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Nov. 26. Provoked Husband-Broken Sword.

27. Slave-Forty Thieves.
28. Coriolanus-Brother and Sister.
29. Slave-Forty Thieves.

So. Venice Preserved-Ditto.
Dec. 2. Slave-Ditto.

3. King John-Portrait of Cervantes. 4. Slave--Forty Thieves. 3. King John-Miller and his Men. 6. Slave-Forty Thieves. 7. King John-Love, Law, and Physio. 9. Julius Caesar-Blue Beard. 10. Gamester-Love a-la-Mode.


11. Slave-Broken Sword.
12. King John-Love
13. Slave-Love, and the 'Tooth-ache.
14. King John-Ditto.
16. Guy Mannering--Blue Reard.
17. Wrieel of Fortune -- Seraglio - John of

18. Slave--Blue Beard.
19. Coriolanus-Broken Sword.
20. Slave Miller and his Men.
81. Guy Mannering-Blue Beard.
99. Slave-Blue Beard.


The new piece of The Swans” is well-merited patronage. But still founded in Danish tradition, and is higher praise is due to Mr. Dibdin, most poetically and beautifully drama- who, as a noble philanthropist, has set tized by the indefatigable and, let us a bright example, by devoting the prosay, classic exertions of Mr. T. Dibdin. fits of a whole week to the necessities His best praise is the avidity with which of his distressed countrymen. the public visit his theatre. No you ng Manager ever boasted so much and so

Bis dat, qui citò det.


1800. Dec.

1816. Nov. 29. Silver Swan - Waggery in Wapping

Love, Haured, and Revenge Dec. 2. Midas-Ditto--Silver swan.

9. Midas-Waggery in Wapping-SilverSwak 16. Love, Hatred, and Revenge Three Tiines

Three--Silver Swan.



THE moon of Nauruz silvers yet

Spabaun's high tow'r and minarets
Eight times the golden bowl has pour'd
Red nectar on the banquet board,
And nymphs with purple feet have war'd
Their locks in myrrhand amber lav'd.
Lab Illah!.... thrice the holy song
Has rung Shah Sepbi's bow'rs among;
He sleeps on woven down reclind,
While bath'd in balm, the sacred rose

Around his perfum'd pillow glows,
With Shiraaz silver clusters twin'd:
Soft sounds her slumb'ring car surprise-

A form in youthful beauty bright,

Comes like the dream of rich delight, Seen by the love-warm’d poet's eyes.

Such forms their gracious vigil keep,

When rose lipp'd Fouris whisper sleep. « Whenee, and what art thou, form di

vioe?"“ I teas, I am, and shall have been ! A vague unearthly form is mine,

Dinly thro' painted shadows seen.

“ I was the Future ! -1 have slept

Unknown since Time bimself was bore,

"hen on the sun's first glorious morn,
Prophetic Allah paus’d and wept.
He saw me in the depths afar

Of dark and drear Eternity ;
And ere he shap'd the earliest star,

His changeless inission gave to me.
No longer veil'd, no longer dumb,

I visit thy desiring eyes,
From the wide throng of things to come,

Where Happiness for ever lies !
Her shape, her presence, and her places

Men doubt, yet her existence feel;
Thought caunot fix, nor Reason trace,

The glances which her throne reveal. In one pure beam of seeming white,

The rainbow's richest tints they find: And Peace, the soul's unsullied light,

Is ev'ry ray from heav'n combin'd: But when and where! ...... I come to

bring New treasures from the lap of Fate ; Yet thou wilt ask another spring

To open Joy's still distant gate. I am the Present !-Now I lift

The veil which hid my shining brow: That holy veil was Wisdom's gift,

Tho' cluster'd roses crown me now,

* On the eye of this festival, the Persian sovereign was visited by a beautiful stran. ger, who replied, when questioned, “I was the Future, I am the Present, and hall be the Past,"


THE dame,

Thou hear'st not while on flow'rs I tread, Nature's friendly breast was seen,

How swift my down-shod feet are gone; Robed in grass of verdant green; Thou se'est my silver pinions spread, And the turtle, joyful now, Forgetful how they waft me on!

Eager pluck*8 the olive bough; To-morrow, silent, sad, and cold,

With the branch return d the dore, I join the throng of ages past;

Emblems of celestial love! And none shall find the threads of gold Fly, o fly, my dove again, Wove in the veil by Fancy cast

Tell the Virgin of my pain ; O'er dim unshap'd Futurity,

Pity's gentle heart is here, When Youth and Pleasure smild for thee! Can she slight thy tender tear? Age, weeping Age, shall strive in vain Be not timid-hence, awayTo weave that precious veil again.

Stop not, gossip, on the way; I go, and those who watch my track

Swiftly go, and swift return,

Say, is love the virgin's scorn? Thy bounties and thy pomp shall praise ;

Owns her heart the flame of love? But thou unheard shalt call me back

Tell me, does it beat my dove? Again on vanish'd joys to gaze.

Will her secret sighs relieve me? Thy scimitar may stamp imy name

And her tender arms receive me?On earth in adamant or brass

Bid my troubled fancies cease, In vain !-thy tow'rs of wealth and fame

Bring the Olive branch of peace! To darkness with thyself shall pass :

G. F. M. Alike thy sceptre and thy tomb sball moulder in oblivion's gloom. But in a tablet never trac'd

SONNET. By mortal eye or mortal hand,

FVHE sun withdraws his life.disfusing Thy deeds are graven undefac'd,

faine, Till hy rewarding Allah scann'd:

And all who fourish'd in his friendship He in the fading rainbow writes

fade; The record of man's brief delights ;

While from the dark clouds congregated But in the blest eternal Sun

shade, Preserves the fame by Virtue won.

Unwelcome heralds, winter's rule pros Farewell:- the fated hour is near

claim. When I and all the Past shall rise

Roll on, thou varied year! to me the same, Before assembled myriads' eyes,

Whether the spring, in sprightly garb arThe fiat of our Judge to hear :

ray'd, Truth shall unveil his throne, and men

Or surly winter's russian blasts pervade: Who fear him now, sball know him then!

They serve alike the end for which they


But e'en the spring, carth’s variegated ANACREONTIC.


Heav'n's smiles serene, and Phæbus' says T berlaters to their deeps retreated; And constantly, with hope-illumin'd eyes, The dark and angry clouds no more

I seek to draw my happiness from oneTheir deluge torrent ceaseless pour,

The element windows of her home, my And forth from windowy roof above

skies ; Noah sent his courier turtle dove.

Her gentle love-inspiring smiles my sun. She cleav'd the air with timid wings,

G. F. M.
And wander'd o'er the face of things.
But all in vain she sought around
For branching hough, or grassy ground,

Still the wand'ring waters rollid
O'er the landscape damp and cold,
All unmeet for bird of love,

Shedding fragrance as it blows;
So return'd the turtle dove,

Winter darkens-tempests lowerFor its foot could find no rest

Lo! it passeth in an hour! Wide across the watery waste.

Beauty-fragrance-all are gone,
Once myself I sent my dove

Left no tokeo-but a thoro!
On an errand to my love,
With tresses all of glossy jet,
And eyes of dewy violet,

And form as fair as early spring,
Clad in white of angel's wing,
But, alas ! her friendless breast

IND you have none-of wealth, in. Gave its little foot no rest.

deed, a store ; Noah sent bis timid dove again

Rich for your heirsbut for yourself bew (Noah sent, and got iu vain);



роог 1 !


Board that the plague, which made its apTHE Prince Regent has commanded

pearance and prevailed at Noya, has TI that all court inournings (except those

ceased; it is, thereupon, ordered, that the of very short periods) shall, in future, be

Order of ('ouncil of the 14th of February abridged half of the duration as at present

last, subjecting all ships and vessels liable established; and further, that all court

to quarantine, and coming from or through mournings of a long duration shall, after

the Mediterranean, within the straits of the first six weeks, be worn only at court

Gibraltar (although furnished with clean and on Sundays.

bill, of health) to be treated as vessels ar.

riving with suspected bills, be, and the same Member returned to serve in Parliament, is hereby revoked. Borough of Witton.-James Lord Vis

CARLTON HOUSE, Nov. 25. count Fitz-Harris, in the room of the Hon. This day General De Neuffer, Envoy ExCharles Herbert, deceased.

traordinary and Minister Plenipotentiary This Gazette also contains the names of for his Majesty the King of Wirtemberg, the persons who are nominated for sheriff's had an audience of the Prince Regent, to for the ensuing year.

deliver his new credentials, &c. &c. Aggregate average* prices of the twelve

Also, the appointment of Sir James maritime districts of England and Wales, M'Gregor, Knt. M.D. F.R.S. as physicianby which importation is to be regulated in extraordinary to H, R. H. the Prince ReGreat Britain:- Wheat, per quarter, 92s. gent. And, Major William Gosset, of the 9d. Rye, ditto, 53s. 7d. Barley, ditto, Royal Engineers, to be a Companion of the 4ts. 5d. Oats, ditto, 278, 6d. Beans, ditto, most honourable Military Order of the Aos. 4d. Peas, ditto, 479. 3d. Oatmeal, Bath. per boll, 30s. 6d. Rape Seed, per quarter, 633, 7d. Published by authority of Parliament,


This Crazette notifies the royal licence
Receiver of Corn Returns. and permission to Lieltenant Robert Steele,

of the Royal Marines, and of Valencia, in The above is the average prices of grain the Spanisir service, to wear the supernuinein the maritime districts, and by which in- rary cross of the royal and distinguished. portation is regulated. Wheat having ex- Spanish Order of Charles Ill. which his ceeded 80s. per quarter, barley 10s, and Catholic Majesty Ferdinand VII, has been oats 275. 6d. the importation of foreign pleased to confer upon him, growth is now permitted. Rye not having exceeded 58s, heans 53s, and peas 595. per quarter, are still probibited.)

This Gazette notifies that the Prince Re-

gent has granted to Lar! Moira the dignities SATURDAY, NOV. 23.

of Viscount, Earl, and Marquis, of the Notice is given, that the present Court United Kingdom, by the titles of Viscount Mourning, to commence on Thursday next Loudoun, Earl of Rawdon, and Marquis of the 22d insi, will be for his late Serene Pighllastings. And also, John Dumaresque, ness the Grand duke of Mecklenburg Sire. Esq. to be procurator general, and F.J. lits, brother to the Queen, as well as the Lecouteur, Esq. advocate general of JerKing of Wirtemburg.


He also conferred the honour of

Knighthood on Lieutenant Colonels D. St. This Gazette notifies the appointment of Leger Hill, and H. Watson; and permitted Mr. Auldjo, as Consul at Cowes for the United States of America,

Majors A. Anderson and J. Rolt to accept the Portuguese Order of the Tower and Sword. The 23th regiment to bear the

word " Victoria,'' and the York Rangers TU ESDAY, NOV. 26.

the words Gundaloupe" and “ Marli., This Gazette contains a Proclamation nique on their colours and appointments. that the Parliament, which stands pro- It also contains the proclamation for the rogued to Thursday, the 2d day of January apprehension of Jas. Watson the Younger. dext, shall be further prorogued to Tuesday, the 28th day of the said month. FOUNCIL CIAMBER, WHITEHALL, nov. 25.

TU ESDAY, DEC. 10. Whereas it hath been represented to this,

This Gazette notifies the appointment of Major-general Sir David Ochierlony, Bart.

and Knt. Commander of the most honour. • For weekly average vide page 477.

able Military Order of the Bath, to be a Europ. Mag. Vol. LXX. Des. 1816.

4 A

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Knight Grand Cross of the said most ho. Jobp Burnett, 8th regiment Bengal Natise nourable Military Order.

Infantry; Lieutenant-Col. Joseph O'Hal. loran, 18th regiment Bengal Native la

fantry. TUESDAY, Dec. 17.

Aggregate average prices of British corn, This Gazette contains a notice, for the

computed from the return of the last six

weeks, from the London Gazette of Saturgreater convenience of persons having day, December 21— Barley,

50s. Id; beans

, claims upon the French government under

51s. id.; peas, 56s. 9d.; rye, 5ls. 20.; the convention concluded at Paris, on the

wheat, 93s. 1d.; rape seed, 90s. 20th of November, 1815, between his Mac,

Average price of oats within the last jesty and the Most Christian King, in con

twelve weeks, 30s. 4d. formity to the 9th article of the Treaty of


Tros. SHELTON, Peace, of the same date; which convention

Clerk, was laid before both Houses of Parliament on the 2d of February, 1816, the term for receiving such claims has been extended, with the consent of the government of his

DOWNING-STREET, DEC, 21. Most Christian Nlajesty, from the 20th of His Royal Highness the Prince Regent January next, to the 20th day of February has been pleased, in the name and on the benext.

half of his Majesty, to appoint the Right Hon. Stapleton, Lord Cowhermere, Keight

(irand Cross of the Most Hon. Military OrSATURDAY, DEC, 21.

der of the Bath, Lieuienant-General of his This Gazette contains the appointment Majesty's forces, and Commander of the of the following officers belonging to the forces on the Windward and Leeward Island service of the East India Company, to be station, to be Captain-General and Gover. Companions of the most honourable alilia nor-in-chief in and over the Island of Bare tary Order of the Bath :-Lieutenant:Col. badoen.


FR. FOSS, No 36, Essex-street, Strand,' elderly man, generally well dressed, walks

Secrelary to the SOCIETY of GUAR. quick, and bends in the shoulders. And DIANS for the PROTECTION of TRADE that there have lately been several bill in against SWINDLERS and SHARPERS, circulation, addressed to “ James Gum, by a circular, has informed the meinbers wine merchant," sometimes“ Rood-lane, thereof, that a person undernamed; viz.— and sometimes “ Borough," which appears Thomas Evans, ale and porter merchant, to be accepted by him, and are made pay5, Salter's Hall-court, Canon street; who able at Messrs. Ladbrooke's and Co. who, refers to Thomas Coulson, 220, Upper on application to them, say that they know Thames-street, frequently mentioned ; and no such person. to be HOBBARD, upbolsterer, near the The above Anthony Power, so well Alfred's Head, London road, is reported as known in London, Bath, Ilchester, Chelimproper to be proposed or ballotted as a tenham, Reading, Flenley, and other places, member thereof. Also, that a person call. having absconded from the Poor-house at ing himself Mr. James, was at Leith, in Henley-upon-Thames, with clothes belong. October last, stating that he was formerlying to the parish, has been committed to in the employ of the Earl of Warwick, and the county Bridewell, for three months, by ordered a quantity of goods to be sent to John Cooper, Esq. mayor of HenleyPark Farm, Kingston, Surrey, and the in- Jackson's Oxford Journal, Nov. 30th, voice to he addressed to Mr. Hume, wine vaults, 49, Green-street, Grossenor-square.

MEETING AT THE MANSION-HOUSE, The goods were forwarded, but some suspi. Tuesday Nov. 26th, a oumerons and res. cion arising, they were not delivered ; and, pectable Meeting was held at the Egyptianon application to Mr. Hume, he had no hall, in the Mansion-house, pursuant to a knowledge of any such person. The said Public Requisition addressed to the Lord James is now following the employ of a Mayor, for the purpose of providing a jobber or dealer iu horses. And that a fund for the extraordinary and unparalleled bookseller has lately received an order distresses of the poor inhabitants of Spitalfrom ANTHONY Power, so frequently men- fields and its vicinity. tioned ; and that he now assumes the name The ineeting was summoped for one and address of Mr. A. P. Best, No 5, o'clock, but the Lord Mayor, who presided Prince's-square, Kennington, where he was did not enter the Hall till ivo, by which noticed in April, 1811. He is a short time the three front rows of seats were ocele

pied by a numerous assemblage of elegant cure the best meat at a rate much lower than females, among whom we noticed a large that which they now pay; and while they proportion of the Society of Friends. thus cheapened the best pieces of meat for

His Lordship was accompanied into the their own consumption, they would also Hall by Sir W. Curtis, Ald. Alkins, Messrs. cheapen for the consumption of the poor the Buxton, Marryatt, Butterworth, Hibbert, pieces which were called inferior, but which and several of the most emioept bankers were still good meat. His Lordship conclud. and merchants in the city.

ed his address by expressing an earnest bope Ilis Lord hip having then the chair, said, that, as the Meeting had been expressly conthat the object of the Gentleinen at whose vened for a charitable purpose, that no request the meeting was called, was not to other subject should engage its allention confine the intended relief solely to the in- (Loud applause). habitants of Spital-fields. The poor inha- Mr. J.J. Lisier then read a Report from bitanis of the adjacent parts were suffering the Committee, which gave a melancholy but much from the same gevesal c uses, and, too true account, of ihe accumulated inisery their cases would meet with attention as far now existing in Spitalfields and its vicinity; as the resources of the Committee should after whicb Mr. Buxton, and several other enable them. The increase of pauperism Gentlemen, most eloquently pleaded in be. was alarmingly great ; and though he la- half of the many miserable objects, at premented such increase as much as any man, sent suffering all the ills of poverty -A yet he had been obliged, for want of the Subscription was subsequenily opened, to means of procuring employment for them, which his Royal Highness the Prince Reto send home to their several parishes 30 or GENT has since benevolently prrsented the 40 persons daily for the last two months, As sum of £5,000 from funds at the disposal to the kind of labour which should be devised, of his Majesty," and the total amount dow that was also the subject of many suggestions considsrably exceeds £35,000. which had been made, lle hinself had con- On Friday Nov. the 15th, was held a sulted with Government on the matter, and meeting of the distressed Manufacturers, he had to regret extremely that the case re- Artisans, and others, of the Cities of Lonceived from Governinent less attention than don and Westminster, in Spa-fields, in conitdeserved (Tear, hear). Among other things sequence of the following placard, which he had suggested was one which had " At a meeting held at the Carlisle, Shorefor its object the giving employment 10 ditch, on Thursday evening, the 7th of No. nearly 20,000 persons (se understood his vember install, it was determined to call a Lordship to allude to the inclosing of cer. meeting of the distressed Manufacturers, tain lanils), in a place where nearly 5,000 of Mariners, Artisans, and others, of the Cities them could be provided with a habitation, of London and Westininster, the Borough and where ihe expense to Government would of Southwark, and the parts adjacent, at ' pot be a single farthing. Unless some such Spa-fields, on Friday, the 15th, instant, at means as this were devised, it would be use- 12 o'clock, to take into consideration the less to attempi to reinedy the evils which ex propriety of perilioving the Prince Regent isted. There was another suggestion which and the Legislatore, to adopt immediately had been inade, and which, if attended to, such means as will relieve the sufferers from would no doubt liave a salutary etfict-that the misery which now overwhelms them. a subscription from the shopkeepers, of one

“ John Dyall, Chairman. pound and upwards, towards giving the ma

“ Thomas PRESTON, Secretary.nufacturers employment, and receiving back That meeting having been held, certain the value in goods.-He should again olie Resolucions were pa-sed, and a Petition to serve, and begged to impress on the Meet. the Prince Regrot agreed to, about ten days ing, that po means, however trivial at first afterwards the adjourned meeting was anappearance, should be neglected, which may nounced by pesting bills of a mosa inilam. contribute so employ the poor--for by em- matory descriptiou for Monday, Dec, 2nd, ployinent only could their distresses be pro- at the same spot. perly alleviated (Ilear, Dear).--One other As the day of meeting approached, Gnobservation he should offer to the Meeting verminent was busily occupied in preparing before he concluded. The extremely high against the worst, and the Magistrales of price of flour and butcher's.ineat was a su!) Bow-street circulated cautionary postingjeçt of just and general complaint. This bills and advertisements in the papers. was an evil cu which, in his opinion, the In the Ciny, the Lord Mayor, as on the public itsell could apply the remedy. If former day of meeting in Spa fields, took exertions were made to countenance and precautions for preserving the public peace. support the cheap butcher and cheap baker, The ward constables, wlio had been consi. there was not a doubt but such a coinpeti- derably augmented, assembled at an early tion would be raised as would greatly con- boor; and the following police was posted tribute to lessen the price of those articles of on large boards, and not only fixed in connecessary consumption--bread and meat, spicuous places, but carried about various Persons, going to market themselves, and parts of the City :looking out for those who sold at a mode. ·OUR SOVEREIGN LORO THE KING Tate profii, would find that they could pro. Chargeth and commandeth all persons, be.

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