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Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1889, by

CENTRAL LAW JOURNAL COMPANY, In the Office of the Librarian of Congress at Washington.


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The abbreviation R. D. indicates cases commented on in our Notes of Recent Decisions; any, caseannotated case.

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Adams Exp. Co. v, Harris (Ind.) Carriers of Goods

Contract, R. D. 24. Agricultural and Mechanical Assn. v. State (Md.)

Death by Wrongful Act-Parent and Child, ann.

case, 250. Allec v. Reece (U. 8. C. C.) Justice of Peace-Illegal Ar

rest, R. D. 342. Amy v. City of Watertown (U. S. S. C.) Limitations of

Actions-Evasion of Process, R. D. 2. Appeal of Laughman (Penn.) Corporation-Trade-name,

R. D. 424. Atchison, T. & S. F. Ry. Co. v. Morgan (Kan.) Fixtures

-Well and Pump, R. D. 163. Avery v. Ryan (Wis.) Specific Performance-Contract

-Corporate Stock, R. D. 405. Bell v. Pelt (Ark.) Equitable Mortgage, R. D. 65. Berney National Bank v. Pinckard (Ala.) Attachment

-Corp te stock, R. D. 282. Blackstone v. Standard Life and Accident Ins. Co

(Mich.) Accident Insurance-Suicide, R. D. 4. Blood Balm Co. v. Cooper (Ga.) Damages-Patent

Medicine-Poison, R. D. 463. Born v. Horstman (Cal.) Will-Construction-Public.

Policy, R. D. 403. Boulden v. McIntire (Ind.) Marriage-Validity, R. D.

65. Brazil Block Coal Co. v. Gaffney (Ind.) Master and

Servant-Risks-Infant, R. D. 266. Burck v. Taylor (U. 8. C. C.) Removal of Causes--Citi.

zenship, R. D. 422. Burrows v. Klunk (Md.) Negotiable Instrument-Al.

teration, ann, case, 28. Burton v. Conn. Mut. Life Ins. Co. (Ind.) Life Insur

ance-Insurable Interest, R. D. 123. Cakes v. Sparkman (Tex.) Corporation-Stockholders

-Equity, R. D. 164. Carbine v. Bennington, etc. Ry. C. (Vt.) Master and

Servant-Assumption of Risk, ann, case, 10. Case v. Taftus (U. S. C. C.) New State-Admission

Tide Waters, R. D. 454. Central City Ins. Co. v. Oates (Ala) Insurance-Condi.

tion-Wajver, R. D, 106.

Chae Chang Ping v. United States (U. S. S. C.) Consti

tutionality-Chinese Exclusion Act, R. D. 162. Chicago, B. & Q. Ry. Co. v. Sullivan (Neb.) Negligence

-Vice Principal-Fellow.servant, R. D. 482. City of Demopolis v. Webb (Ala.) Equity-Nuisance

Obstruction, R. D. 363. City of St. Louis v. West. Telegraph Co. (U. 8. C. C.)

Telegraph Co.-Regulation-License, R. D. 325. Commercial Union Tel. Co. v. New England Telegraph

Co. (Vt.) Telephone Co.-Discrimination, R. D. 244. Coots v. City of Detroit (Mich.) Municipal Corporation

-Defective Street-Freeman, ann. case, 370. Crehore v. Ohio & Migs. Ry. Co. (U. S. S. C.) Removal

of Causes-Amendment, R. D. 62. Cusick v. Adams (N. Y.) Negligence-Dangerous Bridge,

R. D. 143. Dean v. St. Paul Union Depot Co. (Minn.) Negligence

Dangerous Premises, R. D. 304. Detroit Tug Co. v. Gartner (Micb.) Mandamus-Judge

New Trial, R. D. 283. District of Columbia v. Cornell (U. S. S. C.) Certificate

of Indebtedness, R. D. 142. Douglas v. Lewis (U. S. S. C.) Covenant-Warranty, R.

D. 22. Dunn v. City of Austin (Tex.) Cemetery-Nuisance, R.

D. 307. Earle v. Earle (Neb.) Equity-Husband and Wife

Alimony, R. D. 386. Embrey v. Jemison (U. 8. 8. C.) Negotiable Instrument

-Wagering Contracts, R. D. 122. Ex parte Barker (Ala.) Habeas Corpus-Extradition,

R. D. 23. Ex parte Cuddy (U.S.S. C.) Habeas Corpus-Contempt.

R. D. 182. Fagunder v. Central Pac. Ry. Co. (Cal.) Negligence

Fellow.servant, R. D. 4. Farr v. Ricker (Ohio.) Negotiable Instrument-In.

dorser, R. D. 25. Fowler v. Bowery Savings Bank (N. Y.) Banks and

Banking-Election of Remedies, R. D. 23. Freeland v. Williams (U. S. S. C.) Judgment-Obliga.

tion of Contract, R, P. 242.

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Garretson v. North Atchison Bank (U. S. C. C.) Banks

and Banking-Acceptance of Check, R. D. 306.
Georgia R. R., etc. Co. v. Nelms (Ga.) Master and Serv.

ant-Machinery-Latent Defect, apn. case, 352.
German National Bank v. Burns (Colo.) Banks and

Banking-Collections, R. D. 85.
Gibson v. Board (Cal.) Elections-Bonds, R. D. 385.
Gillis v. Western Union Telegraph Co. (Vt.) Telegraph

Company-Stipulation against Negligence, ann.

case, 128.
Goldsmith's Admr. v. Joy (Vt.) Assault and Battery-

Provocation-Damages, R. D. 223.
Griggs v. Swift (Ga.) Partnership-Dissolution-Con.

tract, R. D. 362.
Hagerman v. Buchanan (Conn.) Voluntary Convey.

ance-Subsequent Creditors, R. D. 183.
Handy v. St. Paul Globe Publishing Co. (Minn.) Con.

tracts-Sunday Law, ann. case, 171.
Harney v. Merrill (Mass.) Illegal Contract-Gaming-

Public Policy, R. D. 382.
Harpold v. Stobart (Ohio.) Corporations-Stockhold.

ers, ann, case, 110.
Harris v. Howe (Tex.)-Carriers of Passengers-Con-

necting Carriers, 444.
Harris v. People (Ill.) Felony-Jury Trial-Waiver, R.

D. 84.
Harrison v. Nicollet Nat. Bank (Minn.) Negotiable In-

strument-Check-Bill of Exchange, R. D. 404.
Hawkins v. Glenn (U.S. S.C.) Corporation-Equity-As.

sessment of Stock, R. 'D. 322.
Haydock Carriage Co. v. Pier (Wis.) Married Woman

-Assignment-Bond, R. D. 445.
Heywood v. State (Miss.) Carrying Concealed Weapons

--Journey, R. D. 226.
Hicks v. Commonwealth (Va.) Criminal Law-Inten.

tion-Poision, R. D. 305.
Holland v. Bartch (Ind.) Negligence-Bicycle-Law of

the Road, ann. case, 410.
Huff v. Austin (Ohio.) Negligence-Dangerous Prem-

ises. R. D. 222.
Hull v. Chicago, etc. Ry. Co. (Minn.) Carriers of Goods

-Negligence, R. D. 425.
Hull v. State (Ind.) Disturbance of Worship-Salvation

Army, R. D. 427.
Hurley v. State (Ohio.) Witness-Impeachment, R. D.

Hurst v. State (Ala.) Criminal Law-Former Convic.

tion, R. D. 143.
Hussey v. State (Ala.) Homicide-Evidence of Charac.

ter, R. D. 324.
In re Barber (U.S.C. C.) Constitutional Law-Meat In

spection-Commerce, O. E. 261.
In re Neagle (U. S. 0. C.) Habeas Corpus-Federal

Courts-Justifiable Honnicide, 0. E. 261.
Jennings v. Bank of California (Cal.) Corporations-

Transfer of Stock, ann, case, 150.
Johnson v. Grissard (Ark.) Chattel Mortgage-Crop-

Description, R. D. 44.
Johnson v, State (Neb.) Rape-Proof-Intention, R. D.

Jones v. Fruin (Neb.) Malicious Attachment, R. D. 3.
Kellar v. Carr (Minn.) Attachment-Residence--Domi.

icile, ann, case, 91.
Kennon v. Gilmer (U. S. $. O.) Appellate Court-Excese

sive Damages, R. D. 262.
Kratzenstein v. Western Assurance Company

surance-Goods-Carriage, R. D. 426.
Lake County v. Rolling, (U. S. S. O.) Constitutional

Law-Limitation of Indebtedness, R. D. 202.
Leonard v. Poole (N. Y.) Principal and Agent-Illegal

Undertaking, R. D. 183.
Leibscher v. Kraus (Wis.) Negotiable Instrument-

Corporation-Agency, ann, case, 392.
Lindvall v. Woods (Minn.) Negligence-Fellow.serv.

ants, R. D. 246.
Loos v Wilkinson (N. Y.) Fraudulent Conveyance-

Accounting, R. D. 43.
Louisville, N. 0. & T. P. Ry. v. State (Miss.) Interstate

Commerce-Carrier, R. D. 263,

Louisville, E. & St. Louis Ry. Co. v. Wilson (Ind.) Car-

riers of Goods-Compensation, R. D. 24.
Loveland v. Gardner (Cal.) Negligence-Barb Wire

Fence, R. D. 105.
Mahogany v. Ward (R. I.) Negligence-Law of the

Road, R. D. 184.
Mayer v. Dean (N. Y.) Sale-False Representations, R.

D. 445.
McIntire v. Roberts (Mass.) Negligence-Detective

Sidewalk, R. D. 303.
Memphis, etc. Ry. Co. v. Greer (Tenn.) Master and

Servant-Equitable Set-off, ann. case, 230.
Memphis, P. & B. Ry. Co. v. State (Tenn.) Street Rail-

way Co.-Road Bed. R. D. 246.
Michigan Insurance Bank v. Eldred (U. S. S. C.) Pro.

cess-Delivery, R. D. 102.
Middleditch v. Williams (N. J.) Testamentary Capac.

ity-Insane Delusion-Spiritualism, R. D. 144.
Miller v. Miller (Iowa.) Contract-Public Policy, R. D.

Missouri Pac. Ry. Co. v. Richmond (Tex.) Libel-Cor.

poration-Privileged Communication, ann. case, 69.
Maffit v. City of Asheville (N. C.) Municipal Corpora-

tion-Negligence, R. D. 84.
Mogul Steamship Co. v. McGregor (Eng.) Trade Com.

bination-Legality, C. E. 242.
Montgomery v. Wyman (III.) Taxation-Exemption-

Schools, aon. case, 490.
Moore v. City of Indianapolis (Ind.) Municipal Cor-

poration-Police Power-Liquor License, R. D. 462.
Moore & Handley Hardware Co. v. Towers Hardware

Co. (Ala.) Contract--Restraint of Trade, R. D. 63.
Morgan v. Struthers (U. S. 8. C.) Corporation-Stock

Subscription, R. D. 82.
Mumby v. Bowden (Fla.) Negligence-Independent

Contractor, R. D. 344.
Murphy v. State (Ind.) Criminal Law-Rape-Assault,

R. D. 383.
Myers v. State (Ohio.) Contempt–Libel-Judge, ann.

cage, 310.
Nebraska Loan & Trust Co. v. Neil (Neb.) Corporation

--Trade Name, R. D. 403.
Nash v. Jewett (Vt.) Infancy-Torts-False Represen.

tations, ann. case, 273.
National Bank v. Texas Investment Co. (Tex.) Corpor:

ation-Directors, R. D. 384.
Olney v. Conanicut Land Co. (R. I.) Corporation-

Directorg-Trustees, ann. case, 333.
O'Reilly v. New York, etc. Ry. Co. (R. I.) Conflict of

Lawg-Penal Statute, ann. case, 210.
Patterson v. Gibson (Ga.) Principal and Surety-Du-

ress, R. D. 402.
Patterson v. Minnesota Manuf. Co. (Minn.) Corpora-

tions-Directors, R. D. 264.
Peak v. Derry (Eng.) Directorg-False Representa-

tions, O. E. 122.
People v. Budd (N. Y.) Constitutional Law-Police

Power-Grain Elevators, O. E. 401.
People v. North River Sugar Refining Co. (N. Y.)

"Trusts"-Corporations-Combination, C. E. 441.
People v. Swalm (Cal.) Larceny-Wife-Paramour, R.

D. 345.
Pepper v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Tenn.) Telegraph

Company-Negligence. R. D. 105.
Pittsburg Mining Co. v. Spooner (Wis.) Corporations-

Directors, R. D. 3.
Pope v. Pollock (Ohio.) Malicious Prosecution-Forci.

ble Entry and Detainer, ann. case, 51.
Purple v. Farrington (Ind.) Partnership-Mortgage, R.

D. 83.
Queen v. Tolston (Eng.) Criminal Law-Intent-Big.

amy, R. D. 375.
Raymond v. Vaughan (III.) Partnership-Insanity-

Dissolution, R. D. 104.
Read v. Mosby (Tenn.) Fraudulent Conveyance-Heir

Apparent,, 190.
Richmond v. Mississippi Mills (Ark.) Chattel Mortgage

-Assignment for Benefit of Creditors, R. D. 243.
Richmond & D. Railroad Co. v. Pickleseimer (Va.) Con.

tributory Negligence, R. P. 386.

Riggs v. Palmer (N. Y.) Wills-Murder of Testator

Beneficiary, ann. case, 470. Rogers v. Jacob (Ky.) Constitutional Law-Elections

Ballots, C. E. 21. Rouse v. Merchants National Bank (Ohio.) Corpora.

tions-Insolvency-Preference, R. D. 442. Rowe v. St. Paul N. & M. Ry. Co. (Minn.) Drainage

Obstruction-Surface Water, R. D), 343. Rychlicki v. City of St. Louis (Mo.) Drainage-Munici.

pal Corporation, ann. case, 289. Samuel v. Oliver (IN.) Wagering Contract—"Corner:

ing" market-Illegal Combloation, R. D. 482. Schollmier v. Schoendlen (Iowa.) Bank Deposits-As.

signment, R. D. 423. Sexton v. Chicago Storage Company (III.) Lease-As.

signment- Subletting, R. D. 205. Sherwin v. Maben (Iowa.) Divorce-Attorney's Fees

Husband, R. D. 464. Stanbrough v. Cook (U. S. C. 0.) Removal of Causes

Citizenship, R. D. 43. State v. Gilmore (Mo.) Gaming-Statutes - Construc.

tion, R. D. 63. State v. Wensel (Mo.) Evidence-Dying Declarations,

R. D. 64. St. Louis, Iron Mountian & S. Ry. Co. v. Grafton, (Ark.)

Reward-Deputy Sheriffs, R. D. 107. Studer v. Bleinstein (N. Y.) Sale-Manufactured Ar

ticle-Acceptance, ann. case, 449. Swift v. Sutphin (U. S. C. C.) Constitutional Law-Meat

Inspection-Commerce, C. E. 261.

Tafft v. Presidio & Ferries Ry.Co. (Cal.) Corporation

Stock-Transfer, R. D. 483. Talbott v. Stemmon's Executor (Ky.) Contract--Con.

sideration, R. D. 483. Terre Haute & I. Ry. Co. v. Voelker (III.) Negligence

Railroad Crossing, R. D. 323. Theobald v. Louisville N. O. & T. Ry. Co. (Misg.) Rail.

road Company-Street, R. D. 302. Tomby v. State (Ala.) Forgery-Illegible Instrument,

R. D. 248. Turner v. Benjamin (Wis.) Negotiable Instrument

Indorser-Notice, R. D. 363. Tyler v. Sanborn (III.) Principal and Agent-Husband

and Wife, R. D. 26. Ungericht v. State (Ind.) Sunday Law-Necessity

Shaving, R. D. 247. United States v. Hall (U. S. 8. C.) Notary Public-Fed.

eral Matters, R. D. 42. United States v. Tozer (U. S. D. C.) Interstate Com.

merce Act-Criminal, R. D. 302. Vahlberg v. Keaton (Ark.) Interest-Usury-Broker's

Fee, R. D. 225. Village of Carterville v. Cook (III.) Negligence-De

fective sidewalk, R. D. 303. White v. Ward (Va.) Assault-Res Gestæ-Mitigation,

ann. case, 432. Wright v. Hughes, (Ind.) Corporation-Ultra Vires, R.

D. 203.

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De Facto Corporations—by Wilber L. Stonex, 5. Conditional Sales of Personal Property -- by

Noble Smithson, 26. Negotiable Instruments—by James M. Kerr, 45. Courts of Record-by W. F. Elliott, 69. The Situs of Insured Property-by J. R. Berry

man, 86.

[ocr errors]

Limiting Liability of Express Companies — by

Nathan Newmark, 108.
Forcible Entry and Detainer and Unlawful

Detainer-by D. R. N. Blackburn, 124.
Jurisdiction of Federal Courts over Estates of

Deceased Persons—by Russell H. Curtis, 145. Jurisdiction of Federal Courts over Estates of

Deceased Persons (Continued)-by Russell

H. Curtis, 166.
Cooling Time in Cases of Homicide-by Solon D.

Wilson, 186.
Baggage, what is, and is Not-by W. W. Thornton,

Negotiability of Instruments Containing Stipula-

tions for Attorney's Fees and Costs — by

James A. Mitchell, 226.
Priority in the Record of Deeds-by B. R. Webb,


Declarations of Express Trust and Admissibility

of Parol Evidence to Explain Defective

Declaration-by Eugene McQuillin, 269.
Нау ters and Peddlers—by Frank H. Bowlby,

Public Policy in the Law of Contracts—by David

Plessner, 309.
Trustees and Cestuis Que Trusts as Parties-by

John H. Gillett, 326.
Limitations on Municipal Indebtedness—by J. R.

Berryman, 346.
Limitations on Municipal Indebtedness (Con-

tinued)-by J. R. Berryman, 364.
Duty of Prosecutor to Prove the Res Gestæ-by

D. R. N. Blackburn, 387.
Foreign Bankrupt and Insolvent Laws-by James

M. Kerr, 406.
Liability of a Municipal Corporation for Injuries

Inflicted by Falling Objects — by W. W.

Thornton, 428.
Registrars of Election-by Henry Z. Johnson, 447.
Shall the State Courts adopt the Federal Doc-

trine of "General Principles of Jurispru

dence”—by Wm. M. Meigs, 465. Shall the State Courts adopt the Federal Doc

trine of “General Principles of Jurisprudence” (Continued)-by Wm. M. Meigs, 485.

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