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for to stond in for to se the justes and turneys and other masteryes ther done of the lords and othar. This triumphe continyed xx. dayes space with the days of the metynge of the ij. kyngs.

1520. The xiij. of Aprell the xj. of Henry the Eighth, the erle of Worcestar, lorde chamberlayne of Englande, landyd at Caleys for to goo to Gwynes and the campe of the kyng's counsell of Caleys, for to mete with dyvars lords of Fraunce for to apoynte the grownd at the campe, where the justs and turnements shuld be kepte moaste convenient for suche a triumphe for so noble kyngs and qwenes.

The apoyntment for the kynge « to atend upon hym over the sea to Caleys in the xij. yere of his reigne, 1520:


First the archbysshope of the bysshope of Ely.e Yorke, cardinall.b the bysshope of Chestar/

tharchbysshopeof Cantorbery.t the bysshope of Excetar.s the bysshope of Durham.d tharchbysshope of Armachane.n

* The list of names which now follows is to be compared with another formed on the same occasion which was inserted in the Rutland Papers, pp. 29—38. Of the latter document there is a duplicate copy in the Harleian MSS. No 2210, art. 1. bearing this title: "The appointment for the King and the Queen to Canterbury, and soc to Callais and Guisnes, to the meeting of the French king." It supplies the following corrections or variations: Rutland Papers, p. 30, Bishops1 servants, xxxiij. not xxxiiij ; the name mentioned in p. 32, note ( c) occurs, it is Sir Nicholas Carew, not Carver; p. 33, the Emperor's Ambassadors' horses, for xxiij read xviij ; the Venetian Ambassadors' servants, for xxiij read xviij. Among the Heralds, p. 34, is inserted Somerset, and among the Pursuivants Risebank. Among the Knights, p. 36, occurs the name of Sir William Reade, and Sir Thomas Trenchard is omitted. Both the countesses of Oxford are omitted, and the countess of Dorset inserted. P. 37, Every knight's wife that had no husband to have a gentleman, not a woman; scd qu? P. 38, for Aphard read Aplcyard.

"Thomas Wolsey. c William Warham. d Thomas Ruthall.

c Nicholas West. 'Geoffrey Blyth. * John Voysey, alias Harman.

b Octavian de Palatio.

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Temporall lords.

the duke of Buckyngham.

the duke of Suffolke.

the marqwes Dorsset.

the erle of Shrewesbery.

the erle of Essex.

the erle of Devonshere.

the erle of Westmerland.

the erle of Stafford.

the erle of Kent.

the erle of Wilshere.

the erle of Worcestar.

the erle of Northumbarland.

the erle of Oxenforde.

the erle of Keldare.

the lord of Sent John's.

the lord Fitzwatar.

the lorde of Burgaveny.

the lord Hastings.

the lorde Roos.

the lorde Mountagewe.

the lord Ferris.

the lord Darsse.

the lord Dawbeney.

the lord Barnes.

the lord Edmond Howard.

the lord Herberd.

the lorde John Grey.

the lorde Leonard Grey.

the lord Richard Grey.

the lorde Broke.

the lorde Lomeley.

the lorde Materface. (?) /ilic . JT5 f.<,"^ the lorde Delaware, the lorde Dakers of the

Sowthe. the lorde Cobham.

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of Barkshire. ser John Dauncy. ser William Essex, ser Richard Morreis. ser John Chen jr. ser Edward Chambarleyn. ser William Bretayne.

Hamshere. ser William Sands, ser Richard Weston, ser William Fitzwilliam. ser Nicholas Wadham. ser Arthure Plantaginet.

Northamtonshire. ser Nicholas Vauxe. ser William Aparie.


ser Edward Ponyngs. ser Edward Gilforthe. ser Henry Gilforthe. ser Thomas Boleyn. ser John Pechye. ser Thomas Chauncye. ser Thomas Nevile. ser Edmond Walsyngham.

Devonshire. ser Pierce Edgecombe.

ser William Corteney. ser Edward Pomery.

Worsetarshire. ser Gilbert Talbot, ser Richard Uptoins. ser Griffen Aprise. ser William Compton. ser William Morgayne. ser John Ragland.

Hertfordshire. ser Thomas Cornewalle. ser Richard Cornewalle. ser Raufe Egarton.

Glocestarshire. ser Mawris Barkley. ser John Hungerforde. ser William Kyngstone. ser Antony Poynes. ser Edward Wadeham.

Lyncolneshire. syr John Hussie. ser Thomas Newporte. ser Myles Busshey. ser William Haster. ser William Hussie. ser Christopher Willeby. ser Thomas Burgis junior, ser William Halforde.

Yorkeshire. ser Robert Constable, ser William Bilmar. ser Richard Tempest.

Sowthsex. ser Thomas West, ser Davy Owen, ser Henry Owen, ser John Fynche.

Wilshere. ser Edward Hungerforde. ser John Seemer. ser Henry Longe.

Suffolke. ser Robert Curson. ser Richard Wentford. ser Anthony Wingfeld. ser Robert Drewry. ser Arthure Hopton. ser Phylype Tilney. ser Edward Boleyn.

Northfolke. ser Thomas Wyndam. ser John Awdeley. ser John Haydon. ser William Paston. ser Robart Brandon.

Essex. ser Henry Marney.

ser John Vere.
syr John Raynford.
ser John Marney.
ser Weston Browne,
ser Thomas Teye.
ser John Cutte.

Somersetshyre and Dorsetshyre. ser Giles Strangwise.

Leystershyre. syr Richard Sewgeverelle. syr William Skevyngton.

Sotherey. ser Richard Carrowe. ser Henry Wiette. ser Edmond Braye. ser John Gaynford. ser Nicolas Carrowe.

ser George Hervie.
ser William Gaston.

ser Andrew Windsor,
syr John Heeron.
ser John Nevell.
syr Giles Capelle.
syr John Gilforde.
mastar Thomas Moore.

Derbyshere. syr Godfrey Fulgeham.

Warwikeshire. ser Edward Belknappe. ser Edward Ferres. ser Henry Willeby. ser Thomas Lucye. ser Gerard Dannyt. ser Gylbard Talbot, ser Gorge Frogmerton. ser Edward Graye. ser John Bordett.

ser William Smythe.

ser Rauffe Varney.
ser Fraunces Brian,
ser John Cheny.

ser William Purpoynt.
ser Rowland Velvelle.
ser Griffith Donne,
ser William Coffen and his


Officers of armes of almaner . xij.

Serjeants of armes . . xij.

Pursivaunts . . . xij.

Trumpets and Clarions . xxiiij.
Minstrels of all maner.


the erle of Derby. the lord Willowbye.

the bysshope of Rochestar.B the lord Morley.

the bysshope of Hareforde.b the lord chamberleyn.

Chapleynes to wayte on the qwene viij.

ser Robert Ponythz. ser George Fostar.

■ John Fisher. k Charles Booth.

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