Acts of the legislature of west virginia


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Relating to the West Virginia Humane Society acts of 1893 amended
Relating to and regulating passenger rates upon railroads code amended
Concerning commissioners in chancery code amended
Relating to construction and alteration of railroads turnpikes canals pipe lines etc under certain conditions code amended
Relating to stock running at large code amended
Relating to the equity suit of Virginia vs West Virginia
Amending the charter of Storer college acts of 1883 amended
Appropriation for the purpose of investigating certain mine disasters
Relating to the payment of taxes upon property assessed by the board of public works acts of 1905 amended
Appropriation to pay John C Keister for injuries received while in the service of the state
Authorizing county courts of the several counties to mark by suitable monuments the sites of the frontier forts etc new law
Time extended in which distraint and sale may be made for taxes code amended
Regulating life insurance companies and prohibiting the diversion of funds for political purposes new law
Defining the status of persons soliciting life insurance new law
Relating to taxes on inheritances devises distributive shares and legacies code amended
Relating to personal representatives their powers and duties code amended
Relating to the protection of birds their nests and eggs new law
Relating to qualification and salary of county superintendents code amended
Limiting the hours of service of train dispatchers etc in certain cases in twentyfour consecutive hours new law
Providing for the appointment of a state highway inspector new law
Providing for the erection of a building and the display of the state of West Virginia at the Jamestown exposition
Limiting the power of municipal corporations to impose taxes acts of 1905 amended

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