How to Write a PhD in Less Than 3 Years: A Practical Guide

AuthorHouse, 2010 - 120 páginas
I have purchased the ' Personalized Back Cover' option and this is the text that should appear at the back cover of my book: Is there room for yet another book on PhD-writing? Yes there is. Most of the available publications on this topic are contributions from professional academics, written from the perspective of supervisors or examiners rather than from that of successful candidates. Most of them are too long and not always user-friendly, while their approach is, more often than not, too scientific to be accessible to the average candidate. It is with these considerations in mind that the author, an average doctoral candidate who wrote his PhD thesis while working full-time, submitting his written work for examination within 24 months of becoming registered as a research student in one of the UK's top Law Schools, set out to write this book, which is, uniquely, written from a student's perspective. What makes of this work an original contribution is not the novelty of the topic addressed in it but, rather, its brevity, its practical approach, its simplicity, the background of its author (a recent, successful PhD candidate) and the motivation of its author: to help candidates complete their PhD thesis in under three years, as the author of this book did. This short book contains a wealth of practical advice and guidance on the issues involved in conceptualizing, organizing and writing your doctoral thesis so that you can increase your chances of surviving the ordeal of PhD thesis writing with the least amount of pain and with the minimum investment in terms of the time and effort spent pursuing your objective.

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Steven Harrison is a pen name for a recognized legal practitioner. The author of several academic publications, Steven wrote his PhD thesis while working full-time for a leading financial institution, submitting his thesis for examination within 24 months of becoming registered as a research student in one of the UK's top Law Schools. His doctoral thesis has since been published as a monograph by a leading international publisher and is the main reference work in its field.

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