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A novel in 4 vols, by Miss Holcroft, to of Memorandums of a Residences in France, be entituled, fortitude and Frailty, wil in the Winter or 1815. 16. shortly appear; also Purity of Heart; The Edinburgh Annual Register for 1814, or, the Ancient Costume ; a tale, in one is nearly ready. The historical part of volame, addressed to the author of Glenar. which is said to be from the celebrated Pen yon, by an old wife of twenty years. of the Author of Paul's Letters.

Preparing for publication, Memoirs of Sbirtly may he expected from the Pen of the Life and Writings of the laie Jolin Mr. Montgomery, Author of the Wanderer Coakley Lettsom, M. and LL, D. B.R.S. of Switzerland, Copies of Verses to the F.A.S. F.L.S. &c. &c. With a Selection Memory of the late Richard Reynolds, of from his Correspondence with the principat Bristol, the benevoleut Quaker; also, Literati of this and foreign Countries. By Thoughts on Wheels, a Poem; and, Thomas Joseph Pettigrew, F.L.S.

The State Lottery; a Dream. By Sa. Mary; or, Female Friendsbip; a Poem, muel Roberts. in twelve books, by Harriet Downing, is A Discourse, on the occasion of the deatli just published in quario.

of the Reverend William Vidler, is io ibe An 8vo. volume is in the press, consisting press.


POBLISHED IN OCTOBER, Ar the Prices they are advertised at, in bourds, unless otherwise expressed ;

and muy be hud of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL. It is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will continue to conimanirate Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE of EXPENSE. A

GRICULTURAL State of the King. Clarke's (Dr.) Travels ; a new Edit. in dom, bds. 9s.

8vo, vols. I and 2. 11. 16s. Sirathallen, by Alicia Lefanů, 4 vols. Thomson's Medical Report in Belgium, V. 4s.

8vo. 8s, Medical Report of the Epidemic Fever Brewsten's, Meditation of a Recluse, 8vo. io Iudia, Svo. 6s. 64.

fourth Edit.9s. Chateaubriand's Monarch, accordion to Leslie's Method with the Jews, 4s. the Charter ; translated from the Freach, Spanish Tales. 3 vols. 1l. Is. @yo. 7s. 611,

Botcher's Sermons, vol. 3, 12mo, 5s. Dr. Johoson's Diary of a Journey into Edinburgh Annual Register, 1814, being N, Wales, by Duppa, 9s.

vol. 7, 11. ls. Janson's View of ihe States of Barbary, Poetic Mirror, or the Living Bards of And, Edit, 5%.

Britain, 7s, 6d. Willyans' lnfuence of Genius, 6s. '

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Extracted from the London Gazette. X.B. All the Meetings are at Guildhali, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attorneys' Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. JONES, W. Bristol, bullder, Oct. l.

CAZER, J. Maker, Cornwall, tanner, Oct. 5. TRICKÉU, W. Bury St, Edmunda, grocer, Oet. 5. CHAMBERS, T, Cwenswick, farmer, Oct. 15.

BANKRUPTS. ARLE, W. Tottenham-court-road, saddler, Nov. 19. BEALEY, J. Little Lever, Lancaster, paper-mende (Timbrell and Co. So 10-69.) Oct. 8.

facturer, Nov. 9, Star, Manchester. [Duckworth ANNETT, R. of the rcuce, Ninthumberland, agent, and Co. Manchester.) Sept. 28.

Nov. 11, 12, and eo, White Swau, Alanick. (Selby, BROOKES, J. Bellingdien, Buckingham, dealer, Nor.
Alnwick; and Burg and Co. Joha-st. Ainerica.sq.] 9. [Constable, Sy mond's inn.) Sepl. 28.
Oct, 15.

BELLAVY, T. Brigiol, wool factor, Nov. 19, Taloor, ARUN DALE, G. Totness, Devon, common brewer, Bristol. (Price and Co. Lincolu's.inn; and Hart.

Nor. 6, 7, and e6, Glone, Ex«ter. (Taunton, Toto ley, Bristol.) Oct. 1. ness; and Jones, Southampion build.) Oc!. 15. BROOK, J Huddersfield, bookseller, Nov. 1, 2, and ABSELL W. Wantage, Berks, tanner, Nov 1 and 16, George, Huddersfield. (Bastie, ; 30. Besh, Bristni. (Tanner, Bristol: and Lum. and Greedevod, Huddersficia) Oct. 5. berts and Co. Gray's .ina-q.) Oct. 19.

BRIGHT, J Hay, Brecon, mercer, Nov. 16, King's shall and Co. Steyning; and Stedman, Horsham.). BERTHON and Co. Cross-st. mer. Oct. 19.

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Head, Kingston, Hereford. (Daries and Co. Shielde. (Robinson and Co. Austin-friars; and Kingston, Hereford; and Pugh, Bernard-ot, Rus- Tinley, North Shields.) 01. 15. sel-sq.) Oct. 5,

FRANCIS, D. P. Malden, Essex, merchant. Nor. BOSTOCK, R. Nuneaton, Warwick, innkeeper, 16. (Downs, Dyer's-build. Hulborn.) Oct. 3.

Nov. 19, Black Bull, Nuneaton. (Long and Co. GREEN, J. Hedge house, Hereford, draper. (Gil.
Holborn-co. Gray's-inn; and Cowdeli, Hinckley.] lam, Worcester.] Sept. 28.
Oct. 8.

GRANT, J. Sculcoates, York, beast-jobber, Nor.), BRITTON and Co. Borrowby, York, linen-manu. Sam's Coffee house, Kingston-upon-Hall. (Broad

facturers, Nov. 14 and 23, Sessions House, Leeds. ley and Co. Hull; and Longdill and Co. Gray's: [Morton and co. Gray's-inn-sq.; and Paul and inn-sa:) Sept. 28. Co. New Malton.). Oct. 18.

GIBRONS, F. Fleet-st. mercer, Nor. 10. (Poole, BARRATT, J. Manchester, linen-draper, Nov. 4, 5, Adam' Old Broad st.) Oct. 8.

and 93, Albion Hotel, ManchesterWillis and GARNETT, J. Oldham, Lancaster, machine-maker, Co.; andy Actiers, Manchester.] Nor. 8 and 29, Dog, Manchester. (Smith, ManOct. 18.

chester; and Hurd and Co. Temple. Oct. 12. BADHAM, T. Bristol, engine maker, Nov. 23, Rum: GREEN, 'E. Dartford, linen-drapers, Nov. 9 and ss. mer, Pristol. (Hurd alid Co. Temple; and Brown (Pinkett and Son, Temple.) Oct. 13. and Co. Bristol.) Oct. 12.

GREEY, J. B. Sandwich, Kent, taylor, Nov. , BURKE, J. P. Sloane-st. merchant, Nov. 23. (Al. Bell, Sandwich. (Noakes, Sandwich; and Lode

liston and Co. Freeman', Cornhill.) Oct. 19. ington and Co. Temple.} Oct. 15. BARRIEL, A. L. Oakley-fields, Lambeti, gul spin. GRIMSTED and Co. Horsham, Sussex, bankers,

ner, Nov. 23. [Peter, Stangate-st. Lambeth.] Nor. I and 30, George, Henfield, Sussex. (Mar. Oct. 12.

chants, Nov. 23. (Dennetts and Co. King's Arms. GILLINGHAM, H. jun. Corse Castle, Dorset, gren yard, Coleman-st.) Oct, 19.

cer, Nov. 13, 14, aou 30, King's Arms, Winbome BÓWNAN, R. Liverpool, sail maker, Nov. 11, 12, Minster, Dorset. (Castleman, Wimborne-Minand 26, Golden Lion, Liverpool. [Cartwright and ster; and Lowden, Clement's-inn.) Oct. 19.

Co. Liverpool; and (hester, Staple inn.). Oct. 15. GERNON and Co. Langbourn Chambers, Pere BODILL and Co. Nottingham, hat.manusacturers, cburh street, merchants, Nov. 16, and Dec. 7.

Nov. 4, 5, and 30, Flying llorse, Nottingham. (Gregsons and Co. Angel-co. Tbrogmorton-st. (Berridge, Hatton-garden; and Foxcroft and Co. Oct. 26. Nottingham.) Oct. 19.

HILL, E. G. Shepton' Mallet, innkeeper, Nor. , BURN, Ă. Sunderland-near-the-Sea, ship builder, Christopher, Bath [Adlingeon and Co. Bedford.

Nov. 16 and 30), Cominission rooms, Sunderland. row; and Gaby, Bath.) Sept. 28. (Plakiston, Symond's-inn; and Laws, Sunderland.] HOLDSWORTH, W. Bradford, & HOLDSWORTH, Oct. 19.

J. Morley, York, watch-makers, Nor. 14. CaartBIRD), J. Church-st., baker, Nov. 2, house, Leeds. (Battye, Chancers-la. ; and Speight,

and so. (Argill, White-chapel-road.). Oct. 19. Leeds.) Oct, 1. BARBER, E. Yarmouth, perfumer, Nov. 5, and HEDLEY, T. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant, Nor.

Dec. 9. (Hindmarsh, Crescent, Jewin-st.] Oct. 16, George, Newcastle-upon-Tyne. (Rainbridge, 92.

Newcastle-upon-Tyne; and Atkinson and Co. BOORN, M. Bolney, Sussex, shopkerper, Nov. 19, Chancery-la.) Oct. 5.

26, and Dec. 3, White Horse, Britllemstone. HUMPHRYS, A. Worcester, mercbant, Nov. 16, Gregsons and Co. Throgmorton-st. ; Star and Garter, Worcester. (Corrie, Birraing. and Beilingham, Brithlemstone.) Oci. 91.

ham; and Alexander, Carey-st. Chancery-13] BOOTHMAN, W. Coln, Lancaster, hawker, Nov. Oct. 5.

12, 13, and Dec. 3, Flecce, Preston. (Norris, John- HOPPER, F. Sproatley. York, merchant, Nov. 19, st. Bedford trw.) Oct. 99.

White Hart, Hull. (Hurd and Co, Temple; and COOPER, J. Manchester, corn-dealer, Nov., Dog: Richardson, Hull. Oct. 8.

Manchester. (Tindall and Co. Manchester; and HAM MOND, G, Mainby, York, tallow chandlere (hester, Staple inn.) Sepl. 28.

Nov. 19, Black Swan, B. dale. (Still and Co. COTTRILI, J. Birmingham, silversmith, Nov. 16, Lincoln's-inn; and Topham, Middieham.) Oct. l.

Woolpack, Birminghiem (Alexander and Co. HALE, W. Fleet-st. booi-maker, Nov. 23. [Wing-
New-inn; and Parker, Birmingham.) Oci. 5. field, Great Oct. 18.
COWARD, H. Preston, Northumberland, common HUDSON, J. Oxford-st. tobacconist, Nov. 8, and

brewer, Nov. 10, George, Dockwray.sq. North :: 30. (Haghes, Clifford's-inn.] Oct. 19.
Shields, (Cardale and Co. Gray's-inn; and HUDSON, T. Mark-Ja. malster, Nov. 5 and Dec. S.
Cockerell, North Shields.) Oct. 5.

(Church. Paternoster-row, Spitalfields.). Oct. 21. CHESTER, R. Much-Wenlock, Salop, linen.draper, HARDING, T. Pontmorla is, Glamorgan, lined-dra

Nov. 19, Bulldwag-bridge-Inn, Buildyras. [far- per, Nov. 1, 4, and Dec. 3, Commercial Roona, tant and Co. Chancery la.; and Collins and Co. Bristol. (Lamberts and Co. Gray's.Inn-sq; and Much. Wenlock.) Out. 8.

Cooke Bristol.). Oct. 92. CROFT, W. Leeds, merchant, Nov. 8 Sessinns. HOUNSELL and Co. Burton-Bradstock, Dorset, and

house, Wakefield, 11, White Lion, Dewsbury, and Bridport, Dorset, rope-makers, Rev. 4, >, and 19, Sessions. house. (Evans, Halion-garden; and Dec. 7, Greyhound, Bridport. (Allen, Clifford's Robinson, Wakefied.) Oct. $.

Inn; and Nicholetis, Bridport.). Oct. fi. CHAPMAN, J. Mansell-st. Goodman's fields, mer- HOLT, H. Belle-Sauvage, Ludgate-hill, coffee-touse

chant. Nov. 26, Noy and Co. Mincing-la.] and Tavern keeper, Nor. 2, 12, and Dec. 7. (ValOct. 15.

ten, Haiton-garden.) Oct, 26. CARNE, H. Austin-friars, inrurance broker, Nov. AATCHARD, W. H. Richmond-buildings. Sobr,

S and En. (Woodhouse, Temple.) Oct. 15. bookbinder, Nov. %. 12. and Dec. 7. (Shuter, CECIL and Co. Liverpool, merchauts, Nov. 13, 14, Milbank-st. Westminster.) Oct. 95.

and 30, Geo'ge, Liverpool. (Rosson and Co. and JACOBS, s. Manchester, clothes. dealer, Nov. 16. Gunnery an. Co. liverpool; and Clarke and Co. Dog, Manchester. (Smith, Manchester, and Hurd Chancery-la.) Oct. 19,

and Co. Temple.) Urt. 5. COLLISON, J. Chorley, Lancaster, shopkeeper, JACKSON, R. M. Token house-yard, merchant,

Nov. 6, 5, and 30, Eagle and Child, Wigan. Nov. 19. (Lamb and Co. Prince's-st. Bans.) (Windle, John-st. Bedford-yow; and Gaskell, Ort. 8. Wigan.} Oct. 19.

JESSOP, M. Dewsbury, and MALLISON, W. MoitCORDINGLEY and Co. Lawrence. la. warehouse. hill, York, card-makers, Nov.a, Sessions House,

men, Nov.30. [Carisyright, Bread-sto-hill.] Oct, Wakefield, 11, White Lion, Dewsbury, and 19 10.

Sessions House. (Hopkinson, Dewsbury; and DODMAN, J. Docking, grocer, Nov. 9. Guildhall, Fisher and Cn. Oet. s.

King's-Lynn. (Willis and Co. Warnford-co; and JOSEPH, J. Plyroouth Dock, silversmith. Nor. Grondwin, King's.lynn.) Sept. 28.

Weakley's Hotel, Plymouth Dock. (Darke and DEAN, D. Liverpool, printer, Nov, 12, at the Office Co. Chancery-la; and Brzon, Plymoutta Dock.) of Gleadab and Co. Liverpool. (Allington and

Oct. 12. Co. Bedlord-sov) Oct. 1

JOHNSON, J. East India Chambers, Lesdenhali sta DYSON, E. Old iChalo, innkeeper, Nov, 26, merchant, Nov. 28. [Crowder and Co. Old Jewry.} (West, New Borwell-co. Carey-st.) Oct. 15.

Oct. 15. DORMAND, G, North Shield, Northumberland, JOYCE, R. and T. Trycrosa, Leicester, Innkeepers & rocer, Xor. 7 and 26, Commercial llotel, North Nov. $0, George, Market-Bosworth. dou gune

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kod Ço. Duke-st. Grosvenor-sq.; and, Burton, * Marker-Bosworth.) Oct. 19. JAMES and Co. Lawrence-la. warehousemen, Noy.

4 and Dec. 3. (Tomlinsons and Co. Throgmorton-st.) Oct. 29. JOANSTONE, J. Queen-st. Cheanside, painter,

Nov. , 16, and Dec. 7. [urst, Milk-st.) Oct 26. KILNEK, W. and J. Lee's Lodge, York, clothiers,

Nov. 8, 9, and 16, Swan, Huddersfield. (Allison,
Huddersileld; and Willis and Co.

Throgmoiton-st.) Oct. 5.
LARK and Co. Es ex-st. Strand, navy-agents, Nov.

9. (elsoo, Essex-st.) Sept. 28. LANGE, J. W. Broar-81. merchant, Nov.9. (Dann

eod Co. Broad st) Sept. 23. LAGEMANN, W. Tower bill, merchant, Nov. 19,

Mischell and Co. Fowke' Great Tower. st.) Oct. 1. LEWIS, T. Almelev, Hereford, wood dealer, Nov.

12, Greyhound. Hereford, (Platt, New Boswell. co. Lincoln's-inn; and James and Co. Hereford.]

Okt.!. LOGGIN, F. Aylesbury, Buckingham, druggist. Nov.

19. [i earse and Suns, Swithin's la.] Oct. 6. LEIGH, P. Wincham, Chester, tanner, Nov. 23,

Old Ship, Northwich. [Leigli and Co. New Bridge

st.; and Barker, Northwich.] . Oot. 19. LOMAS, R. Bishop-Monckton, York, paper-maru.

facturer, Nov. 26, Unicorn, Rinon. (Godmond, Earl-st; and Cartman, Kipon.) Oct, 15. LEE, A. Wakefield, saddler, Nos. 9, 12, and 30.

(Farren, Threadneedle-st.) Oct. 19. LUKE, J. Eseter, ironmonger, Nov. Vand so, Globe,

Exeter. [Pidsley, Exeter.) Oct. 19. LEVER, J. Bolton-le-Moors, Lancaster, cotton-ma.

nofacturer, Nov. 13, 14, and Dec. 3, Commercial Inn, Bolton-le-Moors. (Windle, John-st. BedTos; and Cross and Co. Bolten-le-Moors.] Oct.

22. LEWIS, W. Pontypool, Monmouth, glazier, Nov.

13, 14, and Dec. 7, Commercial Room Bristol. Price and Co. Lincoln's Inn; and Jones and Co,

Usk, Monmouthshire.] Oct. 26. MAY and Co. Liverpool, upholsterers, Nov. I, Star and Garter, Liverpool. Whitley, or Avison and Co. Liverpool; and Windle, John-st. Bedford

row.) Sept. 98. MURCH, J. Brixham, ironmonger, Nor.23, Somer.

set Arms, Bridgetown. (Taunton, Totness; and

Blake, Charlotie st. Blackfriars.road.] Oet, 12. HORTON, R. Lucas-st. Commercial-road, master

Nov. 25. (Fitzgerald, Lawrence Poultney-tul.]

Ort. 1), MATTHEWS, W. Liverpool, merchant, Nov, 11, 12,

and ge, George. Liverpool. (Gritñth and Co. Liver

pool.1 Oct, 15. MERRYWEATHER, J. Sheffield, broker, Nov. 26,

Angel, Sheffield. [Cranson, Shefheld; and Blake Jack. Serjeant's-inn.] Oct. 15. MASSEY, W. Hraton Norris, Lancaster, cotton

spinner, Nov, 4 and 30, Red Lion, Heaton Norris. (Clayton, Stockport; and Milne and Co. Temple.)

Oct 19. MORRIS. J. Manchester, hat manufacturer, Nov.

4, 5, and 30, Star, Manchester. (Cunliffe and Co. Manchester; and Carke and Co Chancery-la.]

Oct. 19. NOUTON, T. Flixton, Lancaster, cotton-manufactu

RI, Nov. 8. 9, and 30, Bridgewater Arms, Man. chiestor. [Halstead and Co. Manchester; aud Dolne and C. Temple.) Oct. 19. MANSEL, E. Thenbald's-road, conch maker, Nov.

and Dce. 3. (Cheveley, Great Oct. MORGAN, M. of Newport, Monmonth, shop-keep

er, Nov. ), 6, and Dec. 7, White Hart, Bristol. (Daniel Bristol; and Pearson, Teinple.]

Ort. 26. MILLS, J. Tovil, near Maidstone, Kent, seed-crush.

ET, Nov, 5, and Dee, 7. (Smith, Finsbury-eq.)

Oet, 25. MACNAIR, A. Qaecn-st. Golden-aq. bookbinder,

Nov. 4, 16, and Dec. 7. [Gabb, Union-row, Keni.

road, Newington.) Oct. 26. OLDMAH, R. Northwich, Chester, draper, Nov. I,

e, and 19, Bridgewater Arms, Manchester. (CunUffe and Co. Manchester; and Clarke and Co.

Chancery-la.) Oct. 8. OUDEN, J. Manchester, draper, Nov. 11, 12, and

Dec. 3, Palace-Inn, Manchester. (Taylor and Co.

Manchester; and Mr. Ellis, Chancery-la.} Oct. POOLE, J. Gloucester, baker, Nov. 9, Horse and

Europ. Mag. I'ol. LXX. Oct. 1810.

Groom, Gloucester. [Becke, Bream's-build. Chan. cery-la.; and Gardner, Gloucester ) Sept. 28. PEARCE and Co. Liverpool, merchants, Nov. 16.

Genrge, liverpool. [Bird, Liverpool.) Oct. 5. PARKINSON, T. and R. Priston, Lancast r, build. crs, Nov. 4, 5, and 26, at the Office of Dixon and

(o. Preston. (Dixon and Cn. Preston.) Oct. 15. PARRISI, E. Beckington, Somerset, dyer, Nov. 7,

8, and so, Christopher, Bath. (Rotton and Co. Frome Selmod, Somerset; and Edmunds and Co. Chanc ry-la.) Oct. 19. PEAKCE, C. Wellington, Somerset, drugaist, Nor.' 30. Bakers' Arms, Honiton, Devon. (Luxmore, Red-lion-eq.; and Flood and Co. Honiton.) Oct.

19. PHILLIPS and Co. High Holborn, glass-merchants,

Nov. 4, 12, and Dec. 7. (Charter, Cooke's-co.

Carey st.) Oct. 26. PCG-LEY, C. Lower Road, Islington. and High

Holborn, floor.cloth-manufacturer, Nov. %, 12, and Dec. 7. [Crote, Austin Friars.] Oet. 96. RIX, D. Hindolvestone, Norfolk, fariner, Nov. 12,

White Swan, Noreich. (Presland and Co. Bruns. wick sq: and Grand and Co. Norwich.] Oct, 1. RADFORD, D. Canterbury. plumber, Nov. 19,

Guildhall, Canterbury. [Pierce, Canterbury; and

Collett and Co. Odl, 8. ROBINSON, D. Branston, Stafford, Nov. 19. White

Hart, Burton-upon-Trent. [Hicks and Co. Bari. lett's-build.; and lowler, Burton upon-Trent.)

Oct. 8. RICHARDSON, J. Liverpool, ship-broker, Nov. 11,

19, and 26, at the Office of Swinden, Liverpool. (Swinden, Liverpool; and Makinson, Temple.]

Oct. 15. ROSE, J. W. Rishonsgate-st. silk-merce“, Nov. 2,

12, and so. (Wilde, Warwick sq.] Oct. 19. RONE, 1. Greenwich, builder, Nov. 5 and Dec. 3.

[Hodgson, Bucklersbury.] Oct. 22. RITCHIE, A. Liverpool, merchant, Nor. 18, 10,

and Dec. 9, India Arms, Gissport. (Alexander and Co. Newinn; and Cruickshanki, Gosport.)

Oct. 99. RIPPON, R. Liverpool, agent, Nov. 18, 19, and

Dec. 3, George, Liverpool. (Forrester Griflith,

and Co. Liverpool.) Oct. 22. RAINSFORD), C. East Hannev, Berks, mealman,

Nov. 14, 15, and Dec. 5, New.lun, Abingdon. (Nelson, ; and Graham, Abingdon.]

Oct, 02 SLATER, J. and B. Liverpool, joiners, Nov. 16,

at the Office of Mr. Bard-well, Liverpool. (Blackstock and Co. Temple; and Bardswell, Liverpool.]

Oct. 5. SMITH, G. Ludgate-hill, haberdasher, Nov. 19.

(James, Bucklersbury.] Oct. 8. STRONG, R. Whitehaven, mercer, Nov. 19, Black

Lion, Whitehaven. (Lowten, Clement's-ian; and Walker, Whitehaven.) Oct. R. STABLER, E. Bread-st. Cheapside, linen-merchant,

Nov. 19, King's Arms, York. (Lamberis and Co. Gray's-inn-99.; and Robinson, York.}

Oct. B. STOEVER, J. Eagle-yard, Well-st. Ratcliffe-high

pay, sugar-refiner, Nov. 26. (James, Buklers. bury.] Oct. 15. SCAUFE, R. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, merchant, Nov.

19 and 30, George, Newcastle upon Tyne, Rain. bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne; and Atkinson and

Co. Chancery-la) Oct. 19. SUTTON, W. Woolwich, baker, Nov. ? and 30.

Brace and Co. Surrey--t. Strand; and Selby, Town Malling, Kent.) Oct. 19. TUNSTALL, J. Hayton, Liverpool, butcher, Nov.

12, at the Office of Gleadah and Co. Liverpool. [Adlington and Co. Bedford-row; and Gleauala

and Co Liverponi.) Oct. I. TATE, M. Chalford, Gloucester, clothier, Nov, 19.

(Poss and Co. Essex-st.) Oct. 8. TAIT, W. Stafford, currier, Nov. !9, Swan, Stafford,

(Price and Co. Lincoln's.inn.) Oel. 8. THOMPSON, S. Newcastle-tipon-Tync, money..cri.

venor, Nov. 19 and 30, George, Newcastle-epona Tyne. [Atkinson and Co. Chancery la.; and

Bainbridge. Newcastle upon Tyne.) Oct. 19. TODHUNTER, J. London, merchant, Nov, 2 and 30. (Wiltshire and Co., Old

Broad s. Oct. 19. THOMPSON, J. sen. and J. jun. Newcastle-uponTyne, merchants, Nov. 1), and Dec 9, Georee, Newcastle. [Morion and Co. Gray-Inn-sq.; and

Sandersco), Stockton.) O(l. 22. TAYLOR and Co. Fleet-st.'linen.drapers. Nor. 12and

Dec. 7. [Mason, Holborn-co. Gray's-Jun.) Oct, 20.

3 C

VAILES, J. New North st. Red Lion-sq. tailor Nor. 'WEBB, J. Wolverhampton, mercer, Xov. 16, R. 12. [Abbot, Mark-la.] Oct. 1.

ningham Aris, Shidnall, Salop. [Price, WolVAUGHAN, T. Newport, Monmouth, sliopkeeper, verbainpton; and Anstice and Co. Temple.) Oct...

Nov. 16, Commercial-rooms, Bristol. (Vizard WEST, F. Little Birchall, Stafford, led smelter, and Co. Lincoln's-inn-fields; and Leman, Bristol.) Nov. 26, Red Lion, Heaton Norris. (Baddeley, Oct. 5.

Stockport; and Milne and Co. Temple. Ot. 15. VAUX, C. Bishop Wearmouth, block-maker, Novi WALLIS, J. Leicester, grocer, Nov. 26, White Hart,

16, Exchange-build. Sunderland. (Shafto, and Leicester. [Lawton, Leicester; aud Taylor, JohnDarison, both of Bishop Wearmouth; and Blakis. st. Bedford-Tuw.) Oct. 15. ton, Symond's-inn.) Oct. 3,

WALTER and Co. of Bishops wood and Lydbrook WRAITH, B. Liverpool, carrier, Nov, 0, George, Works, Gloucester, iron-master and in-plate

Liverpool. (Marrow, Liverpool; and Blackstock manufacturers, Nov. 14. 16, and Dec. 1, Commerand Co. King's-bench walk, Temp'e.) Sept. 28. cial Rooms, Bristol. (Lamberts and Co. Gray's WILKIN, S. Costessey, Norfolk, miller, Nov. 9, Inn-sn.; and Cuoke, Bristol.) Oct. 26.

Norfolk Hotel, Norwich. (Simpson and Co, Nor- WOHTEM BERG, J. St. Catherine-st. biscoit-bewich; and Taylor, Featherstone-build. Holborn.] ker, Nov. 5, and Dec. 7. (Chapman and Co. Sept. 28.

Little St. Thomas Apostle, Queen-st.) Oct. 26. WRIGHT, H. Nem-st. Brunswick-sq. merchant, YOUNG, S. Sheffield, mercer, Nov. 16, Tontine,

Nov, 12. (Hackert, Switbin' Oct. 1. Sheffield. (Parker and Co. Sheffield; and Bl. WEBB, J. New Sarum, Wilts. victualler, Nov. 19, grave and Co. Symond's-inn, Chancery-lane.)

Public Rooms, New Sarum. (Oakford, Salisbury; Oct. 5. and Popkin, Dean-st. soho.) Oct, I.

sq. Oet. 29

AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF DIVIDENDS, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, TO NATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1816. AYRES, M. Liverpool, Oct. 25 Cormack, H. Watling-st. Oct. 16 Howden, W. Cannon-st. Nor.. Armstrong, G, Shadwell, Nov. 9 Clark, W. Water-la. Oct. 12 Hannington, C.M. Brock-st. Nov.s Abraham, M. Duke-st. Nov. 2

Chamberlaine, W. Watling-st. Hyman, s. Plymouth, Oct. 50 Air, R. Botolph-la. Nov. 8

Oct, 26

Hamilton, G. Wormwood-st. Nor. Aldred, w. Ipswich, Nov. es Carlen, T. and Co. Langbourr- 16 Ashby, R. Poultry, Nov. 19

chambers, Oct. 16

Hotson, J. Bishopsgate-st. Nor. 16 Amhurst, S. Market-st. Nov. 26 Cowell, M. and Co. Oldford, Nov. Houghton, H. Coleman-st. Nov. 18 Austin, J. W. Princes-st. Nov. 16 26

Humphreys, J. Coleman-::. Nov.18 Aldridge, J. Nelson-sq. Nov. 19 Cooper, V. New Bond-st. Nov. 19 Hibbs, T. and Co. Weeley, Dec. 14 Adams, W.and Co. Cumberland-st. Carter, G. Wheathamstead, Nov. Jones, J. D. Philpot-la Nor. 19 Nov. 18


Kimpton, J. Hitchin, Oct. 96 Adams, E. G. High-st. Nov. 16 Clough, T. Bramley, Nov. 25 Kentish, T. H. Ludgate-hill, Nor. Austin, B. Minories, Nov. 30 Doncaster, W. Clerkenwell, Oct. 99 Ketcher, E. Thorpe-within-the-som Bewedley, M. Manchester. Oct. 23 Dawes, J. and Co. Pall mall, Nov. ken, Nor. 15 Bracken, R. and L. Packer' 26

Lane, R. Bergh, Aston, Oct. 19 Coleman gt. Nov. 2

Davey, M. jun. Cheshunt, Nov. 16 Lanceley, E. Chester, Oct. Beswick, L. Little Bolton, Oct. 19 Dykes, T. Great Eastcheap, Nov. 5 Legg, T. Bristol, Oct. 2 Bedwell, J. Nov. 2 Dunn, T. Durham, Nov. 8 Lawrence. J. and Co. Bermondsey Broster, J. G. Liverpool, Oct. 29 Dodgson, P. Liverponi, Dec. Barnes, J. Bury St. Edmunds, Davies, J. Shorediich, Nov. 16 Lanceley, E. Chester, Nor.s Oct. 23

Dean, J. J. Bermondsey, Nov. 19 Leigh, J. Old City Chamben, Nor. Blackburn, P. Bloomsbury-sq. Daniell, J. jun. Bristol, Nov. 26

19 Oct. 25

Davidson, J. East India Chambers, Living, H. and Co. Great Prescol. Bland, T. jun. Market Brough, Nov. 19

st. Nov. 19 Oct. 24

Edis, M. Huntingdon, Oct. 30 Law, W. Copthall-chamben, Dec. Budd, P. Plymouth, Oct. 84 Edis, M. Huntingdon, Nov. 1

7 Binns, J. Oxfo:d-st. Oct. 26 Eley, J. Blackfriars-road, Nov. 16 Latham, J. Birmingham, Nor. 16 Blackmore, E. Caroline-sl. Nov. 12 Elgar, W. Maidstone, Nov. 18 Lewis, R. Watling-st. Nov. 18 Ball, W. Newcastle - upón - Tyne, Faulding, W. Kingston upon-hull, Lirock, W. J. Redenhall, Nor. 41 Nov. 1

Oct. 29

Morris, W. and T. Tover-street, Beland, J. F. Rood-la. Nos. 5* Fiddes, J. Portaea, Oct. 20

Oct. 29 Beasley, R. G. Austin Friars, Nov. 4 Fanshaw, J. Liverpool, Oct. 22 Moffett, J. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Bluck, T. Paternoster-row, Oct. 22 Frankland, F. Oxford-st. Nov. 19 Oct. 94 Barry, C. Jermyn-si. St. James's, Finch, J. Ć. Russell-co. Nov. 5. Miles, D. Southampton-row, Oct. Oct. 99

Fisher, W. Cheltenham, Nov. 8. Machin and Co. Great Guildford-st. Bevan, T. Fishguard, Nov. 6 Formby, J. Liverpool, Nov. 16 Oct. 99 Bartenshaw, J. Bennett's row, Nov.2 Foreman, J. Sheerness, Nov. 19 Munn, J. Redwardine, Oct. Brandon, W. Keut-st. Nov. 5

Foot, J. Plymouth-dock, Nov. 13 Morley, J. Liverpool, Nor. !. Bellamy, T. L. South-crescent, Fitch, G. Chelmsford, No. 16 Mitchell, D. Grange-read, Nor.) Nov. 8

Fowler, J. Birchin-la. Nov. 16 Mackenzie. W. Covent-garden, Butler, J. Deal, Nov. 16

Farthing. J. St. John's-st. Nov. 16 Nov. 1g Bramley, R. Nov. 23

Goujon, s. Newgate-st. Oct, 19 Mackenzie and Co. Cross-st. Fins Barnard, D. Sheffield, Nor. 16 Guild, J. London, Oct. 46

bury, Nov. 19 Bernard, J. and Co. Manchester, Grills, T. Deretend. Oct. 25 Nanu, J. Worcester, Oct. es Nov. 16

Gritlin, G. London, Oet pe Noble, R. Chipping Onger, Nor. te Rird, J. S. Liverpool, Nov. 11 Grubb, W. Colchester, Oct 30 Nicholson, T. High st, Nor, 16 Bland and Co. Nov. 86 Goldsmith, J. Lewis, Oct, 48 Norton, S. Ware, Nor. 16 Budd, P. Ply'nouth ddck, Oct. 50 Graves, J. Charlotte-st. Nov. 5 Oon and Co. New Broad... Oct. 9 Baker, S. Southwark, Nov. 16 Green, O. Bath, Nov. 2

Oake, and Co. Plymouth, Nov. 16 Browne, 1 savage gardens, Nov. 16 Glover, J. Liverpool, Nors Paley, R. Leeds, Nor. 7 Balfour, J. Rasinchall-st. Nov. 19 Glenny, J. Red-lion-street, Nov. 8) Prince, k. Lagwardine, Oct. 89 Brame, T. Lowestoft, Nov. 12 Green, J. O. Bath, Nov, 5 Perrin, J. Chester, Oct. 5 Batchelor, and Co. Larkhall-pl. Gordon, J. Hunter-street North, Pilton, J. Chelsea, No. 2 Nov. 18

Nov. 15

Price and Co. Bristol, Nov. 4 Bromedge, T. Stone mill, Nov. 83 Gould, T. Ashourne, Nov. 28 Pagett, w. jun. Womborn, Nor. 4 Barlow, J. Newport, Nov. 19

German, R. Plymouth-dock, Nor. Proctor. J. H. Liverpool, Nov. * Cole, C. Kidde: minster, Oct. 99


Polsford, H. Berkely-st. Nov, 15
Cooper, J. Kidderminster, Oct 03 Griffiths, s.Old Nov. 11 Phillips, W. Brightheimstone, Nor.
Cohen, B. George st. Minories, Gompertz, A. Great Winchester-st. 19
Nor. 4

Noy. 16
Constable and Co. Shad Thames, Guyard, R. P. Throgmorlon-st.

Rawluson, A. and Co. Liverpool,

Oct. 30 Nov. 12

Nnv. 16

Rust, J. Great Waltham, Nor, 18 Cotgrrave, T. Great Farringdon, Holt, N. Hattersley, Nov. I. Hobb, W. S. Blackfriars-rond, Oct. 31

Hallett and Co. Queen-st. Nov, Nov. 1 Ching, J. Dartmouth, Oct. 29

Houghton, J. Toll End, Oct. es Roskell, J. Liverpool, Now. 5 Clarke, T. Tlminster, Oct. 19

Hyman, S. Plymouth, Oct. 96 Russell, J. Hereford, Nor. 18. Carruthers, G. P. Strand, Oct. 16 Hislop, A. and Co. Bow-la. Nov. 18 Reilly. J Hart-st. Nov. 16. Chamberlayne. Taud Co. Cum- Hammett, T. Westham. Nov. 4 Robertson, J. and Co. Lawrence doland-st. Oct. 20

Hoare, c. Cheapside, Nov. 8. Pountney-bill, Nov. 19

An Alphabetical List of Certificates. - List of Palents for Inventions, &c. 379

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Richies, J. and Co. High Holborn, , Spitta, C. Ir and Co. Lawrence Williams, T. Back-la. Nov.99
Xov. 19
Pountney-ja. Nov. 16

Wolff & C. New Bridge-st. Nov. 4 Smith, T. St. John's-st Oct. 9 Thom, W. Leeds, Oct. 29

Wood, J. Cheetham-bill, Nov. 1] Shaw, R. Stoke-upon-Trent, Oct. Taylor, J. Park-street, Nov. 2 Walker, J. Marsden, Nov. 11

Tibbut, R. and S. Leicester, Nov.2 Westerdale, W. Kingston upon. Sizer, G. Oxford-st. Nov. 29 Thompson, J. P. Great Newport-st. hull, Noy. 5 Stocks, J. Jamaica row, Nov. 19 Nov. &

Waleis, B. Birchin-lane, Dec. 10 Shelley, G. M. Saint Mary, Nov.5 Tomlinson, W. Norwica, Nov.s Waddington, H. Bridge-st. Nov. 23 Siddeli, s. Hurst, Nov. 7

Thomson, T. sen. Waltham-cross, Webber, w. Exmouth, Nov, 13 Southall, and Co. Dudley, Oct. 29 Nov. 18.

Worsford, S. L. Ramsgate, Nov. 8 Smith, J. Vere-st. Nov.

Van Harten, G. Leadenhall-st, White, T. jun. and Co. Great WinSmith, F. Shoreham, Nor. 5 Nov. 2.

chester-st. Nov. 26 Street, J. K. and W. Bucklersbury, Valentine, J. H. Church-passage, Wray, A. Tokenhouse.yard, Nov. Nor.s Nov. 30

12 Strutt, J. Rickınansworth, Nov. 5 Venables, H. Nov. 16 Walker, T. and R. Manchester, Sulton, D. jun. Brighlingsea, Nov. Whiteman, T. Husbands Bosworth, Dec. 9 16

Oct. So

Ward, J. jun. Bermondsey, Nov. 16 Sayer, J. Norwich, Nov. 8 Wallis, M. Hemingford Grey, Oct. Walker, J. Wakefield, Nov. 15 Sturri, R. d. Hart-st. Nov. 12


Waghorn, T. Chatham, Nov. 12 Sillick, A. Newcastle-upon-Tyne, Wilton and Co. Crutched Friars, willmott, H. Shoreliam, Dec. 7 Nov. 14 Oct. 29

Walker and Co. Biriningham, Nov: Stapley, J. Wadhurst, Nov. 23 Wilson, R. Bow Churcb-yard, Nov. 15 Seager, P. Maidstone, Nov. 18 16

Walker and Co. Philadelphia, Nov. Sharpe, C. Poulury, Nov. 16 Williams, and Co. Liverpool, Nov. 15 Sievers, H. E. Lower Thames-st. 16

Wright, W. S. Patis head, Nov. 9 Nos. 13

Whately, W. Lawrence Pountney. Williams, G. Church.row, Nov. 16 Sutherland, R. Kingston, Jamaica, hill, Nov. 5.

Wharelry, W. Lawrence PounineyNoy. 16

Winstanley, J. Bearbinder-la. bill, Nov. 16 Stration, R. M. Stow in the Wold,

Nov. 4

Whittaker, J. Leeds, Nov. 25 Oct. 98.

Wallis, M. Hemingford Grey Nov.! Yates, J. E. Holywell-st. Dec. 3 Soxden and Co. Leeds, Nov. 25 West, W. Sheerness, Nov. 2

AN ALPHABETICAL LIST OF CERTIFICATES, FROM SATURDAY, SEPTEMBER 28, TO SATURDAY, OCTOBER 26, 1816. ALLEN, W. South Milford, Oct. 92 Hawkridge, J. and C. Breurton, Pope, G. Aston Tirrold, Nov 16 Aspinall, J. and J. Liverpool, Oct.29 Oct. 19

Richardson, T. Newcastle-upon. Atkinson, R. Hornington, Nov. 2 Harris, C. Shoreditch, Oct. 26 Tyne, Oct. 29 Ashton, J. and Co. Liverpool, Nov.9 Heseliine, B. Kingston upon-bull, Robins, J. H. Bristol, Oct. 26 harrow and Co. Kirkheaton, Oct. 19 Oct. 96

Richardson, W. Percy st, Oct. 26 Bennett, G. Bedminster, Oct, 19 Harrison, T. and Co. Market-st. Boberts, A. S. Leeds, Nov. 12 Budge, É. Crewkeroe, Oct. 19 Oct. 29

Smith, S. York-st, Oct. 19 Bickley, W. s. Bilston, Oct. 19 Hallowell, J. North Shields, Oct. 29 Smith, R. Rainpisham, Oct. 19 Barnett, 8. Liverpool, Oct. 19 Heys, J. Manchester, Nov. 2 Sunith, R. Tipton, Oct. 19 Barnet, s. Ewell, Oct. 26

Henry, J. Liverpool, Nov. 9 Starr, J. Devonshire-st. Oct, 19 Blackhurst, T. Lea, Nov. 5 Harrison, J. and Co. Newport, Sharp, J. B. Queen-sl. Oct. 19 Barrowclough, S. North Bierley, Nov, 2

Shore, J. L. Ctrange-alley, Oct. 94 Nov. 16 How, J. Brentford, Nov s

Silvester, H.P. Newport, Oct. 22 Beals, E. Hart-st. Nov. 16 Higgo, J. Haili, Nov. 5

Saint, J. Lyming on, O t. 26 Bullirant, G. Manchester, Nov. 16 Hari, H. Portsmouth, Nov, 12 Scoit, T. H. St. Mary hill. Oct. 49 Buchanan, W.St. James, Nov. 16 Hart, T., Nov. 16 Spencer, J. Belper, Oct. 29 Coxie, J. Aldermanbury, Oct. 19 Jones, J. Liverpool, Nov. 2 Smith, J. Broad-sercet.bu. Nov. V Carpenter and Co. Wellington, Jones, S. Norwich, Nov. 2 Sharples, W. and Co. Live pool, Oct. 19 Kent, W. Abingdon, Oct. 19

Nov.9 Cahusac, W. M. High Holborn, Lamb), S. Leeds, Oct. 26

Sindrey, T. Trinity-st. Nov. 18 Oct. 19

Lancefield, T.C. Piccadilly, Oct. 96 starr, J. Owsiwick, Nov. 16 Clowes, J. Birmingham, Oct. 26 Lynnell, s. Chatham, Nov. 5 Smith, A, Bedford, Nov. 16 Collen, w. Harwich., Nov. 5. Landale J. Manchester, Nov. 12 Small, W. Taunton, Nov. 16 Clark, J. Repton, Nov. 12 Lawson, J. Shettield, Nug. 16 Staynes, H. Ampthill, Nov. 16 Coleman, w. Chart, Nov. 169 Murrell, T. Wormgay, Oct, 19 Tennani, G. Wupping st, Oct. 19 Corgan, M. Chipping Norton, Nov. Moore and Co. Bishop Monkton, Taylor, W. Nantwich, Nov. 5 16

Oct, 29

Turmeau, J. Liverpool, Nov. S Dalrymple, J. Liverpool, Oct, 19 Machay, D. Old Broad-st. Oct. 29 Tunbridge, G and Co. Lower stad. Dent, T. Carlisle, Oct. 09

Metcall, M. jun. Kingston upon- well, Nov.5 Downer, H. Fleet-st. Nov. 5

bull, Oct. 99

Tattersall, J. W'otten-under-Edge, Debenne, J. S. North Waisham, Murray, Whitehaven, Nov. 9 Nov. 12 Nos, 5

Milner and Co. Tronmonger-la. Vise, W. Spalding, Oct. 19 Elliot, W. Westgate, Oct. 29

Nov. 12

Whyers, H. Svineslicad, Oct. 19 Eyres, J. Nantwich, Nov. 5 North, G. Precknock, Nov, 9 Whiteman, T. Leicester, Oct. 19 Ellison, P. Great Surrey-st. Nov. 5 Oldroyd, w. Blackman-st. Oct. 22 Wheeldon, T. Derby, Oct. 9 Feam, J. Kingstou - upun - huil, Oiver, J. Lutterworth, Nov. 2 Whaley, H. M. and W. Bridge. Nov. 5 Ogden, s, Keigley, Nov. 9

water, Oct. 26 Frost, L. Macclesfield, Nov. 9 Outridge, k. Newport, Nov. 16 Wilson, J. Clitheroe, Nov, 2 Grubb, W. Colchester, Oct. 19 Page, J. jun. Liverpool, Nov. ? Wood, D. Egremont. Nov. 9 Gordon, T. Liverpool, Nov. 9 Peel, J. Horwich, Nov. 16 Williams, L. Plymouth-dock, Nov. Giliman, J. Hammersmith, Nov. 19 Penn, J. Chepstow, Nov. 16



(Continued from page 284.) JOHN BARTON Of Silver, street, in the city of London, Civil Engineer; for certain improvements in


PATENTS GRANTED FROM 1675 TO TR16. 1075 to 1895, inclusive, being the last ten years 1701 to 1770, George Ill. ten years of Charles II......


1771 to 1780, Ditto..... .......... *1926 to 1689, James II. ...

1781 to 1790, Ditto... 1639 to 1702, William and Mary


1791 to 18 M), Ditin, 1701 to 1714, Anne....

SO 1801 to 1810, Ditto.. 1715 to 1787, George 1.

OS 1811 10 1015, Ditto, five years 1727 to 1760, George II, thirty-three years....


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