Biennial Report of the Railroad Commissioner of the State of Vermont, for


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Página 31 - When and to whom was the original stock, owned by the Company, sold atid what was the cash value realized by the Company for the same?
Página 23 - A list of the stockholders at the last election of directors, showing the name, residence and amount of stock owned by each, must be filed herewith.
Página 45 - Number of locomotive engines controlled by the corporation for use, but leased instead of owned. 65. Number of freight cars controlled by the corporation for use, but leased instead of owned.
Página 46 - Number of miles traveled by passengers, or number of passengers carried one mile ("" total movement of passengers").
Página 46 - Average number of persons directly employed by the company during the year.
Página 46 - Number of miles one ton of freight was carried, or number of tons carried one mile ("total movement of freight "). 84.
Página 46 - Kate of speed of same when in motion, 30 miles. Average rate of speed adopted by express passenger trains, including stops, •30 miles.
Página 45 - Length in feet of pile or trestle work in wood on all lines.
Página 3 - ... thereafter be constructed in the State, are exempted by law from the operation of the act until ten years after the completion of such new railroad. The commission report annually to the Legislature. VERMONT Has one commissioner of railroads, whose duty it is to report biennially to the Governor...
Página 47 - Damages to property, including damages by fire and cattle killed on road.

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