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Manners and Customs of the JewsRabbinical Writings, etc.

*t Fleury (Claude) Manner* of the Ancient Israelites, with Corrections and Additions, by Dr. A. Clarke, 8vo.

Loud. 1809

*t Groot (Constantin. de) JoodseOudheden ofteVoorBereid-
selen tot de Bybelsche Wysheid en Gebruyk der heilige
enKerklykeHistorien (a Treatise on Jewish Antiquities,
etc.) fol. 2 tom. Amst. 1690

Godwin (Tho.) Moses and Aaron: Civil and Ecclesiastical
Rites used by the Ancient Hebrews.

4to Tracts, vol. 1.

t Lightfoot (Dr. John) The Temple Service, described out of the Scriptures aud most eminent Antiquities of the Jews, fol. Works, vol. 1

t Maimonidis (R. Mosiu) de Cultu Divino, 4to. Paris 1678

t Maimonidis de Sacrificiis, 4to. Lond. 1683

t Maimonidis Doctor Perplexorum, 4to. Basil. 1629

t Maimonidis de Jure Pauperis et Peregrini, Apud Judaeos. Heb. et Lat. a Prideaux, 4to. Oxon. 1679

t Mischna, sive totius Hebraeorum Juris, Rituum, Antiquitatum, ac Legum oralium, Systema, cum Rabbinorum Maimonidis et Bartenorae Commentariis integris, Heb. et Lat. G. Surenhusii, fol. 6 tom. Amst. 1698

t Pococke (Edvardi) Porta Mosis; sive Dissertationes aliquot a R. Mose Maimonide selecta. Arab. et Lat. fol.

Apud Pocock. Op.

t Religious Ceremonies and Customs of the Jews and of the several Nations of the known World, with Engravings by Picart, fol. 7 vol. in 6. Lond. 1731

f Seldeni (Joh.) De anno civili Veteris Ecclesiae, seu Rei

publicae Judaicae, Dissertatio, fol. Opera torn. I

t Seldeni (Joh.) de Jure Naturali et Geutium, juxta Disciplinam Ebrajorum Ibid.

t Seldeni (Joh.) de Synedriis et Praefecturis Juridicis Veterum Ebraeorum Op. tom. 1

t Seldeni (Joh.) de Successionibus in bona Defunctornm, et

de Successionibus in Pontificatum Ebraeorum. Op. tom. 2

t Seldeni (Joh.) Uxor Ebra'ica, seu de Nuptiis et Divortiis

Ebraeorum. Ibid.

t Talmud Babylonicum. (Hebr.) fol. 12 tom.

Berol. et Franco/. 1715

t Wotton (Will.) Discourses of the Traditions and Usages of the Scribes and Pharisees, 8vo. 2 vols. Lond 1718


CouncilsEcclesiastical Discipline.

t Aymon (J.) Monumens authentiques de la Religion des. Grecs, et de la Faussete de plusieurs Confessions de Foi des Chretiens Orientaux, 4to. La Haye, 1708

t Bail (M. L.) Summa Conciliorum omnium ordinata, aucta, illustrata, ex Merlini, Joverii, Baronii, aliorumque Collectionibus, ac MSS. aliquot: seu Collegium Synodicum in sex Classes distributum, fol. 2 tom.

Paris, 1672

Baynes (Paul) Diocesan's Try all, a Tract on Episcopacy,

4to. 1621, Tracts, vol. 2

t Bevergu (Gull.) It/vo&xov, sive Pandectae Canonum S. S. Apostolorum et Conciliorum ab Ecclesia, Graeca receptorum, etc. Gr. Lat fol. 2 tom. Oxon. 1672

f Calamy (Edm.) Defence of moderate Nonconformity

8vo. Lond. 1703

Conformity between Modern and Ancient Ceremonies of

the Church, 8vo. Lond. 1745

Cudworth (Dr. R.) Discourse on the Lord's Supper, 4to.

Intellect. Syst. vol 2. Hickeringill (E.) Ceremony-M onger, Character of, 12mo.

Lond. 1693

Leighton (Dr. John) Appeal to the Parliament; or

Syon's Plea against Prelacy, 4to. 1628 Martene (Ed.) de Antiquis Ecclesiae Ritibus, 4to. 2 tom.

Retomagi, 170©

Prynne (W.) Antipathie of the English Lordly Prelacie, both to regall Monarchy, and civill Unity, etc. etc. 4to. Lond. 1641

*(. Quick (jo.) Synodicon in Gallia Reformata; or the Acts, Decisions, etc. of the National Councils of the Reformed Churches in France, fol. 2 vols. in one. Lond. 1692

Tracts on Ecclesiastical Discipline, containing:

1. Du Moulin (Dr.) Account of the Advances the Church of Eng-
land hath made towards Rome, 4to. Lond. 168D
e. Discourse on Excommunication, 4to. Lond. 168O

3. Looking Glass for all Lordly Prelates, 4to. Lond. 1636

4. Harmony between the old and present Non-Confermist's Princi-
ples in relation to the Terms of Conformity; with a short His-
tory of the Original English Liturgy, etc. 4to. . Land. 1682

5. Unbishoping ot Timothy and Titus, a Tract on Episcopacy, 4to.

Lond. 1636

6. Anatomy of the Service Book, 4to.

Warburton (Bp.) Discourse concerning the Nature and

. End of the Lord's Supper, 8vo. Works, vol. 10

Warburton's Alliance between Church and State, 8vo.

Works, vol.


Fathers of the Church.

t S.S. pATRUM,qui temporibus Apostolicis floruerunt, Opera.

Gr. Lat. cum notis Cotelerii et Clerici, fol. 2 tom. Amst. 1724

*t The Genuine Epistles of the Apostolic Fathers,

translated by Archbp. Wake, 8vo. Lond. 1693

*t S. August][ni de Ciyitate Dei, cum Commento, et de Tri

nitate, fol. printed by Amersbach, Basil, 1490

t S. Barnabje Epistola, Coteler. Patr. torn. 1. and in

Wake's Coll.

t Canones Apostolici, fol. Beveregii Pandect, torn. 1.

t S. Chrv/sostomi Opera omnia, Gr. Hen. Savilii, fol.

8 tom. Etonce, 1612

t Clementina Homilia, Coteler. torn. l,

•J" S. Clementis Romani Epistolae duse ad Corinthios, Gr.

Lat. Coteler. torn. 1, mid in Wake's Coll. and Tracts

vol. 2, 4to.' t S. Clementis Romani Recognitiones. Coteler. torn. 1

•f ConstitutionEs S. Apostolorum. Ibid. ,f St. Cyprian's Works, translated by N. Marshall, fol.

Lond. 1717

t S. Gregorii, Nazianzeni, Opera, Gr. Lat. fol. 2 tom.

Lut. Paris. 1609

t S. Herm* Pastor. Coteler. tom. 1, and in Wake's Coll.

t S. Ignatii Epistolae. Ibidw t S. Justini Martyris, Opera, Gr. editio princeps, fol.

Lut. Par. 1551 t Lactantii (C. F.) Opera Omnia, cum notitia literaria,

8vo. 2 tom. Bipont. 1786

. t S. Polycarpi Epistolae, Coteler. tom. 2, and in Wake's Coll. f Tatiani Oratio ad Graecos, et Hermiae Irrisio Gentilium

Philosophorum, Gr. Lat. a Worth, 8vo. Oxow. 1700

Section VI.

Controversial WritersDefences of Revealed Religion.

Bampton Lectures, or Sermons preached before the University of Oxford, at the Lecture founded by the Rev. John Bampton; by Bandinel, Neve, Holmes, Cobb, White, Churton, Croft, Hawkins, Shepherd, Tatham, Nares, 8vo. 12 vols. 1780-1805

Beattie (Dr. Ja.) Evidences of the Christian Religion, 8vo.

Lond. 1806

Berkeley (Bp.) Minute Philosopher: containing an Apology for the Christian Religion. Works, vol. 1

t Browne (Sir Tho.) Religio Medici, fol. in his Works

Butler (Bp.) Analogy of Natural and Revealed Religion

6vo. Works vol. 2.

Chelsum (Dr.) Remarks on the Two last Chapters of Gibbon's Roman History, 12mo. Oxford, 1778, bound

with Watson's Apology.

t Defence of Revealed Religion, being a Collection of the Sermons preached at the Lecture founded by the Hon. Robert Boyle, fol. 3 vols. Lond. 1739 CONTROVERSIAL WRITERS. 13t

Gisborne (Tho.) Survey of the Christian Religion, 8vo.

... Lond. 1810

Grotius on the Truth of the Christian Religion, by Clarke,

8vo. Lond. 1743

Haller (Baron) Letters to his Daughter, on the Truths of

the Christian Religion, 12mo. Lond. 1807

* t Hohne (T. H.) Brief View of the Necessity and Truth

of the Christian Revelation, 8vo. Lond. 1803

Horsley (Bp.) Tracts in Controversy with Dr. Priestley,

8vo. Gloucester, 1789

Ireland (Dr. John) Paganism and Christiamty compared,

8vo. Lond. 1809

Jortin (Dr. John) Discourses concerning the Truth of the

Christian Religion, 8vo. Lond. 1768

Jortin's Six Dissertations on different Subjects, 8vo. Lond. 1755 Judgment of the Synod of Dort, concerning the Five

Articles, 4to. Lond. 1619, in Tracts, vol. 2

.f Lardner (Dr.) Letter on the Question whether the

Logos supplied the place of a Human Soul in the person

of Jesus Christ. Works vol. 11

f Lardner's Remarks upon Dr. Ward's Dissertations upon

several Passages of the sacred Scriptures. Works, vol. 11. t* Lardner's Testimonies of Jewish and Ancient Heathen

Authors to the Truth of the Christian Religion.

Works, vols. 7—9 f Lardner's Tracts,on the Epistles of Clement of Rome ; on the Mosaic Account of the Creation and Fall of Man, on the History of the Seven Brothers in the Maccabees, Reasons against the name Magdalen-Houses, etc.

Works, vol. 11

f Lardner's Vindication of three of our Saviour's Miracles, in

Reply to Woolston Works, vol. 11

Le Pljuche (Abbe) Truth of the Gospel Demonstrated,

8vo. 2 vols. Lond. 1751

L'estrange (Sir R.) Dissenters' Sayings in their own

Words, 4to. Tracts, vol. 2. Lond. 1681

t Locke (John) Reasonableness of Christianity as delivered

in the Scriptures; with two Vindications of it. Works, vol. 3 t Locke's Discourse of Miracles. Ibid, vol. 4

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