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centained $5.5, the other S. Aurter, and Mr. ansit. of alcohol : this, therefore

the Lasz, stand higher as to ated to the So- than any of the wides set don

Qiservations table of the strength of ing human Sished in the Philos. Tran. entus-o in regard to this table, it me

isely after remarking, that in Sir Humphony sics of se- Lectures on Agricultural nely (odaro edition), and in

und Elements of Experimental m (Ith Edit. Vol

. II

. p. 250) quantity of alcohol is portti puoled from theaborctahl*=35,88 per cent.-bermai 3,89 per cent

W. 1.1

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The Committee for managing the
Paterloo subscription have resolved to Bread, butter, bacon,

the widows of the soldiers who fell cheese, and vegetables 1,121, 1.9 105
the Battle of Waterloo an annuity of Butcher, poulterer, and
iby two half-yearly payments, as. fishmonger

3,441 13 15 as they remain unmarried. Beer and cyder ...... 586 9 0

Wax and tallow lights... 1,460 197
Grocery, oilery, lenon,

&c. tea, milk, and ims of Expenditure in the Civil cream

3,235 15 7 ccording to the Report of a Se Wine

2,120 3 10 committee:


818 6'7 Washing

210 18 0 Fuel

1,090 160 dk for Carlton House


96 19 6 ch) ... 735 0 Tanner and brazier

375 103 of girandoles for ditto

China and glass

259- 19 3 ch)

525 0

101-19 .
ir of candelabras for

14,890 14 81 nets for ditto(French) 1,000 o Kew Palace... for ditto (French) 500 0 Windsor Cottage.

137 19 0 at lustre for ditto

Disbursements and enter-
840 0

6,250 00
we lanterns for ditto
1,119 0

21,278 13 84. bronze satyrs for

Her Royal Highness the ch)


Princess Charlotte 9,614 09 (French).

502 0

4,575 5 01
558 O Treasury and Exchequer
for plateau

20 10
787 0 Salaries to of
1,781 0

ficers and ser

596 0 vants, includ-
for dessert

ing wages and
1,126 15 board wages 4,800 3 %

1,517 is Compensation
for side-

allowance in
583 13

lieu of tables 2,245 06
3,653 0 Ditto to re-
Ficers of

tired officers 1,192 10.0
4,403 0 Superannuated
to fo-

allowance and
.....18,091 0

bounties to 1,050 0 poor servants, 1,892 0 and annual

bounties to
ome secret ser-

widows of de-
ceased officers

and servants 4,206 11 S
rance, Austria,

-19,444 14 0 sels, Persia, and usted with snuff

Total ......40,942 367 3101. 11s.


Return to an order of the Honour. of the Expense of the able House of Commons, dated 7th May, Living, as given in the 1816, for

partment: the fol- An Account of the Number of Persons ms of the quarter prosecuted by the Officers of his Ma. дагу, 1816 : jesty's Mint, for counterfeiting the

Next morning she was again found in a wire, which was often used even with deep sleep : in this state she remained glass tubes, or by means of heat : the for seven days, without motion, food, tube thus prepared, could be carried or evacuation; but at the end of this with perfect safety auy whore. To use time, by the inoving of ber left hand, it, it was odly necessary to place the and by plucking at the coverlet of the finger on the open end, and w in vert it

bed and pointing to her mouth, a wish in a cup of mercury; when the tabe for food being understood, it was given being suspended, and allowed to reher. This she took, but still remained, mait until the oscillation subsided, the in her lethargic state till Tuesday, the finger might again be gently re-placed 8th of August, being six weeks from the on the open ead, and the tebe retiine she was seized with the lethargy, inverted, when the quantity of mer. without appearing to be awake, except cury deficient would afford the data on the afternoon of Friday, the oth of calculation. This quantity might be June.. For the first two weeks, her measured with accuracy by means of pulse was generally about 50, the third float, having a graduated stem, and lead week about 60, and previous to her to an approximation sufficiently bear recovery at 70 to 79. Though.ex. the trutb for all useful purposes. tremely feeble for some days after ber struments are now in the hands of the recovery, she gained strength so ra- workmen with the view of putting the pidly, that before the end of August, invention to the test. she began to work at the harvest, on April 29. Mr. Hugh Murray read an the lands of Mr. Arkley, and conti. ensay " On the Ancient Geography of nued without inconvenience. to per- Central and Eastern Asia, with Illustra. form her labour.

tions, derived from recent Discoveries The account is drawn up by a clergy. in the North of India:" Mr. M. conman of the parish, and is accompanied ceived that the ancients, particularly with the medical report of the surgeons Ptolemy and Plivy, koew more respect who attended ; to whose attestations are ing this quarter of the world than is added those of Mr. Arkley, the proprie generally sopposed. The modern dis tor of Dunnigald, and Lyal, tbe faiber, covery respecting the course of the alid is in every respect entitled to the rivers of the Punjab, and their union fullest credit.

into one, before falling into the ladan, Mr. Playfair read a paper on Barome is a mere restoration of Ptolemy's map ter Tubes. Mr. Playtair observed, that of these rivers. The western tributa. the difficulty which had been hitherto ries, so erroneously delineated by the most severely fult, in making barome- moderns till the Caubul mission, are trical observations in mountainous or represented by him witb gearly egyal reruole countries, proceeding from the precision. Mr. M. cooceives that Ptofragility of the instruments, which be- lemy's statemeots, carefully analysed, ing recessarily made of slender and from a pretty correct outline of central very brittle materials, were frequently and eastern Asia. Thus the extensive brokeo, and the opportunity of making tract of the Sacarum Regio, bounded observatious disappointed, after much op the south by India, from which it is Jahour had been bestowed on the at separated by the Imaus (Hemalleb, tempt.. Metal, from its want of trans- corresponds in all its features with Little parency, could not be used in the com- Thibei. Scythia extra maum, bounded Inon manner : still, however, it might by India beyood the fiarges, from which be so applied as to become available it is separated by the Mons Emodus, with so considerable a degree of accu- will then be Great Thibet, extended in racy as to render the instrument of the definitely into Tartary. Serica, then, greatest utilily. The plan proposed bye bounded on the south partly by India iuc Professor was to adopt joon lubes, beyond the Ganges, and partly by Siam of one quarter of an inch calibre, and (Sinarum Regio), will, uuder some mo. of the usual length of the barometer difications, be- China. The very cha. tube; that these should be accurately racter of the Seres, mild, timid, unwarbored, and closed at one end ; mer like, jealous of foreigners, and carrying cury, if carefully poured into them, on trade only at fixed frontier stations, would be tolerably free from air : but if represents exactly and exclusively the necessary, any air that might be car- modern Chinese.' Mr. M. then endearied down with the inercury, could be 'vours to show, that the prevailing sysexpelled entirely. by means of an iron teins of d'Anville, Gosselin, &c. are

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founded on an undne « contempt of the glass was converted into a doubly aucient authorities, and upou some refracting crystal while the pressure was slight reiem lauces of name, which, continued. He next took long plates coinpared with the grand and pernianent of glass with polished edges, and found features of nature, cannot be allowed that by slightly bending ihem with the much weight in such an investigation, hand, the convex or dilated side had the

* At the samne meeting Dr. Brewster same structure as one class of doubly laid before the Society a Paper ou à refracting crystals, while the concave or new uplical and mineralogical Property compressed side had the same structore of calcareous par. - Having formerly as the other class. Muriate of soda, shewo Phil Traus. 1815. p. 270) that flour spar, diainond, obsidian, semithe colours exhibited by some specie opal, born, tortoise shell, amber. gunt mens et calcareots spar were produced copal, caoutchoue, rosin, phosphorus, by a thio-film or interrupting stratum the crystalline lens, and the sclerotic which divided the polarised light into coat of fishes, and other substances that its complementary tints; Dr. Brewster have not the property of double reexamined several new specimens which fraction, receive it by compression or poniessed this property, in order to‘as, dilatation ;, while no effect whatever is certain the axes of this film. In the produced upon doubly refracting cryscourse of this examinations the disco- tats by the most powerful pressure. vered that a prism could be cut out of Many curious results were obtained by a rhomboid of this kivd, which, when inclosing the 'glass in fluid metal and combined with another prism of com- observing the changes which it undermon calcareous spar, exercised such an went from the contraction of the metal action apon the transmitted light, that in cooling. Upon the preceding princit the combined prisms possessed one of ples is founded a chromatic dynamomethe properties described by Huygens ier for measuring the intensity of forces, and Newlon, that is, none nf the four and various instruments for indicating images vanished in any position of the differences of humidity and temperature SECON prism, but ronlinurd visible du- by the expansions or contractions which Ting the wholr of its revolutiin. The they produce. combined prismas however recovered • The second part of this paper related their usual properly when the opposite to the communication of double refracface of the first prism received the in- tion either transiently or permanently cideat pencil. Hence it follows, that to avimal jellies, by gradual induration, the pencils were depolarised by the or by mechanical compression or expand interrupting film; and Dr. B. hasshewn sion. that the film has all its axes constantly.It follows from these principles that inclined 45° to those of the mass which in all crystals of one class there is a contains it. - As the particles of the film difference of density related to the axis; are not symmetrically combined with that in those of the other class, the those of the mass, they are not joined difference of density is related to a line by their poles, and consequently they at right angles to the axis; and that in do not come into optical contact, light those crusials which have the structure being always reflected at the junction of both classes, the difference of density Some specimens possess two and even is related to two rectangular axes. three sets of filmis or veins, each set May 20. The conclusion of Dr. Mur. being parallel to the common sections ray's Paper on the Analysis of Sea of the three surfaces which contain the Waker was read. He gave also the ret

sult of an analysis of a salt which is for Mar 6. Dr. Brewster read a Paper mod in the large way from the brine of on the Communication of double sea water, which seems bitherto to have Refraction to Glass, and other hard and escaped observation. It is a sulphate of soft substances that refract singly, by nagresia aud soda which crystallizes in mechanical Compression and Dilata-. very regular rhombs, occasionally truge tion." Having iuferred from the op- cated on some of the edges and angles. tical properties of heated glass, that its It contains a much smaller quantity of doubly refracting structure was owing water of crystallization than either sul. te a variation of density, De Been.: phate of soda or sulphate of magnesia; deavoured, by means of screws, to pro- is less disagreeable to the taste, and duce the same mechanical change upon differs froin both in all its other propers: glass, and he found ibat in every case ties. It has not hitherto been applied to:

sulid aogle.

any useful purpose, but it may probably port. The white wine contained 18 per form a very excellent purgative salt. cent. of alcohol, while the red afforded

A Barometer was exhibited to the only three per cent. It is curious, that Society with a communication from Mr. in regard to the former, the wine and Kennedy, suggesting a mode of render cork were more sound than the bottle. jog this valuable instrument more por. From the antiquity of the premises, table, and less liable to damage by the the quantity of burned wood in the concussion of the mercury against the cellar, the ancient form of the bottles, upper part of the tube: this it is propo- the perishing state of the glass, and sed to prevent by introducing a small other circumstances, it is plausibly con, bell-shaped bulb of glass, attached to a jectured, that the wine was of anterior spiral spring and fastened to the top of date to the great fire of London, which the tube. This improvement appears to occured in 1666. When the bottles he calculated to prevent the accidents were opened, and their contents exawhich 80 frequently occur in the use of mined, there were present Sir Robert this instrument.

Graham, Mr. Joseph Railton, Dr. Cooke, Dr. Gordon communicated certain and myself. observations to the Society, tending to A large quantity of Greek wine, unestablish the pathological fact, that the der the name of Lissa, or Dalmatian, appearance called the buffy cout, or in- wine, has lately been imported into this flammatory crust, is not confined to country, the quantity of alcohol which venous blood, but is also occasionally it contains is in some samples as high seen on arterial blood, in similar states is 26 per cent. ; in others it amounts to of the system. Dr. G. had himself an 24. It contaivs a remarkable large proopportunity of seeing this appearance portion of malic acid. on arterial blood in one instance ; and I bave lately examined two samples three other instances, in whicb it had of genuine Marsala from Sicily : the occurred, were mentioned to him by onc contained 25.5, the other 26.3, per Dr. Gregory, Mr. Ashburner, and Mr. cent. of alcobok: this, therefore, and Wishart.

the Lissa, staud higher as to alcohol Dr. Gordon also stated to the So- than any of the wincs set down in my. ciety, that by a series of observations table of the strength of wines, pube on the muscles of the living human lished in the Philos. Tran. for 180. body, during surgical operations,-on In regard to this table, it may be worth the muscles of limbs immediately after remarking, that in Sir Humphrey Davy's amputation,-and on the muscles of se- Lectures on Agricultural Chemistry veral of the lower animals, in a variety (octavo edition), and in Dr. Henry's of circumstances, he conceived he had Elements of Experimental Chemistry established, that the muscular fibre, (7th Edit. Vol. II, p. 259), the largest during its contraction, does not exhi- quantity of alcohol is port wine, as misbit the slightest appearance of rugæ, quoted froru the above table, it is stated but remains perfectly straight; and that as = 35,83 per cent.-whereas it should it does not undergo any perceptible en- be=25,83 per cent. largement in its transverse diameter.

W. T. BRANDE. A few months ago, Messrs Grahain and Railton discovered, upon their premises in Mansion-house-street, an old well which was full of burned wood; The dimensions of Waterloo Bridge upon removing this, and a quantity of are as follows :black mud beneath it, they found several

Fcet. bottles of a globular shape, with short Length of the - bridge within the necks, the exteriors of which were con-, abutments

.1940 siderably decomposed, from the loss of Width of ditto, including the footalkali, and the silicious earth peeled off way..

190 in films. One of these contained some It consists of ninc arches of equal excellent wine, having the flavour and span, leaving a clear water way appearance of Malaga ; the others were under all the arcbes, measuring 1080 full of a liquor which appeared to have the width of each pier

20 been port wine, but the spirit was almost Length of Vauxhall Bridge..

860. entirely converted into vivegar, and the .

Westminster ditto

-1923 vegetable matter was in a state of putre

Blackfriars ditto

940 faction. The colour was that of tawney - London, about



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