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Importance of the promissory part of the co

venant cleared by seven.considerations 125 Two general kinds of promises

128 To whom were they made

129 Inferences Promises peculiar to Christ

137 Alistance

ib. Acceptance

ib. Reward Promise of eternal life to the elect

141 More generally considered

142 More particularly in three periods 145 1. Before their union with Christ

146 Promise of preservation

ib. Promise of the Spirit 2. "From their union with Christ until death

153 Promise of justification

154 A new and saving covenant relation to God

158 Sanctification

162 -Perseverance

186 -Temporal benefits

191 3. From death through eternity

197 Promise of victory over death

ib. Everlasting life in heaven

199 Inference from the promise of eternal life 204 No proper penalty of the covenant of grace

207 HEAD IV, The Administration of the Covenant of Grace.

209 HRIST the administrator of the covenant ib.


ministration of the covenant Confirmed by five arguments Ends of the administration of the covenant

215 ib.

A 3

220 The


The faith of the law preparatory for the cove-



The faith of the gospel, instating in the cove-

nant, carries in it four things


I. The faith of Christ's sufficiency


II. The faith of the gospel offer


Object. 1. But Christ is now in heaven, and I

hear no voice from thence : how then can I

believe that he offereth himself to me in par-

ticular ? Answer

Object. 2. But Christ in the word of the gospel

doth not name me: how then can I believe

that he offereth himself to me in particular ?



Obječt. 3. I fear I want the qualifications deter-

minative of those to whom the gospel offer is

directed, &c.; how then can I believe that

Christ offers himself to me in particular? Anf. 310

III. The faith of our right to Christ


Quest. How can I, a poor finner, by nature un-

der the curse, believe that Christ is my Savi-

our, that his righteousness, and eternal life

are mine? Answer


Object. 1. If it be true, that Christ is my Savi-

our, that his righteousness, and eternal life

in him, are mine; then I may be easy, I will

certainly be saved without any more ado?



Object. 2. But Christ a Saviour, his righteous-

ness, and eternal life, are things fo exceeding

precious and I am so very sinful and unwor-

thy, that it is mighty hard for me to believe

they are mine. Answer


IV. The faith of particular trust for salvation 321

Object. 1. Since it is not true of all who hear the

gospel, that they shall be saved; there cannot

be, in the case of every one of them, a ground

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