Abbildungen der Seite

CAZALY, W. Edghaston, Warwickshire, Jan. 1,

Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Clark and Co. Chancery-la.; and Stubbs and Co. Birmingham.] Nov.

26. CARVER, H. Bures St. Mary, Suffolk, innkeeper,

Jan. 7, Crown and Anchor, Ipswich- (Bunn, lps.

wich; and Taylor, John-st. Bedford.row. ] Nov. 26. CHANNER, G. Sutton, Middlesex, merchant, Jan.

11. (Collingridge, Coleman-st.; and Willis and Co.

Warnford Co.) Nor. 30. COLTMAN, M. Breitell-la. Staffordshire, glass-manu.

facturer, Jan. 11. (Williams, Cook' Serle-st.

Lincoln's-inn-helds.) Nov. 30. CARBUTT and Co. Manchester, calico-printers, Jan.

!!, Court. house, Leeds. (Atkinson and Co. Leeds.)

Nov. 30. COLLIER, M. A. Romford, Essex, baker, Jan. 14.

[Townshend, Romford; and Jones,] Dec. S. CARD, $. jun. Mere, Wilts, farmer, Jan. 14, Ship,

Mere. (Seymour, Mere; and Popkin, Dean-st.

Sobo.] Déc. 3. CHILD, J: Brighthelinstone, Sussex, upholsterer, Jan.

14, Old Ship, Brighthelmstone.. [Ellis, Holburn co.

Gray's-inn; and Attree, Brighthelmstone.), Dec. 3. CAMPBELL G. Fenchurch-st. merchant, Jan. 18.

[Pope, Modiford-co. Fenchurch-st.) Dec. 7. COLEMAN, J. Leominster, Herefordshire, money. scrivener, Jan. 21, Black Swan, Hereford. (Woud. house, Leominster; and Darke and Co. Chancery

la.) Dec. 10. CHAVE, T. and S. Exeter, perfumers, Jan. 21, Hotel,

Exeter. (Brutton, Broad-bt.; and Brutton, Exeter.)

Dec. 10. CLARK, W. Warley, Halifax, Jan. 21, Old Cock, Ha. lifax.' (Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's.inn; and Wig

lesworth and Co. Halifax.] Dec. 10. CALDWELL, J. Bolton, Lancashire, dealer in cotton

goods, Jan. 21, Bridge Inn, Bolton. (Adlington and Co. Bedford-row; and Hulton, Bolton.) Dec. 10. COLLYER, J. Gosport, painter, Jan. 1. 8, and 25,

India Arms, Gosport. (Briggs and Co. Essex-st. Strand; and Minchin and Co. Cold-harbour, Gos

port. ) Dec. 14. CLOUD, J. Hammersmith, coach-master, Jan. 95.

(Addis, Park-st. Westminster.] Dec. 14. CROWTHER, W. Charles-st. Middlesex-hospital,

merchant, Jan. 7 and Feb. i. (Palmer and Co. Bed.

ford-row.) Dec 21. CARD, S. Mere, Wiltshire, farmer, Feb. 4, George,

Frome, (Messiter, Wincanton; and Dyne, Lin.

coln's-inn-fielde.). Dec. 24. DRABWELL, R. Doncaster, grocer, Jan. 7. Guild

hall, Doncaster. (Mason, Gray's.inn; and Ma. fon, Doncaster.) Nov. 26. PYKE, J. Gloucester, salesman, Jan. 7, Commercial

Rooms, Bristol. (Edmunds and Co. Chancery-la. Chadbone, Gloucester; and Rotton and Co. Frome.)

Nov. 26. DOEG, D. York, looking-glass-manufacturer, Jan.

11, Wheat Sheaf, Cattlegate, York. (Freame and Co. Fig-tree-court, Temple; and Gamble, York.)

Nov. 90 DAVISON, W. jun. Heston, Middlesex, corn.chandler,

Jan. 18. (Tucker, Bartlett's-build.] Dec. 7. DUCKWORTH, H. Rose-hill, Manchester, liqunr.

merchant, Jan. 18, White Lion, Manchester.) [En. twisle, Manchester; and Milne and Co. Temple.]

Dec. 1. DICKIE, J. Plymouth-dock, mercer, Jan. ei Foun. tain, Plymuih-dock. (Makinson, Temple; and

Sole, Plymouth-dock.1 Dec. 10. DAWSON, W. Wakefield, Yorkshire, money-scrive-

ner, Jan. 25, Sessions-house, Wakeneld. [Lee,

Wakefield; and Sykes, New.inn.] Dec. 14. DIXON, T. Islebirk Hall, Cumberland, miller, Jan. 28, Green Dragon, Carlisle. (Addison, Staple-inn;

and Lowry, Carlisle.) Dee. 17. DUTFIELD, J. Tottenham-st. St. Pancras, coal-dea.

ler, Jan. 7. and Feb. 1. [Peacock, Lincoln's-inn

fields.) Dec. 91. ENGLISH, J. T. Alsop's-build. New-rad, merchant,

Jan. 18. (Poole, Adam's-co. Old Broad-st.) Dec. 7. EVANS, D. T and R. Liverpool, merchants, Jan. 18,

George, Liverpool (Gunnery and Co. Liverpool; and Chester, Staple-inn.). Dec. 7. ELS MORE, R. Ledbury. Hereford, tanner, Jan. 6. 7, and e5, Star and Garter, Worcester. [Gillain, Wors

cester, and Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn.) Dec. 14. ELWELL, E. Westhromwich, Scafiord, iron-founder,

Jan. 25, Royal Hotel, Birminghan.. (Clark and Co.; and Stubbs and Co. Birmingham.] Dee. 14.

FORD, W. Ilford, Essex, grocer, Jan. 7. fine

and Co. Lothbury.) Not. 26. FORD, H. Portsmouth, hardware man, Jan. 11, Come

mercial-sooms, Bristol. (Poole and Co. Gray's. ing.

89_; and Livett, jun. Bristol.] Nov. 30. FIRTH, J. Whitley-Lower, Yorkshire, clothier, Jan.

18, Sessions-house, Wakefield. (Hopkinson, Dewi bury; and Fisher and Co. Goughi-sq.] Dec. 7. FOSS, 1. Kingston-upon-Holl, hatter, Jan. Ir, Dog

and Duck, Scale-la. Kingsmn-opon-Hull. (Exley and Co. Furnival's-inn; and E. and G. Codd, Hail]

Dec. 7. FRENCH, J. Portsea, grocer, Jan. 2, 3, and 1$, India

Arms, Gosport. (Alexander and Co. New-inn; and Cruickshank, Gosport.) Des. 7. FIELD, R.C. Long-acre, barter, Jan. 85. (Bourditlos

and Co. Little Friday-st. Cheapside.) Dec. 14. FAIRCLOUGH and Co. Liverpool, merchants, Jan. 1,

2, and 28, George, Liverpool. (Stanistteet and Co. Liverpool; and Windie, Jobu street, Bedford-row.)

Dec. 17. FBAN, J. Parliament-st. draper, Jan. 7, and Feb. I.

Bourdillon and Co, Little Friday-st.] Dec. 91. FORSTER, E. Gloucester, picture-frame-dealer, Jan.

13, 14, and Feb. 4, George, Gloucester. (Cook, Gloucester ; and King, Serjeant's inn. Dre, 24. GREGORY, S. sen. Litile Bolton, Lancashire, whit.

ster, Jan. 7, Dog, Manchester. (Ellis, Chancery.

la. , and Johnson and Co. Manchester.] Noc. a. GLOVER, J. Leeds, wool-stapler, Jan. 11, Sessions

House, Leeds. (Wilson, Greville st. Hatton-gar:

den; and Coupland, Leeds.) Nor. so. GOLDS, W. Henfield, Sussex, shopkeeper, Jan. 14,

New Ship, Brighthelinstone. (Marshall and Co.
Sreyning ; and Palmer and Co. Bedford-res.)

Dec. 3.
GRIFFITHS, D. Canterbury, draper, Jan. 25. [Par

ton, Walbrook.], Dec. 14. GLOVER, D. and J. Leeds, merchants, Jan. 4, 7, and

25, Sessions House, Leeds. (Upton and Co. Leeds

and Lamberts and Co. Gray's-inn.] Dec. 14. GREGORY, Z. Aston, Birminghamn, builder, Jan.,

Royal Hotel, Birmingham. (Whareley and Son, Cherry-st. Birmingham; and Swaine and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry.) Dec. 14. GRAY and Co. Woodbank, near Carlisle, calico-prie. ters, Jan. 24, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester.

Hal. stead and Co. Manchester; and Milne and Co. Tem. ple.) Dec. 17. GREY, O. S. New York Coffee-house, Cornbill, taverne

keeper, Jan. 7, and Feb. i. (Chapman and Co.

Little St. Thomas Apostle, Queen-st.) Dec. 21. GLOSSOP, D. Chesterfeld, Derby, joiner, Jan. ,

and Feb. 4, Angel, Chesterfield (Stevenson, Line

coin's.inn; and Drabble, Chesterfield.) Dee. 91. GAY, J. Gisling bam, Suffolk, dealer, Jan. 6, 8, and

Feb. 4, Unicorn, ípswich. (Brame and Co. Ips wich; and Toms, ' Throgmorton-st.)

Dec. 24. HOWETT, J. St. Martin's-la, builder, Jan. ,

(Richardson and Co. New inn.] No. 86. HUMPHRIES, J. Birmingham, merchant. Jan. 7,

Woolpack, Birmingham.. [Egerton, Gray's-in

99. ; and Spurrier and Co. Rirmingham) Nac. de. HUDSON, J. H. and J. Newcastle-upon-Type, mets

chants, Jan. 7, George, Newcastle. (Atkinson and Co. Chancery-la. ; and idge, Newcaslle.] Nov. 26. HILL, T. Leeds, merchant, Jan. 7, Dog and Duck,

Kingston upon-Hull. (Rosser and Son, Bartlett's.

build; and Frost, Hull.] Nov. 26. HOLDSWORTH, W. Bradford, woolestapler, Jan.

11, Talbot, Bradford. [Evans, Hatton-garden;

and Crosley, Bradford.) Nov. 30. HERSCHELL and Co. Lemon-st. Goodman's fields,

merchants, Jan. ll. (Poule, Adam' Old Broadst.] Nov. 30. HEDINGTON, J. Commercial-road, Lambeth, be

ker, Jan. 11. [Hamilton, Berwick-st. Soho.) Nez.

30. HILL, J. Acton, Beauchamp, Worcestershire, farmat,

Jan. 11, Black Swan, Hereford._[Smith, Bedford rok; and Harris, Leominster,) Dec. 3. HARDISTY and Co. Netherton. York, merchants,

Jan. 18, Court-house, Wakefield. (Nettlefold, Nor

folk-st.; and Alexander, Halifax.] Dec. 7. HODGSON, J. Dewsbury, York, clothier, Jan. 16,

Sessions-house, Wakefield. (Hopkinson, newsbury;

and Fisher and Co. Fleet-st.) Dec. 7. HART, T. Bridport, Dorset, grocer, Jan. is, Ball, Brida

port. [Allen, Clifford's-inu ; and Nicholetts, Bride port) Dec, 7.

HUGHES, S. J. and W. Winchester-st. merchants, and Co. Frederick's-place, Old Jewry; and Laws.
Jan. 18. [Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgate-st.-within.) Sunderland.) Dec. 7.

MACKNIGHT, J. Long Acre, linen-draper, Jan. 18. HENFREY, W. Loughborough, Leicestershire, inn- (Williams, Dyer's build. Holborn.] Dec. 7.

keeper, Jan. 81, Cross Keys, Loughborough. (Brom- MORGAN, J. jun. Liverpool, timber-merchant, Jan,

ley, Gray'a-inn; and Price, Loughborough.) Dec. 10. 18. George, Liverpool. . (Orred and Co. Exchange
HADWEN, W. Lancaster, sail-cloth manufacturer, alley; and Bird, Liverpool.] Dec. 7.
Jan. 2, s, and di, Royal Oak, Lancaster. (Bell and MIDDLETON and Co. Beverley, Yorkshire, merchants,
Co. Cheapside ; and" Wilson and Co. Lancaster.) Jan. 18, Tiger, Beverley. (Hall and Co. Beverley.)
Dec. 10.

Dec. 7.
HONEYWELL, J. Plymstock, Devonhsire, maltster, MACKENZIE, T. Delahay-st. Westminster, merchant,

Jan. 21, Exchange, Plyinnuih. (Blake, Charlotte Jan. 81. (Humphries, Serle-st.] Dec. 10. st. Blackfriars-road; and Prideaux, Plymouth.) NAINE, G. Short-st. Curtain-road, lorse-dealer, Jan. Dec. 10.

25. [Pullen, Fore-st. Cripplegate.] Dec. 14. HOPKINSON, M. Nottingliam, currier, Jan. 25, MACE, s. Norwich, grocer, Jan. and 95, White

Punch Bowl, Nottingham. (Fearn head, Notting- Swan, Norwich. (Sewell and Co. (Norwich; and ham; aud Hurd and Co. Temple.] Dec. 14

Tilbury, Falcon-st. Falcon 39.] Dec. 14. HUNT, J. Bridgewater,vintner, Jan. 6 and 98, Lamb, MANN, W. Plough-yard, Carey-st. stable-keeper, Jan,

Bridgewater. Blake and Son, Cook's-co. 28. Luxmore, Red-lion-sq.) Dec. 17. and Symes, jun Bridgewater. ) Dec. 17.

NICKSON, S. Chester, cabinel-maker,

Jan. 11, HEWITT, W. Cargo, Cumberland, fish monger, Jan. White Lion, Chester. (Kent, Clifford's-inn; and 81 and 28, Scotch Årms, Carlisle. [Birkett, Cloak-la, ; Lecke and Co. Chester,] Nov. 30. and Blow, Carlisle. ) Dec. 17.

NEILSON, W. Liverpool, merchant, Jan. 11, George, HOWARD, J. Manchester, wire-worker, Jan. 2, 9, and Dale-st. Liverpool. (Lace and Co. Liverpool ; and

29, Dog, Manchester. (Windle, John-st. Bedford- Atkins and Co. Nov. 30.

row; and Ford, King-st. Manchester.] Dec. 17. NORTHOVER, H. Laugton, Dorset, farmer, Jan, 11, PODGSON, E. Lyncombe, Somerset, scrivener, Jan. Mermaid, Yervil, Somerset. (Warts and Co. Yeo

2, 5, and Feb. 1, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Bour. vil; and Williams, Red Lion-sq.) Nov, 30. dillon and Co. Little Friday-sl., and Bevan and Co. NOBLE, M. Battersea, engine-manufacturer, Jan. 7 Clare-st. Bristol.) Dec. 91.

and Feb. 4. (Jennings and Co. Carey-st. Lincoln's BILL, W. Halberton, Devonshire, currier, Jan. S, and inn-fields.] Dec. 84.

Feb 1. City Tavern, Exeter. (Chubb, Exeter; and OAKDEN, T. Manchester, taylor, Jan, 10, 11, and ea, Collett and Co.] Dec. 21.

Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. (Law, Manchester HUGHES, H. Manchester, grocer, Jan. 10, 11, and and Adlington and Co. Bedford-row.) Dec. 17.

Feb. 4, Star, Manchester. [Taylor, Manchester.] POWELL, R. C. Warrington, publican, Jan. 7, Dec. 94.

George, Warrington. [Rawlinson, Warrington ILLINGWORTH, A. George-yard, Lombard-st. mer. and Chester, Staple-inn.] Nov. 86.

chant, Jan. 1l. (Harvey and Co. St. Helen' PERRIS, W. Batti, grocer, Jan. 14, Castle and Ball, Bishopsgate.] Nov. 30.

Bath. (Burfoot, Temple; and Physick, Bath.s JONES. C. Abergavenny, Monmouth, banker, Jan. Dec. S.

!!, Greyhound, Abergavenny, [Gabb, jun. Aber. POWELL, T. Leominster, Herefordshire, mercer, Jan. gavenny; and Gregory, Cleinen!'s-inn.] Nov. 30. 21, Black Swan, Hereford. (Darke and Co. Chan. JOHNSON, S. Wilkes-st. Spital-fields, cery-la; and Coates, Leominster.) Dec 10. nufacturer, Jan. 14. (Blacklow, Frith-st. soho.] PEAKSON, R. Doncaster, butcher, Jan. 91, Old George, Dec. S.

Doncaster. (Longdill and Co. Gray's-inn-14.; and JOSEY, J. H. Sunderland-near-the-Sea, ship-owner, Waterworth, Doncaster.] Dec. 10.

Jan. 21, Commission room, Sunderland. (Meggison, PEECH, D. 8. Barnsley, Yorkshire, innkeeper, Jan. Hatton-garden; and Kidson, Bishop-Wearmouth.] 21, King's Head, Barnsley. (Bartlett, Bartholomewe Dec. 10.

close; and Mence, Barnsley ) Dec. 10. JARVIS, M. Purton, Staffordshire, miller, Jan. 3, 4, PHILIPS and Co. Liverpool, brokers, Jan. Star

and ei, Jerningham Arms, Shitfnall. [Price, Wol- and Garter, Liverpool. (Lowe and Co. Southampverhampton; and Anstice and Co. Temple.) Dec. 10. ton-build.; and Kidd, Liverpool.] Dec. 10. JOHNSON. C. South Shields, linen-draper, Jan. 4 and PULLAN, T. Pateley.bridge, York, timber-merchant,

29, George, Newcastle upon Tyne. (seymour, New, Jan. 1, Crown, Pateley-bridge, and 85, Star, Ripleys castle-upon-Tyne; and Bell and Co. Cheapside.) [Sowerby, Pateley-bridge; and Willis and Co. ThrogDec 17.

morton-st.) Dec. 14. JEFFERY, P. Cheapside, warehouseman, Jan. 4, 11, POTTS, T. jun. Sunderland-nearthe-Sea, Durham,

and Feb. i. (Eicke and Co. Aldermanbury.] Dec. coalfilter, Jan. 8, 9, and 28, Golden Lion, Sundera 21.

land-near-the-Sea. (Wilson, Greville-sl. Hatton. KNOWLER, J. Preston, Kent, bricklayer, Jan. 7, garden; and Hines, Sunderland.] Dec. 17. Guildhall, Canterbury. (Pierce, Canterbury; and PARTRIDGE, D. Darlaston, Stafford, Jan. 2, 3, Collett and Co. Nor. 26.

and Feb. 1, Littleton Arms, Penkridge. [Turner, KENT, E. Gedney hill, Lincoln, draper, Jan. 11, Bloomsbury.sq.; and Henley, Heeley.) Dec. 21.

Angel, Boston. [Tuxford, Bosion, and Lodington POOLE, J. Alpha Cottages. Mary-le-bonne, carpen. · and Co. Secondaries Office, Temple.). Nov. 30. ter, Jan. 4 and Feb. i. (Tucker, Barileul's-build. KEBBY, J. Berrow, Somerset, dealer, Jan. II, Com- Holborn.) Dec. 21.

mercial-rooms, Bristol. (Vizurd and Co. Lincolu's. ROPE, J. High st. Shoreditch, hosier, Jan. 7 and Feh. inn tields.) Nov. so.

1. (Mills, New North-street, Red Lion-square.] LANCASTER, R. ( Birchin.lane, ship and Dec. 21.

insurance-broker, Jan. 21. (Blunt and Co. Broad. PHILLIPPS, G. Carmarthen, money-scrivener, Feb. st.-build. Dec. 10.

1, White Lion, Carmarthen. Clarke and Co. Chan. LEAN, J. Fenchurch-st. insurance-broker, Jan. 81. cery-lane; and Davies and Co. Carmarthen.] Dec.

(Exley and Co. Furnival's inn; and Nicholson, 21. Hertiord) Dec. 10.

RAMSBOTTOM and Co. Norwich, Dyers, Jan. 11, LLEWELLYN, J. Billiter-la. insurance broker, Jan. White Swan, Mancroft, Norwich. (Sewell and Co.

25. (Setree, Freeman's-co. Cornhill.] Dec. 14. Norwich; and Tilbury, Falcon-st. Falcon-sq.) LEWIS, D Milford Haren, Pembroke, spirit-mer- Nov. 30.

chant, Jan. 23. (Adains, Old Jewry.) Dec. 17. RANSOM, C. Salford, Lancaster, wine-merchant, MAISH, W. Wariniosier, Wilis, tailor, Jan. 7. Jan. 11, Bridgewater Arins, Manchester, (Duck(Luckett, Wilson-st. Finsbury-eq.) Nor. 26.

worti aud Co, Manchester.] Nov. 30. MOCKEIT, J. St. Peter the Apostle, Isle of Thanet, RENALDS, W. Tadcaster, York, flax-dresser, Jan. farmer, Jan. 7, Alhion, Ramsgate. [Daniel, Rams. 11, Elephant aud Castle, York. Upton, Tadcas.

gate ; and Exley and Co. Furnival's.inn.). Nov. 26. ter; and Drake, Gray's-inn-sq.] Nov. 30. HEEK, R. Dunstall, Stafford cotton-spinner Jan. ROBINSON, J. Beiper, Derby, grocer, Jan. 11, Net.

11, Talbot. Rugeley. (Willis and Co. Warnford- inn, Derby, [Macdougall and ('o. Lincoln's-ion co.; and Foster, Rugely.) Nov. 30.

New sq., and Wragg. Belper.) Nor. 30. MESSENT, P. Aldermanbury, silk-inanufacturer, Jan. REYNOLDS. J. Blackfriars-road, merchant, Jan. 11,

11. (Swain and Co. Frederick’s-place, Old Jewry.] (Smith, Tokenhouse-ya.) Nov. :3

RUSSELL, C. T. Bexley, Kent, paper-maker, Jan, 11. MACKCOULL, J. Worthing, Sussex, stationer, Jan. (Griffith, Clement's-la. Lumbard-sl.) •Nor. 30.

14, (Turner, Rathbone-pl.) Dec. 3. RICHARDS, W. and D. High-st. Southwark, mercers, MARKHAM, H. jun, Sunderland-near-the-Sea, mercer, Jan. 11. (Stevenson, Liucola's inn New sq.] Nov.

Jan. The Commissiun-rooms, Sunderland.' (Swain $0.

[Rushworth, Hull; and Highmoor, Scots-yard, I

Bush-la. (annon st.) Nov. 26. TURNER, S. Shetheld, mercer, Jan. 7. Tontine, Shef.

field. (Rigg, Soutliampton-build.; and Rodgers, Sheffie13.) Not. 26. TOMLINSON, J. Tooley-st. haberdasher, Jan. 18.

1ason, Bread-st. bill.) Dec. 7. TRAER, W. Exeter, wool factor, Jan. S and 95, titel

Exeter. Brution, Broad #l. ; and Brutton, Castle

st xtter.) Die. 14. TUCKEX, J. Long-acre, linen.crap T, Jan. 45. (Wile:

lains, Dyer's build, Holborn ] Dec. 14. TAIP, Wi ('ari brooke, Isle of Wight, cart'e derler,

Jan. 2, 3, and yo, Bugle, wpart. liai, John sta Bediord-row; and Clarkes and Co. Newport.) Dee. . 17. TAYLOR, S. Birmingham, gun-harrel-maker, Jan. 8.,

Royal Hotel, Birminghan). Lunguni Co. bioltora

co. Gray's inn: anu Talmer, Birmingham.) D.<,!. WHITE, S. Liverpool, wha'sierer, Jan. 7, B

Aims, Liverpool. Adligion and Co Beutord

fogy: and Thompson, Liverpool.) 10.90. WARWICK and Co. I otherhamn, cheinist, Jan. 11,

Tontine, Shefheld. (Esenhfirid, "I tak; and

Til on and Co. Cob man si.) Nr. 30. WILSON, J. Chesling, Herrfordshire, Swedish-mer. chant, Jan. 11. (Lowe and Co. Hare-colemule. )

Not, 9. WILSON and Co. Finsbury so merchants. Jan 11.

(Bryant, Threadneedle..] Nr. 9 WOOD, Ń. Chichester, Sussex, linen and $10!!en.'

draper, Jan. 11. (Palmer and Co. Bedford-fü*.]

Nor, 30. WALKER, W. Allerton-Grange, Leeds, farmer, Jan.

14. Sessinns-house. Wakefield. Scholeheld, Horbury,

Wakefield; and Knowles, New inn ] Dec. 3 WILSON, F. Plyinnuth, mercer, Jan. ir, Guildhall,

Plymouth. Wacobson, Plymouth; and Aalington

and Co. Bedford row ) Dec, 7. WALE, W. Fetter-la. coal merchant, Jan. 18. [Car.'

pinter, Old Jewry. Dec. 7. WHITE, E. Bi hopsgate-st..without, e achmasters,

Jan, 18. (Druce and Son, Billiter sq.) Dic. 7. WILSON, J. Bromptori, York, linen-inanofacturer,

Jan. 25, George, Toney st. York, Lamberts and · Co. Gravis.inn; and Robinson, York.] Dic. 1 WOOD, T. Trowbridge, Wills, clothier, Jan. 25, ('hris.

topher, Bath. (Berkeley, Lincoln'ı inn ; aod Wil

liains and Co. Trowbridge.) Dec, 14. WATKINS, J. Chepstow, Monmouth, shopkeeper,"

Jan. 28, White Hart, Bristol. (Daniel, Bristel; and

Pearson, Pum-co. Temple.) Dec. 17. WYITE, J. Oxford, timber-merchant, Jan. !!, 9,*

and 28, White Hart, Broadway. Worcester. [Elknis, Exchequer Office, Lincoln's-inn; and Griffiths, Broadway.). Dec. 17. WERDEN, H. Brockholes, Lancashire, dealer, Jan... · 10, and Feb. 1, Castle, Preston. [Chippindall, Grat

Queen-st. and Blackhurst, Overton-gardens, Prei,

ton. Dec. 21. WATSON, W. Abingdon-row, Goseell-strie road, Jan. 4 and Feb. l. (Swaine and Co. Frederick's-pia

Old Jewry.] Dec. 91. WIBBERLEY, K. Liverpool, hrsier, Jan. 91, George,

Liverpool. (Forrest, Liverpool! Dec, 01. WILSON, W. Briderfield, Lancashi'e, tanner, an. 17,

18, and Feb. 4, King's Head, Pirringhton in furtirss. (Parke, Ulverston, and Wiggleswortla and Co. Gray' Dec. 94. WAINWRIGHT, J. Doncaster, grocer, Jan 18, 99,

and Feb. 4, Ram, Doncaster. [Stringer, Doncase ater; and Longdill and Co. Gray's-inn-0) DA9+. YOUNG and Co. Bristol, woollen-drapieinJan, 17,

Talbot, Bristol. [Price and Co. Lincoln's-inn; and Hartley, Bristol.] Dec. 3.

RICE, L., potter-merchant, Jan. 2
and's, White Hart, Ashby-de-la-Zouchi, and Peb. 4,
Bull's Head, Market-Bosworth. (Bend, Market.
Bosworth; and Cookney, Casile-st. Holborn.] Dec.

ROSE, J. B. Sheerness, upholder, Jan. 11 and Feb. 4.

(Walker and Co. Old Jewry.) Dec. 24. SYMONS, P. Plymouth, merchant, Jan.7. [Blake,

Charlotte-st. Blackiriars road.) Nov. 26. STEADMAN and Co. Mark-la. ship-rokers, Jan.7..

(livington, Fenchurch build.) Nor. 26. JEWELL., R. Piccadilly, coal merchant, Jan. 7.

(Wiltshire and Co. Old Broasi-s1.] Nov. 26. SHAW, W. Sculcontes, Yorkshire, merchant, Jan. 7, Dog and Duck, Kingston-upon-Hull. (Rosser and Son, Bartlett's build.; and Dickinson and

Co Hull.) Nur. 20.
SHELLEY, J. Canterbury, victualler, Jan. 7.

(Hammond, Canterbury; and Barnes, Clitlord's.

inn.] Nov. 46. SMITH, R. York, machine-maker. Jan. 7, Star,

York (Lamberts and Co. Gray's-iun-sq.; and

Robinson, York.) Nov. 20.
SMITH, A and J. Rochdale, Lancashire, merchauts,
Jan. 7, Roebuck, Rochdale. (Blakeloch, London ;

and Kershaw, Rochdale. I Nor. 26.
SELF, E. Langford, Somerseishire, victualler, Jan.

7, Commercial rooms, Bristol. [Couison, Bristol; and Evans, Hatton-garden) Nov. 18. STUBBS, F. Worthing, Sussex, carpenter, Jan. 7,

Steyne Hotel, Worthing. (Hinks, Giay's inn; and Whitter, Worthing.) Nor. 26. SCALES, E. Kenal. Westmorland, upholsterer,

Jan. 11, King's Arins, Kendal. (Jackson, Garden.

co. Temple; and Fell and Co, Kendal.] Nor.30. STATTER, J. Wakefield, York, linen draper, Jan.

1:, Sessions House, Wakefield. (Batiye, Chancery

la. ; and Lamb and Son, Wakefield.] Nov. 30. SHEPPARD, C. Batli, stay-maker, Jan. 11, Cliristo

pher, Barh. (Longdill and Co. Gray's-inn-square.]

Nor. 30.
SHIPLEY, J. Birmingham, coach-maker, Jan. 18,

Union, Birmingham. (Swain and Co. O! Jewry;
and Whateley and Son, Cherry-st. Birmingham.

Dec. 7.
SHARPE, R. T. Micklehring. Yorkshire, money-cri-

vener, Jan. 01, Red Lion, Worksop. [Mee, East

Redford ; and Exley and Co. Furnival's-inn.] Dec. SMITH, M. Bristol, coal-merchant, Jan. 25. Price

and Co. Lincolu's-inn; and Strickland, Bristol.)

Dec. 14.
STEVENS, J. Chapel-path, Somers'-town, coach-mas.

ter, Jan. 05. [Arundall, Chancery-la.] Dec. 14. SMITH, R. A. Belper, Derbyshire, mercer. Jan. 2, 3,

and 25. New Inn, Derby. (Macdougall and Co.

Lincoln's inn New 69.; and Wragg, Belper. Dec. 14., SMYTH, W. Little Charlotte-st. Pancras, broker, Jan.

85. (Reynolds, St. John-st. Clerkenwell.) Dec. 14: SMITH, R. Kent-st.-road, Southwark, builder, Jan. 4,

and Feb. i. (L-e and Co. Southwark.] Dec. (1. SMITH, J. Bosbury, Herefordshire, farmer, Feb. 1,

Plume of Feathers, Ledhury. (Holmes, Poolend,

Ledbury; and Roe, Howard st, Strand 1 Dec. 91. SHERWOOD, W. s. Liverpool, joiner, Jan. 4. 1, and

Feb. 1, George, Liverroul(Bird, Liverpool; and

Chester, Staple inn.] Dec. 21.
SPARKF, W. Exeter, mason, Jan. 1, 2, and Feb. 4,

Siar, Exeter. (Russell, Exeter; and Jones, Temple.)
TURNER, M. Cannon-st.-road, St. George's in the

East, stone mason, Jan. 7. (Reeks and Co. Well. chise-50.) Nor. 20. THORNEY, T. Sculcoates, Yorkshire, merchant,

Jan 7, Duke of Clarence, Kingston-upon-Hull.



FROM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29, TO SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1816. ALDEBERT and Co. Copthall.bu, Ablitt, J. Kesgrare, Jan. 7 Bromedge, T. Gloucester, Dec. 1o Jan. 14

Anderson, A. Philpot-la. Jan. 11 Bowzer and Co. Herwain, Dec. $0 Allen), S. Fishpond-st. Dec. 23 sispinall, J. and J. Liverpool, Jan. Karis, W. Temple-hill, Dec. Po Ansell, C. A. Carshalton, Dec. 31

Balty, J. Learls, Dec 93 Adair, S. Bristol, Dec. 31

Adcock, J. St. Mary-axe, Jan. 28 Bingley and Co. Tavistock-st. Dec. Amos and Cu. Si. Gielen's-pl. Dec. Benneti, W. lvy-la. Dec. 17

Braine, T. I owestofie, Dec. 17 Bland and Co. Der. 10 Arglee, E. Catherine-st. Jan. 4 Buttler, C. Old Jewry, Dec. 21 Blackburn, W. farlane, Jan.

[ocr errors]

Branscombe, W. juo. Plymouth, Howell and Co.: Change-alley, Nov. Peacock, J. N. Lincoln, Dec. 94 Dec. 31

P.acoch, s. Lincoln, Dec. 24 Bowdich and Co. Bristol, Jan. 2 Harris, A. Gulstone.sq. Nov. 28 Pw, H. R. Dec. 21 Barnett, L. C. Nottingham, Jan. 10 Houdun, W. Cannon-st. Dec. 3 Pastord, J. Portsmouth, Dec. 27 Briddon and Co. Manchester, Jan. 3iifoughton, H. Coleman-st. Dec.29 Penny, W. Tituatield, Jan. 27 Elakeway and Co. Bilstoo, Jan. 4 Hornphreys, J. Coleman s'. Dec. 28 Pollard, J. Bridgewater, Dec. 28 Bowser, J. Broad-sl. Jan. 4 Hamigond, H. and T. Rugeley, Priday, W. Quedgley, Jan. 2 Bradbury, J. Chatham, Jan. 4 Dec. 31

Perry and Co. Gloucestit, Jan. 4 Barthrop, R. Blaxhall, Jan. 7 11:iris, W. St. Austell, Dec. so Philling, J. Wallingford, Jan. 7 Bell, N Boreham-park, Jan. 11 Horneman, H. F. Queen-si. Dre.98 Pupe, G. Aston Tirold, Jan. 8 Blackburn, T. Mount-it. Jan. 11 Homer, A. A. Tatou, Dec. 30 Penn, W. kidderminster, Jan.s Butler, T. Aston Tirsold, Jan. 8 Homan, J. Fencauncli-st. Dec. 31 Paternoster, W. Rochester, Jan. 1 Bannister, J. Shellmglord, Jan. 7 Hall and Co. Nottingham, Jan. 6 Party, J. Bot Wells, Jan. 8 Bleave, J. Murston, Jan. 10 Handley, T. Kemlworth, Jan. 20 Prail, R. Liverpool, Jan. 25 Brockbank and Co. Olverstone, Jan Huppel, T Northumberland, Jan.o Randall, k. Coleman si. Dec. 21

Headlam, J. skinner st. Dec. 21 Riches ad Co. High flulburn, Bass and Cm. Manchester, Jan. 21 H. llett and Co. Queen si. Jan. 4

Dec. 10 Back, W. Batlle, Jay. 08

Marland, W. jun. Bristol, Jan. 14 Radchle, T. Halifax, Dec. 28 Buckingham, W. jun. Ipswich, Horton, C. Honey-la.-mari Jan, 28 Rust, J. Great Maltam, Dec. 21 Jap.14

Highan, J. frith-ot.J40.14 Pome, G. Si. Cathinone's-la. Jan. 4 Narlour and Co. Shefield. Jan. 17 Ju inson, R. S. Great Yarmouth, Renshaw, J. Nottinghain, Jail. 10 Constant, L. H. A. G. Well-close. Dec. 21

Richardson, J. Pethnal gr. Jan. 25 #q. Dec. 91 Jetis, J. Burford, Dec. 10

indai, l!. Bristol, J411.16 Christian, C. Bread st. Dec. 21 Jones, R. Llicemere, D.c..! RUS, J. Northusishan, Jan. 29 Clancy, W. St. Jay-axe, Déc. 21 Jackson. G, Swall-st. Dec 14 Struinbom, J. Adatin-friars, Dec. 17 Chapman, U. New Road, Dec 21 Jennings, E. W. Spilsby, Jan. 9 eitrs, D. Fitci-la. Dec. 21 Craike and Co. Borough-market, Veits, J. Burford, Dec. 94 stammers, T. and J. Sudbury, Dec. D c. 21 Jackson, H. strand, Dec. 99

:9 Cousins, IV. Great Alie-st. Dec. gi Julen on, J. B. Liverpool, Jan. 17 Stammers, W. Liston, Dec. 19 Chainer, T. Lincoln, D. c. 94 Jarron, J. New Bond-st. Jan. 30 Sirjeant, J. Southampton-st. Dec, Cropper, T. Harrington, Jan. 3 hesteven, J. T. and J. York-st. 21 Cropley, S. Fallingham, D'c. 31 Dec. 7

nith, J. Bradford, Dec. 90 Coomber and Co. Shiweil, Dec.31 Kidl, W. Newcastle upon-Tyne, Snits, H. G. Norwich, Dec. 91 Clark, R St. Mary hill, Feb. 4

Die 31

Stevens, J. Cheltenham, Dec. 30 Clapton, T. Jan. 4 Kightley, W. Strand, Jan. 4 Scott, 1. Suurtolk la. Jan. 4 Cohen, E. London, Jan. 91 virkinan, J. lower st. Dec. 93 Smith, R. Richmond, Jan. 4 Dawes and Co. Pall-mall, Dec. 3 Kolea, J. St. Swithin's-la. Jan. 4 Scevens, J. Cheltenham, Jan., Dixon and Co. Leeds, Dec. 26 Knowles, J. Ormskirk, Jan. 15 Stevens, J. Abchurch-la. Jan. 13 Darby, W. Liserpon!, Jan 10 Leda, R. Norwich, Dec. 31 Smith, W. Portsea, san. 18 Duniam, J. Easi Teignmouth, Dec. Lew, J. A. Bucklersbury, Jan. 7 Timson and Co. Leicester, Jan. 13

Le alid Co. Turer.rryal, Dec. 30 Tori, R. J. Nottingham, Dec. 24 Drinkin, Z. Parker row, Dec. 93 Lathain, J. Biriningham, Dec. 10 Cimin, J. Biraningham, Dec. 17 Dickinson, J. Guildhall.pass. Dec. Lochwood, W. Janchester, Jan. 6 ringcy, T. Wc:, Dec. 30.

Labrow, V. St. John's-st. Dec.31 Townsend, E. Naiden-la. Dec. 14 Dawis, J. Pall.mall, Dec. 31 Lpine, J. Canterbury, Jan. 8 Thompson and Co. Paternosterrew, W. Bridgewater. Jan. 6 Leeming, T. Sallord, Jan.8%

row, Dec. 21 Daste and Co. Till tall, Tebou (lectard, T. jun. Rochester, Jan. 7 Tiobrell and Co. Grange-wall, Jan.

ards, J. Korinten, Jin 2 Lawrence, J. Itoundsditch, Jan. 14 18 L*, W. litlar bor-la. Dec. 24 Lancaster, J. Tooling, Ja.. '8 !'orner, ". Ripley, Jan. Ja Evans, T. Monmouth. Dec. 8 Lins and Co. Last India Chamb Prabur, G. Fishi-61. Jan. 15 I san, C. Hirngesve, Dec. 31

Jan 30

pince, W. Lucas st. Dec. 17 En all, J. Aystem, Jan 27 Noorhouse, J. Slonne-st. Dec. 17 IV litebrouk, W. Moorfieids, Dec. Edimurd's, J. Ne bury, Jan. 7 Meeker, W. P. Basinghall-si. Dec 17 Llvin, T. Linn, Jair. 7


right, W. Gateford, Dec. 19 Lrans and i'n. Gleicester, Jan. 14 Mackenzie, W. Covent-gard. Dec.3 Valderand Co. kirkbridge, D. c. 13 Elsards, T.C. Leicester sq. Jan. 14 Hanseil, J. Wood-st. Dec. 21 Vite and Co. Fieet-st. Dec. 19 Pirni-s, J. Liepool, Dec. 30 Voore, 1. Marriebone, Dec. 28 Williams, R. calisdury, Dec. 81 Ferlier, J. Watlingiani, Jan. 18 Marler, T. Salford, Dec.31 Vilson, H. Nottingham, Freeman, J.Harvon nurd. Dec. 10 Metcalie and Co. Easi S.nithfield, yers, H. Swmesinead, Jan 1 Fawcett, W. Liverpool, Jan. 13

Ib. 3

Vitehead. J. Buri, D:c. 28 Tincham and Co. Epping, Jan, 28 Moty, V. City-rond, Jan. 4 Whaleley, W. Lanence PounincyFenv.r, J. Do yal, jai

Miles, D. Southampton-row, Jan. hill, Dec. SI Foteina, J. Sleerlin, Dec. 31

Wright, W. Gateford, Jan. S Goser, S. High Hothorn, Dec. 21 May, R. Sontlivold, Jan. 7 Wocienden and Co. Manchester, Gowen, J. Heremangham, Dec.16 Men, R. Liverpool, Jan. 15

Jan. 4
Gundair, F. Manchester, Dec. 30 Middlehurst, J. Liverpoo, Jan. 23 Wed, D. Egremont, Jan. 4
Griv, M. and J. Bridport, Dec. 21 Macintyre, J. Liverp ol, Jan. 24 Weston and to.dn.
Giithihe, W. Bath, jan.

Villikin, H. B. Mariia' Jan. 18 Wilson, T. Liverpool, and Green,
Gwen, J. Hereningham, Jan. 7 Voorlouse, J. Sloane-st. Jan. 14 T. Burim, J:n, 10)
GOO., J. Leirextér, jan. 13 New!, F. Egte mult, Dec. 21 Waichello, A. Wallingford, Jan. 7
Gwing, G. Halvori-br.jan. so Nach, W. St. Mary-exe, Jan. 18 Vhitehouse, J. St. Alban's, Jan. Il
Hudson, J. Higla Wycombe, Dec. Nupiti. W North-st. Jan. 7 Wacsafe, E. Bridport, Jan. 20

Okroyd, W. Blickinan-st. Dec. 17 White, J. Wrood st. Jan. 11 Huiderpres, W. Thurlby, Dec. 23 Phillips, E. Bristni, D c.19 Young and Co. Manchester, Dec. 91 House, W. Cleveland-st. Dec, 21 Price & Co. Winchester-st. Dec.21



PROM TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 26, TO TUESDAY, DECEMBER 24, 1816. ADAIR, A. Winchester-st. Jan. Di Batham, J. Adbury, Dec. 21 Clarke, R. Cumberland, Dec. 17 Ribv, G. Chorley, Dic. 17 Arthon and Cn. Cinss-st. Dec. 94 Coturill, W. Bumingham, Dec. 91 Bakewell, J. and J. Weston-upon. Badbury. J. (bathan, Dec. 28 Cirr, E. V. Birin ne ham. Dec. et Trent, Dic. 17

Barn, E. Ciimin lain, Dec. 28 Carne, H. Aurin-friars, Dec. 28 Bond, J. Hudersfield, Dec. 17 Becher, H. Pownail's terr. Dec. 31 Iden, T. Chichester, Dec. 31 Bushaw, J. Hardingboetli, Dec. 17 Rollinkálo Bolion-le Moors,Jan.7 Collett, k. I veds, Jan. 4 Barnes, d. Nexberry, Dec. 17 23 ch boum,(.Newark upon-Treni, Cooper, J. Chorlton, Jan. 11 Deinett, T. Swertigg's-alley, Dec. 17 Jan. 7

Colman and Co. Oid Betblem, Jan. Briwditch, T. Bristol, Dec. 17

Carlile and Co. Bolton, Dec. 17 biddick, T. Si. Issey, Dic. 21 Cooke, J. Cotten, Dec. 17 Cole, N. iun. Cirencester, Jan. 14 Europ. Mag. l'ol. LXX. Dec. 1016.

4 C

562 An Alphabetical List of Certificates. - List of Patenta for Inventions, &c.

Chilton, T. Hadielgh, Jan. 14 Jackson, A. West Leigh, Jan. 11 Richardson, J. Lirer pont, Dec.
Duncan, J. Huddersneld, Dec. 17 Jolinson, T. B Liverpool, Jan, di Ritchie and Co. Liverpool, Dec. $1
Da Vivier, J. Hull, Dee. 17 Kirk, D. Circus-st. Dec. 31 Randall, K. Coleman-st. Dec. 31
Dixon and Co. Leeds, Dec. el Kirkman, R. Macclesfield, Dec. 31 Kone, H. Grecnwich, Jan. 7
Dyson, E. Old Change, Jan. 14 Knight, G. Liverpool, Jan. 11 Rippon, R. Liverpool, Jan. 14
Ellis, J. Heathfeld, Dec. 28 Lord, J.and R. Halliwell, Dec. 17 Scott, R. Tuxford, Dec. 94
Fustance, H. Llandaff, Dec. 98 Lukyn, W. Cheapside, Dec. 17 Sales, M. Milford, Dec. 98
EntwisleaudCo.Cateaton-st. Jan.1 Lewis, J. Bristol, Dec. 84 Slater and Co. Liverpool, Dec. 31
Fotherby, T. Gosport, Dec. 17 Lewis, T. Almely, Dec. 28 Slabler, E. Bread-st. Dec. $I
Fle:cber, w. rumberland, Dec. 21 LiFOck, W.J. Norfolk, Jan. 7 Stokes, J. Liverpool, Jar..
Filler, G. Crawfordi-st. Jan, 11 Lagemann, W. Tower.hill, Jan. 11 Sargant, D. Whiulesey, Jan. 4
French, W. H. Little East Cheap, Love, C. Old Bond-st. Jan. 11 Sturley, E. Crutched-Iriars, Jan. 4
Jan. 11

Lever, J. Rolton-le-Moors, Jan. 14 Shepard, s. Wellington, Jan. + Gurney, 3. Stanhope-st. Dec. 84 Matthews, W. Liverpool, Dec. 81 suri, J. High Holborn, Jan. Goudy, T. ('lement's-la. Dec. Si Moorhouse, J. jun. Bingley, Dec. 9: Selby and Co. Angel-co. Jan. 14 Goujon, A. B. Langhourn-cramb. Mayor, C. Somerset-st. Dec. 94 Turner, B. Birmingham, Dec. IT Jan. +

Maithews, E. Chipping Norton. Tate, M. Chalford, Dec. 21 Gravur, C. Jan. 14

Dec. 28

Tate, M. Chaltord, Dec. 21 Heaton, L. Heatoni, Dec. 17 Marsom, s. l.eadenhall-st. Dec. 31 Todhunter, J. London, Dec, se Hurry, J. Liverpool, Dec. 24 Mascall, J. Wolverhampton, Jan. 4 Thompson, S. Newcastle-upos, Humplo ys, A. Worcester, Dec. 84 Medland, W. Goswell-si. Jan. 7 Tyne, Dec. 48 Hedley, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Middlehurst, J. Liverpool, Jan. 11 Thompson and Co. Newcastle-ap Dec. 28

Nobler, W. A. Limehouse, Jan. 4 on-Tyne, Dec. 31 Hale, W. Fleet-st. Dec. 31 Poit., W. Liverpool, Dec. 19 Taite W. Staford, Jen. 4 Handley, J. Coton, Jan. 4 Paget, T. B. Chipping Norton, Dec. Taylor, J. New Barum, Jan. 11 Hudson, T Mark-la. Jan. 4


Westbrooke, R. Reading, Dec. 19 Halliday, W. Manchester, Jon. 4 Pearce, J. Horningsham, Dec. 94 West, F Little Birchall, Dec. 99 Hatchard, W. H. Richmond build. Price, $. Eardisley, Dec. 2x West, W. Sheerness, Dec. 98 Jan. 4 Proud, J. Bilston, Jan. 4

Wells and Co. Liverpool, Dec. 31 Hudson, J. Oxford-st. Jan, 11 Phillips and Co. High Holborn, Wight, C. Birmingham, Dec. SI Holt, H, Ludgate hill, Jan. 14

Jan. 7

Wilkerson, J. Barley, Jan. 4 Icherwood, J. Manchester, Dec. 81 Parkinson and Co. Preston, Jan. 11 Walker, G. Ashburne, Jan. 7 Jordon, R. Salford, Dec. 81 Penn, W. Kidderminster, Jan. 14 Wheatley, T. Finsbury-st. Jea. II Joyce, A. D. Fordingbridge, Dec. 28 Richardson, J. and J. Ashburne, Willoughby, d. Taunton, Jan. 15 Innis, J. Bristol, Jan. 4

(Continued from page 379.)

WILLIAM PIERCY, of Birminghata, Warwick Westminster, Middlesex, piano.forte maker; shire, tortoiseshell-maker; for a method of makias for a method of applying an octave stop to piano- thimbles. Dated Nov. 1, 1816, fortes. Dated Oct. 14, 1916.

JOHN HEATHCOAT, of Lough horough, LeiLOUIS FAUCHE BORBL, of Prith-street, Soho, cestershire, lace-manufacturer; for improvements Middlesex, Esquire ; for a method of making shoes upon machines or machinery invented and is use and boots without sewing, so as entirely to keep out for the purpose of making that kind of lace cotothe wet; which invention may be applied to other monly known or distinguished by the name of useful purposes in leather. Dated Oct. 25, 1815. names of bobbin net, or Buckinghamshire lace net.

LEWIS GRANHOLM, of Foster. lane, London, a Dated Nov. I, 1816. Captain in the Navy, for a method or methods, WILLIAM SNOWDEN, of Doncaster, York. process of processes, or means, for rendering or shire, clerk; for an apparatus or machine to be at making articles made or manufactured of hemp or tached or applied to carriages to prevent them being tax, or of hemp and fax mixed, more durable than overturned.' 'Dated Nov. 1, 1816. any snch articles are as now made on manufactured, ROBERT STIRLING, of Edinburgh, clerk; for Dated Oct. 95, 1818.

diininishing the consumption of fuel, and in partiBENJAMIN SMYTHE, of Liverpool, Lancashire, cuiar an engine capable of being applied to the schoolmaster ; for a machine or apparatus, or a new moring machinery on a principle entirely net, method or methods, of propelling ressels, boats, Dated Nov, 16, 1816. barges, and rafts of all kinds; and also other mas JOHN DAY, of Brompton, Middlesex, lieutenant chinery, as mill-wheels and other revolving powers. on half-pay of the eleventh regiment of fort ; for Dated Nov. 1, 1816.

impruvements and additions in the construction of WILLIAM VARLEY, of Humlet, in the parish of piano fortes and other keyed musical instruments. Leeds, Yorkshire, wire-worker, and ROBERT HOP Dated Nov. 10, 1110. WOO FURNESS, of Budlington, in the same ROBERT BAINES BAINES, of Meyton, ia the county, soap-boiler; for a method of obtaining or Corinty and town of Kingston-upon-Hull, glue-plaproducing sacchiarine matter or substance from nufarturer, for a perpetual log or sea perambulator. wheat, rre, odis and barley, beer or big. Dated Dated Nov. 16, 1810. Noy. 1, 1810.

WILLIAM RUSSELL, of drery Farm Bow, ChelJOSEPH GREGSON, of Charles-street, Grosve. sea, Middlesex, engineer; for an improrement norisquare, Middlesex, surveyo' ; for a new method upon cocks and vents for general purposes, particuof constructing chimnies, and of supplying fires with larly useful to brewer, distiller, private families, fuel, Dated Nov. 1, 1810.

&c. Dated Nov. 19, 1816. GEORGE WASHINGTON DICKENSON, of JOHN BARKER, of Cottage Green, Camberwell. Gren: Queen-street, Lincoln's-inn-fields, Middlesex, Surrey, artist ; for an improvement or improve. Gentleman : for a method, means, or contrivance, ments in the method or means of acting upos mu for preventing leakage from vessels employed to chinery. Dated Nov, 19, 1816, contain liquida, and for the preventing the admis. WALTER HALL, of Serjeants'-inn, London, pion of moisture into packages or vessels intended to merchant; for a method or methods of making soft be kept dry within. Dated Nov, I, 1816.

lead out of hard lead or slag lead. Counmunicated to SIMON HOSKING, of St. Phillack, Coruwall, him by certain foreigners residing abroad. Dated cabinet-maker; for a steam engine upon a new Nov. 21, 1816. construction, for drawing water from mines, for JAMES KEWLEY, of Aldersgate-street, London. working different kinds of machinery, and for Gentleman ; for improveinents in and on thermomt. olher purnoses for which steam engines are gene. ters. Dated Nov. ri, 1816. rally applied. Deted Nov. 1, 1816.

ROREKT FORD, late nf Barbican, London, bat WILLIAM DAY, of the Sirand, in the parish of now of Crouch End, in the parish of Hornsey, Mid. St. Martin in the fields, Middlesex, trunk-moker ; dlesex, chemist; Hva medicine for the curr of for varlous improvements in or on trunks, and also coughs, colds, asthmns, and consuma prrons, shirt in the application of certain machinery, by mrans he donnuninates " Ford's Balsam of Norshound. of which machinery they will contract or expand at Dated Nos. 91, 1816. pleasure. Daled Nov. 1, 1816.

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