One of Ours

A. A. Knopf, 1922 - 459 Seiten
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A Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, One of Ours tells the story of the life of Claude Wheeler, a young man from Nebraska who feels restricted by his naive parents and the family farm. When the United States enters World War I, Claude joins the U.S. Army. After enlisting, Claude feels he had found his purpose in life and loves his new freedoms and responsibilities away from his parents and the farm in Nebraska. With the reader left feeling that Claude has lost sight of what he and his fellow soldiers are fighting for, the book ends with an overwhelming front-line encounter with the Germans.

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Seite 86 - A dungeon horrible, on all sides round As one great furnace flamed, yet from those flames No light, but rather darkness visible Served only to discover sights of woe...
Seite 417 - No battlefield or shattered country he had seen was as ugly as this world would be if men like his brother Bayliss controlled it altogether. Until the war broke out, he had supposed they did control it; his boyhood had been clouded and enervated by that belief. The Prussians had believed it, too, apparently. But the event had shown that there were a great many people left who cared about something else.
Seite 417 - The sound of the guns had from the first been pleasant to him, had given him a feeling of confidence and safety; tonight he knew why. What they said was, that men could still die for an idea; and would burn all they had made to keep their dreams.
Seite 274 - Thou, too, sail on, O Ship of State ! Sail on, O Union, strong and great ! Humanity, with all its fears, With all its hopes of future years, Is hanging breathless on thy fate...
Seite 101 - ... farmer raised and took to market things with an intrinsic value; wheat and corn as good as could be grown anywhere in the world, hogs and cattle that were the best of their kind. In return he got manufactured articles of poor quality; showy furniture that went to pieces, carpets and draperies that faded, clothes that made a handsome man look like a clown. Most of his money was paid out for machinery, — and that, too, went to pieces. A steam thrasher didn't last long; a horse outlived three...
Seite 418 - Ideals were not archaic things, beautiful and impotent ; they were the real sources of power among men. As long as that was true, and now he knew it was true — he had come all this way to find out — he had no quarrel with Destiny.
Seite 274 - As the troop ship glided down the sea lane, the old man still watched it from the turtle-back. That howling swarm of brown arms and hats and faces looked like nothing but a crowd of American boys going to a football game somewhere.
Seite 96 - Ever thicker, thicker, thicker Froze the ice on lake and river, Ever deeper, deeper, deeper Fell the snow o'er all the landscape, Fell the covering snow, and drifted Through the forest, round the village. Hardly from his buried wigwam Could the hunter force a passage ; With his mittens and his snow-shoes Vainly walked he through the forest, Sought for bird or beast and found none, Saw no track of deer or rabbit, In the snow beheld...
Seite 102 - Midwest revolte; her authentic heroes were something more than sensitive young men who "could not see the use of working for money when money brought nothing one wanted. Mrs. Ehrlich said it brought security. Sometimes he thought that this security was what was the matter with everybody: that only perfect safety was required to kill all the best qualities in people and develop the mean ones.
Seite 384 - Even the old ones do not often complain about their dear things — their linen, and their china, and their beds. If they have the ground, and hope, all that they can make again. This war has taught us all how little the made things matter. Only the feeling matters.

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