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The compilers are indebted to the following publishers for permission to use the poems mentioned:

Messrs. D. APPLETON & Co.-By William Cullen Bryant: America, Seventy-six,

Song of Marion's Men, Abraham Lincoln, To a Waterfowl, Robert of Lincoln,
The Twenty-second of February, The Death of the Flowers, A Song for New
Year's Eve, The Planting of the Apple Tree, March, Extracts from Thana-
topsis, The Death of Slavery, and Washington. By Arthur Cleveland Coxe:
Hallowe'en. By George W. Doane: Robin Redbreast. By Frank L. Stan-

ton: The Old Flag Forever. THE CENTURY Co.-By John Bennett: The Sky-lark's Song. By Mary Mapes

Dodge: The Frost King. By Richard Watson Gilder: At the President's
Grave, The Comfort of the Trees, Inauguration Day, On the Life Mask of
Lincoln, A Song of Early Autumn, Sheridan, Sherman, Easter, The Dead
Comrade. From the Century Magazine: By H. C. Bunner, The Heart of
the Tree. By Lulu W. Mitchell, Toiler, Canst Thou Dream? By James S.
Park, Christmas Carol. By Alice Reid, Ragged Robin and Bouncing Bet.

From the St. Nicholas Magazine: By Mary Austin, The Shepherds in Judea. THE CHAUTAUQUAN.-By George N. Lovejoy, Easter Carol. By E. L. Sabin, Messrs. SMALL, MAYNARD & Co.-By John B. Tabb: Indian Summer. By

Easter. The Colver PUBLISHING COMPANY.-By Caroline A. Lord: A Song of Street Labor. MESSRS. Dodd, Mead & Co.--By Austin Dobson: Ballade of Heroes, Henry

Wadsworth Longfellow, A Song of the Four Seasons. By Paul Laurence Dun

bar: Harriet Beecher Stowe, Spring Song. J. B. LIPPINCOTT Co.-By George H. Boker: Dirge for a Soldier. By H. S.

Morris: Walt Whitman. By Thomas Buchanan Read: Sheridan's Ride. From Lippincott's Magazine: By Anna Neil Gilmore, February. By Elizabeth Harman, The Soldier's Dirge. By Jennie B. Hartswick, To St. Valen

tine. By E. L. Sabin, The Apple Barrel. Messrs. LITTLE, Brown & Co.-By Amos Bronson Alcott: Hawthorne, Wendell

Phillips, Garrison. By Jean Ingelow: The Singing Lesson. By Louise Chandler Moulton: Louisa May Alcott. By Laura E. Richards: A Valentine.

By Christina G. Rossetti: Easter Even, New Year Ditty. The LOTHROP, LEE & SHEPARD Co.--By Paul Hamilton Hayne: Bryant Dead,

To O. W. Holmes. Messrs. McCLURE, PHILLIPS & Co.--By Edwin Markham: The Man with the

Hoe, A Harvest Song. MUNSEY’S MAGAZINE.-By Minna Irving: Betsy's Battle-flag. By E. L. Sabin:

Work. By R. H. Titherington: Faithful unto Death. The New ENGLAND PUBLISHING Co.-By Hezekiah Butterworth: The Thanks.

giving in Boston Harbor, Crown Our Washington. Messrs. G. P. PUTNAM's Sons.-By “Ironquill”: Blaine of Maine.

Walt Whitman: O Captain! My Captain! The F. A. Stokes Co.-By Craven L. Betts: Longfellow, Emerson. By W. H.

Hayne: Oliver Wendell Holmes. THE WHITAKER & Ray Co.-By Joaquin Miller: Columbus. The Youth's COMPANION.-Anonymous: An Arbor Day Tree. By H. H. Ben

nett: The Flag Goes By. By Hezekiah Butterworth: Five Kernels of Corn. By Sydney Dayre: Remorse. The selections from the following authors are used by permission of, and by special arrangement with, Houghton, Miffin & Co., the authorized publishers of their works:

Thomas Bailey Aldrich, George Arnold, Phoebe Cary, John Vance Cheney, Lydia Maria Child, Helen Gray Cone, Ellen M. Hutchinson Cortissoz, Margaret Deland, Louise Imogen Guiney, Bret Harte, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Lucy Larcom, H enry Wadsworth Longfellow, James Russell Lowell, Nora Perry, Margaret J. Preston, Edna Dean Proctor, Margaret E. Sangster, John G. Saxe, Harriet Prescott Spofford, Ernest Clarence Stedman, Celia Thaxter, Edith M. Thomas, John T. Trowbridge, Charles Henry Webb, John Greenleaf Whittier.

They have also kindly permitted the use of the following poems from the Atlantic Monthly:

By John Vance Cheney, Weeds and Flowers. By Arthur Colton, Victory. By Lizette W. Reese, Taps. By Henry Van Dyke, St. Gaudens' Statue of General Sherman. By Robert Burns Wilson, Such is the Death the Soldier Dies. By McLandburgh Wilson, Memorial Day.

Special permission has also been generously granted by the following authors for the use of such poems of theirs as appear in this collection:

Mary Austin, Katherine Lee Bates, Henry Holcomb Bennett, Craven Langstroth Betts, Robert Bridges, Alice Williams Brotherton, Francis F. Browne, John Vance Cheney, J. I. C. Clarke, Arthur Colton, Francis Miles Finch, William Hamilton Hayne, Minna Irving, Tudor Jenks, Julie M. Lippmann, Caroline A. Lord, Edward S. Martin, Marie Mason, Louise Chandler Moulton, Albert Bigelow Paine, William Ordway Partridge, Katherine Pyle, Mary B. Rankin (for James Eames Rankin), Lizette Woodworth Reese, Wallace Rice, Laura E. Richards, Lloyd Roberts, John Jerome Rooney, Margaret E. Sangster, Clinton Scollard, Henry Van Dyke, William Hayes Ward, Cy Wayman, Carolyn Wells, Francis Howard Williams, McLandburgh Wilson, Robert Burns Wilson.

Other acknowledgments are made in the body of the book. Copyright is in every case reserved.

The New Memorial Day, Albert Bigelow Paine
A Monument for the Soldiers, James Whitcomb Riley
Decoration Day at Charleston, Henry Timrod


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The Fourth of July, Charles Sprague :
The Nation's Birthday, Mary E. Vandyne
The Torch of Liberty, Thomas Moore
The Fourth of July, John Pierpont
Independence Bell, Unknown
Imerica, William Cullen Bryant
The Republic, Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
America, Samuel Francis Smith
Young America, Carolyn Wells
After the Fourth of July, M. Phelps Dawson
Freedom's Natal Day, Elizabeth M. Griswold

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Labor Song, Denis Florence MacCarthy .
The Useful Plough, Unknown
Work, Edwin L. Sabin
The Man with the Hoe, Edwin Markham
A Song of Street Labor, Caroline A. Lord
The Sower's Song, Thomas Carlyle
The Working Man's Song, John Stuart Blackie
The Lay of the Laborer, Thomas Hood
Scythe Song, Andrew Lang .
Toiler, Canst Thou Dream? Lulu W. Mitchell
Jesus the Carpenter, Catherine C. Liddell

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The First Thanksgiving Day, Alice Williams Brotherton
The First Thanksgiving, Arthur Guiterman
The Thanksgiving in Boston Harbor, Hezekiah Butterworth
A Harvest Song, Edwin Markham
Thanksgiving Day, Lydia Maria Child
Thanksgiving, Hannah E. G. Arey
The Pumpkin, John G. Whittier
Harvest Home Song, John Davidson
Two Festivals, Lucy Larcom

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Christmas Carol, Phillips Brooks
A Christmas Carol, Josiah Gilbert Holland


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