St. Nicholas, Band 11,Teil 1

Scribner & Company, 1884

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Seite 187 - Madison dropped into the chair, put his elbows on the table, and buried his face in his hands. She came a little nearer, and laid her hand lightly on his arm. He made a movement as if to take it, but she withdrew it impatiently. "Come," she said brusquely; "now you're in for it you must play the game out.
Seite 6 - We have thought fit, by, and with, the Advice of our Privy Council, to notify the same to all Our loving Subjects and we do declare, that our Royal will and Pleasure is, and we do hereby strictly charge and Command all our officers, both at Sea and Land, and all...
Seite 66 - Resolved, that the flag of the thirteen United States be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white; that the Union be thirteen stars, white, in a blue field, representing a new constellation.
Seite 287 - Fairer seems the ancient city, and the sunshine seems more fair, That he once has trod its pavement, that he once has breathed its air...
Seite 332 - Take pleasure in one thing and rest in it, in passing from one social act to another social act, thinking of god.
Seite 344 - Blow, bugles of battle, the marches of peace ; East, west, north, and south let the long quarrel cease: Sing the song of great joy that the angels began, Sing of glory to God and of good-will to man ! Hark ! joining in chorus The heavens bend o'er us ! The dark night is ending and dawn has begun ; Rise, hope of the ages, arise like the sun, All speech flow to music, all hearts beat as one ! 1873.
Seite 171 - Now all our neighbours' chimneys smoke And Christmas blocks are burning ; Their ovens they with bak't meats choke, And all their spits are turning. Without the door let sorrow lie. And if, for cold, it hap to die, Wee'le bury 't in a Christmas pye, And evermore be merry. WITHERS
Seite 165 - One sight of such a coast is enough to make a landsman dream for a week about shipwrecks, peril, and death ; and with this sight we bade farewell for ever to Tierra del Fuego.
Seite 287 - Memories haunt thy pointed gables, like the rooks that round them throng: Memories of the Middle Ages, when the emperors, rough and bold, Had their dwelling in thy castle, time-defying, centuries old ; And thy brave and thrifty burghers boasted, in their uncouth rhyme, That their great imperial city stretched its hand through every clime. In the court-yard of the castle, bound with many an iron band, Stands the mighty linden planted by Queen Cunigunde's hand...
Seite 330 - Scutarius at the gladiators' fights ; from him too I learned endurance of labor, and to want little, and to work with my own hands, and not to meddle with other people's affairs, and not to be ready to listen to slander.

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