A Hallowe'en Anthology: Literary and Historical Writings Over the Centuries

McFarland, Incorporated, Publishers, 23 de jan. de 2008 - 214 páginas
This unique anthology gathers together some of the most intriguing and useful works on the history of Halloween. Ranging from pre-Christian Celtic myths to early 20th century articles, the book's 27 entries include poems, short stories, sections from 19th and 20th century folklore books, a one-act play, Irish and Scottish folk tales, and the first book on the holiday ever published. Noted works contained in the anthology include William Wells Newell's 1904 study of the history of Jack-o'-lantern legends in "The Ignis Fatuus" and Alexander Montgomerie's oft-quoted 1584 poem "Flyting Against Polwart." Organized chronologically, most works are presented in their entirety and many include extensive annotations designed to make the original source materials more meaningful for modern readers. The book also includes 34 vintage photographs and illustrations.

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Tamlane 1548 adapted by Sir Walter Scott
Flyting Against Polwart Alexander Montgomerie 1584
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Lisa Morton is a playwright, fiction and reference book author and screenwriter. A Bram Stoker Award winner for superior achievement in horror writing, she lives in North Hills, California.

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