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nature is known to be excited. Yes, The English brig of war, commanded Sir, there are numbers who would have by Captain Wright, was employed by rejoiced to hear that you had bit the your government in landing traiton ground on the field of battle, who are and spies on the west coast of France. now disposed to wish you every com- Seventy of the puniber had actually fort that can be safely allowed in your reached Paris; and so mysterious were present situation. If the Northumber- their proceedings, so veiled in impedeland had overtaken you in a French trable concealment, that although Geman of war, endeavouring to make neral Ryal, of the Police, gave me your meditated escape to America, this information, the name or place every officer, and every sailor and sol of their resort could not be disdier would bave been bravely engaged covered. I received daily assurances in the attempt to take, burn, sink, or that my life would be attempted, and destroy the ship that bore you; yet, as though did not give entire credit to you have readily acknowledged, you them, I took every precaution for my were treated by them, during the whole preservation. The brig was afterwards of the voyage, with every gentle, man. taken L'Orient with Captain ly, and polite attention. And, if I may Wright, its commander, who was car. venture to speak of myself, I shall beg ried before the Prefect of the Depart. leave to add, that I was bred up in the ment of Morbeau, at Vannes. Gen. hatred of you; nay, that no proofs of Julian, then Prefect, had accompanied Holy Writ were more strongly imprint- me in the expedition to Egypt, and reed in my mind, than the truth of the cognised Captain Wright on the first then universally prevailing opinions view of bim. Intelligence of this circoncerning you; nevertheless, I am cunstance was instantly transmitted to ready to shew you every personal cour- Paris, and instructions were expedititesy, to be thankful for the civilities I ously returned to interrogate the crew have received from you, and to offer separately, and transfer their testimoyou such service as I am permitted by nies to the Minister of Police. The the benevolence of the Government purport of their examination was at which I serve, and may be consistent first very unsatisfactory; but at leogth, with those regulations which its politi- on the examination of one of the crew, cal wisdom has thought necessary to some light was thrown on the subject. provide for the safeguard and ultimate He stated that the brig bad landed security of your person." I was re several Frenchmen, and among them he solved to speak my sentiments with particularly remembered one, a very freedom, and you may now thiuk, my merry fellow, who was called Picbegru. good friend, that I did not balk my Thus a clue was found that led to the resolution. I could not, indeed, for- discovery of a plot which, had it sucbear to defend the generous temper of ceeded, would bave thrown the French Englishmen when it received such an nation a second time into a state of attack. My candid sentiments and un revolution. Captain Wright was acreserved language, appeared, however, cordingly couveyed to Paris, and conto meet my auditor's approbation; and fined in the Temple; there to remain he asked me, to my great surprise, if till it was found convenient to bring the I remembered the history of Captain formidable accessaries of this reasonaWright. I answered Perfectly well; ble design to trial. The law of France and it is a prevailing opinion in Eng- would have subjected Wright to the land, that you ordered him to be mur- punishment of death; but he was of dered in the Temple.” With the ut- ininor consideration. My grand obmost rapidity of speech he replied- ject was to secure the principals, and I “ For what object of all men, he considered the English Captain's eriwas the person whom I should have dence of the utmost consequence tomost desired to live. Whence could I wards completing my object."- He have procured so valuable an evidence again and again niost solemnly asserted, as he would have proved on the trial of that Captain Wright died in the Temple the conspirators in and about Paris. by his own hand, as described in the The heads of it he himself bad landed Moniteur, and at a much earlier period on the French coast.” My curiosity than has been generally believed. At was at this moment such as to be be the same time he stated, tbat bis assertrayed in my looks. “Listen," con tions were founded ou documents wbich tiuued Napoleon, “ and you shall hear.. he had since examined. The cause of

this inquiry arose from the visit, I think mained in a reclining posture. The be said, of Lord Ebriogton to Elba; interest attached to the subject, and the and be added—" that nobleman ap- energy of his delivery, combined to peared to be perfectly satisfied with the impress the tenor of his narrative so account which was given him of this strongly on my mind, that you need not inysterious business."-I was so far en- doubt the accuracy of this repetition of couraged by the casy, communicative it. He began as follows: maoner of the Ex-emperor, that I conti “ At this eventful period of my life, nued my observations without reserve:I I had succeeded in restoring order and therefore did not hesitate to express my tranquillity to a kingdom torn asunder doubts respecting the time that Captain by faction, and deluged in blood. That Wright reinained in the Temple previ- nation had placed me at their head. I ous to his death. To satisfy me in this came not as your Cromwell did, or particular, Napoleon turned over a your third Richard. No such thing. long succession of pages in a late pub- i found a crown in the kennel; I clean. lication of Mr. Goldsmith, which had sed it from its filth, and placed it on niy been brought him by Sir Hudson Lowe. head. My safety now became necessary, I do not recollect the title, which is to preserve that tranquillity so recently probably familiar to you, who have suf restored ; and, hitherto, so satisfactorily fered nothing that relates to the govern preserved, as the leading characters of ment of France to have escaped you :

the nation well know. At the same but I could perceive, that it consisted time, reports were every night brought of Extracts from the Moniteur, &c. du me (i think he said by General Ryal), ring the Imperial reign. As he referred that conspiracies were in agitation; that to the Index, he frequently pointed out meetings were held in particular houses the name of Wright, spelled Righl, and in Paris, and names even were menwith a confident expectation, as it cer- tioned, at the same time, no satisfactory tainly appeared to me, of finding some proofs could be obtained, and the utmost document that would confirm his ac. vigilance and ceaseless pursuit of the count. The author, bowever, either police was evaded. General Moreau, had not been able to discover any writ- indeed, became suspected, and I was ten testimony, to mark the precise time seriously importuoed to issue an order of Captain Wright's death, or had in- for his arrest; but his character was tentionally with held it; and the latter such, his name stood so bigh, and the Buonaparie repeatedly and firinly in- estimation of bim so great in the public sisted inust have been the cause of any mind, that, as it appeared to me, he bad doubt remaining as to the truth of his nothing to gain, and every thing to assertion.

lose, by becoming a conspirator against As he turned over the leaves of this me: 1, therefore, could not but exonevolume, he acknowledged that many of rate him fronı such a suspicion. I acthe reports were genuine, but with fre- cordingly refused an order for the pro. queot inaccuracies and mis-statements: posed arrest, by the following intiinaand if my memory is correct, he partition to the Minister of Police:-Yon cularised that which was given of the have named Pichegru, Georges, and battle of Marengo. But he did not Moreau; convince me that the former stop here; and continually desired to is in Paris, and I will immediately know whether I perfectly comprehended cause the latter to be arrested.- Anos kis meaning, as that was his most earn ther and a very singular circumstance est wish. And now, to my utter asto- led to the developement of the plot, nishment, he entered apon the event of One night, as I lay agitated and wakethe Duke d’Engheio's death. This was ful, I rose from my bed, and examined a topic that could not be expected; and the list of suspected traitors; and particularly by me, as there appeared Chance, which rules the world, occaamong his followers, who were always sioned my stumbling, as it were, on the on tip-toe to be his apologists, an eva name of a surgeon, who had latcly resive silence or contradictory statements, turned from an English prison. This whenever this afflicting event became man's age, education, and experience the subject of inquiry, which had occa- in life, induced me to believe that his sionally happened during the course of conduct must be attributed to any our voyage. Here Napoleon became other motive than that of youthful fa. very animated, and often raised himself naticism in favour of a Bourbon: as en the sofa, where he had hitherto re far as circumstances qualified me to es qu. Mag. l'ab. LXX. Dec. 1816

& Y

judge, money appeared to be bis ob- political creed. But I did not become ject. I accordingly gave orders for å ready or a willing, convert. I ex. this man to be arrested; when a sum- amined the opinion with care and with mary mock trial was institnted, by caution: and the result was a perfect which he was found guilty, sentenced conviction of its necessity. The Duke to die, and informed he had but six d’Engheid was accessary to the con. hours to live. This stratagem had the federacy; and although the resident of desired effect: he was terrified into a neutral territory, the urgency of the confession. It was now known that case, in which my safety and the public Pichegru had a brother, a monastic tranquillity, to use po stronger expres priest, then residing at Paris. I order. sion, were involved, justified the pro. ed a party of gens d'armes to visit this ceeding. I accordingly ordered bin to man, and if he bad quitted his house, be seized and tried: he was found I conceived there would be good guilty, and sentenced to be shot. The ground for suspicion. The old Monk sentence was immediately executed; was secured, and, in the act of bis ar. and the same fate would have followed, rest, his fears betrayed what I most had it been Louis the Eighteenth. For wanted to know. Is it (he exclaimed) I again declare, that I found it neces because I afforded shelter to a brother sary to roll the thunder back on the that I am thus treated.'-The object of metropolis of England, as from thence, the plot was to destroy me; and the with the Count d'Artois at their head, success of it would, of course, have did the assassins assail me. been my destruction. It emanated Your country also accuses me of from the capital of your country, with the death of Pichegru."-I replied, the Count d'Artois at the head of it. “It is most certainly and universally To the west be sent the Duke de Berri, believed throughout the whole British · and to the east, the Duke d'Enghein. empire, that he was strangled in prison To France your vessels conveyed un- by your orders.” He rapidly answered, derlings of the plot, and Moreau be- " What idle, disingenuous folly! a fine came a convert to the cause. The proof, how prejudice can destroy the moment was big with evil: 1 felt my- boasted reasoning faculties of English self on a tottering eminence, and I re- men ? Why, I ask you, should that solved to hurl the thunder back upon life he taken away in secret, which the the Bourbons even in the metropolis laws consigned to the hands of a public of the British empire. My minister executioner. The matter would have schemently urged the seizure of the been different with respect to Moreau. Duke though in a neutral territory. Had be died in a dungeon, there might But I still hesitated, and Prince Bene- have been grounds to justify the sus vento brought the order twice, and picion that he had not been guilty of urged the measure with all his powers suicide. He was a very popular chaof persuasion. It was not, however, racter, as well as much beloved by the till i was fully convinced of its neces- army, and I should never have lost the sity, that I sanctioned it by my signature. odium, however guiltless I might have The matter could be easily arranged been, if the justice of his deaih, sap. - between me and the Duke of Baden. posing his life to have been forfeited Why; indeed, should I suffer a man by the laws, had not been made apparesiding on the very confines of my rent by the most public exection.” kingdom, to commit a crime which, Here he paused: and I replied within the distance of a mile, by the “ There may, perhaps, be persons in ordinary course of law, Justice herself England, who are disposed to acknowwould condemn to the scaffold. And ledge the necessity of rigorous meanow answer me:-Did I do more than sures at this important period of your adopt the principle of your Govern. history; but none, I believe, are to be meit, when it ordered the capture of found, who would attempt to justify the Danish fleet, which was thought to the precipitate manner in which the threateu mischief to your country? It young Prince was seized, tried, sene bad been urged to me again and again, tenced, and shol.” He instantly, anas a sound political opinion, that the swered, “I was justified in my ovo new dynasty could not be secure while mind, and I repeat the declaration the Bourbons remained. Talleyrand which I have already made, that I never deviated from this principle: it would have ordered the execution of was a fixed, unchangeable article in his Louis XVIII. At the same time, 1

solemnly affirm,

that no message or let- doubt of completing it. But it was not ter from the Duke reached me after my wish merely to deprive them of life. sentence of death had been passed upon Besides, circumstances had taken a turg him.”

which then fixed me without fear of Talleyrand, however, was said to be change or chance on the throne I possesin possession of a letter from the royal sed. I felt my security, and left the Bourprisoner, addressed to Napoleon, which bons undisturbed. Wanton, useless they who are well qualified to know murder, whatever has been said and declared he took upon himself not thought of me in England, has never to deliver, till it was too late to be been my practice: to what end or purof any service to the writer. I saw posc could I have indulged the horrible a copy of this letter in possession propensity. When Sir George Rumbolą of count de las Cases, which he and Mr. Drake, who had been carrying calmly represented to me as one of the on a correspondence with conspirators mass of documents, formed or collected in Paris, were seized, they were not to authenticate and justify certain mys. murdered.” [In looking over these terious parts of the history which he letters for the press, I felt a doubt whewas occasionally employed in writing, ther this observation respecting Sir under the dictation of the hero of it. George Rumbold was made at this Do not startle; 'the letter was to beg time, or at some other; or whether it bis life; and to this effect. It stated proceeded from Buonaparte or Count bis opinion that the Bourbon dynasty de las Cases, but I am positive it was was terminated. That was the settled made by one or the other.) Here he opinion of his mind, and he was about ceased to speak; and I was determined to prove the sincerity of it. He now to gratify my curiosity as far as his considered France no otherwise than as present communicative spirit would his country, which he loved with the allow, I was determined to continue the most patriotic ardour, but merely as a conversation. · I accordingly observed, private citizen. The crown was no lon- " that of all the undertakings which ger in his view: it was now beyond the composed his wonderful career; no cirá possibility of recovery; it would not, cumstance had excited such astonishit could not be restored. He therefore ment in England, as his expedition to requested to be allowed to live and de- Russia, before he had brought the Pes vote his life and services to France, ninsula war to a termination, which, at merely as a native of it. He was ready that time, appeared to be an attainable to take any command or any rank in object.” I paused, expecting a reply the French army, to become a brave on the subject; however, he gave none; and loyal soldier, subject to the will and but, as if he bad not heard my obser: orders of the government, in whose vation, proceeded to a renewal, in some heads soever it might be, to which he degree, of the former topics." Your was ready to swear fealty; and that, if country,” he said, "has accused me of his life were spared, he would devote it having murdered the sick and wounded with the utmost courage and fidelity to of my army at Jaffa. Be assured, that support France against all its enemies. if I had committed such a horrid act, Such was the letter which, as it was re my very soldiers themselves would have presented to me, Talleyrand took care execrated me, and I night have looked not to deliver till the land that wrote it to their ceasing to obey me. There is was unnerved by death.--Napoleon con no occurrence of life to which I gave tinued to speak of the Bourbon family, more publicity than this. You have an "Had 1,” he said, “ been anxious to officer, a Sir Robert Wilson, who bas get any, or all the Bourbons into my written very copiously on the subject possession, I could have accomplished of my campaigu in Egypt.” As be rethe object. Your smugglers offered me peated the last sentence, he assumed an a Bourbon for a stated sum (I think he air and tone of sarcastic jocularity; and named 40,000 francs), but, on coming then asked me, if I had read Sir Roto a more precise explanation, they en. bert's publication. I replied in the tertained a doubt of fulfilling the en- affirmative." It is possible,” he said, gagement as it was originally proposed. "that he wrote from the testimony of They would not undertake to possess other people equally prone to error as themselves of any of the Bourbon fa- himself: he cannot pretend to have mily absolutely alive; though, with the done it from his own observation.- Can alternative, alive or dead, ihey bad no you tell me," continued Napoleon,

“ whether Sir Sydney Smith, in any ers in particular, was well known official communication to your Govern. among my troops, and bad a preservar meat, attempted, in any way, to corro tive infuence upon my miod and conborate the testimony of Sir R. Wil- duct; and I do affirm, that there were son.". I could not, at the moment, only seven sufferers whom circumsufficiently recollect the purport of his stances compelled me to leave as shortdespatches to determine the point, but lived sufferers at Jaffa. They were in I replied as I felt, " That he had not.” that stage of the disease which rendered This reply however, indecisive as it was, their removal utterly impracticable, exappeared to afford him considerable clusive of the dissemenation of the dissatisfaction, as he instantly repeated - ease among the healthy troops. - Site“I believe so: for Sir Sidney Smith is a ated as I was, I could not place them brave and just man."-here observed under the protection of the English: 1, that “There are many in England who therefore, desired to see the senior imagine your jealousy and hatred of medical officer, and observing to him, Sir Sidney Sinith influenced your that the afflictions of the disease would conduct towards that officer."-He sini- be cruelly aggravated by the conduct led with astonisbment at such an idea of the Turks towards them: and that the thought of coupling the two names it was impossible to continue in possesappeared pever to have entered his im. sion of the town, I desired him to give agination. Ridiculous! nonsense ! was me his best advice on the occasion, I his reply. He then entered on the fol. said, tell me what is to be done! He lowing narrative:-“On raising the hesitated for some time, and then resiege of St. Jean de Acre, the army re- peated, that these men, who were the tired upon Jaffa. It had become a objects of my very painful solicitude, matter of urgent necessity. The oc- could not survive forty-eight hours. I cupation of this town for any length of then suggested (what appeared to be tinie was impracticable, from the force his opinion, though he might not that Jezha Pacba was enabled to bring choose to declare it, but wait with the forward. The sick and wounded were trembling hope to receive it from me:) numerous; and their removal was my the propriety, because I felt it would first consideration. Carriages, the most be humanity to shorten the sufferings convenient that could be formed, were of these seven men by administeriug appropriated for the purpose. Some of opium. Such a relief, I added, in a them were sent by water to Damietta,and similar situation, I should aoxiously the rest were accommodated in the best solicit for myself. But, rather conpossible manner, to accompany their trary to my expectation, the proposicomrades in their march through the tion was opposed, and consequently Desart. Seven nieu, however, occupied abandoned. I accordingly halted the a quarantine hospital, who were ivfect- army one day longer than I intended; ed with the plague; whose report was aud, on my quitting Jaffa, left a strong made me by the chief of the medical rear-guard, who continued in that city staff (I think it was. Degenette). He till the third day. At the expiration further added, that the disease had of that period, au officer's report reachgained such a stage of malignancy, ed me, that the men were dead.”there was not the least probability of “ Then, General," I could not resist their continuing alive beyond 48 hours.” exclaiming, “no opium was given." " I hereby exclaimed, in a dubious The emphatic answer I received was tone, the word-seven! and immedi- “No: none!-A report was brought ately asked whether I was to uvder- me that the men died before the rearstand that there were no more than guard had evacuated the city."- 1 again seven.” “I perceive," he replied, interrupted bim by mentioning that " that you have heard a different ac- Sir Sydney Smith, when he afterwards count.”—“ Most assuredly, General, entered Jaffa, found one or two FrenchSir Robert Wilson states fifty-seven or men alive. -" Well,” he answered, seventy-seven ; and speaking more col. “that, after all, may be possible !"lectively-your whole sick and wound. It was, I think, at this period of the ed.” He then proceeded - The Turks conversation, tbat he stated his being were numerous and powerful, and their in possession of a letler from Sir Sydcruelty proverbial throughout the army. ney Smith, written in very complimenTheir practice of mutilating and bar. tary language, which expressed the bacously treating their Christian prisop, writer's astonishment as well as praise,

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