Joint Documents ... for the Year ..., Parte 2

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Página 205 - GENERAL INTERROGATORIES. Total amount of premiums received from the organization of the company to date...
Página 5 - November 11, 1890, upon which this certificate is issued. This certificate will be received in payment of balances at the clearing house for the sum of twenty thousand dollars from any member of the Clearing- House Association.
Página 252 - Unused balances of bills and notes taken in advance for premiums on open marine and inland policies, or otherwise, returnable on settlement; 14.
Página 276 - Reinsurance fund and all other liabilities, except capital, under the life insurance or any other special department; 13.
Página 7 - The only substantial difference between the scheme disclosed to you by the proof and the well recognized lotteries of the world, such as the Louisiana Lottery Company, is that the latter are, in comparison, honest and free from the opportunities of chicanery. The wheel of the lottery and the hat of the raffle are to the fortune hunter incomparably fairer contrivances for the determination of his chances. He is not dependent in them upon the honesty or accuracy of a secretary with whom it is as easy...
Página 2 - Office on account of lands sold during the year for principal, interest, and penalty, received on sales made in former years, and from other sources, have been as follows.: Agricultural College Land — Principal...
Página 5 - Obligation was taken from the depositing member, made by the member or other persons, corporations or firms, satisfactory to the " loan committee," together with the securities pledged therefor, for the benefit of the holders of the certificate issued to the depositing member. In case of loss resulting from default in payment by a member or a...
Página 159 - Losses paid from organization to date Total amount of cash dividends declared since the company commenced business...
Página 4 - That a committee of five be appointed by the chair, to receive from banks members of the association bills receivable and other securities to be approved by said committee, who shall be authorized to issue therefor to such depositing banks certificates of deposit bearing interest at six per cent.

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