Abbildungen der Seite

L. ,

Navy, state of the, f. 98. 194. 290.386. 48?

--, the, 103.
ent, Duke of, public tribute of respect to, Naval Brevei, proposed errangement forg

26, 230,

Infurination, 50.
Punishments, on, 414.

List of, 429.
bouring Poor, address to the Committee Nightmare, to prevent, 327.
For the benefit o the, 144.

Necessity, 322.
clics of England, address to, on behalf of
the Climbing Boys, 304.
on behalf of

the Journeynien Silk-weavers, 422.
cences, Innkeepers', 52.

Obituary, 84. 181. 277. 372. 466. 554.
re Annuities. 95. 191. 287. 383. 479. 567. Observer, the, XVII. 14.; XVIII. 135, .
ife and Death, 421.

XIX. 329.
est of Books, 87. 183. 280. 375. 469. 556. Economy, 209.
iterary Intelligience, 86. 182. 279. 373.

Rural and Cottage, proposed pro.
468. 555.

spectus of a plan for establishing a College
Garden, XVI. 29.; XVII. 125.; of, 219.
XVIII. 219. i XIX. 315; XX. 417.;
*XXI. 510.

Literature, 321.
-, on the advantages of, 510.

Palents, new, 92. 188, 284. 379. 475. 562.
ondon Markels, 93. 189. 285. 380. 476.

-, grunted from 1673 to 1816,
563, 564.

379. 562.
Attery, the first public, 340,

Parliamentary Journal, House of Lords, 71,
Lumbago, recipe for,519.

House of Commons,


Painting, ancient, 131.

Parliament, 211.
Madeira Wine, 50,

Particular providence, 211.
Magnesia, on the incautious use of, 48. Pastime, hints for an instructive, 325.
Manufacturing and Labouring Poor, Address Parliament, Members of, 429.

to the Association of, for the relief and be- Payments, account of, 431.
nefit of, 144,

Pedlar of Lambeth, 293.
Biarkets, London, 93. 189. 283. 380 476.

furiher notice of, 397.
563, 564,

Penitentiary, the Westiainster, 333.
Marriages, 84. 180. 276. 372. 465, 553. Pedigree, royal, 336.
Medicine, 17.

Percy, Dr. remarks on a celebrated song of,
Melancboly, 400.

T 509.
Memoirs of Charlotte Angosta of Wales 3. ; People of Fashion, thouglits on the similarity

Lord Ellenborough, 99.; Lord Erskine, , of manners among, 511.
195.; T. Sydenham, 217.; Thomas Clarke, Phillips, Charles, memoirs of, 387 Addena
291.; Charles Phillips, 587.; Granville da to, 496.
Sharp, Esq. 483.

Philosophical Deliberation. 511.
Mentál Pleasure, 198.

Piano Forte, remarks on the improvements
Methodists Westleyan, 340.

in, 49.
Midsbipmen, on the Situation of, in the Royal Police of the Metropolis, regulations of, 302.
Navy, 119.

Potatoes, preserving, 335.
Military Punishments, 504.

Poetry, 409. 505.
Miscellaneous Information, XXVII. 50.; Porter brewed in London, 1815-16, 52.

XXVIII. 146.; XXIX. 242.; XXX. 336.; Provident Institutions, resniutions of the, 143.
XXXI. 429; XXXII. 520.

Providence, particular, 211.
Money, on the use and interest of, 319. Proverb reversed, 322.
Monuments, observations on, in St. Paul's. Preacher, French, anecdote of, 38.

Preferments, 571.
Morgana, description of the Fairy, 409. Procrastination of happiness by marriage,
Murder, remarkable one at Stockholio, 124. 424.
Musical Review, 58. 161. 254. 355. 439, Pursuits, particular, on early indications of

attachment to, 27. 121.


arising from, 524,


National Debt, 50.

, Reflections, 114
Nature and Art, 321.

, On, 513.

Queries, 52, 136. 221, 295, 391.
Query, geometrical solution of, 36,



Recipes, IX. 128, X. 326, XI. 420, XII. 519. Tall Regiment, King of Prussia's, 391,
Repository, XXIX. 47, XXX. 137, XXXI. Taxes, War, 338.

236, XXXII. 331. XXXIII. 495. XXXIV.' Temper, education of the, 58.

Time, waste of, consequence resulting from,
Recluse, memoirs of a, 8. 110. 204, 296. 198.
S97. 497.

Theatrical Journal. Presentation of a Vase /
Reflector, the Solitary, I. 20, II. 116, III. to Mr. Kean. Closing of Drury.Lane and
239, IV. 308, V. 400, VI. 513.

Covent Garden Theatres. Opening of the
Register, Biographical, XIV. 39, XV. 217, Haymarket. Exit by Mistake. The Brave
XVI. 494. XVII. 516.

and the Fair, The Royal Circus and Sar-
Reynolds, Sir Joshua, inscription on his mo- rey Theatre, &c. &c. &c. 58.
nument in Si Paul's, 127

My Landlady's Gown. Animated Portrait,
Reflections, 322.

Old Customs, &c. 169.
Reynolds, Rich. B. register of, 424.

Theatrical dispute. Monody on Sheridan.
Riots in London, account of the, 547,

Mr. Bencough. Mr, Knight. Mr. Con
Royal Society, proceedings of, 147,

nor. The Fair Deserter.

Mr. Terry's
of Edinburgh, 242.

closing Adoress at the Haymarket Thea..
Rural Economy, prospectus fur establishing Two Words; or, the Silent not
a college 01, 219.

Dumb. Free and Easy. The Dog and
Rule, the Golden, 323.

Duck; or, Harlequin Obelisk 256.
Russian Empire, progressive extent of the, Miss Keppel. Your's or Minc. The Brokea

Sword. Miss A. Mori. Mr. Bartles's
Address on closing the Lyceum Tbeatre,


Each for Himself. The Guardians. The

Bridal of Flora. Careful Servant and

Careless Master. The Slave, &c. 452.
Saving Bank, resolutions of, 142.

Cry To-Day and Laugh To-Morrow, Miss
Scald head, to cure, 326.

Mangeon. Nota Bene. Ramah Droog.
Scrophula, recipe for, 420.

Love and the Tooth Acbe, 539.
Sensual enjoyments, 124.

Thoughts, detached, 512.
Shakspeare, remarks on the monumental bast

Tooth Ache, recipe for, 128.
of, 32.
heraldic documents respecting. Tranquillity, 124.

Travelling, improvement in, 49.

Tyrant, anecdoté of a, 422.
's Name, promise of remarks as
to, 38.

Shares Canal, 95. 191. 287. 883. 479. 567.
Sheridan, R. B. death of, 39.

Virgilian Destiny of Charles I. supposed,
Sharp), Granville, Esq. memoirs of, 483. translated by Cowley, 30.
Slander, on, 421.

Voltaire, 421,
Society, Royal, proceedings of, 147.
Splittarthing Club, some account of, 228.

Spiral fields Weavers, meeting at the Man.
siun-house in behalf of, 546.

Walthamstow, copy of Resolutions passed at
Stanhope, Earl, memoirs of, 516.

on mechanical chinney sweeping. 144.
State of the nary, 2. 98. 194. 290, 386.482. Waller, the Poet, and King James II. 422,
Statesmen, advice to, 199.

Westleyan Methodists, 340.
Stocks, price of, 96. 194, 288. 384. 480. 567. Wines, recipe for making, 199,
Stow's Monument, remarks on, 222.

-, on the freezing of, 326.
Sugar, average price of, 381.

on the alcohol in, 334.
duties of, 50.

-, a new method of wellowing, 495.
Sun, on the spots in the, 130,

Windham's, Mr. monument, 328.
Sydenham, Thos. account of, 217.

Winter, 51%.
System of Rewards for ihe conviction of Wool, Earl Sheffield's report on, 237,
felons, 248,

account of, 236.

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ANTIQUA RY, the, 248.

Nation, Farther Observations on the State Caubul, Account of the Kingdom of, of, 348. 53.

Portinger's Travels in Belochistan and Sinde, Christabel, 433.

155. Education, 36.

Political Economy, Conversation on, 250. England, History of the Game of, 138. Phillips's Speech, Connaghton v. Dillon, 341, Geography for Youth, 250.

Pott's Pilgrinage, 438. Holcroli, Thonas, Memoirs of, 54.

Speech of Thomas Powell Buxton, Esq. 521, Musical Review, 38. 161. 252. 335. 439. 536. Time's Telescope for 1817, 536. Manufacturing System, Observations on the White's Sermon on the Liturgy, 151. Efect of, 351.

Wisdomite Club, an Hour in the Study, 438. Mary, or Female Friendship, 433.

Warden's Letters, written on board the Narrative of the Restoration of Royalty in Northumberland, 526. France, 159.

Wilson's Correct Method of Waltzing, 535. Naiad, the, 250.



LLDER, lines to the Memory of, 70. Lines, written in consequence of the refusal

of a request made by the Duke of Wol. Athalie, attempt to translate a sublime pas- Jington, 70. sage in the tragedy of, 509.

Lines from the Greek, 544. Anacreontic, 544.

Lines written on the window of an inn, 508. Bibu de Montefiesco, 166,

Merchant Taylor, epitaph on, 170. Birch, the, 167.

Melville Place, the humble Petition of, 265. Bella, Horrida Bella, 168.

Michaelmas, Notice to quit, 364. Buonaparie, Napoleon, w, 26%.

Monologue, 458. Brown Bread, 457.

Milton, extract from, 509. Cupid at School, 261.

Madam Blaze506. in Holland, 457.

Mary, Queen of Scots, lines by, on the low Death of a Child 3 years of age, on the, 364. of her husband, 507. Translated, ib. Daniel, Mr. George, to the meniory of, 364. Man, to a rich, but ignorant, 544. Extempore, written ofter the perusal of Cow Peace, Sonnet to, 458. per's Letters, 70.

Poem, ludicrous extracts from, 508. Epigram, Lalin, on the miracle at the mar- Resignation, to, 457. riage in Cana, 508.

Sonnet, 70. Fifty Years Ago, 68.

Seasons, the, 70. Friend Aficied, on seeing the Portrait of a, Sheridan, R. B. lines on the death of, 169. 363.

, Monody on, 263. Friend, to a Poetical, 365.

Stanzas, Elegiac, 263.
Fragment found in a skeleton case, 457. Sonnet to the Nations of Europe, 36%.
Festival of Nauru2, 543,

Peace, 458.
Fameux la Galisse, 505.

544. Humility, a Soonet, 70.

Swift, Dr. Jonathan, extract from his first Happiness, 362. Inscription on the Monument of Ben. Brooks, Tutor to his Popil, lines from a, 70, 170.

Wild Flow'rets, 457. Impromptu, 170. 458.

poem, 509.



BEACH, H. 8A Caldas, J.V. 89 | Fdmundson&Co 470 Jacobs, S. 280 Samuel, A.
Bagley, D. jb Cattell, S. 184 Fidgeon, T. 184 Jones, W. $75 Shield, J.
Bailey, T. 184 Cross, D. 980 Fox, J.

470 Kay, w.

Tucker, J.
Bayliss, C. W.

ib Charman, J. ib Goodall, T. ib Little and Cn. 280 Tricker, W. $75
Blackshaw, J.N.984 Cazer, J. 375 Hands, A. 184 Miller and Co. 184 Thompson & Co. 470
Bell, W.
ib Chambers, T. ih Hulton, W. 280 Moor, G.


lipond, G
Roggin. J. & S. 557 Dixon and Co. ib Jent, T.

114 Ongley, E.


Wilsher, T.
Bell, H.

ib Damsen, G, ib Jenkins, J. 28n Parson, w. 184 | Wilson, J. 470
Radbury, w;' ib l Edwards and Co. 184 Jones, J. jbl Redhead, w. 88 | webite, J. R.



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ARNOLD, W, J. 88 Beckley, W. S. 184 Bennett, R. 470 Callaway, T. B. 184 Conke, L.
Adair and Co. in Barnard, J.J. ib Barnes, w. ib Collyear, J. ib Chapman, w.
Arnold, G.
ib Blackshaw, J. ib Bilby, J. jb Comfoot, G. ib

Critchley, J.
Ainge, T.
ib Berrey.d. ib Rolton, S. ib Clay, J.

ib Cock, G. J. & H.
Aspinall, J. and J. ib Bibby, G. ib Brattle, w. ib Coliman, G. ib Cazaly, W.
Antram, J. ih Bullock, J. ib Brown, J. ib Chipperfield, T. ib Carver, H.
Armstrong, J. ib Bodill, w.and J. ib Birley, W. jun. ib Court and Co. Chasiner, G.
Aspinall, w, 184 | Boville, R. and T. ib Barnes, J. ib Corgan and Co. ib Coltman, M.
Appleton, J.

280 Buckingham, w Boyes, J. sen. ib Collyear, J. ib Carbuti and Co.
Arle, w.


jb Hentham, J. ib Carlisle and Co. ib Coliier, M.A.
Annett, R. ob Biddick, T. ib Boyes, G. F. ib Cooper, H. 185 Card, S. jun.
Arundall, G. ib Bowers, E. ib Biss, J.

ib Cord, J.

ib Child, J.
Ansell, W.

ib Brown, W. . ib Barnes, W.; ib Collier, w. ib Campbell, G. ib
Appleton, J. 470 Besley, W. jun. and Baten, J. ib Cotterell, E.S. ib Coleman, J. ib
Andrew, C. ib B.

280 Brown, J. ib Chester, w. ib Chave, T. and S. ib
Alexander, T. il Burgess, s. ib Baddeley, R. ib Calaum, M. ib Clark, W. ib
Alderson, H. jb Bamber, R. 281 Bridge, W. 357 Carlile and Co. 9%! Caldwell, J. ib
Alderson, w. jb Butler, T. ib | Barker, S. & J.G. ib Cobden, W. rb Collyer, J.
Allsop, R.
ib | Burrows, T. ib Broom, W. ib Chambers, T. ib

Cloud, J,
Atwood, T. ib Bimson, T. & D. ib Briddon, S. ib Coulson, W. ib Crowther, w.
Abbott, R. ib Bennett, B.T. ib Brown, G. ib Cross, K, and W.ob

Card, s,
Ainsworth, E. 097 Bowley, W. ib Bourne, T. jb Coles, J. ib Paws, W.
Ayrton, J. ib Bush, J.
ib Bickell, J. ib Carling, P. ib Dyer, J.

Bradbury, J. R8 Busi), M. ih Betts, G. ib Coink, W. ib Durham, s.
Bay field, B. jb Ball, s.
jb Benson, J. R. jb Cooper, J. 376

Dimond, J.
Balding, w.

jb Rredbory, W. ib Brinkworrh, s, ib Coirill, J. ib Dawson, G.
Butt, W
68 Bacon and Co. ih Birch, T. jun. ib Coward, H. ib

Dalrymple, J. ib
Butt, J.

ih Bayliss, C. W. ib Blakey, G. & W. jb Chester, R. ib Davies, w
Barrow and Co. ib Bell, J.
ib Bayliffe, G. ib Croit, W.


Dowder, H. 185
Boullen, W. jun. ib | Benton, J. ib Baines, M. ibi Chapman, J. ib Drew, A. and M. bb
Buckley, W.

ib Bealey, J. 375 Besford, E. ib Carne, H. ib Demain, J. ib
Butler, H. ib | Brookes, J. ib Bedford, W. ib Cecil knd Co. ih Darbyshire, J. 21
Bland, F. B. ib Bellamy, T. ib Boyce. J. ib Collison, J. ib

Duxbury, c,
Blanshard, G jun. ib Brooh, J. ib Buck, J. ib Cordingley & Co. ib Davies, B.

Hell, N.

ih Bright, J. ib Birch, W. ib Campbell, P. 470 Deuby, G. ib
Barten, J. ib Bostock, R. 976 Bassett, w. ib Collman and Co. ib Dawson, J.

Barwiok, J. ib Britton and Co. ib Bates, J.

ib Cammack, W. ib Danby, J. ib
Bentley, I.
ib Barratt, J. in Carpenter, J. and J. Checketts, J. ib

Dodman, J,

Booth, W.
ib Badham, T. ih P.

88 Chilton, T. ib

Dean, D.
Bentley, l.
ib Burke, J F. ib Carvelly, J. ib Carbuit, J. ib

Dyson, E,
Bishop, s. ib Barriel, A. L. ib Clark, R.

ib Colebeck and Co. ib
Beaumont, G. ib Werthon and Co. ib Capewell, T.

Dormand, G.

jb Clark, E.
Broadman and Co.ib Bowman, R.

Francis, D. P. 998
ib Chandler, W. ib Corpe, 1.

ib Doudney and Co.471
Hennet, G. 184 Bodill and Co. ib Craven and Co. ig Clayton, E. ib Dickson and Co. id
Piston, A. ib Burn, A.

jb Cole, R.

ib Cranstone, w. ib
Reales, E.


Delahoy, J.
ib Bird, J.
ih Caldas, J.Y.
ib Carr, J.
ib Dixon, s.

Buwdich and Co ib Barber, E. ibCalvart, A.

ib Chard, W. B. jb
Buchanan, w. ib Boorn, M.

Dunkin, J.
ib Cole, D.

Clayron, R. ib
Brown, E. W. i5 Boothman, w.

Dean, T.
ib Cattel, s. ib Chick, R. ib
Bentley and Co. ib Bailey, B.

Dannah, R.
47' Cooke, J. ib Colbeck and Co. ib
Brake, J. ib Horgess, F.

Dalton, J. and J. ib
jb Crye, R.
ib Cuddi bv, P.

Briscall, R. ib Parlow, T. sen.

jb Carter, J.

Davis, W.

ib Convinn, J. ib
Heckett, R. ibHristow, G.

Daries, J.

ib (radocke, J.

ib Cuthbert and Co. ib
Barnett, L. C. ib | Beosell, C.

ib 'Cahusac, W. M. 184 | Cunningham, C. ib

Drabwell, R.
Dyke, J.



and jun.

ib Nuns, W.

Doeg. D. 558 Gondall, T. 171 Hudson, H. & J.ib Lewis, R. 115 Mallinson
Davison, W. jun. ib Griffilis, R. ib Hill, T.

ib' Lovatt, T.

ib Monton,
Duckworth, H. ib Glover, D. and Job Holdsworth, W. ib Lockwood, W. 282 M.Rae, P:
Dickie, J. ib Griersorr, 8. ib Herschelland Co. ib Langdon, R. S. ib Merden, E, il
Dawson, W.
ibGreen, J. ib Hedington, J. ib Lowden, T. .' ib

Machell, R. ib
Dixon, T. ibGreen wond. F. ib Hill, J.

ib Lamb, J.


Marsden, T. sen. ib
Dutfield, J. ib George, T. ib Hardisty and Co. ib Lepingwell, J. ib

Mason; T. J. ib
Entwistleand Co. R9 Gurr, H. ib Hodgson, J. ity Leman, J. and 'T.

Maltby, E.
Evans, R. ib Gregory, S. sen. 558 Hari, T.

ib C.


Maish, W. 559
Escudier, J. ib Glover, J. ib Hughes, SJ.&W.559 Lark and Co.


Mockett, J,
Evans, H. B. ib Golds, W. ib Henfrey, w.. ih Lange, J. W. ib

Meck, R.

Edwards, T. sen. Griffihs, D. ib Hadwen, W. ib Lagemann, W. ib

Messent, P. ib
185 Glover, D. and J. ib Honeywell, J. ib Lewis, T. ib

Mackcoull, J. ib
Ellison, R. io Gregory, Z. ib Hopkinson, M. ib Loggin, F.


Markham, R. ib
Evans, H. ibGray and Co. ib Hunt, J.

ib Leigh, P. ib

Macknight, J. ib
Eyres, J.
ib Grey, O S. ib Hewit, w ib Lomas, R. ib

Morgan, J. ih
Edmundson, R. and Glossop, D. ib Howard, J. ib Lee, A.


Middleton and Coil
ib Gay, J.
ib Hodgson, E. ib Luke, J.


Mackenzie, T. ib
Ethell, T. ib Harvey, J. and J. 89 | Hill, W.

ib Lever, J.


Maine, G. ibi
Easterfeld, W. 281 Hill, W. B. ib Hughes, H. ib Lewis, W. ib

Mace, s.

Elliott, E. jun. 471 Hall and Co. ib Jackson, A. 89 Lav, T.


Mann, w. ib
Earnsby, w ib Hornsey, N. ib Jackson, J. ib Love, c.


Nicholls, J. 80
Eld, T.
jb Harker, G. ib Johnson, J. ib Lukey, P. ib

Newham, w.
Byton, J. jb Hancock and Co. ib Jacobs and Co. ib Lord, J.


Newman, W.1. ile
Eglinton, T. ib Haiton, T. ib Jobinson, T. B. ib Lowe, J.

North, T.

Elias, E.
ib Hansen, L. ib Jolliffe, T. ib Lyne and C. ib

Northcote, H. J. 186
Essenhigh, J. ibHobbs, B. ib Isaac, Í.

ib Lucas, H.

Easttope, G. ib Hackett, W. ib Isherwood,15.

185 Levick, T.

Norris and Colib
English, J. T. 558 Habbis, J. 185 Jacobs, s. ib Lester, T.


North, W.
Evans, D. T. & R.ib Hawkridge, C. ib Jones, W. ib Lee, s.),

Newnum, J.

Elsmore, R. ib Hawkridge, J. ib Jones, J. ib Levy, A.

Nutt, R.

Elwell, E. ib Hackett, J. ibl Innes and Co. ib Lloyd, R.


Noel, L, J.J.
Foster, W. 89 Buband, J.
ib Jackson, D. 251 Lindgren, H. J. ib

Nickson, s. 550
Fay, J.
ibHetherington, F. ib Jenkins, H. ib Lancaster, R.


Neilson, w, ib
Fisher, R. B. ib Hird, J.

ib Jones, J.
ib Leau, J.


Northover, H,
Faishaw, J. ib Handley, J. ib Jaines and Co. ib Llewellyn, J. ib

Noble, M.
Fletcher, W. ib Hallowell, J. ib Jetferies, J. ib Lewis, D. ib

Oldrin, H.
France, w. ib Hali, J.
ib Jackson, R. ib Molony, M. 89

Onhley, W. ib
Field and Co. 185 Hands, A. ib Jacobs, s. ib Muncaster, J. ib

Oake, E. and M. ib
Frost and Co. jb Hewton, L. ib Jacobs, s. 376 Massey, J. ib

Ogden, s.

Franks, G. ORT Hardman, A. ib Jackson, R. M. ib Mellor, R. ib

Oliphant and Co. ib
Fuller, J. ib Harris, W. ib Jessop and Co. ib Mattingly and Co.ib

Oliver, J.

Foster, J. ib Hawkins, R. ib Joseph, J. ib Madden, J. ib Oldroyd, w.

French and Co. ib Horneman, H. F. ib Johnson, J. ib Moss, T.

Onlev, B.

Fidlin, W. ib Huut, E. ib Joyce, R. and T. ib Meeson, e.

ib | Oldmali, R.

Field and Co. ib Harrison and Co. ib James and Co. 377 Morley, G. 185

Ogden, J., ib
Fletcher, J. & J. 471 Higgo, J. ib Jolinstone, J.

ib Moore and Co. ib

Oswell, w. 472
Fisher, J. id Hopwood, J. ib Jeterv, J. 479 Milligan, A. 186

Orwin, w

Field, J.
ib Hudson, J. E. ib Joseph, J. ib Munro, W. & H. ib

Oldham, W
Flower and Co. ib Heath, P. jun. ib Jones, W. ib Metcalf, E. ib

Oakden, T. 550
Fraser, J. in Hodson and Co. 981 Jones, c.

ib Miles, J.


Pannel, M. 9
Ford, w, 65* Hart, T.
ib Jackson, s. ib Moreion, W. ib

Pryce, e.
Ford, H. ibHetford, S. ib Jones, E. D. ib Murray, J. ib

Pop, R.

Firth, J. ib Higgins, J. ib Isaac, e.

ib Mackay, D. ib

Poole, J.B. ib
Foss, J.
ib Harris and Co. ib Johnson, J. ib Miller and Co. ib

Powis, B.

French, J. ib Hawer and Oo. ib Jolmsun and Co. ib Moorhouse, Phillpin, w. ih
Field, R.C. ib Hamilton, C. ib Jones, H. ib Metcalfe, M. ih

Pearse and Co.
Fairclough & Co. ib Hancock, T. ib !llingworth, A. 539 M.Michael, J. 282 Purvis, J.

Fean, J.
ib Horsey, P. jun. ib Jones, C. ib Mascall, T. ib

Pidgeon, P. & IV. ib
Froster, E. ib Humble, D. ib Johnson, S. ib Morrison, J. ib

Partridge. E. ib
Gaskill, J. and J. Sy Humble, s. ib Josey, J. H. ib Magon, W. S. ib

Plaw, H.R. 1 A6
Gordon, T. ib Hurry, J. ib Jarvis, M. it Montgomery


Power, W, R.
Gammon and Co. ib Humble, F. J. ib Jolinson, C. ib



Phillips, w. ib
Garrs, W. ib Hill, E. G. 376 Jeffery, P ib | Marsom, s. ib

Platt, R.

Gilbee, N. ib Holdswortb&Co. ib Keni, J. 89 Mugrige, T. and

Pearson, J. ib
Goode, J. ib Hedley, T. ib Kay, W.

ib E.
in Parsons, J.

Gibson, w. 183 Humphrys, A. ib Kirklain, R. ib | Vay ar

0. 377

Pearce, J.! ib
Gray, R. H. ib Hopper, F. ib Kington, W. ib Murch, J. ib Pinckney, R.

Gregory, J. ib Hammond, G. ib Kershaw, S. Is Morton, R.

Page, J. jun.

Gould, c. ib Hale, W. ib Kirkbride, J. 282 Matthews, W. ib Pothonier, F.

Goodwin, J. 281 Hudson, J. it Kilvington, J. ib Merryweather, J. ib Price. S.

Gumm, W. ib Hudson, T. ib Kirkpatrick, E. ib Massey, W. ib Packer, J.

Grover, J. ib Harding, T. ib Kilner, W. & J. 977 Morris, J. ib Potts, W. is
Gatesby, J. ib Hounsell and Co. ib Kirkman, J. 472 Morton, T. ib Percy, R. ib
Green, J. 370 Holt, H.

ib Keer, w
ib Mansel, E. ib

Palmer, G. jb
Grant, J. ib Hatchard, W. H. ib kelty, A. ib Morgan, M. ib Poole, J.

Gibbons, F. ib Heggerty, J. 471 nowler, J. 559 Mills, J.

ib Pearce and Co. ib
Garnett, J. ib Hughes and Co. ib Kent, E. ib Macnair, A. ib Poole, J.

Green, E. ih Haves, M. ib Kebby, J. ib Monkhouse, WJ.472 Pearce and Co. ib
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Grimsted and Co. ib Humby, J. ib Landale, J. ib Murch, W.

ib Parrish, E.

Gillingham, H.junib Hall, W. ible, J.

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Gernou and Co. ib Horne, C. ib Lowe, A.

ib Millers, M. C. ib Phillips and Co. ib
Green, B.
Holine and Co. ib Lawson, W. ib Moorhouse, G. ib

Pugsley, C. ib
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Pattinson, T. ib
Grainger, T. ib | Haw, W. ib Lawson, J.

ib Mummery, M. and Phelan, R. ib
Gay, F.
ib Haigh, A. ib Lloyd, D. ib G.

ib Phillips and Co. ib
Griffiths, W. jun. ib Harding, G, 47+ Lythgoe, J. 185 | Mackintosh, E. ib Prentis, J.
Greetham, c. ib Hodgkin, C. ib Lane, T.

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Gastett, K. ib Bumpluries, J. ib Luck, H. ib | Martin, F. ib | Proud, J.


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