Patent Office Library Series, Volume 15

Includes an independent "Bibliographical series" of special subject and class lists, each with special "Bibliographical series" numbering as well as general "Library series" number.

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Página 392 - A Treatise on the Origin, Progress, Prevention, and Cure of Dry Rot in Timber; with Remarks on the Means of Preserving Wood from Destruction by Sea- Worms, Beetles, Ants, etc. By THOMAS ALLEN BRITTON, late Surveyor to the Metropolitan Board of Works, etc., etc. With 10 plates, crown 8vo, cloth, is.
Página 107 - An historical account of the great level of the fens called Bedford Level, and other fens, marshes, and lowlands in this kingdom and other places.
Página 350 - Terra : a Philosophical Discourse of Earth, relating to the Culture and improvement of it for Vegetation, and the propagation of Plants, as it was presented to the Royal Society, by J.
Página 316 - The Vegetable Kingdom; or, the Structure, Classification, and Uses of Plants, Illustrated upon the Natural System.
Página 327 - The glossary of terms is very complete, and many of the tables are new and well arranged. We cordially commend the book. — Mechanical World. ..Portable Engines. THE PORTABLE ENGINE; ITS CONSTRUCTION AND MANAGEMENT, A Practical Manual for Owners and Users of Steam Engines generally. By WILLIAM DYSON WANSBROUGH.
Página 134 - A short Account of the cause of the Disease in Corn, called by farmers the Blight, the Mildew, and the Rust
Página 357 - An electrical method of determining the soluble salt content of soils, with some results of investigations on the effect of water and soluble salts on the electrical resistance of soils.
Página 19 - HOW Crops Grow : a Treatise on the Chemical Composition, Structure, and Life of the Plant.
Página 319 - Porcher, FP Resources of the southern fields and forests, medical, economical and agricultural, being also a medical botany of the US Rev.

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