Annual Report of the State Board of Health of the State of Rhode Island, for the Year Ending ..., Band 27

E. L. Freeman & Company, printers to the state, 1911

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Seite 289 - ... section ten, or without having first returned any lawful objection to the marriage. SECTION 20 provides for a penalty a fine of not exceeding one hundred dollars, for failure to perform any of the duties devolving upon the officiating officer under this chapter. SECTION 21 provides for a fine for joining persons in marriage who have a husband or wife living.. SECTION 22 provides that no marriage shall be deemed or adjudged to be void by any failure on the part of the officiating officers to comply...
Seite 283 - Said returns, after such report is prepared, shall be deposited in the office of the secretary of state, who shall cause the same to be arranged, full alphabetical indices of all the names to be made, and the whole to be bound in volumes of convenient size and carefully preserved in his office.
Seite 283 - The town clerks of the several towns, or any person whom the board of aldermen of any city, or the town council of any town may appoint for that purpose...
Seite 291 - Every petition shall be signed by the petitioner, if of sound mind and of legal age to consent to marriage; otherwise, upon application to the court, and after notice to the...
Seite 294 - When a medical examiner has notice that there has been found, or is lying within his county, the dead body of a person who is supposed to have come to his death by violence, he shall forthwith repair to the place where such body lies, and take charge of the same ; and if, on view thereof and personal inquiry into the cause and manner of the death, he deems a further examination necessary, he shall, upon being thereto authorized in writing by the...
Seite 296 - ... of any money or other personal property of the deceased, found upon or near the body, and shall deliver the same to the person entitled to its custody or possession; or if not claimed by such person within sixty days, then to an administrator, to be administered upon according to law. SEC.
Seite 280 - Uterine Tumor (Non-cancerous). Other Diseases of the Uterus. Cysts and Other Tumors of the Ovary. Other Diseases of the Female Genital Organs.
Seite 292 - SECTION 1. The governor shall appoint, in each county, able and discreet men, learned in the science of medicine, to be medical examiners in such county. SEC. 2. The number of medical examiners appointed as provided in the preceding section shall be as follows : For the county of Washington five examiners, one in each of the five following districts, viz.
Seite 286 - Undertakers and others making returns of deaths as required by sections seven and nine of this chapter, shall receive for each full report of a death made to the town clerk five cents in the cities of Providence and Newport, and ten cents in the other towns of the state. SEC.
Seite 296 - ... the attorney-general may, notwithstanding such report, direct an inquest to be held in accordance with the provisions of this chapter; at which inquest he, or some other person designated by him, shall examine all the witnesses.

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