Miss Standish; and By the bay of Naples, Volume 3


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Página 137 - ... no receipt openeth the heart but a true friend, to whom you may impart griefs, joys, fears, hopes, suspicions, counsels, and whatsoever lieth upon the heart to oppress it, in a kind of civil shrift or confession.
Página 198 - Could Time, his flight reversed, restore the hours, When, playing with thy vesture's tissued flowers, The violet, the pink, and jessamine, I pricked them into paper with a pin, (And thou wast happier than myself the while, Wouldst softly speak, and stroke my head and smile.) Could those few pleasant days again appear, Might one wish bring them, would I wish them here?
Página 32 - FLORIO knew the WORLD ; that science Sets sense and learning at defiance ; He thought the World to him was known, Whereas he only knew the Town ; In men this blunder still you find, All think their little set — Mankind.
Página 137 - A principal fruit of friendship is the ease and discharge of the fulness and swellings of the heart, which passions of all kinds do cause and induce. We know diseases of stoppings and suffocations are the most dangerous in the body; and it is not much otherwise in the mind...
Página 76 - The wants and cares which they doe feele, May bring some greater thing to minde : For by their griefe thou shalt doe well, To thinke upon the paines of hell. Or when through me thou seest a man Condemn'd unto a mortall death, How sad he lookes, how pale, how wan, Drawing with feare his panting breath ; Thinke if in that such griefe thou see, How sad will, Goe yee cursed bee...
Página 90 - DEATH'S FINAL CONQUEST. THE glories of our birth and state Are shadows, not substantial things ; There is no armour against fate : Death lays his icy hands on kings ; Sceptre and crown Must tumble down, And in the dust be equal made With the poor crooked scythe and spade.
Página 208 - Whoe'er she bee, Whose early love, With winged vowes, Makes hast to meet her morning spouse, And close with his immortal kisses.
Página 116 - Gentleness is sure to overcome in fight. and to be firm in maintaining its own. Heaven will save its possessor, by his gentleness protecting him.
Página 207 - And so, my dear, you see we hope you will be with us for a long time to come, and very glad both Mrs St Germains and I are to think so.
Página 114 - Dulcie, my dear child, what will you do?' ' I have not made up my mind yet to disobey Mr St Germains,' said Dulcie, looking up with wide-open eyes.

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