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They say whan drink's in, that wit it is out,
But he that says sae is a knave and a lout ;
For what gi'eth life to friendship an' wit
Like a fu' sparklin' glass ?-Sae drink it yet.

Drink it yet, &c.
It is nae sae aften I meet wi' ye a';
Time enough to be sad when gangin' awa';
A charm's in the bowl round which gude friends sit,
An' the spell to awaken't, is “ Drink it yet!"

Drink it yet, &c.

When Fate, fickle jadel throws friends in our way,
'Tis a moment o' sunshine in life's winter day;
Then, ere the clouds gather, and joy's sunset,
Let the pass-word to pleasure bem Drink it yet.”

Drink it yet, drink it yet,
We're no just sae fou but we'll drink it yet ;
To the name that is dear, though we winna tell here,
In a fu' flowin' bumper we'll think it yet.



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A COCK-LAIRD fu' cadgie,
Adieu ! a heart-warm fond adieu,
Adown winding Nith I did wander,
Ae fond kiss, and then we sever,
Ae morn last ouk, as I gaed out,
A gallant auld carle a-courting came,
Again rejoicing nature sees,
Ah, Chloris ! could I now but sit,
Ah, the poor Shepherd's mournful fate,
A friend o' mine came here yestreen,
A Highland lad my love was born,
A laddie and a lassie fair,
A lass that was laden wi' care,
A weary lot is thine, fair maid,
Alas, my son, you little know,
All lovely, on the sultry beach,
Although I be but a country lass,
And fare ye weel, my auld wife,
And oh, for ane-and-twenty, Tam,
And I'll o'er the muir to Maggy,
And a' that e'er my Jenny had,
And ye shall walk in silk attire,
And was ye e'er in Crail toun,
An thou were my ain thing,
Argyle is my name, and ye may think it strange,
Arouse, arouse, each kilted clan,
As I cam in by Teviot side,
As I cam down the Canongate,
As I gaed down by Tweedside,
As walking forth to view the plain,


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As I cam by Loch Erroch side,
As late by a sodger I happened to pass,
As Patie cam in frae the dale,
At Polwarth on the green,
At setting sun and rising morn,
Auld gudeman, ye're a drucken carle,
Auld Rob Morris that wons in yon glen,
A wee bird cam to our ha' door,
A weary bodie's blythe when the sun gaes down,
Awa wi' your witchcraft o' beauty's alarms,
Awake, my love! with genial ray,

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18 270

Baloo, baloo, my wee wee thing,
Bannocks o' bear-meal, bannocks o' barley,
Behave yoursell before folk,
Behind yon hills, where Lugar flows,
Behold, the hour, the boat arrives,
Beneath a green shade, a lovely young swain,
Blythe, blythe, and merry was she,
Blythe, blythe, around the nappie,
Blythe hae I been on yon hill,
Blythe young Bess to Jean did say,
Boatman, haste, launch your skiff,
Bonnie lassie, will ye go, will ye go,
Bonnie Mary Hay, I will loe thee yet,
Bonneyness gaed to the water to wash,
Bonnie wee thing, cannie wee thing,
Busk and go, busk and go,
But are you sure the news is true,
But lately seen in gladsome green,
By Allan's streams I chanced to rove,
By Logan's streams that rin sae deep,
By Pinkie House, oft let me walk,
By smooth winding Tay a swain was reclining,
By yon castle wa', at the close o' the day,

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Cam ye by Athol braes, lad wi' the philabeg,
Can I bear to part wi' thee,
Canst thou leave me thus, my Katy,
Can ye loe, my dear lassie,
Carle, an the king come,
Ca' the yowes to the knowes,
Cauld blaws the wind frae north to south,
Cauld kail in Aberdeen,

439 50 49 536 52 58 610 276

Clavers and his Highlandmen,

Come, all ye jolly. shepherds that whistle through the glen, 56
Come, boat me ower, come, row me ower,

Come, fill me a bumper, my brave jolly boys,

Come gie's a sang, Montgomery cried,

Come let me take thee to my breast,

Come o'er the stream, Charlie,

Come under my plaidie, the night's gaun to fa,

Comin' through the craigs o' Kyle,

Contentit wi' little, and cantie wi' mair,

Cope sent a letter frae Dunbar,

Culloden! on thy swarthy brow,


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Dear and a-waly, hinnie,
Dear Roger, if your Jenny geck,
Deluded swain, the pleasure,
Did ever swain a nymph adore,
Does haughty Gaul invasion threat,
Donald Caird can lilt and sing,
Donald's gane up the hill, hard and hungry,
Down in yon meadow a couple did tarry,
Dumbarton's drums beat bonnie, 0,
Duncan Gray cam here to woo,
Dunfermline, on a Friday nicht,



Fair lady, mourn the memory,
False luve! and hae ye play'd me this,
Farewell, Edinburgh, where happy I hae been,
Farewell, thou fair day, thou green earth, and ye skies,
Farewell, thou stream that winding flows,
Farewell to a' our Scottish fame,
Farewell, ye prisons dark and strong,
Farewell to Lochaber, farewell to my Jean,
Far, lone, amang the Highland hills,
Far over yon hills of the heather so green,
First when Maggie was my care,
Flow gently, sweet Afton,
For ever, fortune, wilt thou prove,
For lack of gold she's left me, O,
For the sake of somebody,
Forgive me if I thought your looks,
Frae Clyde to the banks o' sweet Earn,
From the brown crest of Newark,
From thee, Eliza, I must go,


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