Pornography and Public Health

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Pornography, also known as sexually explicit material intended to cause sexual arousal, has been hailed by many as a growing public health crisis. Multiple states have now passed resolutions declaring pornography a harm to individual and collective health for inciting epidemics of sexual assault, human trafficking, and compulsive use. But research on the impact of pornography reveals a complicated story behind the straightforward narrative of abuse, including the repression of sex positive materials in the pursuit of pornographic containment. Pornography and Public Health uses a rigorous evidence-based approach to explore the positive and negative effects of pornography on public health, revealing how pornography came to be considered a public health crisis despite the lack of US governmental support. While pornographic content varies widely, this book provides a holistic overview of the people who view pornography, what they are most likely to see, how content has changed over time, and how these changes appear to influence some users. Each chapter explores controversies related to important subtopics in pornography scholarship including aggression, body image, and problematic use, as well as acknowledging the benefits that porn and porn literacy can provide in some contexts. Drawing on meticulous research and close readings of the available data, Emily F. Rothman explores the implications of existing evidence for practice and policy and offers meaningful guidance for public health scholars interested in understanding, and resolving, one of the most complicated issues in health and human behavior of our time. With unique academic insights, Pornography and Public Health avoids moralizing to argue that we can take steps to minimize possible harms from pornography while simultaneously protecting sexual liberty and promoting respect for pornography performers.


1 Pornography as a US Public Health Problem
2 Defining Pornography
3 Pornography Viewers
4 Pornography Content
5 Pornography and Aggression
6 Problematic Pornography Use
7 Pornography and Intimate Partnerships
8 The Effects of Pornography on Youth
10 Child Sexual Abuse Imagery
11 Pornography and Human Trafficking
12 The Occupational Safety and Health of Pornography Performers
13 The Benefits of Pornography
14 Pornography Literacy
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9 Pornography and Body Image

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Emily F. Rothman is Professor of Community Health Sciences at the Boston University School of Public Health. Dr. Rothman has conducted multiple federally-funded research studies on intimate partner, sexual violence, and human trafficking. She is also co-author of the groundbreaking Truth About Pornography curriculum which is designed to reduce sexual and dating violence among high school students using a sex positive perspective.

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