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that 'many animals that have brought arise from the uses, or rather the abuses, forth young shall continue to give milk, of the most simple remedies. not only after the young are removed, Every medical practitioner must have but even for years, when the impression repeatedly witnessed the serious, and of having had young must have been sometimes the fatal consequences atentirely forgotten. The cow, and goat, tendant upon the imprudent use of the be gives as instances of this kind; but stronger medicines, which are so ex. in the ass the secretion of milk is not tensively supplied for family consumpcontinued after the mother has lost the tion, particularly preparations of antiImpression of the existence of the foal; mony, miercury, and opium, which, this is a fact so well known to the keepers under a great variety of seducing forms of asses, that whenever an ass's foal dies, and titles, are constantly employed; they take every means in their power generally, however, they are, I believe, to keep up the impression in the mother not sufficiently aware of the prejudicial of the foal being still alive, to keep her effects of the too liberal use of magoesia; in milk. For this purpose they take either those which may arise from its off the skin of the foal, and preserve it, chemical action upon the urine, which so that it may be occasionally thrown are more immediately observable and over the back of another foal, and common, or which may arise from its smelled by the mother, more particu- mechanical action, as an extraneous inlarly at the time they are milking her. soluble substance, and which are more The ass, under the deception of having remote, obscure, and rare. her own foal, gives down her milk, and I need not dilate upon the former, the secretion is carried on as usual, and but may refer to my brother's obsershe is kept in milk, but if this artifice vations upon that subject, published in is neglected she soon goes dry. This the Philosophical Transactions for the appeared to Mr. Hunter so curious a year 1810, which, I regret, are too fact, that although was well attested little attended to ; and with respect to by every ass keeper to whom he spoke the latter, shall confine myself to the upon the subject, he could not give it recital of the following case. full credit, till he had put it to the test A lady was recommended to take mag. of experiments. He took an ass in nesia, in consequence of some very semilk, that had a foal, and kept them vere nephritic aitacks, accompanied with apart every night, but had the mother the passage of gravel. She was desired to milked in the morning in the presence take a tea-spoonful every night ; and of the foal; this was done for more than Henry's calcined magnesia was preferred, a month without there being any dimi- as that always operated upon the bowels nution in the morning's milk. The and “carried itself off,” wbich other foal was then taken away altogether, maguesia did not, but, on the contrary, and the mother was milked, instead of felt

heavy and uneasy in the stomach. being sucked by the foal, particularly The dose was gradually increased to two in the evening, at the same hour at tea-spoonsful, in order to produce effect which the foal had been taken from her, upon the bowels, which this quantity and again in the morning at the usual never failed to do ; the symptoms for hour. The milk taken in the morning which it was ordered were soon was always compared with that taken moved, but the plan was persevered the inorniog before, but in three mori. in for two years and a half, with little ings the quantity was Jessened ; and intermission or irregularity; so that as the fifth morning there was hardly any. the average weight of a tea-spoonful is The foal was then restored to her, but at least forty grains, and the average she would not allow it to suck. The dose was a tea-spoonful and a half, it experiment was repeated wiib similar may be presumed that she took during results.

the above period between nine and ten EVERARD HOME. pounds troy.

In the course of the last autumn she suffered severely by a miscarriage, and shortly afterwards by an attack of biliary calculi; subsequent to which she

becanje sensible of a tenderness in the At a time when domestic empiricism left side just above the groin, conis so prevalent as at present, it is impor- nected with a deep seated tumour, faut to point out the dangers which may obscurely to be felt upon pressure, and





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Remarks on the improvements in the Piano Forte. subject to attacks of constipation, with “ York, four days stage coach. Be. painful spasmodic action of the bowels, gins on Friday the 12th of April, 1706. tenesmus, and a highly irritable state of All that'are desirous to pass from Lonthe stomach: these attacks recurred every don to York, or from York to London, two or three weeks, varying in violence, or any other place on that road, let but requiring the use of active reme. them repair to the Black Swan in Holdies; during one of them, about the bourne, in London, and to the Black middle of last March, a large quantity Swan in Coney-street in York, at both of sand was voided by the rectum, at- which places they may be received in'a tended with a peculiar acute and dis- stage coach, every Monday, Wednes. tressing pain in the seat of the tumour day, and Pridays, which performs the above mentioned. This was lost. The whole journey in four days (if God perfollowing day, however, the same kind mit), and sets forth at five in the mornof evacuation happened again, and to ing, and returns from York to Stamford the same extent, which being saved and in two days; and from Stamford, by measured, was found to amount to two Huntingdon, to London, in two days pints. Another attack took place upon more, and the like stages on their rethe 5th of April, when several irregular turn. Allowing each passenger 14 Ib. Jumps of a soft light brown substance weight: and all above, 3d. a pound.' were voided, having the appearance of

Benjamin Kingman, a large mass broken down, and when “Performed by Henry Harrisou. dry extremely friable: a part of each

Walter Baynes.” of these two last were subjected to a careful analysis, and found to consist entirely of sub-carbonaie of magnesia To the Editor of the European Msagazine. concreted by the mucus of the bowels, ia the proportion of about 40 per cent.

21st July, 1816. The use of magnesia was now given S your publication is celebrated for up, and that of an active purgative me

iis caudid reception of all such dicine enjoined, with some other neces- articles upon multifarious subjects sary directions, and there is every ap. as may be entitled to altention, and pearance of returning health, although more especially of such as particusomne slight attacks have recurred, and larly regard the arts, sciences, and litesmall portions of the same coucretion rature, I trust that the following comstill ocrasionally come away.

munication may claim the notice of An iøstance, in many respects re- your sumerous seaders, as it concerns sembling this, bas lately occurred in an improvenient ellectually benefiting the practice of soine gentlemen of cmi- the ari of music, with respect to that nence in this town, in which not only highly fashionable keyed instrumeni, large quantities of a concretion of a the grand piano forte. similar description were voided, but Indeed, this instrument has now beupon examination after death, which come so universal a piece of household took place, perbaps, six months after furniture, that it would be alımost as any magnesia had been taken, a collec. sare to find a house (in the environs of tion, supposed to be from four to six the metropolis), without a piano forte poruds, was found embedded in the as without a bed: and, among the nuhead of the colon, which was, of course, merous manufacturers of this elegant much distended. Some notes, which and expressive instrument there will be were made of this case are, I fear, not

a natural and laudable ambition to proto be found.

duce some novelty, either in tone, touch, mechanism, or ornament, which may

.tend to maintain and advance its enThe following article may not be al- couragement. together unworthy the notice of readers, It were tedious and superfluous to as it will show the great improvement particularize the names of the many which has been made in travelling in meritorious fabricators existent in this this country: it is a literal copy of a country: suffice it, therefore, to inprinted card, which is framed and glazed, stance only a fe*; Stodart, Broadand preserved in the bar of the Black wood, Tomkisou, Clementi, Kirkman, Swan jou, at York.

&c. &c. all these have justly reached so Europ. Mag. Vol. LXX. July, 1816.



high a pitch of fame as to place their MISCELLANEOUS INFORMATION. comparative merits occasionally in a

No. XXVII. dubitable ratio of perfection ; and all of these bave inost undoubtedly de MADEIRA wine is selling at that age and support which they have so 801. per pipe. This great increase in long received

price is wholly attributable to the small The more immediate purport of this quantity that was made last season; letter, sir, is to call the attention of not more than 6790 pipes having been your numberless readers to a discovery entered at the Custom House. The made by Mr. Kirkman, of Broad-street, average from the preceding seren years, Golden-square, who has lately con.

was 25,000 pipes annually, and ten structed a grand piano forte (for which ycars ago, even 40,000 pipes were mahe has taken out a patent), ypon a prin

nufactured. ciple which has already received the approval and sanction of the first musi. cal judges in this kingdom.

It is ordered that midshipmen, and Jøstead of the harniers striking on three strings in unison, as is the case in the rank of lieutenant, and also se

master's mates, who have qualified for all other grand piano fortes, the third cond masters, or those who have acted string is made to sound the octave above the note of each key; the effect be deemed fit candidates for the situa

as masters in the navy, may, in future, of which produces a richness, sweetness, tion of mates of revenue cruizers and mellowness of tone which experi. Their pay (independent of their vicment alone can render credible. When tualling, and proportion of the value of full and strong chords are struck, the seizures) to be, in a vessel of 140 tons dignity of sound is wonderfully aug and upwards, 801.; in a vessel of 100 mented, and carried clearly and dis- tons and upwards, 101.; and under 100 tinctly to the ear, and this at a distance, tons, 601. per annum. The second where any other instruments (even by mates in the first class of these vessels, the same maker) produce, compara. are to receive 451.; in the second class, tively, little or no effect. An old

401 per annuin. Latin proverb truly says, “ Experientia docet:, certainly, the only infallible criterion of any truth or falsehood, is the touchstone of experience; and to

The total gold coinage of his present this, in the present instance, I will ap- Majesty's reign, amounts to the almost peal, trusting the result without the incredible sum of between sixty-seven slenderest apprehension of committing and sixty-eight millions sterling myself as a hasty critic, or au admirer of novelty for mere novelty's sake: from a very early period in my life i have been habituated to the most watch- It appears from another Return to ful notice of all new inventions in muParliament, that the net produce of the musical instruments. Some of them duties on sugar in Great Britain, in the have had much mechanical ingenuity year ending 5th January, 1816, was to recommend them; others were mere 2,957,4081. 18. 3d. With such a fact inventions and no improvements; others before us, it is impossible not to feel again were not inventions only, but still more intensely the danger of tamimprovements also; and, among the pering with our colonial interests. The last class I most unequivocally declare gross receipt of the above duties and assert, that this instrument of Kirk- was no less than 4,518,3291. 118. 4d.;

inan meritoriously and unquestionably but the drawbacks, bounties, &c. come challenges the highest praise, conse. to be deducted, and amounting to quently claiming just and general en- 1,560,9261. 108. 01, they left the above couragement.

Det balance,



I am,


Mr. Editor,

By the certificate and declaration of Respectfully yours, the coinmissioners for the reduction of

PUILALETHES. the national debt, it appears, that up


to the 14th of June last, they had pur- the Commissioners of the Customs to chased or transferred on account of be informed, that there lordships are of Great Britain, 308,539,3301. 10s. 7d. opioion it will be just and reasonable of capital stock, with an interest there to grant to the legal quays and up-town on of 9,837,0331. 188. 3}d: and that the warehouses, approved as fit for the purseveral Sums of capital stock, and the pose by the Commissioners of the Cusinterest or yearly dividend thereon, toins, the privilege of warehousing, parchased by, or transferred to them, without payment of duty, all goods up to the said date, exceed the capital which have been added by this board to stock and annual charge, in perpelual Table E. of the above Act; but that redeemable annuities of the said public the security of the revenue, and the funded debt of Great Britain, created just claims of the London Docks, reby sundry acts prior to, and by an act quire that all the articles enumerated of the 35 Geo. Ill. c. 14, by twenty- in the said table should be contined to four millions three hundred and eighty- the London Docks. one thousand five hundred and fifty-six

I am, Sir, pounds, twelve shillings and eleven

Your most obedient servant, pence farthing, capital stock; and, by (Signed) S. R. LUSAINGTON. one thousand three hundred and ninety Treasury Chambers, May 31, 1816. pounds, six shillings and five-pence, angual charge. The commissioners for liquidating imported by the United Company of

A list of the articles which (not being the national debt, received this quarter Merchants of England trading to the their dividends on 12,510,9051. 2s. Id.

East Indies, or not being imported from consols; also on 406,0007. New South Sea Annuities, and on 51,0001. 3 per warehouses to be approved by the

the West Indies) may be secured in cent 51 South Sea Annuities; the Lords Cominissioners of his Majesty's amount is 2,8-25, 7091. 125. 7d. which will Treasury, without the duties due on parchase in the next quarter, at 63; the importation thereof being first about 4.400,0001. consols, wbich, with

paid:150,0001. of unclaimed dividend money, and 140,0001. of the lottery money for Almonds of all sorts Indigo the prizes, will probably cause a rise in Anchovies Juniper Berries the price of the Fouds.


Linen, plain of all Balsam Capivi sorts, except Sail Barilla

Cloth The following copy of a letter re. Bees' Wax

Manna ceived by the chairman of the London Bristles, undressed Mohair Yarn Dock Company from Sir R. Lushing- Cantharides Oil of Olives ton, Esq. Secretary to the Lords Com. Carpets, Turkey

Palm missioners of his Majesty's Treasury, Chip Hats

Oil of Sallad and a list of the articles therein referred Clover Seed

Turpeutine lo, originally inserted in Table E. of Cochincal Opium the Warehousing Act of the 43d of Cotton Yarn Prunes George III. cap. 132.

Wool Quicksilver To Leeslon Long, Esq. Chairman of the


Raisins of all sorts London Dock Company.

Elephants' Teeth


Feathers for Beds Saffron
The Lords Commissioners of his Ma. Figs

Sena jesty's Treasury having had under their Ginseng

Silk, Raw

Thrown consideration further memorials of the Gum Arabic Legal Quays Wharfingers, and Uplowu


Waste Warehousek cepers, respecting the pri- Jalap.


Straw Hats vilege of bonding the articles in Table Jesuits' Park. E. of the Act of 43 Geo. III. cap. 132, The articles added to Table E. of the at their premises; and my lords having above-mentioned Act by the Lords read he said Act, and the various or- Commissioners of his Majestys Treasury ders which have been issued for adding are allowed to be warehoused, without articles to Table E. of the saine, payment of duty, either at the London

I am conimanded by their lordships Docks, the Legal Qulys, or l'p-towe to acquaint you, that they have directed Warehouses.


Ditto £70 and under £100, 5s, each

horse. The following comparative receipt

Dilto £100 and under £150, 75. 6d. for the quarter ending July 5, 1815

each horse. and 1816:Excise.

Ditto $150 and under £200, 10s. 6d. July 5, 1815

each horse.
1816 3,83,802

And the above persons are allowed 647,348 occasionally to ride a husbandry horse

without paying the riding-borse duty. Customs.

A tenant quitting his farın, at or after July 5, 1815 1,016,376

Midsummer, will, ou appeal, be relieved 1916 767,847

from one moiely of the annual assess248,529

ment. Incidents. July 5, 1815 3,381,370 1816 3,020,305

A Statement of the Quantity of Por, 361,065

ter Brewed in London, by the Twelve

First Houses, from the 5th of July Siamps.

1815, to the 5th of July 1816: July 5, 1815 2,040,283

Barrels. 1816 1,042,397


Barclay, Perkins, and Co. 330,200
Meux, Reid, and Co..... 189,020

Truman and Co.
Total deficiency for a quarter £2,254,828

185,041 Whitbread and Co. 168,855

Henry Meux aud Co..... 114,277 INNKEEPERs' LICENCES.

Coombe and Co.


Calvert and Co..... 85,925 An accurate Scale of Innkeepers Li.

Goodwyn and Co... 77,249 cences, in lieu of those which have

Tavlor aud Co....

50,533 been repealed, viz. :

Elliott and Co.

46,567 Upon the Sale of Beer or Ale,

Cocks and Campbell 36,101 Cyder or Perry, by Retail,


31,273 where the Rent shall not £. $. amount to £15 per annum 2 2

A Statement of the Quantity of Ale £15 per annum or upwards, and

Brewed in London by the Seven First and under £20....

3 3

Houses, from the 5th of July 1815, to 20 peramoun or upwards.. 4

the 5th of July 1816:-

Barrels. And upon Sale of Spirituous Li

Stretton and Co.

26,122 quors, by Retail, where the Root is under £15 per an

Wyatt and Co.

18,167 nuim.. 5 5


Charrington and Co. £15 per annum or upwards, and

Goding, Thos.and James.. 12,729 under £20

Hale aud Co. 6 6

9,273 Ball and Co.

8,796 20 per annum or upwards, and under 125

Thorpe and Co.

5,816 25 per annum or upwards, and under 30

8 17 Tuine Editor of the Europian Maguzine. 30 per annum or upwards, and under 40

9 9

TILL any of your numerous Cor40 per annum or upwards, and

respondents be kind enough to under 50

10 1

favour me with their opinion on the 50 per annum and upwards 10 13 propriety of using the word ili as an

adjeclive. We constantly hear such

plirases as this — “ He is in ill health" REDUCED RATES OF DUTY ON HUS

-" I hope you feel no ili cfiects from

your last night's exertion"-&c. &c. Ey an Act of the present Sessions of Shakespeare sometimes makes an adjecPırliament, the following reduced Rates tive of it, as in the following instances : of Duty have been granied for two years _" Beaulified is an ill phrase.” Ob on husbandry borses, in licu of the pre- Ophelia ! I am ill at these numbers.”— sent assessment of 17s. 6d. each horse:

But the instances of this kind are innu. A Farm under 10 per augum, 3s. merable—Are they correct? cach horse,

Oct. 2, 1815.





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