation of special gas troops, and such other duties as the president may from time to time prescribe.

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