The grammar of the English language made easy

W. Nicholson & Sons, 1864 - 287 páginas

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Página 126 - Here living tea-pots stand, one arm held out, One bent ; the handle this, and that the spout...
Página 113 - To be wise in our own eyes, to be wise in the opinion of the world, and to be wise in the sight of our Creator, are three things so very different, as rarely to coincide.
Página 68 - TENSE. SINGULAR. PLURAL. 1. I had had 1. We had had 2. Thou hadst had 2. Ye or you had had 3. He had had 3. They had had B FIRST FUTURE TENSE.
Página 10 - All words of more than one syllable ending in a single consonant, preceded by a single vowel, and accented on the last syllable, double that consonant in derivatives : as, commit, committee ; compel, compelled; appal, appalling; distil, distiller.
Página 170 - And yet, fair bow, no fabling dreams, But words of the Most High, Have told why first thy robe of beams Was woven in the sky.
Página 169 - The dog in the manger would not eat the hay himself, nor suffer the ox to eat it.
Página 71 - They might have been. SUBJUNCTIVE MOOD. Present Tense. Singular. Plural. 1. If I be, 1. If we be, 2. If thou be, 2. If you be 3. If he be ; 3. If they be.
Página 136 - Take to you handfuls of ashes of the furnace, and let Moses sprinkle it toward the heaven in the sight of Pharaoh. And it shall become small dust in all the land of Egypt...
Página 70 - Future Tense. Singular. Plural. 1 I shall or will be 1 We shall or will be 2 Thou shalt or wilt be 2 Ye or you shall or will be 3 He shall or will be 3 They shall or will be Second Future Tense.
Página 51 - In music; thou art in the cooler breath That from the inmost darkness of the place Comes, scarcely felt; the barky trunks, the ground, The fresh moist ground, are all instinct with thee.

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