Kanawai o ka moi, Kamehameha III.: ke alii o ko Hawaii pae aina, i kauia e na alii ahaolelo, a me ka poeikohoia, iloko o ka ahaolelo o ka makahiki 1851

Paiia mamuli o ke kauoha a ke aupuni, 1851 - 70 páginas

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Página 25 - ENACTED by the Nobles and Representatives of the Hawaiian Islands, in Legislative Council assembled : SECTION 1.
Página 3 - America, to be paid to the said or his certain attorney, executors, administrators, or assigns: to which payment well and truly to be made, I bind myself, my heirs, executors, and administrators, firmly by these presents.
Página 66 - Every such guardian shall also settle all accounts of the ward, and demand, sue for and receive all debts due to him, or may, with the approbation of the...
Página 69 - Every such guardian shall give bond to the ward, in the manner, and with the like condition, as herein-before provided with respect to other guardians, excepting that the provisions respecting the inventory, the disposal of the estate and effects, and the account to be rendered by the guardian, shall be confined to such estate and such effects as shall come to his hands in this shite.
Página 64 - ... at the expiration of his trust to settle his accounts with the court or with the ward, if he be of full age, or his legal representatives, and to pay over and deliver all the estate, moneys, and effects remaining in his hands, or due from him on such settlement, to the person who is lawfully entitled thereto.
Página 64 - ... 2. To dispose of and manage the estate according to law, and for the best interest of the Ward, and faithfully to discharge his trust in relation thereto, and also in relation to the care, custody and education of the Ward.
Página 71 - ... should be sold, the court may grant a license therefor, specifying therein, whether the sale is to be made for the maintenance of the ward and his family, or in order that the proceeds may be put out and invested as aforesaid.
Página 68 - ... in writing belonging to the ward, the judge may cite and examine such suspected person, and proceed with him as to such charge, in the same manner as is provided with respect to persons suspected of concealing or embezzling the effects of a deceased testator, or intestate.
Página 64 - ... the father of the minor, if living, and in case of his death the mother, they being respectively competent to transact their own business, shall be entitled to the custody of the person of the minor and the care of his education.
Página 70 - ... in which case the capital may be used for that purpose, as far as may be necessary, in like manner as if it had been personal estate of the ward. SEC. 23. If the estate is sold for the purpose of putting out or investing the proceeds, as provided in this act...

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