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square, in Miss Mary Ashhurner, duughter 24, Francis Duval, Esq. of the Custom of tbe late W. Ashburner, Esq. of Bou- House, to Surah, danghter of John Wolfe,

Esq. of Londoo-street, Fitzroy-square. . 10. Major Fane, M.P. to Marianne 27. At St. George's, Bloomsbury, Mr. Shrimpton, daughter of John Mills Jackson, Jobo Barraud, of Camberwell, co Miss dlary Esq. of Dounton, Wiltshire.

Ano Barlow. 15. Pinilip Cioare, Esq of Howland-street, Sept. 5. Mr. 11. Jones, of Gracechurch. Fitzray.square, to Mary Anne, daughter of streel, to Sophia, daughter of Joseph War. William Scott Peckhaus, Esq. of New Bos- den, Iisq. of Pailton, near Rugby. well-conft,

Robert Fayl, Esq.of Dublin, lo Sarah, . George Ede, Esq. of Merryoak, Hants, second daughter of the late Joseph Grubb, to Frances, Margaretta daughter of the Ho. Esq. of Clommell, neurable Mr. Justice Moore, one of the 6. Af So, Vedast, Foster lane, Mr. Charles Judges of the Court of Cominon Pleas, Butler, sorgron, of Clapham Common, 10 Ireland,

Sarah, eldest daughter of Richard Builer, 19. Mr. George Nicholson, of Hertford, Esq. of West Hall. Chelienhain. solicitor, to Anne, daughter of Fraocis Cara 7. Mr. James South, of Blackman-street, ter Searancke, Esq. of the same place. to Miss Ellice, of South Lambeth.

20. At Layton, by the Rev,. Charles 9. At ligmere, James Jenner, Esq. of
Laprimaudave, James Minchin, of the loner Yarmouth, to Miss Denny, daughter of Tho-
Temple, to Janet Inges, of Kneti's-green, was Denoy, Esq. of the former place,

12. The Honourable John Frederick 21. The Rev. Thomas Leigh Bennet, of Campbell, eldest son of Lord Cawilor, lo Highmore, Oxfordshire,,to Frances, daugh- Lady Elizabetb Thynge, eldest daughter of ter of Francis Willock, Esq.

the Marquis of Bath. 22. The Right Honourable Lord William 17. C.G. Babington, Esq. son of Thomas Fitzroy, fourth son of the tale Duke of Babington, Esq. M.P. for Leicester, in SaGrafton, and Captain in the Royal Navy, rah Anda, daughter of John Pearson, Esq. to Georgima, daughter of the laie Thomas of Golden square. Raikes, t'tq. of Upper (irofnrvor-street. 21. Al Lambeth, Mr. Joshua Butter.

At Caoterbury, the Rev. C. R. Handley, Worth, jan. of Cirange-walk, Bermondsey, Vicar of Herphill, Kent, in Cassandra, to Mary, daughter of Mr. Perkins, of liem daughter of the late Rev. Julins Hutchio- berh. sen, of Halfield-Woodall, Heris.

25. At Wimbldon, The Rey, P. Puwnal Henry Heylvı), Esq. of Lavender Hill, Bastard, in Mary Aone, daughter of the Battersea, to Harriet, daughter of the late Hon. Mr. Justice Park, Joshua Lockwood, Esq. of the silme place.


MONTHLY OBITUARY. LATE. Bisborgates se RoxTho- Lately, Nathaniel Sterry, Esq. Southamp

mas Bennel, D.D), lale of Trinity-coln ton-row, ized 71. lege. Cambrides, and many years eninister of AUGUsT 10. Al Maigh hall, Lancashire, Highgatr; likewise one of his Majesty's jus- the Countess of Balcarres. tiers of the peace for the county of Mid. 15. Ann, wife of Colin Campbell, Esq. dlesex.

of Brock-strert, Bath, and widow of the Lalely, at Guernsey, in the 3919 year of late Isaac Elton, Esq. of Stapleton-house, his, age, Captain. Robert Bulfour, of the Gloucestershire. Royal Navy, sou of the late Admiral Bal- 18. Al Kingaton-opon-Thames, in a fit of

apoplexy, Mr. George Wilkinson, wineLately, Dr. Charles Tavlor. Secretary to merchant, aged 63. the Society of Arts and Manufactures. Ai Woodford, near Salisbury, the Rev.

Lately, at the Pavilion Parade, Brighton, John Wyndham, LL.D. many years sector Charles Herbert, Esq. Member of Parlia- of Cartoo-Diabam, and Staple Fitzpaine, meat for Wilien : he was the only surviving in the county of Somerset, one of the prebrother of the late Earl of Carnarvon, and bendaries of the cathedral church of Walis, upele to the preșeat earl, .

and youngest brother of the late William Lately, at Shindon, Mrs. IIont, aged 102 Wyndbam, Esq. of Dinton. years, who, ihe greatest part of her life, was 26. Suddrnly, at the advanced age of 84, a domestic in the service of the earls of Dr. John Squire, of Ely-place, Holborn, Newburgh.

meinber of the Royal College of Physicians; Lately, at Rosevale, Dear Lost withiel, and for many years, until increasing iutir William Samuel, Esq. Capt. R. N. aged 75. milies obliged him to relinquislo pracnee,

Lately, sincerely lamented, Mary, wife one of the Physicians of the Lying-in Charity of James Price, Tisq. of Carletvo.lodge, for delivering women as their own resiMonmouth, Queen's county...

dences. The whole life of this truly veger.

able gentleman has heen one continued series containing 150 folio pages: Titles to many of charity and benevolence, and the loss of splendid editions of valnable books; para none of those great and good characters in ticularly Macklin's Bible, Thompson's Seathe medical world, of whom society has been sons, the Houghton Collection of Prints, &c. deprived withid these few years back, will A transcript of Lord Nelson's letter, anbe more seriously felt or more universally nouncing his victory ; titles to three or Jamented than that of the good Dr. Squire. Jounes of manuscript music, presented to the At the very instant of his death lie was en. King by Mr. Linley; honorary freedom, gaged in an act of benevolence, in lending framed duplicates of which may be seen in his assistance at the delivery of a patient the chamber of the city; addresses to their whose labour was attended with circum- Majesties on many pnblic occasions, partistances of much difficolty and danger, when cularly from the Royal Academy, duplicates he expired in an instant without a sigh or a of which were unanimously voted to be prea struggle. The medical gentleman who was in served in the library, as choice specimens of attendance on the patient previous to the ar- ornamental penmanship, cum multis aliis, &c. rival of Dr. Squire, immediately sent for his Of Mr. Tomkins's character, benevolence friend, Mr. Chamberlaine, of Aylshury- appears to have been a prominent feature. street, but had he been on the spot at the in. Never man studied more the happiness of stant, he could not have rendered him any those wit's whom he was connected, or lae assistance : it only remained, therefore, for' boured more assiduously to promote it. Alia him, on his arrival, to be the bearer of the principles in religious matters were strictly unhappy tidings to his afflicted family. those of the Church of England, and, with Twenty-eight years ago, in conjunction with respect to civil government, the kiag had his friend Mr. Chamberlaine, in whom he nat a more datiful subject, nor the constitke found a most ready and indefatigable co- dion a friend who revered it more. adjutor, the three branches of the medical 6. In his 80th year, at his house in Belprofession were indebted to this worthy and grave-place, Pimlico, Mr. Thomas Clark, excellent veteran for setting on foot an In- one the most siogular and well known chas stitution not before attempied in this metro- racters which this city exhibited. He was, polis for the benefit of the relatives of medi- the proprietor of Exeter 'Change ; and oce bers of the medical profession left in distressed cupied with the sale of cutlery, turnery, circumstances,under the title of the "SOCIETY &c. abont one half of that extensive range TOR RELIEF OF WIDOWS AND ORPHANS Op of building. Here his dealings were markMEDICAL MEN IN LONDON AND ITS Vict. ed with the utmost integrity, and here he NITY. "By the unwearied exertions of these realized a fortune said to be immense. two individuals, this Jostitution, from a small 8. At Islington, William Hodson, Esqa beginning, has arisen to a state of prosperity late of Lothbury, aged 79. that its most sanguine supporters could not di Fornham, St, Manin, the Rev. John have expected in so short a period, and has af. Ord. D.D. rector of Burgh and Ickburgh, forded relief to many families who, but for Norfolk, formerly of Christ College, Camils assistance, mast, in many instances, have bridge, and for many years one of the fore endured the most humiliating succouts of a chairmen at the quarter sessions for Suffolk. parish workhouse. His remains were at. 9. In Canterbury. hnildings, Lambeth, a tended to the place of interment in a vanlt few days after her delivery of a daughter, under St. Andrew's church, Holborn. Sun- the wife of Ms.F. P. Cooke, of the theatres, day, the 1st of this month, by the individuals London and Dublin. of his family, accompanied by Mr. Chain- 10. At Carshahon, Sorrey, Edward Baberlaine, Mr. Taunton, Dr. Davis, Mr. Bar. con, Esq. in the 78th year of bis age, for. nett, Mr. Fortescue, and several other res. merly of Hackney. pectable gentlemen of the medical pro- Ai Cheltenham, Richard Reynolds, of session.

Bristol, a highly respected member of the SEPT. 3. At Hill-house, Danhury, Essex, Society of Friends, aged 81. William Gibhs, Esq. formerly of 81. Ca- Mrs. Susanna Thelwall

, wife of Ms. Thel therines, London, aged 63.

wall, of Lincoln'g-inn Fields, 5. At his house in Sermon-lane, Doctors' 12. Miss Maria Hare, sister to the late Commons, after a long and painful illness, Richard Hare, Esq. of Cork, and aont to which he bore in the last with exemplary The Right Ilon. Lord Viscount Ennismore, fortitude, Mr. Thomas Tomkins, the cele Admiral Osborne, aged 62 years. brated penman. Of this gentleman's pes. Al Hackney, Mr. Joseph Thomas Rolph, formances in ornamental writing, it is im- of the Stock Exchange. possible to speak more highly than they de- InUpper Seymour street, Portman-square, serve : let it suffice to say, that, for boldness Mrs. Olay, relict of the late Vice-admiral of design, inexhaustible variety, and ele. Otway. gant freedom, he is justly considered as hav. Al White Waltham, Berks, Thomas Raw. ing obtained the ne plus ultra of the art. Among his inadinerabile works, are the fol- • A Portrait engraved by Blood, from Jowing :-A iranscript of the charter grant- an original painting by Fiolater, will age ed by King Charles II. to the Irisb-Society, pear in our next.

aged 77.

lings, Esq. formerly of Yeovil, Somenet, 17. At Islington, William Cardale, Esq.

of Bedford-row, aged 70. 13. At Newinglon-causeway, John Moss, 20. Deeply regretted by his friends and Esq. aged 71.

all who knew him, Mr. Everett Denton, ol 14. At Oswestry, Samuel Harwood, M.B. Finch-lane, Cornhill, aged 65. • jastice of the peace for Shropshire, and 20. In her 89th year, Mrs. Lorolin, of physician extraordinary to the Salop lofir- Canterbury, near Newington Buits, widow mary, aged 72.

of the late Mr. John Jacob Loralia, of De. 16. Ai Raling, Sir James Wright, Bart. vonshire-square, merchant. aged 70

23. At Peckham, William Peacock, Esq. At Swaoage, Dorsetshire, the Rev. Sa. many years an ornamental book hinder and nuel Gale, precenter of Llandal, aged 69. bookseller, in Salisbury-square, Fleet-street,

LITERARY INTELLIGENCE. THE Collectors of Portraits and Mostrators of Granger's Biographical Dictionary,

Seward's Anecdotes, Boswell's Life of Johnson, Biographia Dramatica, Penuani's London, Lyson's Environs, Pursuils of Literature, are respectfully informed, ibat a YEW proof impressions of the PORTRAITS that accompany this Work, are struck off on Columbia Paper, and may be hat separate, price 4s.; but EARLY application will be necessary to secure thein, as the number printed is very LIMITED, (R.

for the Press, in Ægis of Enge lumes. land with Notes, Biographical and Military. The Rev. John Bruce, of Newport, is

Mr. Woolnoth's Graphical Illustration of printing Juvenile Anecdotes, designed for the Cathedral Church of Canterbury is just the moral and religious instruction of the published, in one volume, quarto.

rising generation. The Rev. W. Wilson, M.A. Head Master Mr. Matthew Gregson, of Liverpool, is of St. Bee's School, is preparing for Pube printing in a small folin volume, Fraginents lication Collectanea Theologica ; or, the of the History of the County of LancasScadent's Manual of Divinity:

ter, with numerous engravings. Major Hawker, of Long Parish Iloose, The Rev. Joseph Hunter, of Bath, proHampshire, has published a Word, entitled poses fc print, in a quarto voluine, with

lastructions to Young Sportsmen," suitable embellishments, donals and a To.

The History of Hartlepool, hy Sir Cuth- pographical Survey of the Parish of Shef. bert Sharp, with numerous Decorations, is field, or Hallawshire, with many original just published.

biographical and bibliographical notices. The Memoirs of Mr. Sheridan, from the A franslation of the Antiqnarian Travels peo of Dr. Watkins, will certainly be ready in Italy, of the learned French archævlofor Publication in the course of the preseut giss, M. Millin, is prepariog for the press. month.

Mr. Starratt has in the press a work on A Catalogue of Pooks, with their sizes the science of Chess, one part of which was and prices, published since September 1814 originally written by a laie Duke of Bruns. to the present time, will appear about the wick Lunenburg. end of the month.

Mr. A. Becket, whose Sketch of a Plan - The Rev. Thomas Rees will soon publishi, for the Relief of the People was submitted in a duodecimo volume, a travulation of the to the late Mr. Pilt, has for some time been Racovian Catechism ; to which will be engaged in perfecting that Plan under the prefixed, a Sketch of the History of the title of Public Prosperity, &c. Unitarian Churches of Poland, for whose The Rev. Sir Adam Gordon will soon use it was composed.

publish, a revised, corrected, and enlarged Mr. G. Jackson of Islington, has in the edition of Sermons on the Hornilies of the press, a pew and improved System of Moe- Church, in two octavo volumes. monies, or Two Hours Study in the Art of

RECENTLY PUBLISHED, Memory, illustrated by inany plates.

Clement's Official Edition of the Pol're Mr. Robert Fellowes, of Si Mary Hall, Repori, from the Committee on the State of Oxford, has in the press, a History of Cey. the Police of the Metropolis, with the Mi. lon, from the earliest period to the year notes of Evidence, and an Appendix, con1815, with characteristic details of the taining an Abstract of the several Acts now prople.

in force for regulating public houses; also, M-morial Sketches of the late Rev. Da. the Proceedings of the Common Council of vid Brown, of Calcutta, with Sermons, &c. live City of London for clearing the streets ale printing in an octavo volume,

of Vigrants, Prostitntes, idde, and disorderdir. T. Dibdin is preparing for the press, Iv Per:005: priee only 7s. Ordered by the the posthumous dramatic pieces of the Jale Tlouse of Cowmons to be priolid July 1, Mr. Benjamin Thompson, accompanied


A Grammar of the English Verb, fruided the Eton Plan, with Notes; containing his on the Remarks already published by the servations on the various Uses of the Tenses same Author, on the Auxiliary Signs, with'a in the Subjunctive Mood; and also Additi. new arrangemont of Tenses, and an Expla- onal forins, with a more strict Application nation of inany additional Forms, for the of the Auxiliary Siyns. Extracted from Use of Schools.

the Grammar of the Verb by the Author of An fuiroduction to the Latin Tongue, on that Work.


Al the Prices they are advertised at, in boards, unles other rise repressed

and may be hid of J. ASPERNE, No. 32, CORNHILL.
Te is earnestly requested that Authors and Publishers will coptinue to conmopicale
Notices of their Works (post paid) and they will always be faithfully inserted FREE bf
FINGTON'S Views of the Lakes,

Duncan': Itinery of Scotland, third edi.

tion, 6s, half botnd. Dit:o Proofs, 121, 12.

Stenography, or the Art of Short-hand Riringlon's Annual Register, 1807, 11, Perfected, 23d edition, 2s, 6d.

Minu'ps of Evidence on the Police of the Observations on various Pasenges of Metropolis, 155.

Scriptore, originally compiled by the Rer. Skeich of the Public Life of the Duke of Thomas Harmer, third edition, with addiOtranto, 8«.

tions and corrections, hy Adam Clarke, Dr. Jolinson's Journey to the Herbides, LL.D. F.A.S. 4 Vols. 8vo. 41, 5s, Svi). 6s.

Bell on the Nerves, second edition, 4to. Ditto, l&mo. 4s.

11. ls. Cooper's l'ractical Sernions. Vol. 4. 5s. Worsley's French Delectus, second edi.

lloreley's Sermous, 3 Vois, 8vo. Dew edi. tion,, sheep, 4i. tion, 14.78.

Ditto, First Proquiciation, second edi. Markeight on the Epistles new edit. 31.36, tion, 12mo. sheep, 2s.

Dillo on the Epindles withon! the Greek, Simpson's Serinoos, 8vo. 12s. 4 Vols, an old Tran-lation, 2/88.

Couierill's Family Prayer, second edition. Sketches of India, 8vo. 7*.

The Edinburghi Review and the West In. Milner's Churcb History, 5 Vok. Sro: 3!. dies, with Ohservations on the Painphlets Ploudoun's Prayers and Discourses, in of Messrs. Stephen, Macaulay, &c. 850. Two Paris, 8vo. 9x. 10)s. 60.

Gilchrisi's Philosophic Etymology ; or, Murray's (irnomar, 2 Vols. 8vo. third Rational Grammar, I Vol. 8s. "editivo, ll. 1s.




Extracted from the London Gazette.
.N.B. All the Meetings are at Guildhall, unless otherwise expressed. The Country and

London Attorneys Names are between Brackets.

BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. BLACKSHAW, J. N. Leicester, butcher, Aug. JONES, J. Catherine st. Strand, cabinet-maker, SI.

Au. si. BELL, W. Tottenham-court-road, linen-draper, JACOUS, S. Shadchill, Manchester, warehousemaan, Sept. s.

Avg. Si. CROSS, D. Bodham, Norfolk, farmer, Sept 3. LITI LE and Co. Birmingham, gun makers, Sept. CH AKHIAN, J. Norton-talgare, linen draper, Sept. 7 UULION, W. Ainsworth Mil, Lancaster, bleacher, MOOR, G, Greenwich, dealer in hay, Sept. 11. Aug. 31.

ONGLEY, E. Sandhurst, Kent, gmert, Aag si. JENKINS, J. Cow-co. Rotherhithe, timber-mer. VIPOND, G. Ludgale-hill, liven-drapet, Sept. 5. chaut, sug. 27.

WILSHER, 1. Herttordshire, larmet, spl. ii.

BANKRUPTS. APPLETON, J. North Shields, ship-owner, Oct. 9 BESLEY, W. jun. and B. Tiverton, Deron, mei.

and ey, George, North Shields. [Mortua and Co. chants, Oct. 8, White Ball, Sampford, Arundel. Gray's ina-59.; and Cockerill, North Shields. ] (Hellies, Tiverton.] Aug. 27. Sept. 17.

BU KGESS, S. Manchester, calico-printer, Oct. 1, 2,

and 13, Dog, Manchester. [Higson and Co. Manor

chester ; aod Ellis, Chancery-la.) Sept. 3. BAMBER, R. Westhoughton, Lancaster, cotton-manufacturer, Oct. 13, Commercial Inn, Bolton, (Kay and Co. Bolton; and Milneand Co. Temple.] Sep. S. BUTLER, 1. Aston Tirrold, Berks, grocer, Oct. 15, Larab, Wallingford. (Hedges, Wallingford; and

Price and Co. Lincoln's inn} Sept. 3. BURROWS, T. Marton, Chester, salt-proprietor,

Oct. 2, and 19, Angel, Dale st. Liverpool. (Leigh. Poultry, and Rowsons, Prescot.] Sept. 7. BIM-ON, T. and D. Upholland, Lancaster, tanners,

Oct. 22, Buck i' th' Vine, Wigan. [Windle, Jolie st Bedford row; and Ga kell, Wigan.) Sept. 10). BENNETT, B. T. Sweeting's alley, Cornhill snutt.

merchant, Oct. 26. Wuolie, Sept. 18. BOWLEY, W. Half-noon-st. Bishopsgate-st. oil. man, Oct. 19 and 29. [Church, Paternoster row, Spital-fields.) Sept. 17. BUSH, J. Bishop Stortford, Hertford, money sori. rener, Oct. 29 (Makinson, Temple.) Sepë. 17. BUSH, M. Isleworth, calico-printer, Nov. 8. (Stokes, Golden-sq.] Sept. 21. BALL, S. Hornsea' Burton, Holderness, farmer,

Oct. 9, 10, and Nov. &, Ship, Bridlington. [Tay. lor, Bridlington.) Sept. 21. BRADBURY, W. Birmingham, engraver, Oct. 11, Is, and Nov. &, Royal Hotel, Birininghard. [Plati, New Bosneli-co. ; and Elkington, Birmingham.)

Sept. 21. BACON and Co. Taverliam, Norfolk, paper-manu.

facturers, Oct. 7, 8, and Nor. 5, while sivan, Norwich (Bewell and Co. Norvich; Foster, Norwich;

and Thbury, Fulcon st. Falcon. q.) Sept, 24. BAYLISS, C.'w. Birminglam, dealer, Oct. 11, 12,

and Nov. 1, Ryal hotel, Birmingham. [Clarke and Co. Webb and Co. and stubbs and Co. Biriningham.) Sept. 24. BELL, J. Kingston upon Hull, master. mariner, Oct.

1. and Novs, Dog and Duck, Kingston-upon-Huil.

[Frost, Hull.] Sept. 84. BENTON, J. Exeter, broker, Oct. 8, 9, and Nov.),

Elephant, Exeter. (Deverley, Staple-inn.) Sept. CARLILE and Co. Bolton, in the Moors, cotton.

spinners, Oct. 12, Commercial Inn, Bolton le. Moors. [Kay and Co. Bolton; and slide and Co.

Temple.) Aug. 31. COBDEN, W. Midhurst, Sussex, maltster, Oct. 19,

Angel, Midburst. (Rhoades, Chichester; and

Alexander and Co. New.inn.) Aug!. CHAMBERS, T. Hutton cui transwick, Yorkshire, farmer, Oct. 15, Beverley Arms, Beverley: (Ellis, Chancery-la.; and Dickinson, Great Britfield.]

Sept. 3. COCLSON, W. Helston, Cornwall, mercer, Oct. 19.

(Bourdillon and Co, Little Spt. 7. CROSS, R. and w. Brewood, Stafford, taupers,

Oct. 19, Royal Hotel, Temple-row, Birmingham, (Clarke and Co. Chancery-la.; and Siulbs and

Co. Birmingliam.) Sept. 7. COLES, J. Weat Smithfield!, banker, Oct. 26.

(Jones, Bucklersbury) Sept. 14. CARLING, P. Union-st. Bond-st. lailor, Oct. 26.

(Mayhew and Co. Symond's.inn.) Sept. 14. COOK, W. Earith, Hantia don, víctualier, Oct. 11,

12, and Nov. 2, Pickerell, Cambridge. (Smith, DARBYSHIRE, J. Hyde, Chester, victualler. Oct. Haberler :)

, et de & Red Lion, Heaton Norris. (Walters, Stock.

port; and Wright and Co. Temple.] dug, 27. DUXBURY, C. Tockholm's, Lancaster, calici-rin

ter, Oct. 19, Mosley Arm, Mancirester. (Willis and Co. Warnford-co.; and Barrett and Co. Manchester.] Aug 31, DAVIES, B. Haverfordwest, merchant, Oct. 19, Casa

tle, Hlaverfordwest. (Heelis, Staplejun; and Tho.

mas, Haterfordwest.) Sept. 7. DENÝY, G. New Bridge, York, victnaller, Oct. 9, 4, and es, Greyhound, Ferrybridge. (Wright and Co.

King's-bench-walks, Teniple, and Bingley, Raw. - clife, Yorkshire.) Sept. 14. DAWSON, J. Derby, fosier, Oct. 8, 9, and 29,

King's Head, Derby. [Green, Derby; and Long

and Co. Gray's inn.) Sept. 17. DANBY, J. Market Raisin, Lincola, innkeeper,

Oct. 7, 8, and 29. Woolpack, Bosion. (Hartley, Bostons and Lodington and Hall, Temple)

S. pl. 17. LASTERFJELD, W. Pleat-market, stationer, Oct. 22. (Shuter, Millbank-st.) Sepi. 10.

Euras. Mag. l'ol. LXX. Sept, 1816.

FRANKS, G. Red Cross-st. hatter, Oet. 9. (Allinge

nam, St. John's-sq.) Aug. 27. FULLER, J. Neat Houses, Hanover-sq. gardener,

Oct. 19. (Morris, Horseferry-road, Westminster.1

Sept. 7. FOSTER, J. Barton-upon-Humber, maltster, Octs. 19, White Swan, Barton upon-Humber. Brown and Co. Baiton upon-Humber; and Hicks, Gray's.] Sept.7. FRENCHi and Co. Little Eastcheap, provision-brra kirs, Oct. 96. [Templer und Co. 'Burr-st. East

Smithfield.) Sept. 14. FIDLIN, W. Manchester, cotton-merchant, Oct. 9,

10, and Nov. 2. Siar, Vanchester, (Hislop, Nan.

chester. ) Sept. 21. FIELD and Co Kingston upon-Hull, merchants,

Oct. 4, R. and Nov. 2, Sam's, Kings on upon-Hull. [Broadley and Co. Hull; and Longdill and Co.

Gray's-inn-sq.) Sept. 21. GOODWIN, J. Liverpool, merchant, Oct. 12, King's

Arms, Liverpool. (Radcliffe, Liverpool; and Ad.

lington and Co. Bedford-row.) Aug. 31. GUMM, W. Gloucester, stationer. Oct. 3, 4, and 26,

George, Gloucester. (King, Serjeant's inn ; and Ward, Gloucester.) Sept. 14. GROVER, J. Hastings, linen-draper, Oct. 8 and

Nov. 2. (Wiltshire and Co. Winchester-house,

Old Broad-st.) Sept. 41. GATESBY, J. Nottingham, baker, Oct. 4, 5, and

Nov. 5. (King, Serjeants-inn, Fleet-st.; and Wil

kinson. Notungham.] Sept. 21. HODSON and Co. Liverpool, timber-merchants,

Oct. 19, George, Liverpool [sianistreet and Co.
Liverpool; and Windle, John-sl. Bedford-row. I

dug. Si. HART, T. Stormarket, Suffolk, corn-merchant, Oct.

12, Angel, Burs St. Edusund's. (Ransom, slow

market; and Dixon, Gray's inn-39.) Aug. 31. HEPFORD, S. Soutliorum, York, bookseller, Oct.

19. (Hartley, New Bridge-st.} Sept. 7. HIGGINS, J. Chipping Norton, maltster, Oct. 19.

White Hart, Chipuing-Norton. (Watts, Si mond's. inn; and Beale, Upion upon-divern, Worcestershire.) Sept. 7. HARRIS and Co. Maryport, Cumberland, sail clothmanufacturers, Oct. 19. Golden Lion, Maryport. (Farrer and Co. Gray's-inn; and Hodgson, White. haven.) Sept. 7. HAWER and Co. Blue-anchor-yard, Rosemary-la.

sugar.refinery, Oct. 19. (Lindeman, Upper Crown.

$t. Westininster i Sept 7. HAMILTON, C. Hexhain, Northumberland, draper, · Oct. 22, King's Arns, Carlisle (Birkeit, Cloak

la ; and Blon, Carli.le.) Sept. 10. HANCURK, T. Loutis, Lincoin. hafter, Oct. 99,

Star, Manchester. (Willis and Co. Warpford-co.

and Healev, Manchester.) Sept. 10. HORSEY, P. jun. Ottery Si. Mary. Devon, miller, Oct. 94, Casile, Taunton. (Burfoot, Temple; and

White and Co. Wellington. 1 Sept. 10. HUMBLE, D. Skelbrookie, York, mercbant, Oct.

96, Couri House, Leeds. [Totie and Co. Leeds;

and at their Office, Poultry, London.) Sept. 14. HUMBLE, S. Leeds, inerchant, Oct. 20, Court

House, Leds. ['Tottie and Co. Leeds; and at

their Office, Poultry, London.) Sept. 14. MURKY, J. Liverpool, Lancaster, merchant, Oct. 3,

4, and 29, Star and Garter. Liversoul.. [Keightley, Liverpool, and Tariant and Co. Chancery-la. Sent: 17. HUKTBLE. F. J. Lire pool, shinwright, Oct. 19, 91,

and øy, Star and Garter, Liverpool. [Avisou and

Co. Liverpool.) Sept. 17. JACKSON, D. Manchester, watehmuıseidan, Oct. 12,

Star, Manchester (Heslop, Manchester; and

Willis and Co. Warnford co.] Aug. 31. JENKINS, H. Colford, Gloucester, stone-rutter,

Oct 19, Rominer, Bristol. [Williains, Overisa

build. Holborn: and Baron, Gloucester. Alle 31. JONES, J. Catherine, t. strand, cabinet- inaket,

Oct. 12. [Vincent, Bouford st. Bedford-sq) dug.

91 JAMES and Co. Porismouth,.coal-merchants, Oct. * 19, India Arms, Goswt. | Biggs and tri. Essex st. Strand; and Minchin and Co. Cold Harbour,

Gosport.) 4u5. 31. JEFFERIES, J. Rastrich, Halifax, victualler, Oct.

19. (Abboi, Abchurch-yard, Lombard-st.) Sept. 7. JACKSON, R. Frogtraw, Fok, wood dealer, Oct. Y,

3, and 2%, King's Arms, Kendal. [Singlein, Mill. man-st. B diord-row; and Hull and Co. Pouiton,

Preeton.) Sept. 17. JACOBS, S. Manchester, dealer, Oct. 7, 9, and Nov.

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