Annual Report, Volume 20,Parte 1898


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Página 268 - Whatever differences of opinion may exist as to the extent and boundaries of the police power, and however difficult it may be to render a satisfactory definition of it, there seems to be no doubt that it does extend to the protection of the lives, health, and property of the citizens, and to the preservation of good order and the public morals.
Página 265 - If any two or more persons shall combine for the purpose of depriving the owner or possessor of property of its lawful use and management, or of preventing, by threats, suggestions of danger, or any unlawful means, any person from being employed by or obtaining employment from any such owner or possessor of property, on such terms as the parties concerned may...
Página 213 - If any such applicant neglects to notify such superintendent he shall be barred from all future rights and privileges of such employment bureau, at the discretion of the commissioner of labor statistics, to whom the superintendent shall report such neglect.
Página 213 - State, which said list by the superintendent shall be posted immediately on receipt thereof in a conspicuous place in his office, subject to the inspection of all persons desiring employment.
Página 261 - In all cases where such association or union is not incorporated, suits under this act may be commenced and prosecuted by an officer or member of such association or union, on behalf of, and for the use of such association or union.
Página 264 - ... wrongfully and wickedly to injure the person, character, business or employment or property of another, or to...
Página 269 - Every law, or resolution having the force of law, shall relate to but one subject, and that shall be expressed in the title.
Página 266 - The members of these unions, of whichever class they are composed, act in the interest of their class. If they resort to unlawful acts they may be indicted or sued. If they do not resort to unlawful acts, they are entitled to further their interests in the manner which seems to them best, and most likely to be effectual.
Página 259 - Any common carrier violating this provision shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and for each offense, on conviction, shall pay to the United States a penalty of not less than one hundred dollars nor more than two...
Página 185 - SEC. 2305. The time which the homestead settler has served in the Army, Navy or Marine Corps shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title, or if discharged on account of wounds received or disability incurred in the line of duty, then the term of enlistment shall be deducted from the time heretofore required to perfect title without reference to the length of time he may have served...

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