Report of the Adjutant General

1862-1866 contain much historical material relating to the Michigan troops in the civil war.

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Página 23 - Occoquan the enemy came within range of the carbines of this party, and fell back in confusion at the first fire. Discovering the weakness of the force opposed to them, the rebel cavalry recovered and charged vigorously with a large force, before which the detachment retired, fighting from behind bushes...
Página 13 - Districts. On the completion of the enrollment in each of the several States, a draft was ordered to be made of one-fifth of the first class so enrolled therein ; this number, however, to be subject to such modifications as might be produced by an adjustment of the surplus or deficiency existing in the accounts of each State under previous calls.
Página 493 - ... of riot, tumult, breach of the peace, resistance of process, or whenever called in aid of the civil authorities, he shall be taken care of and provided for at the expense of the county where such service shall have been rendered, during such disability, and in case of death or permanent disability in consequence of such wounds, his widow and children, if any, shall receive such relief as the board of state auditors may determine to be just and reasonable. SOLDIERS
Página 14 - ... correspondence and examination the legitimate credit of the State was estimated on the 19th of September at a total, reduced to a three years' standard, of 9,518, including such as had been enlisted since the statement of May 26th. The extent of our territory, and the difficulty of communication in some portions of it, with other causes perhaps, delayed the completion of the enrollment until the fall.

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