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pression. He then moved, “ That Lord voted to Mr. Clarke, the Chairman, for his Cochrane be requested to present the' Pe- impartial cooduct during the whole proc. tition."

ceedings. A Speaker who did not appear to be Nr. Clarke shortly addressed the meeting, known to the meeting moved as an amend. which then adjourned to the second Monday meot, “That Sir Francis Burdett and

after the meeting of Parliament, at the Lord Cochrane present the Petition." same place, at one o'clock.

Mr. Ellioti seconded the proposition of Mr. Hunt mounted his horse, amidst the the last speaker. Sir Francis Burderi, he incessant shouts of the multitude; who acobsersel, was the tried friend of the people; companied him to his botel in Bouverieand, after much confusion the Chairman put street. And the immense populace at the the questing, as to uniting ibe name of Sir F. meeting finally retired tolerable peaceable Burdett witi that of Lord Cochrane ; and to their homes, it was voted unanimously, that the name of The Lord Mayor has issued a public noSir Francis should be associated with that of rice calling upon the Magistrates of the Lord Cochrane in the Resolution.

metropolis and its vicinity to send aboard Mr. Hunt declared, it gave him sincere The Helder frigate, which is stationed off matisfaction to see such unanimous feelings the Tower, all disireased foreign seamen and evinerd at the name of Sir rancis Burdett. soldiers fouod in their districts, to the end He had now but two motions inore to sub. that they may be lodged and fed there until mit to them : first, that they do adjourn 10 they can be sent home to their native the second Monday after the ineeting of country. Parliament; and, secondly, that Sir Francis On Sunday morning Dec. 13, a fire broke Bardett and Lord Cochrane be respectfully out on the premises of Messrs. Poroder and requested to attend the meeting ou that day Hobson, coal and lime inerchanis, in Scol. at the asual bour-one o'clock.

land-yard, wbicb was not extinguished till After a few words from Mr. Pendril, a great quantity of corn was consumed, the two propositions were carried unani. and the coal and line sheds destroyed. mously, and with great applause.

Recent advices from Bengal state that the The thanks of the ineering were then una. Governor-General (late Lord Moira, now nimously voted to Mr. Hunt, for his attend. created Marquis of Hastings) was expected ing ihern that day, and for the exertions he to leave the presidency for the upper promade in their canse.

vinces. The Rajah of Jeypore, whose terMr. Hunt then observed, that he accepted ritory was subject to continual predatory, the bigh complimede just paid to hiin, be- cursions by the Pindarres, had required cause he was conscious that he had done all, the protection of our Government, which it that lay in his power to deserve it. The was understood, would be afforded him, approving voice of his countrymen was the although it was inimical to the views of law he was ever ready to obey. He had Scindia and the Mahratta Government, two motives for having his horse to ride whose demands on the Rajali would of home on; on, because he did not wish to course be resisted; this was experied to see his countryinen degrade themselves by produce a war with the Peishwa, but the acting in the capacity of borses; ibe other, general opinion did not encourage the idea, to convince them tha! he was not afraid to as our army was so well equipped, and in trust hinself in the midst of his countrymen high condition for active service, that it without being inclosed in a bullet.proof Bould deter the Mahratia Government carriage.

from any declarations hostile to the Brin Tbe thanks of the meeting were then tish interests.

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BIRTHS. TOV. 13. In Upper Girosvenor.street, 14. In Montague-place, the lady of J.

the lady of Thomas Knox, Esq. of a Cro-s Starkey, Esq. of Wrenburgh Hall, son and heir.

Cheshire, of a son. Dec. I, In Brck'ord-race, Walworth, In Upper Grosvenos-street, the lady of Mrs. Fosselt, of a son.

the Hon. Gerard Vandeck, of a daughII. The lady of George Henry Freeling, ter. Esq. of the General Post Office, of a son. 15. The lady of Edward Shaw, Esq. of

12. The lady of Silvanus Phillips, Esq. Pussell-place, Fitzroy-square, of a daugh. af Great Tower-street, of a son.


MARRIAGES. hy the Rev. Frances Pelly, Bingham late Edward Francis, lisq. of Lam journ,

on Richards, Esq. of the Old Jewry, mer. Berks. Europ. Mug. Vol. LXX. Dec. 1816.

4 B

Lately, John Robert Baker, Esq. Only Sarah, daughter of Thomas Remington, son of the late Colouel Baker, of the Esq. M. D. Guards, to lenrietta Francis, daughter of Mr. William Hutchinson, of Richmond, the late G. B. Hartwell, Esq. and niece Yorkshire, member of the Royal College to the Right Honourable ibe Earl O'Neill. of Sargeons, London, to Miss Barker,

Nov. 13. Lieut-colonel Bverard, of the danghter of the late Thomas Barker, Esq. 31th regiment, lo Barbara, daughter of Sir of East Layton. Hugh Nngent, Bart.

18. Al Hammersmith, Mr. James Senols, 25. Hugh Parkin, Esq. son nf Anthony jun. of Fore-street, to Miss E. Springthorpe, Parkin, E-q. of the Post Oflice, to Mary daughter of the late Daniel Springthorpe, Charlotte Blagrave, daughter of Joba Bla- Esq. grave, Esq. of Jamaica.

21. At St. George's, Hanover-square Dec, 10. Arthur Port, of Castle-street, Mr. James Rymer, jun. surgeon of Reygate, Southwark, Esq. to Ann, daughter of Joha 10 Miss Robinson, of Mount-street, BertVarnham, of Peckhan, Esq.

ley-square. At Guilford, Mr. Stedman, surgeon, to


MONTHLY OBITUARY. LaFelexBallenren, Cork, Thomas many years corate of the parish of St. Sig

well, aged 84. Lately, in Palace-streetCanterbury, 7. At Lambeth, in the prime of life, Samuel Taysum, Esq. aged 68.

aged 35, Mr. W. Ed. Heywood, upwards Lately, in Princes-street, Cavendish- of nineteen years a very faithful and attesiquaie, William Royston, Esq. F.L.S. Sur. tive servant to the establishment at Lloyd's. geon, &c. late editor of the Medical and He has left a wife and six young children Physical Journal, and projector and editor to lament his loss. of the London Medical Repository.

9. At Lympsfield, Robert Gale, Esq. Nov. 14. On board the Merope, late aged 75. arrived in Cork harbour for Quebec, on At his house at Holsworthy, in the cosnty bis return to his native country for the re- of Devon, Richard Kingdon, Esq. aged 76 covery of his health, Ensign Joho O'Neill, years. In the latter part of his life he of his Majesty's 103d regiment of foot, and acted as one of his Majesty's Justices of the brother to the celebrated Miss O'Neill, of Peace in an independent and honorable Covent Garden Theatre; he has left a widow and four young children to deplore bis early 10. At Brighion, Nathaniel Bogie loss.

French, Esq. aged 58. 16. At Florence, after a short illness, AC Mile End, Mr. William Gillham, of Lady Hammett, of Saplow-bill, Bucks, Sweeting's-rents, Cornhill, aged 14. relict of the late Sir Benjamin Hammett, At the Vicarage-house, Walthamstow

the Rev. William Sparrow, M. A, aged 21. At Clayhill, Enfield, Thomas Wes- 73. ton, Esq. aged 63.

12. Io Queen-street, Bloomsbory, Col. 23. At Christ's Hospital, William North, John Hamilton, late his Majesty's Consul Esq. late of Grosvenor-row, aged 79. for the State of Virginia, aged 72,

24. At Reading, Thomas Harris, Esq. 14. At Rothanstead, Herts, Mrs. Mary aged 63.

Lawes, aged 92. 26. At Taplow, Abraham Roberts, Esq. 15. In Oxford street, Aretas Akert, M.P. for Worcester, aged 72.

Esq. of Brighion, aged 58. 28. At his house, at Stoke Newington, Al Chevening, Kent, Charles Staohope, Benjamin D'Israeli, Esq. in his 87th year. Earl Stanhope.*

In Queen's-row, Walworth, Joseph Dods. At Lewis, Sir John Bridges, Bart. aged worth, Esq. formerly of Whitby, aged 83. 83, and late of Coombe-place, Sussex.

30. John Crowder, Esq. of Brotherton, 16. In John-street, Bedford-row, Mr. Yorkshire, aged 75.

Justice Nares, many years a magistrate at Dec. 1. Sarah, wife of Major Robde, the Bow-street and Hatton-garden Offices. jun. Esq. of Leman-street.

Mr. Edward Tute, of Chapel-court, aged Thomas Baskerfield, Esq. of Colchester, 73, near 50 years in the house of Dowo, Essex, aged 65.

Thornton, and Co. At Colchester, William Sage, Esq. of 18. Mr. John Wilson, many years ward. Cheapside.

robe-keeper at Drury-lane Theatre, while 4. " At Exeter, the Rev. James New sitting at his dinner in the wardrobe between combe, and of the Preces-vicars of the Fathedral church of St. Peter's, and for

* See page 516.

aged 70.

2 and 3 o'clock, was attacked with a vio- greatly regretted, Sir Wm. Pepperill, Bart: Jent pain in the head, he fell off his seat og He had just completed his 70ih year, hi" the floor and expired immediately.

only soo having died some years since, the la Dorset-street, Manchester-square, baronetage is become extinct.

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Ulustrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johoson, Biographia Dramatica, Pennani's London, Lysons's Environs, Pursuits of Literature, are respectfully informed, that a FEW proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are strock off on Colombia Paper, and may be bad separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure them, as the number printed is very LIMITED,

A ,

England are without encouragement of a devial as to the matter of fact. Igno. public or private! now it is well known rant, indeed, most he be, who represents that a living writer of poetry has received Jiterature as neglected and unsupported in a suon for his productions which it would England of late years. If he had said that startle a Frenchman to name. We believe the popular eagerness and liberality had we may safely state that his gains for one done mischief in the opposite way to that year, by mere literature, have amounted to of starvation, he might have writlen to the six thousand pounds. In England, we koow prejudice of the country, which he hates nothing of government encouragement of for its superiority, with some effect. Jiterature, with the exception of the Laure. The Rev. W. N. Darnell is printing a ate's shabby two hundred a year ;-we keep volume of Sermons on Practical Subjects, the government to its proper business, and The Rev. J. Nightingale has in the press, leave the remuneration of our writers to in a quarto volume, English Topography, or the booksellers, who very wisely buy nothing a Description of the several Counties of that will not sell. What they can afford to England and Wales, with a map of each give, therefore, and do give to our authors, county. is good aud faithful proof of the means Dramas, by Sir James Bland Burgess, and intellect of our people, and hence it Bart. are printing in two octavo volumes, afords important information as to our A Series of Letters from the celebrated general national condition and cbaracter. Earl of Chesterfield to Mr. Arthur Stan. Thomas Moore's new poem is eagerly ex- hope, relative to the education of his son pected, and the booksellers, we believe, Philip, the late Earl, are preparing for hold themselves prepared to give two or publication. three thousand pounds for it, Madame Lieut. Col. Pasley has nearly ready, in D'Arblay (late Miss Burney) is now living two octavo volumes, a Course of Instrucin France; she can declare, we apprehend, tion in the Elements of Fortification : ori. that for her last novel, wbich was not her ginally intended for the use of the Royal best, she did not receive less than fifteen Engineer department. bundred ponuds. Mr. Murray, bought Mr. John Bayley, of the Record Office, the last tragedy that appeared for four hun. Tower, is preparing for the press, the History dred pounds. Mr. Coleridge's caprice of and Antiquities of the Tower of Lonlon, Christabel procured him, we are assured, a with biographical anecdotes of royal and dis. bank note for one hundred pounds. The tinguished persons. It will be printed in a copy right of The Rejected Addresses, and quarto volume, and illustrated by numerous of a few parodies of Horace, was pure engravings. chased for one thousand pounds of the The Rev. Charles Coleman, late curate of authors -- and 16,000 copies, at least, have Grange, in Armagh, has in the press, a bero sold. Lord Byron's poetical works volume of Sermons oo important subjects. have produced to one person or another a Mr. Relfe, of Camberwell, has in the sum thai may fairly he described as forming press, Ulustrations of the Principles of a considerable fortune. Mr. Southey has llarmony, on an entire new and original amassed a large and most valuable library, plan. and lives in comfort and great respectabi- A Series of Letters from the late Mrs. lity, solely by his literary exertions. The Carter to her Friend, the late Mrs. Montag'i, Edinburgh Review wells pearly twelve thou- are printing in two octavo volumes. sand copies four times a year:-is is a splen- Messrs. S. Mitan and Conke will soon did property to its editor and its publishers, publish a Series of Thirty-five Lichings, -while forty, fifty, sixiy, and a hundred which will give the spirit and characion of pounds are given for each of the Essays of thie Original Desigos by Capt. Jones on the which it is composed. We believe we have subject of the Baitle of Waterloo. stated enough to make our French author Mr. Gooband, a French artist, willsbortly lick his lips at English encouragement of publish the Elements of Design, for the use letters. He has been most uolucky in his of students.

The Rev. James Rodge is printing a Dr. Burrot's is preparing for publicae volume of Sermons on important subjects. tion, Commentaries on Mental Derange:

The Rev. Robert Cox, of Bridgnorth, ment. will soon publishi, in an octavo volume, The Rev. Dr. Chalmers of Glasgow is Narratives of the Lives of the most eminent printing a valame of Discourses. Fathers of the first three Centuries,

Mr. Thomas Byerley is circulating a Mr. A. I. Valpy has in the press, a new Prospectus of his linproved Tables of Edision of the Creek Septuagint, in one Pedigree. laryp volume, 8vn.

The Pamphleteer, No. XVI. for Jan. Also a new Edition of Homer's Iliad, 1817. from ihe text of Heyne.

The Classical Journal, No. XIVIII. Catullus, with English notes, hy 'T. Fors- for Dec. 1816. ter, Esq. jun.

Alesisations and Prayers, selected from The spcond number of Stephen's Greek the Holy Scriptures, the Liturgy, and Pious Thesaurus, will appear in January,

Tracts. By the Ros, J. Watis.
Just published.

The Elements of Greek Grampar, with Virgil ; with English noies at the end, notes, fifth Edition. By R. Valpy, D.D. taken from the Delphin and other Editions. F.A.S.

A second Edition of Valpy's Edition of Mr. Adam Stark is preparing for public Virgil, without notes.

cation by subscription. The History of Theoretic Arithmetic, in three books; Gainsboro',(Com. Linc.) with an account of containing the Substance of all that has the Roman and Daoisii antiquities in the been written on the subject, by Theo of neighbourhood, with a Map and several Smyrna, Nicomachus, Jamblichus, and Engravings. Boëtius. By Thomas Taylor.

The tirsl volume of the Apoals of the A Translation of the Six Books of Pro- Fine Arts, is just published. clos, on the Theology of Plato. By Tho. A new weekly Paper npon a plan mas Taylor.

bitherto unattempted in this country, is Second Edition enlarged, Facts anri On preparing for publication, devoted solely servations on Liver Complaints and Bilinus 10 Literary purposes, Foreign as well as Disorders. By John Faithhorn.

Domestic. It is entitled the Literary Ga. The Principles of Harnony. By John zette and Journal of the Belle Lettres, and Relf, Musician in ordinary to his Majesty. is expressly designed for the higher classes

Preparing for publication, A Historical of Society. It will also enjoy the peculiar and descriptive View of the Paristie's of advantage of being sent free of Postage dionk, in the County of Durham.

to all parts of the Kingdom.


PUBLISHED IN DECEMBER, dl the Prices they are advertised at, in bourds, unlies olherwise cxpressed;

and may be hud of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is carnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to communicate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FRLE of EXPENSE.

TEMOIRS of Sheridan, by Dr. Wat- Rev. W. N. Danicll's Sermons, Svo. Os. kins, 410. part 1. 11. ls. 64.

Paradise Lost, Westall's designs, foolscap The Identity of Jimins with a distinguished 8vo. 155.

Living Character established, Svo, boards, Thomson's Seasons, ditto, Ss. 195.

Beattie's Minstrel, ditto, 7s. The History of Ceylon, by Rob. Knox, 4to. Goldsmith's Poems, ditto, 7s. 21. Izs 64.

Ward's Hindoo Mythology, or a View of Brilton's Norwich Cathedral, hds. 21. 10s. the Religiou of the Hindoos, 2 vol. 8vo. Surgical Observations, by Charles Bell, 3d edit. 18. part II, 6s.

The East India Register for 1817, sewed, Picture of Lordon, 1817, 69. 6d.

75. 64. Mrinorandum of a Residence in France in Transactions of the Medical Society of 18:5-16, 129.

London, vol. I. part II l0s. 6.1. Lives of Dr. Pocork. Bishop Pearse, Pi. Strathallan, a novei, 4 vols. 12mo. 2d edit.

shop Newton, and Rev. P. Shelion, with 24s. a complete index, 2 vols, evo. Il.

Coleridge's Statesman's Manual, Svo. {s. Rev J. Slade's Annotations on the i pistles, Pascal's Provincial Letters, translated from 2 vols. 8vo. 16s.

the French, Svo. 1's. Rev. J. Prowett's Sermoos, original and Franklin's Private Correspondence, I rol, translated, 6s.

4to, 21, 28.

Mrs. West's Scriptoral Essays, adapted to Brown's Elements of Choncology, 85.

the Holy Lands of tie Church of Eng. Ditto, plates, 10s. land, 2 vols, 19mo, 12s.

Fernandez's Spanish Dictionary, 15s. Bateman, on Cutaneous diseases, 4th edit. Pignot's Elements of Universal Geography, Svo. 129.

2d edit. 5s. Wrangham's Works, 3 vols, 8vo. 21. 2s. The Works of the Right Ilon. Lord Byron, Wranghan's British Plutarch, 6 vols. Evo. vol. V. 7s. 31. 12.

The Life of Raffaell, by R. Duppa, LL.D. Letters from the Great Farl Chesterfield to 810, 85. 6d. Stanhope, 12mo. boards, is.

An Account of the Natives of the Tongue Plumptre's Presidence in Ireland, I vol. Isla..ds, hy Mr. William Mariner, 2 vol. 4t0. 21. TOs.

610. ll. 45. Evening Entertainments, 19mo. bds. 7s. Sermons on Important Subjects, by the Dr. Fawcell's liymns, 3s. 6d.

Rev. Charles Coleman, A.M. M.R.I.A. Thomson's Annals. 8vo. 15s, 60,

Evo, 10s. 60. Bain s tccount of the Battle of Waterloo, Narrative of the Eminent Fathers, by Ro3s, 6d.

bert Cox, 8vo. 10:. 6d.



Extracted from the London Gazelte. N.B, Allthe Meetings are at Guildiall., unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

Londou Altornies' Names are between Brackets.

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BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. BUGGIN, J. Binley. Warwickshire, and BUGGIN, DIXON and Co. Liverpool, goap-boilers, Dec. 14.

S. Aston, Birmingham, timber-merabants, Dec. 16. DAWSON, G Red cross-sq. merchant, Dee. 16. BELL, H. Now Listiboarn, Sussex, dealer in pigs, GOODALL, T. Pershore, skinner, Nov. 26. Dec. 2:.

WHITE, J. R. New peit Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, BRADBURY, W. Birmingham, engraver, Dec. 24. dealer in lace, Dec. 7.

BANKRUPTS. AINSWORTH, E. Manchester, wine-merchant, Jan. BAYLIFFE, G. Wakefield, Yorkshire, Jan. 25, Ses.

0. (Dawes and Co. Throgmorton st.) sions-house, Waketield. (Wiglesworth and Co. Nor. 30.

Gray's-iin; and Cuttle, Wakefield.] Dec 14. AYRTON, J. Westhall, Lancashire, dealer, Jan. 3, 4, BAINES, M. Halifax, Yorkshire, grocer, Jan. 24, and 28, Jaines Kaper's, Kirkby Lonsdale. (Herlis, White Lion, Halifax. (strangvayes, FenchurchStaple-inn; and Pickard, Kirkby Lonsdale.) Dec. st. : and Kricht, Halifax.] Dec. 17. 17.

BEFORI), E. Brouki's Mews, St. George, Hanover sq. BRIDGE, W. Liverpool, snap-hoiler, Jan. 7. George, hackneyman, Jan. 28. [Hartley, Bridge st. Black

Liverpool. [Pritt and Co. Liverpool; and Black friors.) Dec. 17. stock and Co. Liverpool.) Nov. 2i.

BEDFORD, W. Aldersgate st. gold beater, Jan. 11, BARKER, S. and J.G. Billiter.sq. merchants, Jan. 11. and Feb. i. (Dalton, Union-st. Bishopsgate.] [Smith, Finsbury.sq.) Nor. 30.

Dec 21. BRU)M, W. Liverpooi, dealer, Jan. 14, Tagle and POYCE, J. Romford, Exsex, farmer, Feb. i. (Hum.

Child, Wigan. (Windle, John st. Bediord-row; phreys, Takenhouse-vard.' Dec. ul. and Gaskell, Wigin.) Dec. 3.

ECCA J. Hingham, Norfolk, grocer, Jan. 3 and Feb. DRIDDON, S. Manchester, provision-merchant, Jan. 1, White Swan, Norwich. (Fosier, Norwich.) Deo,

14, Star, Manchester. Makinson, Temple; and 21. Harm'r, Manchester) Der. 3.

BIRCH, W. Walbrook, ship-chandler, Jan. 4, 11, BROWN,G. Emsworth, Taylor, Jan. 18, Crown, Ems. and Feb. 1. [Jennings and Co. Lincoln's inn-fields.)

worth.' (Chilion, Exchaqu. poftice, Lincoln's-inn; Dec. 21 an! Clare, Enisworth.] Dec. 7.

BASSETT, W. Church-la. Spital-fields, silk manufac. BOCKVE, 7. Westbury, Wiltshire clothier, Jan. 18, twer, Jan. i and Feb. i. (Stratton and Co. Shorc.

Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Bourbillon and Co. ditch ) Dec. 21.
Lintie Friday-st. Cheapside; and Bevan and Co. BATES, J. Buxton, Derbyshire, innholder, Jan. 9, 10,
Bristol ) Dec 7.

and Feh. 4, Old Bath, Marlock. (Shaw and Co. BICKELL, J. Plymouth, huilder, Jan. 18, Commercial 'Tislexwell, Derbyshire) Dec 04.

Inn, Plymouth. (Alexander, Curry-st. Lincoln's COOKE, I.. Winsley-st. St. Mary.le. Bonne, seeds. inn; and Hooke, Plymouth.) Doc.7.

man, Jan. 7. Wilson and Co. Lincoln's inDETTS, G. Grosvenor-eq. upholder, Jan. fields. Nov. 26. 18. (Gabb, Union-row, Kent-road.] Dec. 7.

CHAPMAN, W. Westbroom wich, Staffordshire, BENSON, J. R. Kussell-pl. Fitzroy.sq. merchant, bayonet-maker,

Jan. 7.

Castle, Birmingham. Jan. 91. (Rivington, Fenchurch st.-build ] Dec. 10. (Jennings, Temple; and Gem, Birmingham.) BRINKWORTH, s. Kingstanley, Gloucestershire, Nor, 26.

brewer, Jan. 21, White Hart, Bristol. (Daniel, Bris- CRITCHLEY, J. Liverpnol, merchant, tol; and Pearson, Temple.) Dec, 10.

Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. [Halstead and BIRCH, T. juu. Wigan, Lancaster, linen-manufactu- Co. Manchester; and Milne and Co. Temple.)

Jan. 1.

rer, Jan. 14, and li, Buck-i'-th'- Vine, Wigin. Nov. 26.

(Ditchheld, Wikan; and Ellis, Chaicerr-la.] COCK, G. J. and H. Bristol, brandy-merchants, Jan. BLAKEY, G. Bishop Monchton, and BLAKEY, W. 7. Commercial-roms, Bristol, Clark and Co.

Lerds, grocers, Jan. 9. (Rivers, Fenchurch-st. Chancery-la.; and Haberfield and Cross, Bristol.] chunbers, Fenchurch-st.] Dec. 14.

Nor, 26.


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