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Home MADE Cons. AND FAR-WESTERS. 1. Why is a lady's boa dropped in the street like a blind devil ? Give it up? Because it is a loosefur (Lucifer) with the i (eye) out.

2. Why is an old dog like a shipwrecked mariner ? Because he has lost his bark,

3. There is man in New Orleans so exceedingly tall that he is obliged to go up a ladder to shave himself. H. A friend of ours lately caught such a cold that he sheezed himself away till there was nothing left of him but his snuff-box and pocket-handkerchief.

5. A man in the Strand wore his trowsers so large, that he fell into bis own pocket, and did not drag himself out till be had been dead some time.

6. A drover, going to Smithfield, ran so fast after a cow, that he kept before her all the way, and they reached Smithfield together.

7. The mutual hostility of wild and domesticated animals was strangely exemplified in the late inundation, when, if we are to believe the papers, thousands of loose rats were drowned by the tied (tide).

Speed ÎN TRAVELLING. God speed you, » used to be the old mode of expressing good wishes among our forefathers; what would they say, now, if they could rise from their graves, and learn that in 14/2 hours a party of pleasure set out from London, stopped twice at Southampton, and circumnavigated the Isle of Wight? This feat, about 250 miles, was accomplished at a small cost' on Monday last. Oh, steam !

: MISSOURIUM, OR MISSOURI LEVIATHAN. -- The nearly complete skeleton of an enormous, extinct animal, 32 feet in length and 13 in height, found by Mr. Albert Koch near the shores of the river la Pomme de Terre a tributary of the Osage, in Burton county, in the state of Missouri, and singularly enough called, as tradition goes, by the Osage Indians, Big-Bone River-has been brought to this country by the discoverer, and is about to be exhibited at the Egyptian Hall, We bad a hurried, and therefore incomplete, examination of the fossil

marrowless monster on Thursday. Independent of size, the most striking features of the Missourium (Koch) are the feetthe fore-feet with four toes and a thumb, evidently prebensile, the bones of the fore-arm therefore arranged so as to enable the animal to feed himself with the fore-foot, after the manner of the beaver--and the tusks, each six feet in length, exclusive of the root. One of these is stated to have been, when discovered, fixed in the socket, and therefore their position accurately determined. In relation to the head, they (each) form a horizontal semicircle, measuring from one point to the other, following the curvature, 21 feet, in a straight line between the extremities 15 feet. There are numerous other anatomical peculiarities conducive to a knowledge of the habits of the . leviathan; ~ but we cannot at present enlarge upon them. Mr. Koch, we understand, has letters of introduction to Professor Owen, and other eminent comparative anatomists in England. The authority of the former will suffice to establish the position of the « Missourium » in the extinct animal kingdom, and to confirm or confute the conclusions of the discoverer. Mr. Koch, in the latter part of his pamphlet, asserts that, in juxtaposition with these and other huge remains, he has found evidences-arrow-heads, &c.—of human existence contemporary with the fossil animals. What will geologists say to this ?-

(LITERARY GAZETTE.) A new Race of Welsh IndianS!–At the last meeting of the Royal Geographical Society, in a communication from Sir James Alexander on his late travels in the Rocky Mountains, a reference was made to a singular race of Indians, living far in the interior, who were described of a fair complexion, possessing a superior knowledge of the arts, and speaking a language peculiar to themselves, who it was considered might be the lost Welsh colony, who, if they still existed, it must be in a parallel of 42 degrees latitude. A colony, it is known, left Wales under Prince Madoc in 1169, who, tired of the wars in their own country, set sail to discover some other settlement. Some of these returned to Wales, and gave a favourable account of a new country, to which they induced many others of their countrymen to go, but the expedition has never but once been since heard of. I 1610," Welsh clergymann'having been taken prisoner 'by a tribe of Indians, was doomed to death, when he solicited time to pray, which he did in his own language: This attracted the notice of one of the Indians, who, recognizing his language, interfered and saved his life, and took him to the descendant of his own countrymen; 'on his 'return from whom he testified the circumstances on oath before a Court at Virginia. A young Welsh gentleman at New York had started thence last August, for the purpose of endeavouring to reach this lost tribe, his intended route being to Santa Fe, '&c., from whence he would cross the Rocky mountains by the first caravan. He has not since been heard of, but the result of his enquiry is looked forward to with considerable interest.




St. Petersburg, March 15th, 1842.


Printed at the Oflice of the Journal de St. Petersbourg..

Abstracts of Specifications of New Patents.
Accidents, Street, in Paris.
Adventures of a Soldier, Notice of.
Adventures of Deerslayer.
American, North, Indians.
Anatomy of Chimpanzee.
Ancients, Engineering Works of. Part. I.

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Anecdotes translated from the Persian.
Animal Magnetism.
Antarctic discoveries of Ross.
Archimedes, Inventor of the Steam-gun.

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· Arsenic, in living bodies, Notice:

Artesian Well at Southampton.
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Atmospheric Railway.
Autograph of Shakspeare.
Azbeaz, the Shoemaker King, his Story.
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Barnaby Rudge, by Charles Dickens, Esqre.
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Blue Belles of England, Notice of.
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British Field Sports.
Brandy and Salt.
Bude light.
Butchers' Meat, Consumption of.
Cartago, Earthquake at.
Cast Iron Ornaments.
Cat intelligent.
Census, of England.

United States.
Chateau, le, de Vandyk.



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Chimpanzee, Anatomy of..
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Chinese Newspapers.


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Earthquake at Cartago.
Engineering of the Ancients. .
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Improvements in London.

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