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-Sephromancy exemplified— M. Nicholas Oudot and his Dream-pub-

lications-Dreams and Lovers— The present condition of Oneirocri-







Summary of Opinions amongst the Ancients—Opinions of Fathers and

Schoolmen— Conviction of Josephus — Philip Goodwin — Survey of
Dreams-Self-Examination–The Devil in Dreams-Sleep amenable
to Law-Evil Dreams prevented— Dreams from God both possible and
actual—Theosophy of Dreams - Encouragement of Good Dreams—To
be prayed for, and turned to account-John Sheppard — Dreams as
Theocratic Instruments—Bishop Bull-Ministry of Angels-Bishop
Ken-St. Michael-Hymnotheo, or the Penitent-Baptist Magazine-
Two Classes of Angelic Visitants—Dr. Johnson's Prayer-Adopted by

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Gonzalo-Why the Soul may Prophesy in Sleep-Rev. Mr. Greaves on

Dreams-James Beattie Objections to the Prophetic Character of
Dreams-Superstitious credence - Coincidences to be expected
Journal of sychological Medicine-Prophecy and Instinctive Anticipa-
tion-Sir Thomas Browne-Gratitude for Happy Dreams -- More than
ourselves in Sleep-Liberty of Reason - Illumination of the Dying


John Locke-The Mind not always active-Hypothetical duality-No

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thought without traces-Vanity of resultless Mental Activity-State-
ment of alternatives-- The Soul at fault-The Soul not always thinking

Dr. Watts -The Soul never intermits its activity – Unity

of person

The Soul vindicated - Defence of traceless Ideas

Ceaseless activity God-like - The Soul free and immortal - Scots

Magazine—Waking Ideas frequently traceless-Andrew Baxter-The

Soul does not act by itself-Will never unconscious-Involuntary

obtrusion-The Soul does not evolve dreams-Agents external to the

Soul-Possible causes –Chance and bodily mechanism--Matter not

automatic,Dreams have an intelligent cause-William Smellie-Pos-

sibility of Supernatural Suggestions—Thomas Cromwell-Argument

for Immortality repudiated - The Brain partially awake – Against

Andrew Baxter-David Hartley-Causes and occasions of Dreams-

Theory of Vibrations-Reasons for various Phenomena-Corollaries--

Erasmus Darwin-Dreams received by the senses—Ceaseless flow of

Ideas - Nerves of Sense-Criterion of Volition-Characteristics of

Dreams-Robert Dunn-Unconscious reflex action-Dugald Stewart-

Volition without power-Confusion of Dr. Darwin-Spurzheim-Acti.

vity of particular Organs—Robert Dunglison-Dreams a partial waking

of animal life—Gall's Theory of Plurality - Andrew Carmichael-Pro-

gressive complications of the severally waking Organs—Robert Macnish

-Phrenological Analysis, Edward Binns-Phrenology does not Ex-

plain all Dreams-Andrew Carmichael-A septenary scale—Phrenolo-

gical genesis of Dreams- Dreaming of Dreaming-Perfect Sleep-

Christian Spectator—The Organic theory repudiated-Phrenology un.

satisfactory-Irregular irregularity-Cerebral irritation-The Senses

in Dreams-Probable Volition-John C. Colquhoun-Remembrance of

Dreams-Corporeal Organism-Interruption of Harmony · 150—198

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Thomas Hobbes-Dreams cansed by Distempers—Journal of Psycho-

logical Medicine—The Sense of Smell a Suggestive Cause-Lodging
at a Cheesemonger's—A Camisado-A singular Epidemio—The obsti.
nate Pedals-Sir Henry Holland— The Physiology of Sleep-Never
absolutely Dreamless-Fluctuating condition - Medical Critic-Sensa-
tions of Dreams-Experiments of M. Maury-M. Macario's Division-
Morbid Dreams- Effects of Diseases-Formey's “Essai sur les Songes"

- Disturbance of the Interior extremity of the Nerves-Arthur E.
Durham-Partial activity of nervous centres—Sir Benjamin C. Brodie
-Physical Organisms of the Mind-Crowding of Events-Various
results of impressions—Theory of Transition-Dreams and Memory.



Aristotle-A11 Viviparous Animals Dream–Oviparous Animals possibly

Dream-Dreams and Dreamlessness—Pliny - Undecided Questions

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Count de Buffon-Dreams independent of the Soul-Animal inability
to distinguish Dreaming from Waking Impressions - Robert Macnish-
Dreaming a universal Law-Horses-Dogs—The Ruminantia – Walter
C. Dendy-Animals likely to Dream-Memory is the test of this
power-An Imaginative Dunnock-Dream-Melody - Answer to Aris-




Dream of Achilles-Dream of the Mother of Zartusht-Series of Dreams

from Herodotus—Croesus – Sabacon-Sethon-Otanes-Hipparchus
Xerxes-- Artabanus—Pherecydes-Socrates – Xenophon - Alexander
the Great and Jaddua the High Priest-Hyrcanus- Calpurnia-Series of
Dreams from Cicero- Dream of Hecuba-Tarquin- Mother of Phalaris
-Cyrus-Hannibal—Hamilcar-Publius-Decius-Detective Dream
of Sophocles—A Roman Rustic-Appearance of Tiberius Gracchus to
his brother Caius–Preserving Dream of Simonides—The Two Arca-
dians—Cicero's Dream-Imperial Dreams—Tiberius-Caligula-Clau.
dius–Nero—Vespasian-Domitian-Fannius' History cut short-The
Dreams of a Neophyte-Dreams and Visions about the death of the
Emperor Julian-The Genius of the Empire-Monica and Augustine-
Genadius persuaded–King Arthur's Dream and its fulfilment-

Story of Cædmon-Dunstan-Anselm-Fate of William Rufus fore.
shadowed--Henry more pious than Rufus-Eagle and Seven Missiles
-The Scribe and the Angels–Mystical Dream of Giraldus Cambrensis

-Case of Walter de Barri-Charles VI. flies a Falcon in a Dream-
The Flying Hart– Vision of Ingulphus—Thomas à Becket a razer of
Walls-Dream of Channteclere-Sir Thomas More's eminence foretold
-Dr. Faustus Dreams of Hell-Symbolical Dream of the Emperor of
Saxony-Polemical Dream of Zuinglius-A King in a ditch-Bene.
volent imprisonment—Sir Thomas Wotton-Joannes Maria Mauro.
cenus—Ludovicus Madius—The Legend of the Swaffham Tinker-
Bishop Hall's Mother-Bread eaten in secret-Wallenstein's Dreams-
Dream in an Unknown Tongue-Henry the Second of France warned
in vain-Lord Strafford's Death mysteriously represented—Van Hel.
mont listens to a Bottle and sees his own Soul-Peter Sterry makes a
mistake-Milton's Dream-Sonnet-A Numismatologist providentially
enlightened-A Lady foretells her Death, and justifies her prediction

- Thirteen at Supper-The lot falls on the Chaplain-An Island of
the Blessed-Madame Guyon's Dream and its Analysis—Not to be done
to death by a Dream-bully-Series of Dreams from John Aubrey-
Archbishop Abbot's Mother-Doctor Harvey's Life preserved-Nine
Finches—Premonitions of the Death of Friends—A Triple Elm-tree-
Admiral Dean's Wife-Robbery and murder of Mr. Stockden dis.
covered through a series of Dreams-Determination of Dr. Reid-
Mrs. Griffiths' Dream saves her nephew's life-Dreams of Emanuel
Swedenborg-A Dumb Man recovers Speech-Zimmermann's Dream

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