The American Angler's Guide: Or, Complete Fisher's Manual, for the United States: Containing the Opinions and Practices of Experienced Anglers of Both Hemispheres; with the Various Modes Adopted in Ocean, River, Lake and Pond Fishing ...

D. Appleton, 1857 - 332 páginas

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Página 108 - To frame the little animal, provide All the gay hues that wait on female pride : Let Nature guide thee ; sometimes golden wire The shining bellies of the fly require ; The peacock's plumes thy tackle must not fail, Nor the dear purchase of the sable's tail. Each gaudy bird some slender tribute brings, And lends the growing insect proper wings : Silks of all colours must their aid impart, And every fur promote the fisher's art.
Página 231 - Our plenteous streams a various race supply, The bright-eyed perch with fins of Tyrian dye, The silver eel, in shining volumes roll'd, The yellow carp, in scales bedropp'd with gold, Swift trouts, diversified with crimson stains, And pikes, the tyrants of the watery plains. Now Cancer glows with Phoebus...
Página 95 - He rolls and wreaths his shining body round; Then headlong shoots beneath the dashing tide, The trembling fins the boiling wave divide; Now hope exalts the fisher's beating heart, Now he turns pale, and fears his dubious art; He views the tumbling fish with longing eyes; While the line stretches with th...
Página 221 - Fly fishing may be a very pleasant amusement ; but angling or float fishing, I can only compare to a stick and a string, with a worm at one end, and a, fool at the other.
Página 15 - Whilst some men strive ill-gotten goods t' embrace And others spend their time in base excess Of wine, or worse, in war and wantonness. Let them that list, these pastimes still pursue, And on such pleasing fancies feed their fill ; So I the fields and meadows green may view, And daily by fresh rivers walk at will, Among the daisies and the violets blue, Red hyacinth and yellow daffodil, Purple narcissus like the morning rays, Pale gander-grass, and azure culverkeys.
Página 18 - ... and pity. Men that are taken to be grave because nature hath made them of a sour complexion; money-getting men, men that spend all their time, first in getting, and next in anxious care to keep it; men that are condemned to be rich, and then always busy or discontented : for these poor rich men, we anglers pity them perfectly, and stand in no need to borrow their thoughts to think ourselves so happy.
Página 108 - Which o'er the stream a waving forest throw, When if an insect fall, (his certain guide) He gently takes him from the whirling tide, Examines well his form with curious eyes, His gaudy vest...
Página 43 - And full well may you think, If you troll with a pink, One too weak will be apt to miscarry. Then basket neat made, By a master in's trade, In a belt at your shoulders must dangle; For none e'er was so vain, To wear this to disdain, Who a true brother was of the angle. Next pouch must not fail...
Página 63 - I shall bring him in to shore. Now gaff him; strike as near the tail as you can. He is safe ; we must prepare him for the pot. Give him a stunning blow on the head to deprive him of sensation, and then give him a transverse cut just below the gills, and crimp him by cutting to the bone on each side, so as almost to divide him into slices ; and now hold him by the tail that he may bleed. There is a small spring, I see, close under that bank, which I dare say has the mean temperature of the atmosphere...
Página 15 - I count it higher pleasure to behold The stately compass of the lofty sky ; And in the midst thereof, like burning gold, The flaming chariot of the world's great eye : The watery clouds that in the air up-roll'd With sundry kinds of painted colours fly; And fair Aurora, lifting up her head, Still blushing, rise from old Tithonus

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