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any person escaping into the same, from whom labor or service is lawfully claimed in any one of the original States, such fugitive may be lawfully reclaimed and conveyed to the person claiming his or her labor or service as aforesaid.

Be it ordained by the authority aforesaid, that the resolutions of the 23d of April, 1784, relative to the subject of this ordinance, be and the same are hereby repealed, and declared null and void.

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| Cleveland, Moses, General, Settles the

Western Reserve, 42.
Admission of Ohio to the Union, 59. Cleveland, City of, Settled, 43.
Aid Societies, Ladies' 162.

Clark, George Rogers, Col., 17.
Allen, William, Governor, Sketch of 190 Colleges, Founded, 131.
Amendments, Ohio's Action on, 61. Columbus, Settled, 39.
Anderson, Charles, Governor, Sketch Columbiana County, Organized, 61.
of, 187.

Columbus, Made the Permanent Cap-
Atwater, Caleb, report on Common

ital, 71.
Schools, 107; labors in their Connecticut, Cedes her Claims, 24.
behalf, 108.

Congress Claims Northwest Territory,


Cox, J. D.Governor, 150; Sketch of,

Barlow, Joel, 41.
Bartley, Thomas, W. Governor sketch

Cowen, B. R., General, 161.
of, 180,

Crawford, William, Col., Capture and

Death of, 20.
Bartley, Mordecai, Governor, sketch
of, 180.

Cresap, Michael, Captain, 15.
Berkley's, Bishop, line, 9.

Croghan, George, Major, Defends Fort

Stephenson, 76.
Bishop, Richard M., Governor, Sketch

Cutler, Manassen, Rev., 34.
of, 192.
Black Laws, 143; repeal of, 115.

Cutler, Ephraim, Proposes School Law,
Blockade, Legislative, 139.

107; Appointed on School Com-

mission, 108.
Boundary, Dispute concerning, 122.
Bowman, John, Col.,attacks Shawanese
villages, 17,

Botetourt County, Ohio, a part of, 15.
Brebeuf, de Jean, first sees Ohio, 9.,

Dayton, Incorporated, 69; The Whig
Brough, John, Governor, 160; Sketch

Convention at, 133.
of, 185.

Dennison, William, Governor, 149;
Brown, Ethen Allen, Governor, sketch

Sketch of, 184.
of, 174.

Dinwiddie, Lord, 14.
Burr, Aaron, Conspiracy of, 61.

Dunmore, Lord, Campaign Against the
Butler County, organized, 61.

Indians, 15.
Byrd, Charles W., acts as Governor, 58.


Education, 67.
Canals, their Construction and In-

English, The, Establish Trading Sta-
fluence, 89; Their Cost, 96.

tions on the Ohio, 11.
Campaign, Political, of 1840, 133; The /

Erie, Battle of Lake, 81.
Vallandigham, 160.
Charlotte, Camp, 18.
Chase, Salmon P., Elected United

States Senator 145; Elected Fearing, Paul, Admitted to the Bar, 38;
Governor, 148; Sketch of, 183.

In the Legislature, 52.
Chillicothe, Settled, 42; Made the Cap Flood, in the Ohio River, 118; At Cin-
ital of the Northwest Ter-

'cinnati, 119; Early Floods, 121.
ritory, 54; Incorporated, 57; Foraker Joseph B, Governor, Sketch of
Capital Removed from, 57;

Made the State Capital, 59; Foster, Charles, Governor, Sketch of,
Again Removed, 66.

Church, First Built in Ohio, 49.

France, Her Claims to Ohio Territory,
Cincinnati, Settled, 39; Made a County

11:Establishes Trading Stations
Seat, 40; Incorporated, 57.'

in Ohio, 11. Fixes her Boun-
Coal, First Used in Ohio, 67; First

daries, 14.
'Used in Making Iron, 138.

Franklin County, Organized, 61.
Constitutional Convention, First, 58; French and Indian War, 15.
The Second, 141

French Grant, 42.
Corwin, Thomas, Governor, 135; Sketch i Ford, Seabury, Governor, Sketch of
of, 179.


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Gallia County, Organized, 61.
Gallipolis, Settled, 41.
Garfield, James A., 150.
Gist, Christopher, His Journey, 12.
Greathouse, Gaptain, 15, 17.
Green County, Organized, 61.
Greenville, Treaty of, 47.
Groesbeck, w. s., 142.
Guilford, Nathaniel, 110.

Hamilton County Organized, 40.
Hamar, Thomas L., General, Death of,

Hamilton, Town of, Incorporated, 69.
Harmar, General, Marches Against

the Indians, 44.
Harmar, Fort, Treaty of, 43.
Harrison, William Henry, Elected Del-

egate to Congress, 53; Ap-
pointed Commander-in-Chief,
73; Nominated for the Presi-

dency, 131; His Campaign, 133.
Harris Line, The, 124.
Hayes, Rutherfor B., Governor, Sketch

of, 188.
Hull, William, General, 71.
Huntington, Samuel Governor, Sketch

of, 171.
Hoadly, George Governor, Sketch of,


Manchester, Settled, 42.
Marietta, Settlement of, 35; named, 37.
Massacre, First in Ohio, 12; of Mora-

vian Indians, 18.
Massachusetts, Cedes Her Claims to

the Northwest Territory, 24.
Massie, Nathaniel General, Lays Out

Chillicothe, 42; Contests Meigs'

Election, 68.
Mayflower, 35.
Medill, William, Governor, Sketch

of, 182.
Meigs, Return Jonathan, Jr., Gover-

nor, His Seat Contested, 68;

Sketch of, 172.
Meigs Fort, Seige of, 74.
Mexico, War With, 135.
Michigan, Dispute With, 122.
Morgan, George W., General, 137.
Morgan, John, General, Marches

Against Cincinnati, 154; Raid
Through Ohio, 157; Capture
and Escape, 158; Cost of Raid

to the State, 158.
Morrow, Jeremiah, Governor, Sketch

of, 175.
Monroe, James, 150.
Mormonism, Established in Ohio, 114.
Montgomery County Organized, 61.
Moravian Indians,' Massacre of, 18;

Their Disposition, 19.
McArthur, Duncan, Governor, 42;

Sketch of, 176.
McIntosh, Fort, Íreaty of, 25.

Indians, Campaigns Against, 21; Their

Homes, 22
Independence, War for, 16.
Impeachment of Judges, 65.
Iron, first made in Ohio, 67; furnaces,

Iroquois, visit of, to La Salle, 10.

Jefferson Thomas, on Logan's Speech,

16; His Plan for the North-

west Territory, 25.
Judiciary and Legislature, Conflict be-

tween, 65.

Kirker, Thomas, Governor, Sketch

of, 170.

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La Chine, 10.
Lafayette, His Visit to Ohio, 112.
La Salle, Robert Cavalier de, His Char-

acter, 9; He Discovers the Ohio
River, 10; Claims the Missis-
sippi Valley for France, 11; As
a Fur Trader, ll.

Newspaper, First in Ohio, 49; in

1810, 67.
New York, Cedes Her Claims to North-

west Territory, 24.
Northwest Territory, 25; Divided, 54;

Its Legisture, 51, 55.
North Bend, 40.
Noyes, Edward F., Governor, Sketch

of, 189.
Nullification, Resolutions of, 86.

Ohio River, La Salle Discovers, 10;

Dangers of Travel On, 44; First

Steamboat On, 70.
Ohio Land Company, 12, 14.
Ohio Company of Associates, 33.
Ohio, State of, Admitted to the Union,

59; First Officers of, 60; Her
Progress, 88; Third on Census

Rols, 130; First Political Im-
• pression, 132; In the Mexican

War, 136; At the Opening of
the Rebellion, 151; Record in
the Rebellion, 161: Number of

Soldiers Furnished, 162.
Ordinance of 1787, 26; Its Author, 27;

Reprint of, 195.

State House, Corner Stone Laid, 129.
Stanberry, Henry, 142.
Stephenson, Fort, Defense of, 76.
Steubenville, Incorporated, 69.
Springfield, Incorporated, 69.
St. Clairsville, Incorporated, 69.
Stamwix, Fort, Treaty of, 25.
St. Clair, Arthur General, Appointed

Governor of Northwest Ter-
ritory, 27; Arrives at Fort
Harmar, 27; His Address at
Marietta, 28; Sketch of, 29;
Arrives at Fort Washington,
40; His Defeat, 46: His
Legislation, 49; Opposition
to, 53; Charges Preferred
Against, 58; Removed, 58;
Refuses to be a Candidate

for Governor, 60.
Syınmes, John Cleves, 32; his pur-

chase, 39; his settlement, 40.

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Tiffin, Edward, first Governor, 60;

sketch of, 167.
Tod, David, Governor, 153; sketch of,

Toledo War, 122; settled, 129.
Towns, Early, 43.
Tupper, Edward General, 73.
Trimble, Allen, Governor Sketch of,

Triumvirate, The Radical, 150.
Transportation, Early, 55.

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