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in the secret before. "Why you are with it; if he had, it should have been mad," says she, “wby don't you go finished before now ; and that he had immediately to the place ? "-" Nay,” a right to complain, because he paid to says he, “ I don't know whether I can it as well as other people : adding, that find it again or no, now.”—“What,” if they did not dispatch, he would comsays his wife, “ must the devil come to plain to the bishop, and obtain another shew it you again ! Sure you arn't so visitation. dull but you may find it again.” Well, 'This alarmed the people intrusted; so the man went, however ; indeed, his they gave him good words, and told wife drove him out almost ;-“Go, him, the truth was, the parish stock was try," says she, “you can but come with almost gone, and that they had not out it." He goes, and found the place money to go on till the gentlemen in general, but could not distinguish would come into a second collection. the particular spot, which was levelled, “Say you so ?” says the pedlar, " there partly by himself, when he filled up tbe may be some reason in that! you can't hole again, and partly grown up with go on, indeed, without money; but grass and weeds ; so he comes back pray how much do you want ?” They again, and tells his wife he could not told him it would cost near two hund tell which was the place, so as to be red pounds more to finish it, and do but particular egough to go to work. indifferently neither; for the roof wants " Well," says his wife,“ go in the ed to be taken off, and they feared the night; I'll warrant you the good devil timber was rotten, and would require that sbowed you the first, will put you so much addition they were afraid to in some way to find the rest, if there look into it. In a word, he bid the is any more.

church wardens call a vestry upon that So prevailed with by his wife's im- particular affair, and he would put them portunity, away he went, and his wife in a way to finish it. A vestry was callwent with him. Being come to the ed ; the pedlar told them, that, seeing place, the apparition appeared to them they were poor, and could not raise again, and showed them in the same money to go on with it, they should manner as before, the very spot, and leave it to him, and he would finish it then vanished.

In short, the man went for them. to work, and digging a little deeper Accordingly, he took the work upon than he did before, he found another himself ; laid out near a thousand chest or coffer, bounded about with pounds, and almost new built the church; iron, hot so big as the other, but richer; in memory of which, on the glass win. for, as the first was full of silver, so this down, there stands the figure of the pedwas full of gold. They carried it bome, lar and his pack, and (as the people with joy enough, as you may suppose, fancy) there is also the apparition beckand, opening it, found(as above) a veryoning to him to come to the place great treasure, of the amount of which where he dug up the money. something may

be guessed by the latter part of the story, which is thus:

-It seems, that all this while the


CORRESPONDENT would be glad repair of the church, mentioned before, A to know why the gentlemen of weat on but slowly; according to the the Inquests of the different wards of old saying it was Church work ; and, a the city of London have left off going restry being called upon some other to the bakers' and chandlers' shops, church work, the pedlar, who was pre- to weigh the bread, agreeable to an. fent ainong the rest of his neighbours, cient custom for the benefit and protectook occasion to complain, that he tion of the poor. Query, should they not thought that business was not honestly be reported for neglect of duty to the managed; that it was, indeed, like court of alderinen?

S. E. Church work, carried on heavily. Some The Act of the 55th of Geo. III, cap. of the gentlemen took him up a little, 96, relative to this subject, empowering and told him, he took too much upon individuals to see their bread weighed, bim; that it was none of his affair, and does not deprive the Inquest of any right that he was not in trust for the work; they fornierly passessed for the same that they to whom it was committed purpose ; and, therefore, it is their koen their business, and that he should bounden duly lo inspect the weight of the let it alone, and mind bis shop. He an- loaf equally the sume as if the above Aut wered, it was true that he was not trusted had not pussed. - Editor.

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whom they had withheld a right to T" THE New Silver Coinage goes on venerate them, I thought myself happy

with great rapidity; each press in iny escape from all ties of a kind produces per minute 60 pieces ; that is, so precarious. Horses, dogs, and fa3600 per hour. The hours of work are shionable friends, employed my time ten daily, making the whole number of and purse; but at the close of rather pieces from each press 36,000. There more than forty years, I saw my life are eight presses at work, and of course passing like a meteor, without any rethe whole number daily finished is gular or useful light, and without leav288,000. The amount to be issued is ing a single trace of its path. I began to to the value of 2,500,0001. in shillings feel that fear of utter death which is and sixpences, in the proportion of unknown to those who hope to live seven of the former to five of the latter. in the remembrance of posterity. The

infatuation of my brothers, ruinous as it MEMOIRS OF RECLUSE. had proved, seeined less wretched than

(Continued from page 208.) mine. I felt the insufficiency of trauVIR PERTINAX TOWNLÝ, our sient ties, without daring to form others with a graceful application to a superb " I wish you were married and settled gold snuff-box. «Science and philoso. in the country !" said Lord Boling, phy,” said he, "are not the only sources broke to his large dog when it trod of human vanity; for mine, I confess, on his gouty foot. This wish, though was bever influenced by either. I ain very malevolently spoken, was soon the the disciple and the martyr of fashion. highest and most constant of mine.

" You have heard me mentioned, But difficulties began to rise. My regentlemen, as the youngest of three putation and fortune had passed their hrothers who lived unmarried under a rand climacteric, and both were faltacit compact that the last survivor ling into decay. Several peers floushould inherit the whole family-estate. rished a curricle whip with newer grace, In his fifty-fifth year, my second bro. and two Yorkshire peasants walked ther gave the honours of his name thirty miles in less time than pyself, to an adventuress with two hundred Thus my celebrity was tarnished, and penniless cousins, and announced an bets to redeem it sunk my fortune : heir. " What intolerable folly !” ex- but an unexpected event restored both. claimed the eldest of my two seniors, You will deem it, gentlemen; à proof and imunediately signed a deed giving of the good which always in some forty thousand pounds to his Cinde- respects results from evil. Lord Airrella's uneducated daughters.

castle, whose eccentricities have been the loss of my reversionary hopes with related by our Brother Peregrine Philo. fewer pangs than usual, as my fashion- whim, about this period dismissed his able celebrity and uufaded age pro- daughter in the rage excited by her iniscd some compensation in marriage. elopement I was his nephew and pro

“ Never depend upon your childreo, sumptive heir, and he invited me most Pertinax !"-said my eldest brother, as graciously to his Hall of Experiments. he sat bending with paralytic infirmity Never had fantastical chimæras a fitter at his desolale fire-side, forsaken by herald! Cuvier, his favorite naturalist, those who thought their father's errors would have beeu perplexed in what an excuse for their ingratitude. He ex- class to place him, for he appeared pired a few moments after, leaving me to have neither acrves nor brains, er. nothing but the task of settling the in- cept in the same proportion as a shark's; cessant and furious disputes of my which are, as he told me, only the nieces and nephews. They were set: two thousandth part of its substance. tled at last, but not till the will of my His eyes glared like two ill-managed eldest, and the marriage of my second gas-lights; and his person would have brother had been annulled, and their reseinbled an oblate sphere placed on whole estates devoured by litigation. two parallel poles, if an unlucky curre Thus benefited at least by their experi- in the shoulder had not given it more ence, I determined to avoid a dispro similitude to the handle of his own portioned marriage, or the reproach of air-pump Yet this inan had fala nameless progeny. As my brothers terers! - Plato says there are only four had been deluded by women without ways of Mattering; but a woman would bonour, and robbed by children from have taught bim a thousand. "Three

I saw

ingenious ladies, aware of his daugh- The good old peer laughed, leaving ter's irretrievable offence and his enor me astonisbed at the vanity which io. mous freebolds, chose to offer consola- duced him to suppose his beautiful tion. Miss Rodelinda Delphine Stor. ward capable of bestowing a thought mont, a damsel with 600 unpublished upon him. But his last intimation was Bonnets, two philological essays in folio, most forcible. If no inberitance was and a novel still in Ms. besieged Lord designed me, the necessity of seeking Aircastle's citadel in the open and re- and securing fortune became urgent. gular style of modern war. The Hoo. I balanced the chances of advantage, Mrs. Artemisia Bustleton, an accom- and began to feel myself, like the plished widow, in possession of full famous shepherd, perplexed by three vouchers from her physicians and un. beauties. Rodelinda's wealth was merely dertaker that the defunct husband had mental, but perhaps my distinguished been dismissed with due decorum and name, if bestowed upon ber, might despatch, was the best assailant : but affix ton to her talents and a price Olivia Gossainer, the ward of Lord on her works. Mrs. Bustleton apa Aircastle

, seemed most dangerous to peared to possess a more worldly goo his pbilosopby. Only in her righteenth nius ; but as it embraced every art, ear, with all the graces of education not excepting that of sustaining a polite though of unknown origin, this

fairsyren establishment with only 6001 per an. resided in his neighbourhood under the pum, I saw temptations to blend my tutelage of Mrs. Bustleton, who always fate with hers. Still, gentlenien, there officiously seized the advantageous of. are moments when, notwithstanding the fice of chaperoning youth and beauty. due sense we all feel of our own value, This office, so wisely instituted by mo.

and the importance of a certain compen dern dowagers, was her passport to Lord sation for the risques of marriage, we Aircastle's society and to mine; though, yield to the charm of disinterested af w the younger branch of a ruined family, fection. Olivia's partiality seemed 30 I did not deserve her notice. She con. involuntary, so excusable, and so deeply cluded that my long visit to my relative rooted, that my hesitation would have was an expedient to escape my cre- ceased if her origin had been less ditors; and I encouraged a report which obscure. But to confer niy title on a preserved me from any cobweb sensa- person born perhaps (pardon me) in & tions among ladies. But Lord Air- repository of consolidated cords, was a castle one day astonished me by sud- hazard not endurable; and I determined denly saying " Pertinax, if your indo. on another expedient. Fortunes, it is lence is not greater than your vanity, notorious, have been gained by adver: bere are three hearts at your disposal. tisement, and this path to an eligible Widow Bustletou's is a strong earthen match seemed much less tedious than the jar, hermetically sealed : Rodelinda's old fashioned ceremonies of introduc. leems an empty tin canvister, fit for tion and courtship; though modera puppy's plaything: but Olivia's re- damsels oo longer require us to offer sembles a clear glass decanter : one

civilities or to sliecze and sigh by moon: may see all the contents, and it ought light among damp nyrtles. not to be broken.”

nounced my pretensions accordingly in Seeing my grave dismay, he added the usual termis, through the medium of "You have persuaded yourself, 1 per. three cclebrated newspapers, and on the ceive, that Olivia's beauty would induce following day received this reply : me to eat a bemlock-sallad like Magliabechi of Tuscany, or to avoid the force his fortune, family, and reputation, he

“ if X. Y. 2. can bring vouchers of according to Professor Scougallis eram may expect a lads in the prime of life ple; but, my good cousin, those powers between 7 and 8 to-morrow evening."

at the white gate of B. church-yard, of beauty are past. The fumes of my crucible have not yet reached my brain, As my uncle seemed disposed to give whatever the world may say; and i me odlý a perspective view of his for. give you frank permission to become tune, I thought myself entitled to bora iny rival with all the force of your row his semblance whenever it suited my accomplishments. That you will not present convenience. The leisure bours be my heir is a secret which I ho. of my youth were often devoted to dra. Rostly whisper in your ear; but to be matic apusements, and I bave been reputed such will be of equal service." considered to indifferent fimic. The Europ. Mag, Vol. LXX. Oct. 1818.

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“ slippered pantaloon” of a Christmas fice of my ownpantominie may give some idea of the be her claims, madam," rejoined i, disguise I thought fit to assume on ” she secures my acquiescence by such a this occasion. A napp'd hat, false nose, representative."— Mrs. Bustleton bowed and muffled legs, with the crutch-stick her head wilb such joyful triumph in and wrapping-coat of an ancient inva. ber countenance, that it provoked ice to lid, completed my resemblance to Lord add, “ Really, Mrs. Bustleton, my inAircastle. The shade of night had be- tentions would have been less ambigu: gun to gather when I opened the church. ous if your conduct w my nephew had yrd gate, and beheld-pot the fine been more intelligible.”-"Surely, my fornu I expected, but a matron-like dear Lord ! no jealousy could be ex. Dueuna, bent double as it seemed with cited by my triding atteutions to Sir age, and wrapped in a red cloak, whose Pertinax. "It is really charitable to bood scarcely allowed me to perceive soothe the constant thirst of such dropthe uose and chin of a most haggard sical vanily, and he is never amusing face. Two tigures, better suited to a except when he is ridiculous!"- know church-yard bever-met. My courage not what my countenance expressed, began to fail, but I collected enough but fortunately a stifled laugb behind a to say, in a tremulous treble voice, tomb-stone alarmed the fair widow, and " X. Y. Z.!"_" I am an agent,” re- she glided away like a spirit of night, plied the spectre, in a tone which ! My anger was suppressed by curiosity immediately recognized-“ But are when I saw a paper, which in her hasty you only forty years old ?”

retreat she had dropped, near me, more, madam !” replied 1—“ though Wilhin il-0 gentlemen! the clear some asthmatic symptoms and intense moonlight shewed me these words in studies have wrinkled me. The lady, I the hand writing of my Olivia--the disunderstand, is in the prime of life interested, the refued, and open-minded of course, about my age.”—“ She will Olivia, whose devotion to me bad been require," answered the negociator, so fascinating! “ some vouchers of your family and “ You will be charmed to bear, my estate :—and as-excuse me,

good cousin Bustleton, ibat Viscount there seems some probability of widow, Clamourcourt has spoken explicitly at hood, a jointure will be requisite."- last. He could not resist the ice-cream A counterfeit cough hid a laugh which offered me by the Duke of

at almost suffocated me as I replied, Lady Evergreen's rout. I return you, “ Madam, I have no ohjection to settle with many thanks, the sermons on my estate in Terra Australis upon ber, Domestic Virtue which you lent me though I think the chance of widow- during Mr. Almscant's visits. They hood almost a sufficient compensation.” will be of no use at present; but as -My incognita looked at the church. Lord C is a lover of virtù, I have yard with a gesture which implied her bought an Egyptian sphynx seated on thoughts on some agreeable probabili a terminas to support my work-table, ties, and added, “A note of band which I shall fill with shreds of shoeshould not be given in the matrimo. leather ; extracts from Professor Blia. nial way without valne received !"– kensop's logarithms; the newest trea. “ Charming Mrs. Bustleton !" I ex- tise on filling maltrasses with gas; and claimed, assuming Lord Aircastle's half a pair of boots cemented with iron. yoice, " this disguise may obscure glue. If this fixed air or iron-glue could your beauty but not your wit. l'thank close the crevices of our purses, it would it for devising this mode of acquaint be worth while to buy the patents; but ing me on what terms my coronet would á fashionable cducation furnishes other be acceptable.”—The fair widow's first expedients. Pray shew your usual skill gesture expressed alarm; but presently in pacifying Sir Pertinax Petcalf. I am dropping her hood and well-contrived really concerned for his disappointment, mask, she answered, in her most dulcet as his uncle seems disposed to leave bin tone, " Lord Aircastle has not sur- the Aircastle estate. But it was impossi: prised me, for the refinements of sen. ble to discover whether the inacbine in timent and science are always united: his left side was of cork, lead, or but on this occasion I act only-as-as stretching leather. Besides, I have the deputy of a friend who flatters her: wasted too much time in dropping self that she has claims-and my dis.

sonnets among rose-bushes, and warinterested regard is proyed by this sacri ing ipy fan in county ball-rooms. Such

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self-lovers' require a siege longer than trived to expose my imposture to my the Iliad."

uncle ; but I found some consolation No doubt my gestures were outrage-' in remembering, that her disappointous while I perused this odious frag- ment had been as deep and ridiculous ment; but they were suddenly inter- as my own. Your hospitality, gentlerupted by a tall vigorous man, who men, atforded me refuge in this emseized my arm, while the church-rard- barrassing crisis. Persons less bene. gate was opened by three others in Lord volent have viewed my disaster with Aircastle's livery, followed by his car- more derision than pity, and ascribed riage. My consternation was extreme; what they call the insignificance of my and before I could determine how to age to the frivolous expeuditure of escape from the peril in which may dis- ny youth. But I have inany compa. guise had placed me, my conductor ex- nions in my present state; and can. claimed, * We have him safe now- proudly prove that all my errors have he shall waste no more of his heir's been in foololgy and matthewmad. Counsellor Lumiere took the speak. tricks. Drive gently, and he may

er's chair wish a smile at his predebreakfast with Dr. Willis to-morrow

“ You have given us," said moraing.". The coachman fixed his be, “ a farcical epilogue to our second eyes, on me, and started back-". Sure brother's tragedy ; yet they both ex. enough he has had au analeptic fit bibit that certain, though sometimes at last! how strangely his nose is awry! slow, retribution which is called poeti-he is struck dunib'too, but so much cal justice, not because it is uncommon, the better. All this comes of calvinism but because it is natural and beautiful.' and lecturefrying."

Silence indeed How pleasing such justice is to all men,, seemed my best resource, as resistance may be inferred from the general simiwould have beeni vain ; and my four litude of all moral codes in every age attendants baving placed me in the and nation. Casuists may insist on the chariot, it was driven rapidly towards a force of hereditary prejudice, custom, repository for lunatics. When it stopped aud example ; but I conceive the at an obscure inn on the road, I pro. force of laws established by conquerors. fited by my supposed infirmity, and or devised by imitators would have muffered myself to be lodged in a bed. been insufficient to gain and preserve chamber, where, by gestures and gri. their long sway, if an instinctive love maces, I indicated my speechle-s state, of order and justice had not seconded. and had the pleasure of hearing my them.

them. My professional studies have guards descant on the Aagellations and shewn me, that the earliest customs cataplasins usual in such cases. De of our ancestors expressed a distinct luded by my apparent belplessness, they and prevailing sense of right: and perleft me on a couch in the custody only haps their absurd and barbarous cusof a nurse, twin sister to sycorax, who toms were, like their language, a con8001 resigned herself to auiseed and fused effort to convey ideas obscurely sleep. Perceiving the auspicious op- but nobly formed. Among the relia portunity, 1 exchanged my uncle's ap- gious and social institutions of anparel for her large cloak, cap, and bone cient Romans, Jews, and Britons; I nel, and, climbing through the win- might add even among the remotest dow to the roof,"descended a neigh- and the rudest nations ; there is a bouring chimney, at the hazard of my resemblance too striking to be exlife and reputation.

Whether she plained, without admitting that a reescaped from the discipline intended verence for truth, for the decencies of for Lord Aircastle, or whether she was conjugal life, for the authority of age thought bis best representative, I ne- and the memory of the dead, is natural ter ventured to enquire ; but after this in men. Their institutions are as va. perilous adventure, I could not pre- rious as the shape of their features ; sume to revisit bis house, as the at. but those features have the same purlempt to secure lijin in a fitter ba- pose in all. Love of justice is the bitation had been prompled by mga

noblest instinct allotted to map as Ibe an unlucky combination noblest creature ; and its prevailing of circumstances rendered me the vic- force may be traced among a thousand tim. The fair widow Artemisia, whom instances, to which I presume to add

most devoutly wished in the m2950- the events of mis life.” loan of her pamesake's busband, con

(To be continued.)

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self, though


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