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W. I. MONSON, ESQ. M. A. F. S. A.






Travel in the younger sort is a part of education, in the elder a part of experience.

Bacon's Essays.

During the years 1817, 1818, and 1819, the greater part of which I passed on the Continent, I was led frequently to note down those scenes and adventures which are so likely to impress a young traveller on his debût in a foreign land.

My first inducement in keeping a journal was the amusement of a very near and interested relative; my second was of a more selfish character, that when years should pass on, and I should be far re

moved from all I was then admiring, I might still preserve to myself a faint sketch of the esteemed original, and on opening my memorandum-book, might gaze again with the eyes, and feel with the enthusiasm of my youth. The very nature of my purpose rendered me an egotist, and what critics had I to fear? But when the kindness of my friends gives a larger circulation to my manuscript, I can neither claim the same advantages nor shelter myself under the same arguments; and fully aware of this, I endeavoured to revise what I had written in haste* and

* As a traveller without books, for any historical reference or quotation I could only refer to memory; but I trust I have since corrected any errors that must in consequence have arisen. Some of the notes, particularly in the first part, have been written after I extended my tour in Italy, and had greater opportunities of observation; but I have taken care not to embody any subsequent with the original remarks.

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