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such route as the directors of said company, or a majojority of them, shall determine to be best adapted to the public accommodation, and may take, transport, carry and convey property and persons upon the same by the power and force of steamn, of animals, or any mechanical power, or of

any combination of them. Time limited § 2. If the said corporation shall not within two years

from the passage of this act commence the construction of the said rail-road, and expend at least fifty thousand dollars thereon, and shall not within four years froin the passage of this act finish the said road and put the same in operation, then said corporation shall thenceforth forever cease, and this act shall be null and void.

$ 3. The capital stock of said corporation shall be five hundred thousand dollars, which shall be divided into shares of fifty dollars each, which shares shall be deemed personal property, and be transferred in such manner as the said corporation shall by its by-laws direct; and James M. Bouck, Isaac M. Schermerhorn, Plait Potter, Giles F. Yates, Thomas Palmer and Alexander C. Gibson, of the city of Schenectady, and Jolin Ely, Ralpli Barker, Anthony Van Bergen, Ambrose Baker, Peter Hubbell, Peter H. Sylvester, of Coxsackie, and John McCarty, of the town of Coeymans, shall be commissioners to receive subscriptions and distribute the stock.

§ 4. The corporation hereby created shall possess and enjoy all the privileges and provisions which are granted to and made in favor of the corporation created by the act entitled “An act to provide for the construction of a railroad from Attica to Buffalo," passed May 3, 1836, except such parts of said act as authorize the taking of any lands for the purposes of said road without the consent of the owners thereof, and shall be subject to all the conditions and restrictions which by the act aforesaid, are imposed upon the corporation therein referred to, except as is herein

provided. Application 0 5. Any application to be made to a vice-chancellor unto vice-chan. der this act, shall be made to the vice-chancellor of the cir

cuit in which the land proposed to be taken shall be situated. All notices and meetings required in the act above referred to, shall be published and held in one of the counties through which the said rail-rcad hereby authorized is to be made.

$ 6. The said corporation may receive a sum not exceeding five cents per mile, for the transportation of any passenger and his ordinary baggage.

General powers.

Rate per



CHAP. 435.
AN ACT to amend the charter of the village of Sing-Sing.

Passed May 15, 1837.
The People of the Statc of New York, represented in Se-
rate and Assembly, do enact as follows:

§ 1. All that part of the town of Mount-Pleasant, in the Corporation county of Westchester, contained in the following bounds, that is to say: Beginning at the Hudson river where a run of water, on the land of Elias Anscr, empties into the said Hudson river north of Sing. Sing; from thence eastwardly on a straight line to the house owned and occupied by the widow Hendrickson, and including the said house; thence southwardly on a straight line until it intersects the Highland turnpike road on the south line of James C. Hale's land; from thence westwardly on the south line of the state farm to the Hudson river; and thence northwardly along the said river to the place of beginning. The courses and distances of said boundaries as follows: Beginning at the brook or run of water north of Sing-Sing village aforesaid, and running east eighty-seven degrees and forty-cight minutes; south ninety-six chains and ninety-three links; thence south ihirty-five degrees and thirty minutes; west one hundred and eleven chains and eighty-five links; thence west by the said state farm to the Hudson river; thence along said river to the place of beginning, shall hereafter be known and distinguished as “The Village of Sing-Sing," and the inhabitants residing within the bounds aforesaid shall hereafter be a body corporate and politic, by the name and style of the “Trustees of the Village of Sing.Sing."

§ 2. The inhabitants qualificd by law to vote at town Election of meetings, and residing within the aforesaid limits, shall meet on the first Monday in May in each year, at two o'clock in the afternoon, at some proper place to be designated by the trustees of said village.

$ 3. Eight days' previous notice of the time and place of Notice to be · holding the annual meeting, or of any special meeting of the given.

inhabitants of said village, and the object for which such 1 mecting is called, shall be given by publishing such notice 1 in all the newspapers published in said village, and by put

ting up copies thereof at four or more public places in said village

§ 4. At each annual meeting of the inhabitants of said officers. - village, they shall elect by ba lot (in one ticket to be en

dorsed charter officers,'') a president of the village and seven trustēcs, who shall be frecholders, three assessors, one clerk, one collector, one treasurer and three fire wardens, who'shalt respectively hold their offices until the next an


Taxes .

Clerk to no.

nual meeting, and until such offices shall be filled by a new

election. To be resi. $5. All officers elected under the provisions of this act dents.

shall be residents of the village of Sing-Sing, who are entitled to vote therein.

5 6. No person shall be entitled to vote for the election of any officer of said village unless he reside therein, and possess the qualifications requisitc to entitle him to vote at town meetings; and all persons shall be entitled to vote at annual or special meetings of the inhabitants, on any question relating to the raising or appropriating of moneys or other expenses in said village, or in any district thereof, if he shall be an inhabitant thereof subject to taxation, and shall have resided in said village for the last six months previous to offering such vote.

$7. The inhabitants of said village qualified to vote for the raising of moneys, shall have power at any annual or special meeting, to direct the raising by tax of such sums, not exceeding five hundred dollars annually, as they may deem necessary to carry into effect the intent and provisions of this act, except in cases of the digging of wells, the construction of bridges, aqueducts, public sewers and reservoirs of water.

$8. All officers who, shall be chosen and elected for said tify officers.) village, shall be immediately notified by the clerk, and shall

within eigit days after such notice, signify his acceptance of the office designated; and in case of refusal, neglect or inability to comply with this provision, then such office or offices shall be considered vacant, and may be filled in the

manner hereinafter prescribed in this act. Assessment § 9. The trustees shall be authorized upon a vote of the

inhabitants to that effect, to assess in addition to the ordinary poll tax fixed by law for highway labor upon the property of the village, such an amount of tax, calculating fifty cents per diem for labor due, as in their sound discretion may be necessary to repair and keep in good travelling or der the streets, roads and highways of the said village; and such tax shall be collected in the manner prescribed by this act, and in all cases where said road lax cannot be collected, then the amount due shall be paid in labor under the direcion of the superintendent or overscers of the village.

§ 10. The said trustees shall have power to call special meetings.

meetings of the inhabitants whenever they, or a majority of them, shall deem proper, either to fill vacancies in office happening by death, removal, resignation, or otherwise; and all such mcetings shall be conducted in the same njanner as annual meetings.

§ 11. It shall be the duty of the said trustees to hold staled mcetings at the time prescribed in their by-laws, and 10 hold special meetings when called in the manner prescribed

of highway labor.


Blated mest ingr.

by said by-laws, and to publish the by-laws, rules, regulations and ordinances which they shall make and ordain, for at least two weeks in the newspapers published in said village; and such rules, regulations and ordinances as they may deem necessary, shall be printed and posted up in all the public places in said village.

$ 12. The said trustees and their successors in office, a By-laws. majority of whom shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business, shall have power to adopt rules and regulations for their own government, and in the absence of The president elect one of their number a presiding officer during a continuance of the meeting; they shall also have power to make and publish rules and regulations relative to removing and preventing eneroachments upon the streets and side walks of said village; to restrain cattle, sheep, horses, geese and swine from running at large in said streets; to regulate slaughter houses, prevent, remove and abate nuisances of every kind; to suppress and restrain disorderly houses, gaming houses, and instruments and devices for the purposes of gaming; to regulate and restrain, and in their discretion, prevent the firing in the streets of guns, pistols, rockets and squibs; to prevent all kinds of horse-racing, all immoderate riding and driving of horses and carriages in any of the streets of the village; to prescribe and determine the duties of fire wardens, who shall be authorized at all seasonable times, and upon complaint being made, to enter and examinc all houses, stores, yards and out houses, to ascertain if they are in a dangerous state in regard to fires, and direct and compel the owner or occupant to put the same in a safe condition; to examine and regulate weights and measures of the said vilage; to crect and regulate hay scales in the same; to provide hooks and ladders, and other necessary apparatus for extinguishing fires, to be used by the fire companies, whose number shall not exceed twenty-four men to each engine in said village; to prescribe the powers and duties of fire companies in preventing and extinguishing fires; to require the inhabitants to furnish water buckets, cis:erns and reservoirs of water for the like purpose; to establish a public pound, and determine upon the duties and fees of the pound master; to regulate, repair and improve the sidewalks and crosswalks, highways and publi: squares in the said village; to take charge and the care of all public property belonging to the corporation; to alter, amend, revise or repeal any by-laws, rule, regulation or ordinance adopted by them that may be necessary to carry into full effect the intent and provisions of this act, which shall take effect on the expiration of eight days after their first publication; and also to prescribe and ordain suitabic fines, penalties and forfeitures for offences against such by-laws, rales, regulations and ordinances, and the

Streets and roads.

provisions of this act, not exceeding ten dollars for any one offence, and may for sufficient reason, in their discretion, remit such fincs, penalties and forfeitures, wholly or in part.

$ 13. The said trustees, upon the petition or consent in writing of a majoriiy of the persons liable to be assessed therefor, may lay ou!, make and open streets, roads, alleys or highways in said village, under the restrictions and provisions of the statute authorizing the laying out of highways; and shall in all cases cause the same to be accur iicly surveyed, described and recorded in a book to be kept by the clerk of the said village, which after being opened and completed, shall be public highways. And the said trustees may, upon like petition or consent, cause to be made, by grading, raising, levelling, paving, curbing and flagging such sidewalks and crosswalks, and otherwise regulate the streets of said village, as they may consider to be necessary; and all persons liable to be assessed therefor, shall have the privilege and opportunity to construct the sidewalks in front of their own lots; but if not done in the manner, of the materials, and within the time, prescribed by the trustces, they may cause them to be so constructed, and assess the cxpense thereof


the owners. All assessment for the laying out, opening and making streets, alleys, roads or highways, or constructing or repairing crosswalks and sidewalks, shall be made only upon the property ol those who are deemed to be benefitted, and shall be in proportion to their respective benefits. The trustees sball determine who are to be assessed, and shall furnish to the assessors a list containing the names of all such persons, and of the amount to be assessed; and the assessors shall then, and within the time specified by the trustees, make the assessment upon such persons only, and in proportion as they shall deem, each to be benefitted by the particular improvement for which the assessment is made. When the assessment is made, they shall give the like notice, and have the same power to make corrections, as in the case of the assessinent of taxes. They shall deliver a crorrected the assessment roll to the clerk of the village, for the trustees. Any person assessed may appeal within six days after the delivery of the assessment roll to the clerk, to the trustees, for the correction of the assessment. shall be in writing, and delivered to the clerk or president of the village. In case of appeal the trustecs shall appoint a time, within ten days thereafter, for the hearing of those who are interested, and shall cause notice to be given to them, or posted for five days in some convenient public place, designating the time and place and object of hearing; and they shall alter the proportions in such assessment, il they are satisfied that any alteration should be made. De

copy of

The appeal

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