The Portable Coach: 28 Sure Fire Strategies For Business And Personal Success

Simon and Schuster, 06.08.1998 - 336 Seiten
How attractive are you? No, not your looks, but rather your ability to attractabundanceinto your life -- whether in the form of success at work, solid and rewarding friendships, blue-chip clients, higher income, richer life satisfaction, deeper relationships, or more opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Isn't it time you stopped grasping for success and startedattractingit?

Thomas J. Leonard is the father of personal coaching, an explosively growing movement highlighted by recent features inNewsweek,The Wall Street Journal,The New York Times,The London Times,New Age Journal,and featured on NBC, CBS, and CNN. He is also the founder of Coach University, a virtual university that has trained thousands of personal coaches in thirty countries.

Here is Leonard's 28-step Principles of Attraction program -- an exciting, profoundly transformational system that will reorient your approach to life and help you attract success, happiness, and fulfillment as surely as a magnet draws steel.

Originally developed for the professional coaches at Coach University for use with their tens of thousands of clients worldwide, Leonard's set of strategies draws on wisdom from psychology, career counseling, management consulting, personal growth programs, motivational training, and good old common sense. These principles have been proven to work, consistently, with virtually every type of personality, situation, or problem. Now, for the first time, they are available in book form asThe Portable Coach.

Complete with Coach University's patented and challenging self-testing materials, these 28 steps open a path to achievement that won't leave you feeling hollow, soulless, or exhausted from striving. They aren't about giving yourself constant pep talks or working longer and harder than everyone around you or being the meanest shark in the corporate sea.The Portable Coachis a vigorous, highly encouraging blueprint for success, a lively new way of honoring yourself and remaking the worldon your own terms!Filled with hundreds of practical guidelines, it's a fully integrated personal and professional growth system that you can pursue at your own rate of speed in a sequence determined by your most important needs and priorities.Through it, you'll fully access and maximize the brilliance and energy you already have and create a thoroughly satisfying life based on what's best about you.

The Portable Coachis the closest possible thing to having the inventor of the personal coaching movement in your corner, helping you isolate and remove all energy-wasting distractions, while becoming the creator of an environment designed to let your natural entrepreneurialism, charm, talent, and personality flourish.

You are invited to attend a Coach University teleclass, Attraction in Action. Conducted by a Certified Coach, this one-hour coaching class will teach you more about how to apply the Principles of Attraction to your own life! To register, simply call (206) 378-1000, E-mail class, or visit

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The portable coach: 28 surefire strategies for business and personal success

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We're not talking football here. As a financial adviser, Leonard realized that more than anything else, he was a career counselor, confidant, and therapist to his clients. So he founded a movement to ... Vollständige Rezension lesen


Become Incredibly Selfish
Unhook Yourself from the Future
Overrespond to Every Event
Build a Superreserve in Every Area
Add Value Just for the Joy of It
Affect Others Profoundly
Market Your Talents Shamelessly
Show Others How to Please You
Endorse Your Worst Weaknesses
Sensitize Yourself
Perfect Your Environment
Develop More Character than You Need
See How Perfect the Present Really Is
Become an Unconditionally Constructive Person
Orient Yourself Around Your Values

Become Irresistibly Attractive to Yourself
Get a Fulfilling Life Not Just an Impressive Lifestyle
Promise Little Deliver Everything
Create a Vacuum that Pulls You Forward
Eliminate Delay
Get Your Personal Needs Met Once and for All
Thrive on the Details
Tolerate Nothing
Simplify Everything
Master Your Craft
Recognize and Tell the Truth
Have a Vision
Be Real Be Human

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Thomas J. Leonard is regarded as the coach's coach, helping numerous individual and corporate clients become extraordinary since opening the world's first personal coaching practice in 1982. Thomas founded Coach University in 1992 and currently travels the United States on "permanent vacation" as he writes, coaches, and continues to evolve the leading -- and most popular -- methodology in the personal coaching movement.

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