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VI.-Autobiography of the Rev. Dr. Alexander Carlyle,

Minister of Inveresk; containing Memorials of the

Men and Events of his Times. 8vo. Edinburgh

and London : 1860,


VII. – History of the United Netherlands, from the Death

of William the Silent to the Synod of Dort, with a

full view of the English-Dutch struggle against

Spain, and of the origin and destruction of the

Spanish Armada. By John Lothrop Motley, D.C.L.

2 vols. 8vo. London: 1860,


VIII. – 1. The Glaciers of the Alps ; being a Narrative of

Excursions and Ascents, an Account of the Origin

and Phenomena of Glaciers, and an Exposition of

the Physical Principles to which they are related.

By John Tyndall, F.R.S. London: 1860.

2. Occasional Papers on the Theory of Glaciers, now

first collected and chronologically arranged: with a

Prefatory Note on the recent Progress and present

Aspect of the Theory. By James D. Forbes, D.C.L.,

F.R.S. Edinburgh : 1859.

3. Reply to Professor Tyndall's Remarks in his work

• On the Glaciers of the Alps,' relating to Rendu's

Theory of Glaciers. By James D. Forbes, D.C.L.

Edinburgh : 1860.

4. Théorie des Glaciers de la Savoie. Par M. le

Chanoine Rendu, &c. Chambéry : 1840.

5. Peaks, Passes, and Glaciers. A Series of Excur-

sions by Members of the Alpine Club. Edited by

John Ball, M.R.I.A., F.L.S. London : 1859, . 221

IX.-1. L'Unité Nationale de l'Italie. Par Emmanuel

Marliani, Député. Turin : 1860.

2. Nota del Ministro dell'Interno sull' ordinamento

administrativo e finanziario del Regno. Torino :



X. - Admiralty Administration ; its Faults and its De-

faults. London : 1861, ·

Note on Mr. Fergusson's Theory of the Site of the

Church of the Holy Sepulchre at Jerusalem, . 307

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Art. I. — The Personal History of Lord Bacon. From unpub-

lished MSS. By Wm. Hepworth Dixon. London :



II. - Historia de la Republica d'Andorra. (Published

under the joint authority of the Spanish Government

and the Government of the Republic of Andorre.)

1 vol. 8vo. Barcelona : 1845,


III. – 1. The Journal and Correspondence of William Lord

Auckland : with a Preface and Introduction. Ву

the Right Honourable and Right Reverend the

Bishop of Bath and Wells. 2 vols.

2. The Diary and Correspondence of Charles Abbot,

Lord Colchester, Speaker of the House of Commons,

1802–1817. Edited by his son, Charles Lord Col-

chester. 3 vols.


IV.-1. Some Account of the Foundation of Eton College,

and of the Past and Present Condition of the School.

By E. S. Creasy, M.A., Professor of History in Uni-

versity College, London. London : 1848.

2. Public School Education. A Lecture delivered at

Tiverton, by the Right Honorable Sir John J. Cole-

ridge. 1860.

3. Eton Reform. By William Johnson. London :



V. - 1. Eurres et Correspondance inédites d’Alexis de

Tocqueville, publiées et précédées d'une Notice par

Gustave de Beaumont, Membre de l'Institut. 2

tomes. Paris : 1860.

2. Discours de réception à l'Académie Française par

le R. P. H. D. Lacordaire, des Frères Prêcheurs, le

24 Janvier, 1861. Paris.

3. Discours de M. Guizot, Directeur de l'Académie

Française, en réponse au Discours prononcé par M.

Lacordaire pour sa réception à l'Académie Française.

Paris : 1861,



VI.-1. Essays and Reviews. 8th edition.

2. Sermons on the Beatitudes.' By the Rev. Dr.

Moberly: with Preface in Answer to `Essays and

• Reviews. 1860.

3. Certain Characteristics of Holy Scripture, with

special reference to · Essays and Reviews.' By the

Rev. J. B. Cazenove. 1861.

4. A Brief Defence of `Essays and Reviews.' By the

Rev. Dr. Wild. 1861.

5. Specific Evidences of Unsoundness in Essays and

• Reviews.' By the Rev. Dr. Jelf. 1861.

6. Statements of Christian Doctrine and Practice.

From the Published Writings of Professor Jowett.



VII. - Autobiography, Letters, and Literary Remains of

Mrs. Piozzi (Thrale). Edited, with notes and an

introductory account of her Life and Writings, by

A. Hayward, Esq., Q.C. 2 vols. London : 1861, E01

VIII. — 1. Babrii Fabulæ Æsopeæ cum Fabularum deperdi-

tarum Fragmentis. Recensuit et breviter illustravit

Georgius Cornewall Lewis, A.M. 1846.

2. Babrii Fabulæ Æsopeæ. E Codice Manuscripto

Partem Secundam nunc primum edidit Georgius

Cornewall Lewis, A.M. 1859.

3. The Fables of Babrius. In Two Parts. Translated

into English Verse by the Rev. James Davies, M.A.



IX. - Iceland; its Volcanoes, Geysers, and Glaciers. By

Charles S. Forbes, Commander, R.N. London:



X. - 1. Letters from the Slave States. By James Stirling.

1 vol. 8vo. London : 1857.

2. Travels in the Slave States. By Frederick Law

Olmsted. 2 vols. New York and London : 1857,


3. The Great American Revolution of 1861. A Speech

delivered by the Hon. C. L. Vallandigham, of Ohio,

in the House of Representatives, February 20, 1861.

Washington : 1861.

4. A Disquisition on Government and a Discourse on

the Constitution and Government of the United

States. By John Calhoun. Edited by Richard K.

Cralle. New York : 1853,


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Art. I.-1. Lights and Shadows of Church Life in Australia,

including Thoughts on some Things at home. By T. BINNEY.

London : 1860.

2. The Speech of Lord Ebury in the House of Lords, 8th

May 1860, on the Revision of the Liturgy. 2nd thousand.

London : 1860.

3. Liturgical Purity our Rightful Inheritance. By J. C. FISHER,

M.A., of the Middle Temple. 2nd edition. London : 1860.
4. The Liturgy and the Dissenters. By the Rev. ISAAC

TAYLOR, M. A., of Trinity College, Cambridge, Curate of

Trotterscliffe. 3rd edition. London: 1860.
5. Thoughts on the Liturgy. The Difficulties of an honest and

conscientious Use of the Book of Common Prayer, considered
as a loud and reasonable call for the only remedy, Revision.
By the Rev. PHILIP GELL, M.A., some time Rural Dean

and Minister of St. John's, Derby. London: 1860.
6. A Letter to the Lord Bishop of Norwich, from the Rev. C. N.

WODEHOUSE, M. A., Canon of Norwich. London: 1860.
7. Church Questions. Practical Methods for the Arrangement

of an abridged Morning Service, &c. &c. By the Rev. C.
ROBINSON, LL.D., Incumbent of Holy Trinity Church,

Blackburn. London: 1860.

8. Liturgical Revision illustrated and vindicated on Orthodox

Principles. By the Rev. C. H. DAVIS, M. A. London:


9. Thoughts on the proposed Revision of the Liturgy. A


Charge delivered by RICHARD WHATELY, D.D., Archbishop

of Dublin, 14th and 15th of June, 1860. London: 1860. 10. A Charge delivered at the Triennial Visitation of the Diocese,

September and October, 1860. By CHARLES, Lord Bishop

of Gloucester and Bristol. London: 1860. 11. A Charge delivered to the Clergy of the Diocese of Llandaff,

at his Fourth _Visitation, September, 1860. By ALFRED

OLLIVANT, D.D., Bishop of Llandaff. London : 1860. 12. Revision of the Liturgy. Five Discourses, with an Intro

duction. By CHARLES JOHN VAUGHAN, D.D., Chaplain in Ordinary to the Queen, and late Head Master of Harrow

School. London: 1860. THE HE book which stands at the head of the foregoing list is a

remarkable one, not only for the intrinsic interest of the matter which forms its principal topic—the Church of the Future—but on account of the parties between whom the correspondence originated, the theatre on which it was carried on, and the spirit which was manifested throughout the discussion.

The Rev. Thomas Binney, the well-known Independent minister of the Weigh-house Chapel in London, having been laid aside for a while by ill health, was induced in 1858 to make a voyage to the Australian colonies, where he remained for about a twelvemonth. The presence of so eminent a preacher naturally excited a feeling of regret among the Churchmen of those colonies that ecclesiastical differences should prevent him from ministering in their congregations; and hoping that restrictions of this kind might be somewhat relaxed under Colonial laws, many lay members of the Anglican Church in South Australia, and at the head of them the Governor himself, petitioned the Bishop of Adelaide that Mr. Binney might be invited to occupy

the pulpit of some of the episcopal clergy. To this request the Bishop declared himself unable to accede. But so far was he from withholding his sympathy from the memorialists, that he had already, of his own spontaneous impulse, addressed a letter to Mr. Binney, in which he set forth elaborately and at considerable length his own views and proposals for a fusion of the Protestant Evangelical Churches ;' and invited the cooperation of his correspondent in promoting so desirable an end -invited at least the friendly interchange of sentiments and suggestions with the view to eventual co-operation. The subject thus started engaged a large portion of public attention for some time in the Australian colonies, both among Churchmen and Dissenters; and the volume before us shows us to what issues the discussion was brought.

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