Military Construction Appropriations for 1981: Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, House of Representatives, Ninety-sixth Congress, Second Session


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Página 831 - Operations from May 1944 until August 1945, participating in the Normandy, Northern France, Rhineland, and Ardennes Campaigns. He was released from active duty on 5 January 1946. On 3 November 1947, General Greenlief rejoined the Nebraska National Guard as Commanding Officer, Company G, 134th Infantry.
Página 693 - Members of the Committee, I thank you for providing me the opportunity to testify before you today on two matters of concern to the people of Connecticut. First, I would like to discuss the reasons I feel the Sonar Systems Development Laboratory at the Naval Underwater Systems Center in New London, Connecticut should be funded in FY 1981.
Página 512 - The Air National Guard continues to provide a significant share of the Air Force total combat capability. Some 60 percent of the USAF air defense interceptor capability...
Página 624 - Article 2, there will be granted b3" the Portuguese Government between six months and a year, in accordance with the circumstances and difficulties of the occasion, for the complete evacuation of the American personnel and their accompanying equipment, which will take place whether or not it has been possible to carry out the provisions of Article 5. Stockpiling of materials and supplies necessary to the preparation for war, in accordance with the reasonable exigencies of the international situation,...
Página 622 - Resolved, in accordance with the preamble of that Treaty, to unite their efforts- for the common defense and for the preservation of peace and security; Considering the necessity of executing in peacetime the measures of military preparation necessary to the common defense, in conformity with...
Página 831 - National Guard Bureau, on 3 November 1962. General Greenlief was appointed as Deputy Chief, National Guard Bureau, on 14 September 1963 and was promoted to major general on 9 February 1965. On 13 September 1967, he was extended for an additional four-year term. On 20 April 1970, he was appointed Director, Army National Guard in addition to his duties as Deputy Chief, National Guard Bureau.
Página 346 - Defense who is the principal assistant to the President in all matters relating to the Department of Defense. Under the direction of the President, and subject to the provisions of the National Security Act of 1947, as amended, the Secretary of Defense exercises direction, authority, and control over the Department of Defense.
Página 625 - In testimony thereof the respective plenipotentiaries of the two Governments have placed their signatures and affixed their seals to the present Agreement. Done in Lisbon in two copies, in Portuguese and English, both texts having equal value, this sixth day of September, 1951.
Página 518 - He graduated from Staunton Military Academy in 1948 and received a bachelor of science degree in industrial management from Georgia Institute of Technology in 1952. General Gill was commissioned a second lieutenant in March 1952 through the Air Force Reserve Officers
Página 390 - Reserve is -that progress has been made in overcoming the most serious problems; namely the shortage of Selected Reserve strength and the lack of pretrained personnel to support full mobilization. During the fiscal year 1979 the overall Selected Reserve strength which has been declining steadily since FY 1974 began to increase: By year end, the Department had experienced an increase in Selected Reserve strength of 19,370. Further, the increase in the Individual Ready Reserve which began during FY...

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