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Extracted from the London Gazelle. N.B. All the Mectings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Allornies' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. EDMUNDSON and Co. Liverpool, upholsterers, SHIELD, J. Buccabank, Cumberland, dyer, Nor.166 Nox. 9.

THOMPSON and Co. Little Bolton, iron-founders, FOX, J. Birmingham, victualler, Nov. 12.

Nor. 2. SAMUEL, A. Liverpool, silversmith, Nov. 2. WILSON, J. Bromptou, linen-manufacturer, Ne.

BANKRUPTS. APPLETON, J. Amley, Leeds, merchant, Dec. 10, BOYES, G. F. Anlahy, Kingston-upon-Holl, sugat.

Court-house, Leeds. [Tottie and Co. Leeds, and baker, Dec. 31, Dog and Duck, Kingston upon Poultry, London.) Oct. 29.

Hull. [Rosser and Son, Bartlett's-build. Hulbord.] ANDREW, C. Princes-sl. Lothbury, bill broker. Nov. 19.

Dec. 21. [Tucker, Bartlett's build. Holborn.] BISS, J. Bristol, tailor, Dec. 31, Rummer, Bristol Nor. 9.

(Hicks and Co. Barilett's-build. Holborn; and ALEXANDER, T. Finsbury-sq. mariner, Dec. 21. Hinton, Biristol.) Nor. 19. (Paterson, Broad-st.] Nov.9.

BARNES, W. Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 16, 17, and ALDERSON, H. Sunderland near the Sea, mercer, Jan. 4, George, Liverpool. (Dennisoo, Liverpool

Dec. 2, 4, and 24, Commercial Rooms, Sunderland. and Atkinson and Co. Chancery-la ) Noe.. (Blakiston, Symond's.inn; and Hutchinson, Bis. BATES, J. Stourbridge, Worcester, mercer. Dec. 4, hop Wearr.outh.] Nor. 12.

5. and Jan. 4, George, Bewdley, Worcestet. ALDERSON, W. Sunderland, currier, Dec. 9, 4, and (Anstice and Co. Inner Temple; and Hant, Sloer. · 24, Golden Lion, Sunderland. Wilson, Greville bridge.] Vor. 23. st. Hatton-garden; and Hines, Sunderland.) BROWN, J. Halywell, Flint, drugcist, Dec. 10, 11, Nov. 12.

and Jan. 4, George, Dale-st. Liverpool. (Grifith ALLSOP, R. Louth, Lincoln, draper, Dec. 12, 13, and Co. Fenwick-st. Liverpool.] Ver. 23.

and 29, New King's Head, Louth, Lincoln. (Ed. BADDELEY, R. Coventry, grocer, Dec. 4, ?, Kirg's munds and Co. Chancery-la.} Nov. 16.

Head, Coventry, and Jan. 4, Castle, Corectry; ATWOOD, T. Henrietta-st. Covent Garden, tailor, [Long and Co. Gray's-inn; and Througtou azd

Dec. 28. (Richardson and Co. New-inn.] Nov. 16. Cn. Coventry.] Nov. 03.
ABBOTT, R. Coventry, mercer, Dec. 6, 7, King's CAMPBELL, P. Liverpool, draper, Dec. 10, Man.

Head, Coventry, and Jan. 4. Castle, Coventry: cbester Arms, Manchester (Hurd and Co. Ten. (Woodencks and Co. Coventry. Nov. 23.

ple; and Parker, Bury.) oct. 09. BAILEY, B. Beddington Corner, Surrey, calico-prin. COLLMAN and Co. Old Bethlem, merchants, Dec ter, Dec. 19. [thurst, Milk-st.) Oct 29.

14. [Gatty and Co. Angel-co. Throg morton-st.) BORGESS, F. Leicester, hosier, Dec. 14, White Nor. 2.

Hart, Leicester. [Harrison and Co. Derby; and CAMMACK, W. Whitechapel-road, victualier, Dec. Taylor, John-st. Hedford row.) Nar. 2.

17. (Eyles, Castle-st. Houndsdich) Nor. 3. BARLOW, T. sen. Fast Retford, Nottingham, inn. CHECKETTS, J. Weyfields, Warrickshire, lime

ke per. Dec. 14, White Hort, East Ritford. burner, Dec 17, Svan, Birmingham. [lane and [ Mee, East Retford; and Exley and Co. Furnival's Co. Lawrence Pountney bill; and Dickson and inn) Nor...

Co. Pirminglam.) Nor. 5. BRISTOW, G. Golden.sq. warehouseman, Dec. 17. CHILTON, T. Hadleighi, Suffolk, common-brevet, (l'uppage. Throg morton-st.] Nov. s.

Dec. 17, Red Lion, Colchester. (Evans, HatBESSELL, C. Bristoi, coachiomaker. Dec. 21, Bush,; and Chapman, Manaingtree

... Bristol. (King. Serjeant's-inn; and Francis, Sinall CARBUIT, J. Manchester, calico-printer, Dec. 17, st. Bristol.] N. 9.

Dog, Manchester. (Hadfield, Manchester; and BENNETT, R. Platt, Kent, lime burner, Dec. 3 and Hurd and Co. Temple.) Nor. 5. 91, [Lee and Co. Three Crown-sq. Soutliwark.] OOLEBECK, T. Westhouse, ELLIS, W. Castlefield, Nor. 9.

WILKS, J. sen. Burley, HOLDESWORTH, W. BARNES, W. Grersonthen, Camberland, cord. Bradford, and HOLDSWORTH, J. Morley, Yrike

wainer, Dec. 21, Golden Linn, Mary porii (Fal. shire, flax-spinners, Dec. 21. Sweet and Co.

con, Temple; and Hodgson, Whitehaven.) Nor.). Basinghall-si.) Nov. 9. BILBY, J. Nottingham, lace-manufaciurer, Dec 21, CLARK, E. Spann's-buildings, St. Pancras, coe:

Punch Bowl, Nottingham. Feernhead, Notting keeper, Dec. 21. (Bartlett, Bartholomew-close.] ham; and Hurd and Co. Temple.) Nov. 9.

Not. 9. BOLTON, S. broker, Dec, 21. (Abbott, CORPE, I. Sun-st. Bishopsgate-Within, saddles, Mark-la.] Nov. 9.

Dec. 21. [Dawes and Co. Angel-co. Throguo. ton BRATTLE, W. Rvarsh, Kent, farmer, Dec. 24. st. Not. 9. (Brace and Sun, Nov. 19.

CLAYTON, E. Rathbone-place, tailor, Dec. 24. BROWN, J. Bassalleg: Slonmouthshire, iron.manu. (Hughes, Clifford's-inn.) Nov, 12.

facturer, Dec. 24, King's Head, Newport. (Platt, CRANSTONE, W. Hull, linen-draper, Dec. 2, 3, and New; and Prothero, jun. Newport.j 24, Palace lon, Manchester. [Edge, Manchester) Nor. 12.

Vor, 19. BIRLEY, W. jun. Longton, Lancashire, innkeeper, CARR, J. Coventry, shag.manufactarer, Dec. 2,

Dec. 9, 3, and 4, at the Office of Smith, Preston. King's Head, Coventry. [Woodcocks and Co. (Windle, John-st. Bedford-row; and Smith, Pres. Coventry.) Nov. 16. ton. ) Nov, 12.

CHARD, W. B. Shepton Mallet, Somerset, inn-kremo BARNT.S, J. Liverpool, tailor, Dec. 12, 13, and 28, er, Dec. 2, 9, and 2%, Angel, Bath. (Adlington

George, Liverpool (Gunnery and Co. Liverpool; and Co. Bedford.row; and Gaby, Bath.) Not. 16, ani Chester, Staple-inn.] Nov. 16.

CLAYTON, R. Leeds, cloth-merchant, Dec. 23. BOYES, J. sen. Antaly, Kingston-upon-Hull, sugar. Court House, Leeds. Sykes, New Inn; and Lee

baker, Dec. 28, Dog and Duck, Kingston upon and Co. Leeds.) Not. 16. Hull. [Rosser and Son, Bartlett's-build. Hollorn.] CHICK, R. Moli neaux-st. Bryanstone-sq. linen-dra: Nor. 16.

per, Dec. 18. (Richardson and Co.' New-ico.) BENTHAM, J. Straw Paddock, York, dealer, Dcc. Nov. 28.

31. at Mr Wallis's, innkeeper, Preston, Lancaster. COLBECK, T. Westhouse, Fewston, York, ELLIS, (Palmer, Sedbergh, York; and Heulis, Staple-inn.) W. Castlefield, York, and WILKS, J. sen. Harley, Now, 19.

Yorki, dax-spioners, Dec. 4, and 20, Dog and Duck,

Kingston-upon-Han. [Rosser and Son, Bartlett's.

build. Holborn.)Nov. 16. CUDDIBY, P. London, merchant, Dec. 28. [Young

and Co. St. Mildred's-co. Poultry.) Nov. 16. CONVINN, J. Abergavenny, Monmouth, chinadealer, Dec. 28, George, Gloucester. [King, Ser. jeant's-inn, Fleet-st.; and Ward, Gloucester.)

Nov. 16, CUTHBERT and Co. Colchester-st.Savage-gardens,

wine-Inerchants, Dec. 7 and 31. (Rivington, Fen.

church-st.) Nov. 19. CUNNINGHAM, C. Frith-st. Soho, money-scri.

vener, Dec. 7, 10, and Jan. 4. (Wilson, Nonta

fue-sl. Portman-sq.). Nov. 23. DOUDNEY and Co. High-st. Southwark, cheese

mongers, Dec. 10. (Lindsay, St. Thomas's-st.]

Oct. 20. DICKSON and Co. Liverpool, soap-boilers, Dec. 14, George, Liverpool. (Pritt and Co. Liverpool; and Blackstock and Co. King's-Bench-walks, Temple.)

Nov. 2. DELAHOY, J. Deptford, Kent, printer, Dec. 14. *(Willey, Great Prescot-st. Goodman’s-fields.]

Nov. 3. DIXON, S. Portsea, Hants, tailor, Dec. 17. [Tow

ers, Castle-st. Falcon-sq.) Nor.e. DUNKIN, J. Aldersgatest. tallow.chandler, Dec.

94. (Evitt and Co. Haydon-sq.) Nor. 12. DEAN, T. Sunderland, gail-maker, Dec. 2, 4, and

24, Golden Lion, Sunderland. Wilson, Greville. st. Hatton-garden; and Hines, Sunderland.)

Nov. 12. DANNAH, R. Windley, Derbyshire, cheese factor,

Dec. 31, King's Arms Derby. (Berridge, Harton

garden; and Mousley and Co. Derby.) Nov 19. DALTON, J. and J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, earthen. - ware-manufacturers, Dec. 3, 13, and Jan. 4, George, Newcastle-upon-Iyne. (Clayton and Co. Lin. coln's-inn; and Clayton, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.)

Nov. 23. DAVIS, W. Saint Philip and Jacob, Gloucester,

carpenter, Dec. 5, 6, and Jan. 4, Commercial. forms, Bristol. (Pool and Co. Gray's-inn-sq.;

and Cary, Bristol.) Nov. 29. DAVIES, J. St. Martin's lane, carpenter, Dec. 10 and Jan. 4. [Drew and Son, Bermondsey-st.]

Non 23. ELLIOIT, E. jun. Masbrough, Yorkshire, iron-foun

der, Dec. 2+, Crown, Rotherham. [Taylor, John. • sl. Bedford-row; and Wheatley and Co. Ilother.

ham.] Nov. 12. EARNSBY, W. Bristol, baker, Dec. 24, Bush, Bris.

tol. [King, Serjeant's-inn. Fleet-st.; and Fran. his, Bristol.) Nov. 12. ELD, T. Haughton, Staffordshire, tanner, Dec. 94,

at the Office of Messrs. Collins and Keens, Stafford. (Collins and Co Stafford; and Price and Co. Lin. enin's-inn.) Nov. 12. EYTON, J. Christchurch, Southampton, draper, · Dec. 29. (Walker and Co. Old Jewry; and lur

ner, Christchurch, Hauts.] Nov. 10. EGLINTON, T. Newgate-st. woollen draper, Dec. 29. (Higden and Co. Currier's hall, London-wall.)

Nov. 16. ELIAS, E. $t. Mary Axe, merchant, Dec.

28. [Church, Paternoster.row, Bishopsgate-st]

Nov. 16. ESSEN HIGH, J. Dartford, Kent, innkeeper, Dec.

3 and 31. [Reid, Mark-la.] Nov. 19. EASTHOPE, G. Wolverhampton, upholsterer, Dec. . 5. 6, and Jan. 4, Jerninghaun Arins, Stilfall, · Salop. (Turner, Bloomsbury-sq. ; and Sunith,

Wolverhampton.) Nov. 23. FLETCHER, J. and J. Liverpool, sbip-chandlers, • Dec. 5, 6, and 17, Star and Garter, Liverpool.

[Avison and Co. Liverpool ] Vor. 5. FISHER, J. Westbroin wich, Stafford, banker, Dec.

10, 11, and 21, White Hart, Birmingham. [Bour. - dillon and Co. Little Friday-st. Cheapside'; and

Simcox, Birmingham.] Nov. 9. FIELD, J. Gresliam, Norfolk, carpenter, Dec. 08, ; Norinlk Hotel, Norwich. [Brown, Norwich; and Windus and Co. Southampton-bu. Chancery-la.)

Nor. !6. FLOWER and Co. Chichester-rents Chancery-la.

jeweliers, Dec. 9 and 91. [Jennings and Co. Carcy. sl. Lincoln's-inn-fields.] Nor. 19. FRASER, J. Liverpool, merchant, Dec. , 7. and

31, lieorge, Dale st. Liverpool. [Gunnery and Co, Liverpools and Chester, Staple-inn.) 'Nou. 19.

GREEN, B. Oldfield-la. Lancashire, coal-dealer,

Dec. 14, Bridgewater Arms, Lancaster. (Duckworth and Co. Manchester.] Nor. 2. GRIFFIN, J. Little Ryder-st. milliner, Dec. 14. (Pownall and Co. Copthall-co. Throgworton-st.)

Nor, . GURR, H. Dane hill, Sussex, lime-burner, Dec. 17.

(Crosse and Co. Hatfield-st. Blackfriars-road. }

Nov.5. GOULDER, C. Dilham, Norfolk, miller, Dec. 174

White Swan, Norwich. [Sewell and Co. Norwich; and Tilbury, Falcon-st. Falcon-sq.) Nor. 5. GRAINGER, T. Bristol, broker, Dec. 17, Commer

cial Rooms, Bristol. (Meelis, Staple-inn; and

Burges, Bristol.) Nov. 5. GAY, F. Bedminster, Somerset, mariner, Dec. 17,

Rummer, Bristol. [Price and Co. Lincoln's inn;

and Stokes, Caerwent, Monmouthshire.) Nov. , GRIFFITHS, W. jun. Here ord, mercer, Dec. 21,

Falcon, Bromyard, Hereford, (Bach, Furnival's.

inn, and Leominster, Herefordshire.] Nov.9. GREETHAM, C. Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 21, Star

and Garier, Liverpool. (Stanistree and Co. and

Avison and Co. Liverpool.) Nov. 9. GLENNIE and Co. New Broad-st. merchants, Dec.

24. (Druce and Co. Billiter-sq.) Nov. 12. GARREIT, R Speen hamland, Berkshire, saddler,

Dec. 2+, Pelican, Speenlamland. (Aldridge and Co. Lincoln's inn; and Bunney, Newbury.) Nou,

12. GOODALL, T. Pershore, Worcestershire, skinner,

Dec. 2, 3, and 24, Angel, Pershore. (Woudward and Son, or Dineley, Pershore; and Hurd and

Co. Temple.) Nor. 12. GRIFFITHS, R. Montgomeryshire, banker, Dec.

24, Royal Oak, Pool. (Edmunds and Co. Chan, · cery la. ; and Griffiths, Pool.] Nov. 12. GLOVER, 1). and J. Leeds, wool-staplers, Dec. 21,

Court House, Leed3. (Upton and Co. Leeds; and

Lambert and Co. Gray's-inn.! Nov. 19. GRIERSON, S. Barnsley, Yorkshire, linen-draper,

Dec. 31, White Bear, Barnsley. (Clarke, Barna sley; and Exley and Co. Furnival's inn.) Nor.

19. GREEN, J. Norwich, hosier, Dec. 31, Norfolk

Morel, Norwich. (Bignold and Co. No wich; and

Alexander and Co. New-inn. Nor. 19. GREENWOOD, F. Upper King-st. Bloomsbury, jeweller, Dec. 3 and 3i. [Poole, Adam' Old

Brad. t. Nov. 19. GEORGE, T. St. Woolas, Monmouth, shopkeeper,

Dec, 16, 17, and Jan. 4, Castle, Merthyr Tydvil, Glamorgan. (Jenkins, New-ion; and Meyrick,

Merthyr Tydvil.] Noir 29. HEGGERTY, J. Bryanstone-st. St. Mary le. Bonne,

dealer in lace, Dec. 10. (Saunders, Fitzrov sq.) Oct. 29. HUGHES and Co. St. Paul's church-yard, uphol. sterers, Dec. 14. (Nibiett, Bread-st. Cheapside.]

Non, 2.
HAYES, M. Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 14, King's

Arms, Liverpool. (Orred and Co. Liverpool; and
Lowe and Co. Southampton build. Chancery la.)

Nov. 2.
HAMPTON, J. Longion, Worcester, merchant,

Dec. 14. Dimes, Friday-st.) Nor. 2. HUMBY, J. Avon-st. Bain, oilinan, Dec. 17, Castle

and Ball, Bath. (Harman, Covent-garden; and Empson, Bath.] N.o.o. HALL, W. Leeds, hatter, Dec. 21, Court-house,

Leeds. [Lambarts and Co. Gray's-inn-sq.; and

Skelton, Leeds. Noo 9. HOXNE, C. Corbett's Tayc, Essex, rectifier, Dec.

91. Martin, Vintner's-ball, Upper Thames-s1.)

Nor.o. HOLME and Co. Carlisle, commou-brewers, Der..

21, Bush, Carlisle. Li'carsun, Carlisle; and Bira kett, Cloak-la.] Nov.9. HOLMES, W. North Shields, master.mariver and ship-owner, Dec. 5 and 24, George, North Shields. (Mitchell and Co. Forwke's build. Tower-st; and Cockerill, North Shields.) Nur. 19. HOOD, J. and A. Great Marlow, Bucks, grocers,

Dec. 24, Town Hall, Reading. [Andrews, jun: Reading; and Anstice and Co. Temple. ] Nov 19 BAW, W. Bristol, plane-maker, Dec. 24, Commer

cial Rooms, Bristol. [Pool and Co. Gray's in

and Ball, Bristol.] Nov. 13. HAIGH, A. Halifax. hoster, Dec. 28, Talhot, Hali.

fax. (Wiglesworth and Co. Gray's-inn; ano Wiglesworth and Co. Halifax.) Nov. 16.

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HARDING, G. Ilfracombe, Devon, draper, Dec. 28,

Rummer, Bristol. (Pool and Co. Gray's-inn; and

Martin, Bristol.1 Nor, lo HODGKIN, C. Old City Chambers, merchant, Dec.

31. (Kearsey and Co. Bishopsgale-st.) Nov. 19. JEFFERY, J. Tonbridge, Kent, shopkeeper, Dec. 14.

[Rowland and Co. Lincoln's inn-fields.] Nov. . JOSEPH, J. warehouseman, Dec. 17.

[Sams. Old Jewry) Nor. 5. JONES, W. Oswestry, Shropshire, tanner, Dec. 21,

Cross Foxes, Oswestry. (Stephenson, Lincolu's. inn; and Edwards, O-wesiry. Nov. 9. JONES, C. Oswestry, tanner, Dec. 21, Cross Foxes,

Oswestry. (Stevenson, Lincoln's inn; and Ed.

wards. Oswestiy.). Nov.9. JACKSON, S. Back-la. St. George's in the East, rope.

maner. Dec. 24. [Beasdale and Co. Nor. 12. JONES. E. D. Chester, liquor-merchant, Dec. 3, 4,

and 28, at the Office of Mr. Peter Woods, Lower Castle-st. Liverpool. (Woods, Liverpool; and

Blackstock and Co. Temple.] Nov. 16. ISAAC, E. Queen.«q. Bloomsbury, wine-merchant,

Dec. 31. Wiltshire and Co. Winchester-lıouse,

Old Broad-st.) Not. 19. JOUNSON, J. Newcastle-upon-Tync, porter-mer

chant, Dec. 13 and 31, George, Newcastle-uponTyne. (Bell and Co. Cheapside; and Stoker, Newcastle.] Nov. 19. JOHNSON and Co. Kirkhy Lonsdale, Westmorland,

spirit-merchants, Dec. 19, 13, and Jan, 4, Rose and Crown, Kirby Lonsdale. (Beverley, Stapleinn; and Clapham, Burton.) Nov. 23. JONES, H. Wellington-square, St. Pancras, mere

chant, Dec. 10, and Jan. 4. [Clark, Bishopsgate. st.-without.) Nor.39. KIRKMAN, J. St. Giles's, brewer, Dec. 17.

(Sweet and Co. Basinghall-st.) Nov. . KEER, W. Ilovd's Cotie-bonse, merchant, Dec, 14

and 28. (White and Co. Tokenhouse-yard.]

Nor. 10. KELTY, A, Worcester, jeweller, Dec. 10, 17, and

Jan. 4. (Mayhew and Co. Sy mond's-inn.] Nor. LAW, T. Birmingham, die sinker, Dec. 10, Jerning

liam Arius, Shitinal (Price and Co. Lincoln'se inn; and Smith, Wolverhampton.) Oct. 29, LOVE, C. Old Bond-st. jewelier, Dec. 14. (Row

land and Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields.) Nov. o. LUKEY, P. Frwey, Cornwall, grocer, Dec. 17, Slip,

Fosey. (Thompson, Gray's-inn sq.; and Brown,

Fowey. 1 Nov. 5. LORI), J. Cheapzide, hosier, Dec. 21. (Swann, New

Iasi Nor. 9. LOWE, J. Birininghain, Warwick, bookseller, Dec.

21, Union, Birmingham. (Baxter and Co. Furnia

Valis-inn ; and Bird, Birmingham.). Nor. 9. LYNE and Co. Cecil-st. Strand, tailors, Dec. 21.

[Richardson and Co. New inn. Nov. 0. LUCAS, H. Liverpool, merchant, Dec. 4, 5, and 21,

George, Liverpool. (Denison, liverpool; and

Atkinson and Co. Chancery-la.) Nov 12. LEVICK, T. Ordsalc, Nottingbam, maltster, Dec. 2*White Hart, East Retford, Nottingham. [ Mee, East Rerlord; and Exley and Co. Furnival's.

inn. Mar. 16. LESTER, T. Haiton-garden, silver-plater. Dec. 28.

(Rob nson, Half Mown-st. Ficcadilly.) Nor. 16. LÈE, S. J. South Crescent, Tottenham-co.-road,

merchani, Dec. 28. (Jones and Co. York-st. Covert garden.) Not. 16. LEVY, A. Commercial-chambers, Minories, money.

scrivcner, Dec.3 and 31. [Pullen, Cripple. gato.]

Vor. 19. LLOYD, R. Sharwell, High-st. slnneeller, Dec. 31.

(ilutchinson, Crown-co. Threadneedle-st.) Nav.

19. LINDGREN, H. J. Star-alley, Mark-In. ship-broker,

ter, 7 and Jan. t. (Concanon, New

Bridge-st.) Nur. 2.3. MOKHOUSE. W. . Liverpool, iron-merchant,

Dec. 10. (Rowland and Co. Lincolui's-Inn fields.)

Oct. 29. METHAM, W. Hinchley, Leicester, pig-jobber,

Dec. 10. George, Hinchley. (Conflable, Syinond's inn; and Greenway, Atticborough-hall, Nuneaton.]

Oct. 29. MURCH, W. Totness, Devon, builder, Dec. 10,

Ball, Totness, (Blahe, Charlotte st. Blackfriars

rond; and Taunion, Pomnesv.] Ocz. 2). MCARTHY, C. Long-la. Bermondscy, skinder, Dic.

14. [Reardon and Co. Corrt-co. Gracecharch-4.4

Nor. 2. MILLERS, M. C. Liverpool, milliner, Dec. 14,

George, Liverpool. [Griitith and Co. Liverpool.

Nor. 2. MOORHOUSE, G. Dencaster, York, grocer, Dec.

17. [Edis, Abchurch-la,) Nov. 3. MAKTIN and Co. Bristol, linen drapers, Dec. 17,

White Lion, Bristol. (Steplicns, or Clark, Pris tol; and Jenkins, New.inn. Noe. . MORAND, S. Broad st. merchani, Dec. 91. [Dames

and Cn. Thrugmorton-st.) Nor, 9. MUMMERY, M. and G. Margale, coach-masters,

Dec. 94, Royal Hotel, Margate. (Dering, Margalt;

and Taylor, Jolan-st. Bedford-Tux.] Not. 12. MACKINTOSH, E. Haymarker, armuy accutze.

ment-maker, Dec. 94. (Pitches and Co: Switchin's

la.) Nov. 12. MELISS, G. Fenchurch-st. merchant, Dec. es.

(Wiltshire and Co. Old Broad-st. Nos. 18. MADGWICK, R. Portsmouth, bool-maker, Dec. 4,

6, and 2n, Council Chamber, Portsmouth. [Puol. den, Portsea; and Shelton, Sessions-byuse, Loo

don.] Nov. 16. MARTIN, F. Throgmorton-st. stock-brnker, Dec.

28.. (Adlington and Co. Bedforderne). Not. 16. MALLINSON, A. and J. Huddersfield, York, wool

staplers, Dec. 28, Cross Keys, Osaestry, Galop (Edmunds, Oswestry; and Presland and Co. Brunswich-sa.] Nov. 16. MUNTON, J. Cripplegate, bread and biscuit haker,

Dec. 3 and si(swann, New Basinghall-st.]

Nov. 19. M'RAE, P. St. Martin's-st. Lejrester-sq. tailot, Dec.

s and . (Hamilton, 'Tavistock-fon, Corent-gar. den.) Xov. 19. MERDEN, E. Princes-place, Commercial-road, sad

dler, Dec.. and Jan. 4. (Grithth, Featherstone

build. Holborn.] Nor. 23. MACHELI., R. Dewsbury, innkerper, Dec. i and

Jan. 4. (Hartley, Bridge-st. Blackfriars.] Ner.

23. MARSDEN, T. sen. Curtain road, horse-dezler,

Dec. 7 and Jan. 4. (Wilks, Finsbury.pla] Net. 23. MASON, T. J. Exeter, musical instrument suflet,

Dec. 7, 9, and Jan. 4, Hotel, Exeter, (Bruttet,

Broad-st.; and Brut'on, Exeter.) Nar. 13. MALTBY, E. 'Tottingham, mailater. Dec. 5, f, and

Jan. 4, George, Altret:11, Derby. (Herlis, Staple

in!!; and Rickards, Alfrelon.). Nor. 43. NEW NUM, J. Portslade, Sussex, comenon-brewer

Dec. 14, New Ship, Brighthelmstou. [Marshall and Co. Steyning; and Palmer and Co. Bedford.

row., Nov. 9. NU17 K. Stalbridge, Dorset. saddler, Dec. 17.

{Willingham, Great Mary.le bonne-et.) Ner jo NOEL, L.J.J. Queen-st. Cheapside, wine merchant,

Dec. 28. (Reilly, Clements-inn.j Nov. 16. OSWELL, W. Throgmorton-st. merchant,

Dec. 17. (Gegsoos and Co. Tharog. morton-st.1 Nor. 5. ORWIN, W. Carlisle, Cumberland, upholsteret,

Dec. 10) and 17, George, Newcastle. (Bell and Co.; and Stocker, Newcastle,) Nai. OLDHAM, W. Manchester, allor, Dec. , 91, and

Jan. 4, Coach and Horses, Manchesier. (Windle, John-st. Bedford-row; and Thomson, March

ter.) Nor. 23. PROUD, J. Bilston, Stafford, bookseller, Dec. 10,

Rnyal Hotel, Birmingham. (Wood, Wolver hampton; and Price and Co. Oici mq. Lincolas

inn.) Oct. 99. PRICE, H. Dolgelly, Merioneth, shopkeeper, Der.

10, George, Liverpool. (Griffith and Co. Livet.

pool.) Oct. 99. PATTINSON, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, grocer, Dec.

10. ('rown and Toistle, Newcastle. Young and Co. Si. Mildred'; and Kirkley and Co. Nemo

castle. Oct. 29. PHELAN, R. Bath, grocer, Dec. 14, White Lina,

Barb. (Borfoot, King's-Bench-walks, Temple; and English, Bath.) Net.e. PHILLIPS and Co. Yurk, merchants, Dec. 14.

ai the bouse of Jane Howlet, York. [Bridges and Co. Red Lion-sq; and Howlett, York.) Nor. !. PRENTIS, J. Charter-house-la. watchmaker, Dec

17. | Tucker, Bartlett's build ] Nor.). PALMER, W. Gloucester, mason, Dec. 81, Kum. mer, Bristol. (l'ool and Co. Gray's-inn-si Cornish, Nov. 9.

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PENHERTHY, J. Illogan, Cornwall, grocer, Dec. 21, Pearce's Hotel, Redruth., [Davey, jun. Red.

ruth; and Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn. Nor. 9. PENNY, G. Warnford-co. Throg morton-st. mer

chant, Dec. 21. [Doonollon, Copthall-buildings,] Nov. 9. PARRY, H. and W. Caerleon, Monmouthshire, tin. plate and wire-manufacturers, Dec. 24, King's Head, Newport. [Platt, New Lin. coln's-inn; and Prothero, jun. Newport.] Nov. 12. PARKER, T. Chorley, Lancaster, muslin-manufac.

lurer, Dec. 2. 3, and 98, Bridge Inn, Bolion, [Bleddowcroft, Gray's. inn; and Boardman, Bola ton.) Nov. 16. PEARSON, G. Leadenhall-st, tailor, Dec. 28, [Mit.

chell and Co. Fowkes build. Tower-st.] Nov. 16. PORRITT, I. Minories, cheesemonger, Dec. 3 and os. (Lee and Co. Three Crown-sq. Southwark.)

Nor. 16. PERKINS, J. Reading, Berks, haberdasher, Dec. 28,

(Cole, Cateaton-st.] Nov. 16. PICKERING, J. Haiton wall, oilman, Dec. 3, and

23. (Smith, Hatton-garden.] Nov. 16. PIGG, R. Norwicb, grocer, Dec. 31, Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (Bignold and Co. Norwich; and Alex.

ander and Co. New.inn.} Nou. 19. PAYNE, T. A. Loxley, Yorkshire, dealer, Dec. 31, 'White Bear, Barnsley. (Alexander and Co. New.

and Pigott, Hemingfield, Yorkshire.] Nov. 19. PERRY, T. Kingston, Hereford, painter, Dec. 9, 3,

and Jan. 4, Green Dragon, Hereford. (Pewtriss,

Gray's.inn; and Watkins, Herelord.] Nov. 23. ROBERTS, W. Manchester, corn-factor, Dec. 10,

Palace Inn, Manchester. (Renshaw, Manchester; and Brundrett and Co. Temple.] Oct. 26. REBBECK, J. Devizes, Wilts, sitiff-manufacturer,

Ship, Miere. Durnford, Pensbury-house, near Shaftesbury; and Popkin, Dean-st. Soho.] Oct. 89. RAABE, C, D. Middlesex, tailor, Dec.

17. (Deykes, Tliavies-inn.) Nov, 5. RATCLIFF, K. Mothersall, Staffordshire, miller, Dec. 17, Bell and Bear, Stone. (Edmunds and Co.; and Hubbard and Co. Cheadle.]

Nov. 5. ROUNTREE, G. Stockton, Durham, draper, Dec.

17, Red Lion, Stockien. (Windle, Bed. ford-row; and Raisbeck, Stockton.) Nov. 5. RODGERS, C. Melton-Mowbray, Leicestershire,

grocer, Dec. 17, George and Talbot, Mellon-Now bray. (Harrison, Melton-Alowbray; and Collett and Co. Chancers-la.) Nor. 5. REYNOLDS, G. Portreath, Cornwall, innkeeper,

Dec. 21, Pearce's Hotel, Redruth. (Davey, jun. Redruth; and Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn.)

Nor.9. ROBERTS, S. Bowbridge, Gloucestershire, harge.

owner, Dec. 24, Fleece, Gloucester. [Read, Ser. jeant's inn; and Bowyer, Gloucester.) Not. 19. STONE, I. Southtown, Suffolk, ship-builder, Dec.

10, Star, Great Yarmouth. [Preston, Great Yar. mouth; and Peacock, Lincoln's-inn. ficids.] Oct. STANLEY, W. Warwick, liquor-merchant, Dec.

14, Black Swan, Warwick. '(Thomas,

Fleet-st.; and Heydon and Co. Warwick.] Noc. 2. SEEPHERD, W. Great Bedwin, Wilts, victualler,

Dec. 14, Bear, Hungerford, Wilts. (Russell, Rams. bury, Wilts; and Pen and Co. Henrietta-st. Co. vent-garden.] Nov. 2. STOREY, T. Leeds, cheesemonger, Dec. 14, Court

House, Leeds. (Tottie and Co. Leeds; and at their Offic, No. 53, Poultry.) Nov. 2. SELBY, P. Throgmoiton-st. merchant,

Dee. 17. (Gregsons and Co. Angel-co. Throgmorton-st.) Voc. 5. SMITH, W. and A. Stockton, Durbam, bankers,

Dec. 17, at Nir. T. Etridge's, York. [Baxter and

Ca Furnival's-inn; and Mayldon, York.). Nov. 5. SAUNDERS, J. Ridgway Cross, Herefordshire, grocer, Dec. 24, Star and Garter, Worceter. Lowndes, Red Lion-sq ; and Wall. Worcester.) no. 12 STORKS, J. Doncaster, spirit-merchant, Dec. 94, 0.d Angel, Doncaster. (Stringer, Doncaster; and

Langdill and Co. Gray's inn sq.) Nur. 12. SMITH, J. Huddersfiel, cooper, Dec. 28, Maccles.

field Arms, Macclesfield. (Grimsditch and Co.

Macclesfield; and Bell and Co. Cheapside) Nur. SMITH, T. Grafton, Elyford, Worcester, wool-mer

Europ. Mag. Vol. LXX. Nov. 1516.

chant, Dec. 6, 7, and 28, Crown and Sceptre, Worcester. [Robeson, Droitwich; and Fludgate

and Co. Strand.) Nov. 16. STUART, J. Bishopsgate-st. saddler, Dee. 3 and 91%

(Pitches, Saint Swithin's-la. Cannon-st.) Nov. 19. STEPHENSON, W. Preston, Lancaster, linen.dra.

per, Dec. 16, 17, and Jan. 4, Mitre, Preston. (Blaklocke, Serjeant's-inn, Fleet-st; and Blans

chard and Co. Preston.] Nov. 29. THOMPSON, W. jun. Wakefield, Yorkshire, grocer, Dec. 21, Sessions House, Waliceld. [Lake, Dow.

gate-hill; and Beaver, Wakefield.] Kor.. THOMAS,'J. mercer, Oswestry, Dec. 21, Cross Foxes,

Oswestry. Jones, Oswestry. ] Nor. y. TINDLE, 1. Minories, linen-draper, Dec. 26. [Tho.

mas, Fenchurch-st.) Nov, 12. TONGUE, R. Arnold, Nottinghamshire, innkeeper,

Dec. 94, Punch Bowl, Nottingham. (Hurst, Not

tinglam; and Knowles, New inn.] Nov. 12. TALLENIS, F. Kirkby, Ashfield, Nottinghamshire,

grucer, Dec. 94, Punch Bowl, Nottingham. (Hurst, Nottingham; and Knowles, New-inn.]

Nov, 12, THOMAS, W. Little Marcle, Herefordshire, farmer,

Dec. 24, Crown, Ledbury (Holbrook, Ledbury; and Stevenson, Lincoln's-inn.) Nov. 19. THOMAS, S. Handall Alby, Yo kshire, cattle-jobber,

Dec. 9, 10, and 27, Cock, Guisbrough.. (Powell Stukesley, Yorkshire; and Morton and Co. Gray's

inn-sq.) Nuo. 16. TAYLOR, J. Heath Charnock, Lancaster, cotton

manufacturer, Dec. 2, 3, and 28, Bridge inn, Bolo ton. [Adlington and Co. Bedford-row; and Cross and Co. Bolton-le-Moors.) Nov. 16. TREVOR and Co. Whitchurch, Salor, bankers Dec. 10, 11, and 31, Lord Hill Inn, Whitchurch. [Exley and Co. Furnival's-inn; and Knight and

Co. Whitchurch. Nov. 19. TIMEWELL, J. Fitzhead, Somersetshire, flour

merchant, Dec. 3, 4, and 31, White Hart, Wivelis. combe. (Adlington and (o. Bedford.row; and Hancock, Tord, Somersetshire.] Nov. 19. VANDERSTEEN and Co. Widegate st. Bislaopsgate,

silti manufacturers, Dec. 21. (Jancs, Buckiers

bury.] Nov. 9. WEBSTER, F. St. Austell, Cornwall, linen-draper,

Dec. 10, White Hari, St. Austell. (Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn; and Simmons, St. Austell.] Oct.

29. WILLIAMS, 1. Bristol, timber-merchant, Dec. 14, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. [Bourdillon and Co. Little Friday-st.; and Bevan and Co. Bristol.]

Nov. 2. WOHLENBERG, J. otherwise WOHLENBERG, J.

H. St. Catherine-st. Middlesex, biscuit-baker, Dec. 14. [Chapman and Co. Little St. Thomas

Apostle.] Noc. 2. WILKINSON, W. Kighler, York,' nufacturer, Dec. 14, Devonshire Arus, Kighley's [Dixon, Kighley; and Beverley, Stapie-inu.]

Nor, e. WHEATLEY, T. Finsbury-st. Finsbury.square, fca

ther and fancy-trimming manutacturer, Dec. 17.

(Cranchi. Broad s.] Nov. 5. WADDILOVE, J. London-terrace, Hackney-load,

stone-mason, Dec. 12, 19, and 21. [Lyles, Castle, st. Houndsdiich.) Nor.9. WAINWRIGHT, J. Leeds, manufacturer, Dec. 21,

Court House, Leeds. (Lake, Dowgale-hill; and Granger, leeds.) Nor. 9. WINDSY, 11. Bath, wine-Inerchant, Dec. 21, Grey.

beund, Bath. (Ridpatlı, Baill; and Sandys and C. Cranc-co. Fleet-st.] Nor. 9. WILSON, R. Manchester, innkeeper, Dec. 24, Al

bion, Mancliester. (Dalsiad and (o. Manchester; and Milne and Co. Temple. Nov. 12. WILLIAMS, J. Newport, Isle of Wight, grocer,

Dec. 10, 11, and 28, Str. Gosport. [Bogne, Cle

ment's inn; and Hoskins, Gosport.] Vur. 16. WEBBLE, H. Bristol, mochant,, Commer

cial Roume, Bristol. (Biga, Southampton-buli.; and Bigg and Son, Bristol.) Now.

10. WATERS, M. Nicholas-la., broker, Dcc.

and 31. (Wiltshire and Co. Old Broad-st.] Nov. 19. WILLOUGHBY and Co. Plynouth, and THOMAS,

R. Cheapside, hat-inanufacturers, Dec. 7 and Jan.

4. (Clabon, Tokenhouse-yard, Lothbury.] Nov. WAIN, J. Camberwell, wool. broker, Dec. 3 and Jan.

(Runter, Millman-st. Bedford row.) Noe. 23. WILSON, J. Coventry, wine-merchant, Duc. 6, 7 *

3 P


King's Head, and Jan. 4, Castle, Coventry. (Alexander, Lincoln's-inn; and Mia

ster, Coventry.N) ov. 23.
WESTO, R. P. Durham, ship-owner, Dec. 9, 16, and

Jan. 4, George, Newcastle upon Tyne. (Bell and
Co. Cheapside; and Bainbridge, South Shields.]

Nor. 23.
WAREING, J. Liverpool, draper, Dec. 18, 19, and

Jan. 4, at the Office of Mr. G. Swinden, Solicitor,
Duke-st. Liverpool. (Swiden, Liverpool; and
Makinson, Temple.] Nov. 23.

WILSON, F. Durham, grocer, Dec. 11, 12, and Jars.

4, Black Lion, Stockton. (Windle, Jobo-st. Bed. ford-row; and Frank, Stockton.] Nov. 23. WOOLCOMBE, W. jun. St. Michael's-alley, Corn.

hill, ship and insurance-broker, Dec. 7 and Jan.

4. [Boswell, Austin-friars.] Non. 23. YOUNG, J. Blandford St. Mary, Dorset, Dec. 91,

Greyhound, Blandford Forum. (Moore, Blandford; and Wilson and Co. Lincoln's-ina-fields.) Nor.9.

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FROM TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29. TO SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 23, 1816. ASHBEY, J. Boxtead, Nov, 19 Farrell, T. Norwich, Nov. 30 Lewis, C. High Holborn, Dec. 3 Adcock, J. St. Mary-axe, Nov. 26 Finch, J. C Russell-co. Nov. 14 Loft, W. Sussex-pl. Dec. 7. Allen, W. ('ambridge-st. Nov. 29 Few, J. Downham, Dec. 9 Lawrence and Co. Bermondsey-st. Alston, W. Heybridge-hall, Dec. 3 Freeman, J. Ilutton gar. Dec. 31 Nov. 23 Amos and Co. St. Helen's-place, Fowler, D. Lime-st, Dec. 14 Lawrence and Co. Falmouth, Dec. 7 Dec. 3

Foreman, J. Sheerness, Dec. 3 Moore, M. Albemarle-st. Nor. 23 Ashby, R. Poultry, Nov. 23 Greaves, A. Queen-st. Nov.23 M‘Brair, R. Fen-co. Nov. as Anderson, A. Philpot-la. Dec. 10 Grylls, T. Deritend, Nov. 28 Murray, W. Pall-mall, Nov. 29 Arbold, W.J. Great Tower-st. Dec. Grant, w. Oxford-st. Nov. 26 Meatyard, J. West Orchard, Nor. 10

Gray and Co. Bridport, Dec. 4 25 Altham, W. Tokenhouse-ya. Nov. Griffiths, S. Boswell-co. Jan. 13 Marsh and Co. Reading, Nov. 30 26 Gimley, J. Ashstead, Dec. 6

Morrison, N. C. Tottenhamn-courtAguilar, J. Devonshire-sq. Dec. 14 Gowing, G. Holborn-br. Dec. 7 road, Nov. 30 Branthwaite, A. Greville-st. Nov. Graham, A. Haslıngden, Dec.[10 Miles, R. London, Nor, 30 30 Gent, C. Liskeard, Dec. 15

Mercier and Co. Bond, R. Plymouth, Nov. 25 Guild, J. South America, Dec. 10 Dec. 3 Blackburn, C. East India Cham- Glenny, J. Red-lion-st. Dec. 10 Mott, B. Smarden, Dec. 9 bers, Dec. 7

Gowen, J. Mark-la. Dec. 14 Montieth and Co. Gracechurch-st. Brumley, H. Lloyd's Coffee House, Gowen, J. Heveningham, Dec. 16 Dec. 10 Nov. 26

Hickman, J.and T. Taunton, Nov. Morley and Co. Doncaster, Dec. 11 Ball, J. B. jun. Kennington, Nov. 19

Miles, D. Southampton-row, Dec. 90

Hughes, T. Red-lion-st. Dec. 17 10 Biddie, N. Gloucester, Nov. 27 Harrison, J. Sheffield, Nsv. 29 Nash, W. St. Mary-axe, Nov. 19 Brown and Co. George-st. Dec. 3 Hughes, T. Ludgate-st. Nov. 26 Newinan, J. Hanway-st. Nov. 19 Butt, J. Sheffield, Dec. 11

Hewlett, J. Birmingham, Nov. 89 Newton, J. Lamb's Conduit-st. Blackburn, J. Duke-st. Dec. 7 Headlam, J. Skinner-st. Nov. 5 Nor. So Becher, C. c. Lothbury, Dec. 7 Howell and Co, Changc-alley, Nov. Newberry, J. St. Clement, Nov. 93 Bevan, T. Fisguard, Nov.90


Nalborough and Co. Harwich, Dec. Brown, J. Heaton Norris, Dec. 11 Harten, G. V. Leadenhall-st. Nov. 10 Baxter. R. Talbot-inn-ya. Dec. 14 SO

Osman, E. Hackney. Dec. 7 Barlow and Co. Sheffield, Dec. 16 Hassell, G. Hanover-st. Dec. 21 Orton, C. Honey-lane mar. Dec. 3 Bentley, R. White-horse-ya, Dec. Holmes, F. Vere-st. Dec. 7 Olivant, G. Manchester, Dec. 11

Harper and Co.Snow's-fields, Dec.7 Paternoster, W. Rochester, Nov. 19 Bilson, W. Ampthill, Dec. 14 Harrison, R. sen. Maidenhead, Pratt, P. Archer-s tov. 19 Clarke, H. Liverpool, Dec. 2

Dec. 7

Pearce, H. Redruth, Nov. 26 Cowie, J. Nov. 30 Hopwood, J. Heaton Norris, Dec. Pannell, M. Hosier-la. Nor. 93 Cleaver, W. and D. 18

Pollard and Co. Bristol, Nov. 27 Nov. 30

Henriques, J. Old City Chambers, Parsons, J. Red cross-st. Dec, 10 Carter, W. Snigrare, Nov. 30

Nov. 23

Peat, A. Doncaster, Nov. 30 Careless, R. Hereford, Dec. 11 Halliday, J. Old South Sea House, Prankerd, C. Gloucester, Dec. 6 Cordwell, J. Manchester, Dec, 13 Dec. 14

Polglass, J. Bristol, Dec. + Cox, J. sen. Shoe-la. Dec. 21 Harkness, J. Addle-st. Dec. 14 Pearson, J. Weston, Dec. 9 Cooper. J. Rothwell, Dec. 11 Hallett and Co. Queen-st. Dec. 10 Pike, J. Hungerford, Nos. 25 Cochaine, J. Tottenham-court-ro. Howells, H. Mill-bank, Dec. 11 Pagett, W.jun. Wenborne, Dec. 10 Dec. 7

Hurrell, T. York-st. Dec. 14 Porter, T. Üllesthorpe, Dec. 10 Cotterill, E. S. Manchester, Dec. Hamlyn and Co. Bideford, Dec. 19 Palmer. S. Gloucester, Dec. 14 19

Houghton, E. Bromsgrove, Dec. 21 Parker, T. Ainclitfe, Dec. 17 Clarke, T. Ilminster, March 4 Jackson, W. Clement's-la. Nov. 30 Prvor, s, Cambridge, Dec. 16 Cliffe, H. Glasgow, Dec. 10 Jones and Co. Bucklersbury, Nov. Reay, J. Mark-la. Nov. so Cooke, J. Gravesend, Dec. 10

Robertson, J. Bosh-la. Nov. 90 Crokait, T. C. Lloyd's Coffee-bo- Jeffs, J. Benford, Nov. 26

Rothery, J. Whitehaven, Dec. 3 Dec. 14

James, C. Cornhill, Nov. 19 Reynolds, W.J. George-st. Dec. 7 Cosslett, W. Glamorgan, Dec. 17 Jones, T. Bradley, Dec. 9

Ring, J. Tonbridge, Dec. 7 Daniel, R. Coleman-st. Nov. 03 Jones, P. B. Birmingham, Dec. 7 Robins, W. T. Kent-street, Dec. ? Durrant and Co. Heathtield, Nov. Israel, H. H. Wood-st. Dec. 3 Hust, J. Great Waltham, Nov. So

Jameson and Co. Little Queen-st. Ridsdale, F. Leeds, Dec. 17 Dodd, J. Norfolk-st. Nov. 26

Der. 7

Riddell, G. Berwick-upon-Tweed, Dubois, J. Brixton, Nov. 26 Jewitt, S. Faxfleet, Dec. 4

Dec. 17 Dickinson, J. Guildhall-pass. Nov. James, J. Lime-st. Dec. 7

Redgrave, W.G Qucen st. Dec. 91 30 Joseph, R. Little New-st. Der. 10

Smith, W. Union-st. Drage, E. jun. Bennington, Dec. 7 Jorden, T. Batlı, Dec. 19

Sievers, H. B. Thames-st. Nos. 30 Jodgson, P. Liverpool, Dec. 7 Kendrick and Co. Warrington, Slude, W. St. Jobin's st. Nov. Daniel, H. Greek st. Þec. s

Nov. 22

sinnott, W. Bowling-green-lane, Downing, R. Melkshun, Dec. Knight, W. Bagshot, Nor. 26 Nov. 4 Davies, J. Shoreditch, Nov. 30 Konier, J. St. Swithin's-la. Nov. 30 Sbeail and Co. Lincoln, Nov. 89 Debenne, J. S. North Walsham, Kemp, w. Bath, Dec. 19

Spooner, W. Lawrence-la, Nov. Dec. 13

Kincaid, D. Spital-sq. Nov. 30 Skillecorn, G. St. Pancras, Nor. 30 Davies, R. New Bond-st. Dec. 14 King, T. Leicester, Nov. 26 Stevens and Co. Brighthelinstone, Doughly, J. Leadenham, Dec. 17 Knight, G. Liverponi, Dec. 2

Nov, 25 Ewer, W. Nov. 30

Kirton, S. Manchester, Dec. 17 Strombom, J. Austin-friars, Dec. Evans, T. Monmouth, Dec. 4 Knulton, J. Manchester, Dec. 13 18 Eyre, W. Cornwall, Dec. 2 Kirkman, J. Gower-st. Dec. 7 Slatter and Co. West Dowlish, Evans, J., Tottenham court road, Kahrs, J. N. Great Winchester-st. Dec. 6 Dec 7

Dec. 14

Stephenson, A. Camden st. Nov. Evans, J. B. Hindon, Dec. 19 Kennion, J. sen. and jun. NichoScout, w. Portsmouth. Nov. 30 Esershed, W. Tooley-sr. Dec. 10 las-la. Nov. 30

Sicklen, H. Godalıning, Nos. 90 yr, W. Nntiinghain, Dec. 16 E

Lawrence and Co. Bermondsey-st Sims, W. Partsea, Dec.3
nchan and Co. Epping, Dec. 7 Nov. 19
incbain and Co. lpping, Dec, 101 Lery, A. M. Leman-st. Dec. 14

Sharp, J. Portsmouth, Dec. 3
Swallow, J. Bix, Dec.


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