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Item, in all manner of carriage monethly from the haven to the workes, and carrying of brikkes from the kyeles to the same workes, summa 100/.

Summa totalis, emptions and carriages by the space of one moneth, amounteth to the summe of . . . 530/. 11*. Ad.

At Guysnes.

First, 94 workmen working on Porton's bulwarke, everie of them at 8d. sterling the daye, amounteth in the moneth, containing 28 daies, summa,

87/. 18*. 8d. ster.

Item, 200 labourers serving the said working with brick, chalke, and morter, at 6d. sterling by the daye . . . 140/.

Item, 50 labourers bearing forth out of the digg of the bulworke, into the same bulwarke, at 6d. by the daye . . . 35/.

Item, 30 labourers quenching of lyme and making of mortar for the said bulwarke at 6d. sterling by the daie . . . 31/.

At the Newe Bulwark.

Item, 52 workmen working on the said newe bulworke, at everie of them 8d. sterling, by the daye, with their howres, summa . 48/. 10*. 8rf.

Item, 180 labourers serving the foresaid workemen with stuffe and morter, everie of them at 6d. sterling by the daye, summa . 126/.

Item, 80 labourers bearing of earth out of the same bulworke to the wall, and making betweene that and Whettells bulworke the contermine of earth, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa . . . 56/.

Item, 18 labourers quenching the lyme, and making of morter for the said workes, at 6d. sterling by the daye, summa . . 12/. 12*.

At Whettell Bulworke.

Item, 20 workemen working on the travers walles there, at 8d. the daye, with their howtes, summa .... 18/. 13*. 4d.

Item, 58 labourers serving those workemen with stuffe and morter, at 6d. sterling by the daye, summa .... 40/. 12*.

Item, 20 labourers bearing earth, which was cast out of the keye into the said bulworke, at 6d. sterling the daye ... 14/.

Item, 5 labourers making of morter for the said workmen, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa . . . . . 3/. 10*. At the Mill Tower.

Item, 24 workmen working uppon the said tower, at 8d. sterling the daye, with their howres, summa .... 22/. 8*.

Item, 48 labourers serving the said workmen with brickc and morter, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa .... 33/. 12*.

Item, 5 labourers making morter and quenching lyme for the said workes, at 6d. sterling the daye, sum .... 3/. 10*.

At the Carpentry.

Item, 28 carpenters working there nowe for the first flower of the newe bulworke, by Whetelles bulworke, at 8d. sterling by the daye, withe their houres, summa ...... 26/. 2s. 8d.

Item, 60 labourers which wrought at the castle gate driving pyles with gynes, which labourers nowe shall worke uppon the brayes there, which the kinges highnes had devised, at 6d. sterling the daie, summa 42/.

At the Dyke next the Plash. Item, 73 labourers casting the said dick, at 6d. sterling the daie, summa

51/. 2s.

At the Brykery and Sandpitte.

Item, 20 labourers digging of sand and lading carts at the brykery, at vj<Z. sterling the daie, sum .... 14/.

At the Towne Dyke and Rampere.

Item, 280 labourers working in the towne dyke filling of tumbrells, and uppon the rampere of the towne, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa 126/.

At the Quarrey besides the Chappell.

Item, 40 labourers working in the said quarrey digging of chalke only for the lyme kylles, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa . . 28/.

At the Quarrey of Fynes Hill.

Item, 14 roghlyers hewing of chalk for bleckes and quarrelles for the workes at Guisnes, at 8d. sterling the daye, summa . 286/.

Item, 120 labourers digging and breaking of chalk and carrying it out of the quarrey to the hill, at 6d. sterling the daye, summa . 84/.

At the Woodd.

Item, 20 labourers cutting great woodd and making fagotts at the forest and cohhin (qu ?) for the brykery, at 6d. the daie . 14/.

Item, iiij. smiths making such necessaries as appertaineth to the workes, at vjc/. the daie, sum ..... 51*.

Item, 27 clarkes of the workmen and labourers, at vjrf. sterling the daie, sum ....... 17/. 15s. 14d.

Summa totalis of the wages of one whole moneth,

containing 28 daies, sum . . 1082/. I4d.

Summa totalis of the workemen and the labourers, 1492.

An estimate of all manner of provisions, eruptions, carriages, and freights for the foresaid workes at Guisnes, by the space of one moneth, containing 28 daies.

First in coles, 8 chaldron a day, spent at 6 kyles, amounteth in the moneth to 196 chaldron, at 8*. sterling the chaldron, summa 68/. 12s.

Item, 140 ton of chalk, spent everie daie at the said lyme-kylles for making of lyme, amounteth in the moneth to 8920 ton, at 2d. sterling the ton, summa ...... 23/. 6*. 8d.

Item, 160 tons of chalk, spent everie daie for filling in the walles, amounteth in the moneth to 4480 ton, at 5d. sterling the ton, summa 83/. 5s. Sd.

Item,inbrykespentmonethly800,000,at5s. sterling the 1000 200/.

Item, in tymber, 40 ton monethly, at 3*. Ad. sterling the ton, summa ...... 6/. 13s. Ad.

Item, in hordes, nayles, and mastes, spares, hardelles, bastes, terras, and yron, with diverse other necessaries, summa . . 60/.

Item, in carriages from Calais to St. Peter's with short carts, and freights of bottes frt)m thence to Guisnes . . . 40/.

Camd. soc. 2 D

Item, in hardstone and freights of the same from Maydstone monethly ...... 42/.

Item, at this present daie, 205 tumhrelles, wherof there worketh on the rampere of the towne 64, and the rest carrying of brikkes, coles, lyme, and diverse other necessaries from the haven to the workes, at lOrf. sterling the piece a daie, amounteth in the moneth, containing 28 daies, to 1221. 10*.

Summa totalis for emptions and carriages, by the space of one hole moneth, at Guisnes . . . . . 516/. 8*.

The hole charges for wages, emptions, and carriages of all the kinges highnes fortifications beyond the sea, for the space of one moneth, to the summe of ..... 2850/. 5*. 2d.

The houndredth horsemen under the retinue of sir John Wallop, of the which the Monthly Wages of

Twoo peticapitaines, at 2s. the piece by the daie . 5/. 12*.

Twoo gyttorne-bearers, at 12c?. a piece by the daie . 56*.

The rest of the said horsemen, being in nomber 96, at 9d. a

piece by the daie ..... 100/. 12s.

Four captaines, at 4*. a piece by the daie . . 22/. 8s.

Six souldiers, one trumme, and one fyfe, to everie of them,

fact. 32 men at 6d. the day . . . 22/. 8*.

Four peticapitaines, at 2*. the piece by the daie . 11/. As.

Twoo souldiers, to everie of them, fac'. 8 persons at 6c/. the daie 5/. 12*.

Foure standard-bearers, at 12d. the piece by the daie . 51. 12*.

One souldier to everie of them, at 6c/. the daie . 56*.

The survey our, at 4*. the daie ... 5/. 12*.

Anthony Rous, at 4*. by the daie ... 4Z. 12*.

Six persons appointed to Anthony Rous, at 6d. by the

daie a piece . . . . . . 4/. 4*.

Summa totalis ... 196/. 203


The castle of Guisncs wa a post of the greatest importance, situated immediately on the French frontier; and its custody was conferred on persons of the first distinction. The title they bore was that of (the king's) lieutenant, but they were also sometimes styled captain.

Sir James Tyrrell was "capitaine " of Ouisnes in 1489 (see note in p. 2).

Sir Nicholas Vaux was lieutenant of Guisnes in the year 1513 (see p. 12). The document which now follows contains the conditions upon which the office was conferred upon him.

Sir William Fitzwilliam was lieutenant of Guisnes in 1524.
William lord Sandys was " captain " of Guisnes in 1527.

Sir John Wallop, E.G. held this office in 1541 (see the preceding page), and he died possessed of it in 1551 (see p. 211).

Sir Andrew Dudley, K.G. was his successor.

The last captain of Guisnes was, it is believed, William lord Grey de Wilton, K.G. His funeral, Dec. 20, 1562, will be found in Machyn's Diary, p. 297.

A pursuivant took his name from this fortress, as others did from those of Rysebank and Hammes. Thomas Wall, alias Guysnes, was made Lancaster herald the 30th April, 1 Hen. VIII. William Jennings, his successor, was also promoted to be Lancaster the 2d May, 8 Hen. VIII. ; and there were others during this reign whose names will be found in Anstis's Officers of Arms (MS. in Coll. Arm.) vol. iii. p. 73.

A plan of the town and castle of Guisnes, is preserved in the Cottonian collection, Augustus I. ii. 23, and a drawing of the castle on a very large scale, ibid. No. 52. (The drawing No. 51, also ascribed in the catalogue to Guisnes, is an unfinished outline, and apparently intended for another place.)

A document in MS. Cotton. Calig. E. II. f. 161, written after the winning of Boulogne, in 1544, states, that lord Sandes had always a crew of three hundred men in the castle of Guisnes during a time of peace; sir John Wallop, during war between the emperor and the French, five hundred men ; and even to his last day, a garrison of two hundred footmen and fifty horsemen.

Articles of agreement between the king and sir Nicholas Vaux for the custody of the castle of Guisnes. (MS. Cotton. Caligula, E. i. f. 55.) Agreementes bytwene the kinges grace and [sir Nicholas Vaux upon] the office of the keping of the castelle of Guynes.

[Imprimis, it is] agreed that the seid sir Nicholas shalle gef towardes the repa[ration of the sa]me castelle a uHL whereof [vc. marc' in] hand, and that tyme twelmoneth vc. marc', and within the ye[re next ense]wing that other vc. marc.

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