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Embellished with COPPER-PLATES, Satirical, Political, and

Scientifical, from ORIGINAL DESIGNS.



Members of the University of OXFORD.

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Printed for the AUTHORS, and sold by S. BLADON, at No. 28, and

J. Coote, at No. 16, in Pater - nofter - row, London; Mell.
FLETCHER and HODGSON, at Cambridge; Mr. SMITH, at Dublin;
and Mr. ETHERINGTON, at York.


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The Oxford Magazine;

For JULY 1769.


Addressed to Sir J-N-G. SIR, T is not in the least surprising, that But it is matter of just astonishment,

that without any of those extraordilebrated predecessor, to velt the office nary talents, which recommended your of chief civil magistrate for the city and predecessor to the notice of the Great, liberties of Westminster, and indeed of you have been able to catry the point the county of Middlesex, in the fa- of maintaining a superiority over your mily of the F -gs as an hereditary brethren in the commission of the eftate, should have met with the de- peace to a much greater length than fired success. The great abilities of he ever aimed at'; and that you have the first justice F-g procured him presumed to insult the whole nation, the esteem and confidence of his supe- and every other department intrusted riors, and attracted the veneration of with the preservation of the peace and the populace: he knew how to avail good order of this great metropolis, himself of the public prepossession in by giving to your little office in Bowa his favour; and by dint of a general street, the very respectable and comprecorrespondence and connection with hensive title of The Police. As not the printers of news-papers, pawn- only foreigners, but many of his Mabrokers, keepers of brothels, and a jesty's liege subjects, may be deceived set of infamous wretches called thief- by your pompous display of this selftakers, he acquired the reputation of a erected title, to which you have somemoft active magistrate, and almost times added, that you had the sanction wholly engrossed the very profitable and support of the ministıy; and that business of the Middlesex justices of the false conclusions may be drawn, fuc peace. At length, when infirmities the imagining that there is an estabbore him down, and he could no lished, well-regulated Police in this longer attend the fatiguing duties of great city, of which you are the head; his important station, having first laid and that the Right Honourable the an extensive foundation for his fuccef- Lord Mayor of London, the Court of for, he kindly transformed the Re- Aldermen, and many private justices gister-office keeper into a justice of the of the peace, are mere cyphers. It peace; and consigning over to you all thall be the business of the essays under the implements of office, which were the title of The Police to demonnccessary for carrying on the scheme of strate, that we have very few regulasupremacy, and for supporting the tions for the internal polity of our cacredit of the justiciary seat in Bow pital cities which deserve that signifistreet, he resigned, and retired with a cant denomination, and that such is considerable reputation.

our deficiency in this respect, compaA 2



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