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And weeping eyes are on the main,

Until its verge she wanders o'er ; But, from that hour of parting pain, Oh! she was never heard of more!

In her was many a mother's joy,

And love of many a weeping fair ; For her was wafted, in its sigh,

The lonely heart's unceasing prayer ; And oh! the thousand hopes untold

Of ardent youth, that vessel bore ; Say, were they quenched in ocean cold,

For she was never heard of more!

When on her wide and trackless path

Of desolation, doom'd to flee,
Say, sank she 'mid the blending wrath

Of racking cloud and rolling sea ?
Or, where the land but mocks the eye,

Went drifting on a fatal shore? Vain guesses all !-Her destiny

Is dark :-she ne'er was heard of more.

The moon hath twelve times changed her form

From glowing orb to crescent wan; ‘Mid skies of calm, and scowl of storm,

Since from her port that ship hath gone; But ocean keeps its secret well ;

And though we know that all is o'er, No eye hath seen-no tongue can tell

Her fate :-she ne'er was heard of more!



"FORGET thee?"-If to dream by night, and muse on

thee by day; If all the worship deep and wild a poet's heart can pay, If prayers in absence, breathed for thee to heaven's protecting power,

[hour, If winged thoughts that fit to thee-a thousand in an If busy Fancy blending thee with all my future lot, If this thou call'st forgetting," thou, indeed, shalt

be forgot !

Forget thee?"-Bid the forest birds forget their

sweetest tune! Forget thee?"-Bid the sea forget to swell beneath the moon;

[freshing dew; Bid the thirsty flowers forget to drink the eve's re. Thyself forget thine "own dear land,” and its "moun.

tains wild and blue;" Forget each old familiar face, each long remember'd spot: When these things are forgot by thee, then thou shalt

be forgot!

Keep, if thou wilt, thy maiden peace still calm and fancy-free ;

[glad for me i For, God forbid ! thy gladsome heart should grow less Yet, while that heart is still unwon, oh, bid not paine to rove,

[love ; But let it muse its humble faith, and uncomplaining If these, preserved for patient years, at last avail me not, Forget me then ;-but ne'er believe that thou canst

be forgot!



TEARS on thy bridal morning! Tears, my love !
It ought not thus to be. Why, my full heart
Is like the gladsome, long imprison's bird,
Cleaving its way through the blue liquid arch
With liberty and song. Those dropping pearls
Waste but thy bosom's wealth. 'Twere well to keep
Such treasures for those long arrears which grief
Demands from the brief summer of our time.
I'll turn magician, dearest, and compute
What moves thy spirit thus. Remember'd joys,
Clustering so thickly round thy parents' hearth,
Put on bright robes at parting, and, perchance,
A mother's sympathy, or the fond clasp
Of thy young sister's snowy arms, do bind
Thine innocent soul in durance. Ohl my love !
Cast thy heart's gold into the furnace-flame,
And, if it come not thence refined and pure,
I'll be a bankrupt to thy hope, and heaven
Shall shut its gate on me. Come, sweetest, come!
The holy vow shall tremble on thy lip,
And at God's blessed altar shalt thou kneel
So meek and beautiful, that men will deem
Some angel there doth pray. Thou shalt then be
The turtle of my green and fragrant bower,
Trilling soft lays; and I will touch thy heart
With such strong warmth of deathless tenderness,
That all thy pictures of remember'd joy
Shall be as faded things. So be at rest,
My soul's belovedl and let thy rose-bud lip
Smile, as 'twas wont, in eloquent delight.



The sun went down in beauty-not a cloud
Darken'd its radiance-yet there might be seen
A few fantastic vapours scatter'd o'er
The face of the blue heavens ;---some fair and slight
As the pure lawn that shields the maiden's breast;
Some shone like silver-some did stream afar,
Faint and dispersed, like the pale horse's mane
Which Death shall stride hereafter,—some were glit.

Like dolphin's scales, touch'd out with wavering hues
Of beautiful light-outvying some the rose,
And some the violet, yellow, white, and blue,
Scarlet, and purpling red.-One small lone ship
Was seen, with outstretch'd sails, keeping its way
In quiet o'er the deep ;-all nature seem'd
Fond of tranquillity ;-the glassy sea
Scarce rippled—the halcyon slept upon the wave ;
The winds were all at rest,--and in the east
The crescent moon, then seen imperfectly,
Came onwards, with the vesper star, to see
A summer day's decline.

[blocks in formation]

The sun went down in beauty ;- but the eyes
Of ancient seamen trembled when they saw
A small black and ominous spot far in the distance:-
It spread, and spread-larger and dark--and came
O'ershadowing the skies ;—the ocean rose ;
The gathering waves grew large, and broke in hoarse

And hollow sounds ;-the mighty winds awoke,
And scream'd and whistled through the cordage;-birds,
That seem'd to have no home, flock'd there in terror,
And sat with quivering plumage on the mast.
Flashes were seen, and distant sounds were heard
Presages of a storm.

The sup went down in beauty ;-but the skies
Were wildly changed. It was a dreadful nightm
No moon was seen in all the heavens, to aid
Or cheer the lone and sea-beat mariner--
Planet nor guiding star broke through the gloom ;-
But the blue lightnings glared along the waters,
As if the Fiend had fired his torch to light
Some wretches to their graves ; the tempest winds
Raving came next, and in deep hollow sounds,
Like those the spirits of the dead do use
When they would speak their evil prophecies,
Mutter'd of death to come ;-then came the thunder,
Deepening and crashing as 'twould rend the world ;
Or, as the Deity pass'd aloft in anger
And spoke to man- -Despair !—The ship was toss'd,
And now stood poised upon the curling billows,
And now 'midst deep and watery chasms, that yawn'd
As 'twere in hunger, sank ;-behind there came
Mountains of moving water, -with a rush
And sound of gathering power, that did appal
The heart to look on. Terrible cries were heard ;
Sounds of despair some--some like a mother's an-

guish --
Some of intemperate, dark, and dissolute joy-
Music and horrid mirth--but unallied

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