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This volume contains only that portion of the Reviseil Statates, which relates to the boundaries and descriptions of the counties, towns and cities of the State. The alterations in those boundaries made since the original act was passed, are added; so that the whole existing law on that subject is now presenteł. Such of these alterations as were made in 1830, will be found in the appendix.

The acts and parts of acts, of general interest, which are yet in force, but are not consolidated in the Revised Statutes, are inserted in an order corresponding as nearly as possible with the arrangement adopted in the Revision. In publishing them, the sections which have been repealed, or have become obsolete, are omitted ; and as the general repealing act is contained in this volume, it has not been deemed necessary to refer to it in the various cases to which it applies.

The acts relating to the cities and villages, and especially to the city of New-York, are so numerous that it was found impracticable to insert them, without excluding laws which the Revisers were bound to publish; and a selection has accordingly been made, of such of those acts only as were deemed most important to the citizens of the State generally. Excepting the 'acts thus omitted, and incorporating acts, as well as a few of peculiar character, (of which full and ample lists are given,) it is believed every important existing law, not contained in the two first volumes, will be found in this third volume, either in its original terms, or in a condensed form.

The statutes concerning fisheries, and those authorising obstructions in certain rivers, creeks, &c. have not been published at large, but have been generally condensed, and are arranged under heads in a manner calculated more readily to impart information of their contents, and to facilitate a reference to them.

The statutes passed in the sessions of 1829 and 1830 which are of general interest, and particularly those varying the provisions of the Revised Statutes, are inserted at large, with references in the margin of the latter to the original acts affected by them.

The following lists are inserted in compliance with the directions of the Legislature :


1. Of all the counties in the State, arranged according to the senate districts in which they are situated, with references to the laws by which they were organized, and to the subsequent amendatory acts affecting their boundaries.

2. Of all the towns in the State, alphabetically arranged under the names of the respective counties in which they are situated, with like references to the laws authorising their creation, and to the various and numerous acts dividing them and altering their names and boundaries.

3. Of all existing corporations of every description, classed according to their respective subjects, and arranged alphabetically.

4. Of unincorporated ferries, and of the like description of toll-bridges.

5. Of the titles of all other acts now in force, excepting those included in the preceding lists, those which are contained in the Revised Statutes, and such as are republished or condensed in this volume.

An appendix is added, consisting of two distinct parts. The first part contains statutes passed before and since the Revolution, which, although not now in force as existing laws, are yet operative upon subsisting titles to real estates. They give the history of our legislation upon subjects materially affecting private rights, and are often essential to a correct understanding of the present law on those subjects. To many of these statutes access is now extremely difficult, from their being scattered through numerous volumes, of which some can be found only in the public offices, and very few are contained in private libraries. A more intimate knowledge of the statutes thus republished, will be obtained by referring to the head “ Appendix, Part I.” in the Table of Contents, in which the titles or the subjects of the acts are enumerated.

The second part of the appendix contains the statutes of general interest passed in 1830. References to the matters contained in this part, will be found in the General Index.

It is proper to remark, that the former acts concerning highways in the counties of Kings, Queens and Suffolk, had been printed before the statute on that subject was passed by the Legislature in 1830, and that they could not be omitted without deranging the paging of the volume.

The unexpected labor and difficulty encountered in preparing these materials for publication, and a desire to present the last alterations nade by the Legislature, so that the three volumes of the Revised Statutes, with the exceptions before stated, should exhibit the whole written law of this State, have united to delay the appearance of this volume.

August, 1830.

Pursuant to the “ Act concerning the Revised Statutes,” passed on the 10th of December, 1828, We, the undersigued, two of the Revisers of the Statutes of the State of New York, do hereby certify, that the text of so much of the Revised Statutes as is contained in this volume, has been examined and compared by us with the original acts passed by the Legislature, and with the acts amending such originals; and that this volume was printed by the printers employed by us for that purpose, under the authority conferred by law.


JOHN C. SPENCER. September 10th, 1830.




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Enumeration and boundaries of the several counties of the State, 1 to 19

of the several towns of this State,

19 to 120

of the several cities in this State,

121 to 128

General repealing act,

129 to 156

Acts of the Legislature which have not been revised, and are still

in force, (exclusive of the acts passed in 1830,) ........ 157 to 479

Acts relating to the civil divisions of the State, (including a

digest of acts passed at the 52d session (1829), dividing

towns, &c.) arranged in the alphabetical order of their


.... 158 to 164

Acts relating to the public officers of the State, other than militia

and town officers,


Acts relating to elections other than for militia and town officers, 167

Acts relating to the Legislature,


Acts relating to the funds, revenue, expenditures and property of

the State,

particularly, relating to the General fund,


the Common School fund,


ditto and the Literature fund,


the public lands,


the public buildings,


the State library,


Acts relating to canals,


Acts relating to the salt springs and salt lots,


Acts relating to the military bounty lands,


Acts relating to the militia and the public defence,..


Acts relating to town officers,


Acts relating to county officers,


Acts relating to loan-officers and commissioners of loans, 203 to 234

Acts relating to the assessment and collection of taxes,


Acts relating to the Marine hospital,


Acts relating to public instruction,


Acts relating to the gospel and school lots,


Acts relating to highways and bridges,


Acts declaring certain rivers, creeks and other streams, highways, 248

Acts authorising dams, &c. in streams, condensed, :


Acts concerning the regulation of trade,


General acts relating to incorporations,

282 to 314

Monied corporations,


Public libraries,


Religious incorporations,


Medical societies, ...


Manufacturing incorporations,


Act relating to weights and measures,


Acts relating to the poor, :


Act concerning the navigation of certain waters,


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