The Story of Astrology: The Belief in the Stars as a Factor in Human Progress

Cosimo, Inc., 1 de dez. de 2005 - 136 páginas
The actual beginnings of astrology are unknown and unknowable. The science emerges already highly refined from the utter obscurity of the pre-historic world. The ends of astrology are also unknown. There is already evidence that the perfection of this science will elevate man to an intellectual and social condition far beyond the limitations of our present consciousness. -from "Astrology's Place in the Modern World" In this concise book, one of the preeminent metaphysicists of the 20th century gives us an extraordinarily informative and entertaining survey of the astrological disciplines and beliefs of the ancient Chinese, Tibetans, HIndus, Greeks, Romans, Aztecs, and Arabians. Then, his discussions of astrology as science, religion, and philosophy bring this paranormal system into the contemporary world, and he explains how, in his estimation, that the heavenly bodies, acting as the "foci of intellectual energy," dramatically sway the course of civilization itself. A classic of supernatural spirituality is a must-read for those fascinated by the influence of paranormal belief in the 20th century. American mystic MANLY PALMER HALL (1901-1990) founded the Philosophical Research Society in 1934. He is also the author of The Lost Keys of Freemasonry, The Ways of the Lonely Ones, and The Secret Teachings of All Ages.

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Página 21 - I say you lie, sir. It is impossible that anything should be as I would have it; for I was born, sir, when the Crab was ascending, and all my affairs go backward.
Página 21 - Taurus, and was in it. 0 glorious stars, O light impregnated With mighty virtue, from which I acknowledge All of my genius, whatsoe'er it be, With you was born, and hid himself with you, He who is father of all mortal life, When first I tasted of the Tuscan air...
Página 22 - My horoscope was propitious : the sun stood in the sign of the Virgin, and had culminated for the day ; Jupiter and Venus looked on him with a friendly eye, and Mercury not adversely; while Saturn and Mars kept themselves indifferent; the Moon alone, just full, exerted the power of her reflection all the more, as she had then reached her planetary hour.
Página 120 - The way to be happy is to live according to nature, in obedience to that universal and unalterable law with which every heart is originally impressed; which is not written on it by precept, but engraven by destiny, not instilled by education, but infused at our nativity.
Página 24 - It announced, he tells us, that in the north, in Finland, there should be born a prince who should lay waste Germany and vanish in 1632. Gustavus Adolphus, it is well known, was born ' in Finland, overran Germany, and died in 1632.
Página 59 - When beggars die there are no comets seen ; The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes.
Página 121 - By his own calculation, he will survive till the 26th of the same month. This small difference between us, we have disputed whenever we have met these nine years past; but at length he is inclined to agree with my judgment.
Página 56 - At the same time, however, it is no less possible to conceive, that the perfect number of time will then accomplish a perfect year, when the celerities of all the eight periods being terminated with reference to each other, shall have a summit, as they are measured by the circle, of that which subsists according to the same and the similar [ie according to the sphere of the fixed stars].
Página 11 - God hath created these stars and spheres to govern the world, and set them on high, and imparted honour unto them, and they are ministers that minister before him; it is meet that men should laud, and glorify, and give them honour.
Página 72 - ... of his dominions, for all such persons as were at all conversant with it, whom he brought to his court, and imparted to them whatever he knew; and ascending by night on the terraced roof of his palace, he thence considered the stars, and disputed with them on all difficult questions concerned with them.

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