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† Horwood (R.) Plan of London and Westminster, South . .

wark, and parts adjoining, shewing every house, on 24

Lond. 1794-99 *+ Ortelius (Abr.) Theâtre de l'Univers, fol. Antw. 1587 ROBERTSON (Geo.) Memoir of a Chart of the China Sea,

Lond. 1791





Collections of Voyages and Travels.
A Collection of Modern and Contemporary Voyages and

Travels, containing: (1.) Translations from Foreign Lan-
guages, of Voyages and Travels, never before Trans-
lated; (2.) Original Voyages and Travels never before
published; (3.) Analysis of New Voyages and Travels,

published in England, 8vo. 11 vols. Lond. 1805-10 ETTERS from several parts of Europe, and the East, 8vo. 2 vols.

Lond. 1753


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I AMIER (W.) Collection of Voyages, 8vo. 4 vols. Lond. 1729 + GYNÆI (Sim.) Novus Orbis Regionum ac Insularum, eteribus incognitarum, una cum tabula cosmographica,

Bąsil. 1555 + ARRIS (Dr. John) Navigantium atque Itinerantium Bibliotheca ; or, a Complete Collection of Voyages and Travels in all parts of the World, fol. 2 vols. Lond. 1744 An Account of the Circumnavigators of the Globe.

1. On Navigation.
2. Voyages of Columbus.
3. Magellan's from the South Seas, to the East Indies.
4. Sir Francis Drake's Voyage round the World.
5. Sir Thomas Cavendis li's.


HARRIS's Collection of Voyages, etc. continued.

6. Oliver Van Noorts Voyage round the World.
7. Captain Sibald de Weert's, to the South Seas.
8. Spilbergen's Voyage.
9. Schouten and Le Maire's Voyage.
10. Fernandez de Quiros', for the discovery of the Southern

ji. Jaques le Hermite, Voyage round the Globe.
12. Cowley's Voyage round the World.
13. Dampier's Voyage round the World.
14. Dampier's Voyage to New Holland and New Guinea.
15. Funnel's Voyage round the World.
16. Rogers
17. Clipperton's.
18. Shelvock's.
19. Betagh's Observations on Peru.
20. Roggewein's Voyage to the Indian Archipelago.
21. Pelsart's Voyage to Batavia.
22. Tasman's.
- 23. Anson's Voyage round the World.
The Discovery, Settlement and Commerce of the East

Indies. 1. Nature of the Work. 2. History of India. 3, 4. Indiao Commerce. 5. Account of Alexander's Conquest of the Persian Empire. 6. Voyage, by Nearchus. 7. Of the Seleucidæ. 8. Of the Greek Empire in Egypt. 9. 10. Of the Indian Trade carried on by the Romans. 11. Of the Religion, Customs, etc. of the Indians. 12. Of the Brachmans 13. Of the Land-Animals in the East Indies. 34. Of Fish aud Fowl. 15. Of the Eastern and Northern Parts of India. 16. Of the rise and decline of the Constantinopolitan and

Arabiau Empires. 17. Account of the different Passages to the East Indies. 18. Travels of two Mohammedans,through India and China,

in the Ninth Century 19. Benjamin of Tudela's Travels from Spain to China. 20. Rubruquis' Travels in Tartary and China. 21. Marco Polo's Travels in Asia. 22. Of the Empire of the Great Mogul. 23. Rise and Progress of the Portugueze Empire, in the

East Iudies. 24. Laval's Voyage to the East Indies. 25. Beaulieu's. 26, 27. Maudelslo's Travels in Persia and the East. 28-30. Tavernier's Travels in the East Indies. 31. Cunningham's Observations on the Island of Chusan, on

the Coast of China. 32. Adams' Travels in the Empire of Japan. 33. Account of intercourse with the East Indies, and of the

E. I. Company, temp. Eliz.
34. Account of the Dutch E. 1. Company.
33. History of the French East-India Company.
36. Of the Imperial E. I. Company, established at Ostend,

by Charles VI.
37. of the Danish Commerce, to the East Iudies.
38. Of the Swedish East India Company.

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Discovery, Settlement, and Commerce of the West

Indies. VOL. II. 1. Of the importance of the new-discovered Continent of

America. 2-5. Columbus' Voyages to the West Indies, 6. Of the discoveries, etc. of the Spaniards in the West

Indies. 7-13. Cortes' Expeditions for the Reduction of New Spain. 14. Discoveries of the Spaniards in Panama. 15. Discovery and conquest of Peru and Chili. 16. Discoveries and Settlements ot' the Portugueze in Bra.

17-20. Discoveries and Settlements of the English Nation

in America.
21. State of the Colony of Georgia. '
22. Of the Dutch Colonies in America.

ria, etc.

Discoveries made towards the North, and attempts

for finding the North-East, and North-West

Passages. 1. History of the Countries lying round the North Pole. 2. Motives for seeking a Passage into the South Seas. 3. Capt. James' Voyage for the discovery of a Passage to

the South Seas.
4. Capt. Middleton's.
5. Grounds for seeking a N. E. Passage into the Sea of

Voyages and Travels, relating to the Northern parts

of Europe.
1. Of the Sea-coasts and Mines of Norway, Lapland, Sibe-
2. Of the Kingdom of Sweden..
3. Of Denmark.
4. Of Poland.
5. Account of the Ukrain and the Cossacks.
United Provinces, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, etc.
1-3. Misson's Travels through Holland, Germany, Italy,

4. Bp. Burnet's Travels in Switzerland and Italy.
5. Ray's Travels in the Low-Countries and Germany.
6. in Italy, Sicily, and Malta.

Spain, France, and Navarre.
1. Willoughby's Travels in Spain.
2. Travels in Portugal and Spain.
3, 4. Skippon, and Ray, and Northleigh's in France.
Remote parts of Germany, Bohemia, Moravia, etc.
1. Brown's Travels in Bavaria, Austria, etc.
2. Description of the Kingdom of Hungary. .
3. Travels through Hungary, into Thessaly, and from

Vieuna to Venice, by Land,
Islands of the Archipelago, with an Account of the

1. Thevenot's Travels from Italy to Constantinople.
2. Account of the Customs and Manners of the Turks.

? 3. Remarkable Cities in Asia, and of the Archipelago.
4. Maundrell's Journey from Aleppo to Jerusalem.

1. Chardin's Travels in Circassia, Mingrelia, Georgia, etc. .
9-5. Description of Persia, its Inhabitants, Manners, Cus-
toms, Constitution, Government, and History.

North-East parts of Asia and China.
1-3. Ysbrant Ide's Travels in the Russian and Chinese

4. Account of the North-East part of Asia.
5. Description of China
6. Of the Country, Inhabitants, etc. of Çorea, Japan, etc.

7. Of Kamschatka, with the Voyage of Capt. Behring. PINKERTON (John) General Collection of Voyages and Tra

vels, in all parts of the World, 4to. vols. I-XI. Lond. V. Y. SMITH (Tho.) Wonders of Nature and Art, 12mo, 12 vols.,

Lond. 1803


Voyages to the South Pole, and round the World.
MISSIONARY VOYAGE to the Southern Pacific Ocean, in

1796-98, in the ship Duff, commanded by Capt,
J. Wilson, including details of the Natural and Civil
State of Otaheite, 4to.

Lond. 1799 BLIGH (Capt. Wm.) Voyage to the South Seas, for the pur

pose of conveying the Bread-fruit Tree to the West In-
dies, '4to.

Lond. 1792 BURNĚY (Capt. James) Chronological History of the Dis

coveries in the South Sea, 4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1803-6
+ HAWKESWORTH (Dr. John) Account of the Voyages

for making Discoveries in the Southern Hemisphere,
performed by Commodore Byron, Capt. Wallis,
Capt. Carteret, and Capt. Cook, accompanied by
Sir Joseph Banks, 4to. 3 vols.

Lond. 1773 + Cook (James) Voyage towards the South Pole and round

the World, with Capt. Furneaux's Narrative of his Pro-
ceedings in the Adventure, 4to. 2 vols. Lond. 1777
of The Original Astronomical Observations made

during Capt. Cook's second Voyage, by Messrs.
Wales and Bayly, 4to.

Lond. 1776


+ Cook, Clerke, and Gore's Voyage to the Pacific Ocean, by Cook and King, 4to. 3 vols.

Lond. 1784, 4 Cook's Life, by And. Kippis, D. D. 4to. Lond. 1788 of PARKINSON (Sydney) Journal of a Voyage to the

South Seas, during Capt. Cook's first Voyage,
royal 4to.

. Lond. 1784 Dixon (Geo.), and PortLOCK ( Voyage round the

World, but more particularly to North-West Coast of
America, from 1785 to 1788, 4to.

Lond. 1789 PERON (M. F.) Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Hemisphere, 8vo.

Contemp. Voy. vol. 11, PEROUSE (J. F. G.) Voyage round the World, in 1785, 6, 7, and 1788, with Atlas, 8vo. 3 vols.

Lond. 1907 PIGAFETTA (Ant.) Voyage round the World in 1519-1522, (the first) 4to.

Pinkerton, vol. 11 TURNBULL (John) Voyage round the World, 8vo.

:: Contemp. Voy. vol. 2. VANCOUVER (Geo.) Voyage of Discovery to the North Pa

cific Ocean and round the World; in the Years 1790-
1795, 8vo. 6 vols. with Atlas.

Lond. 1801.


Sweden, Denmark, Germany, etc.

JOURNAL of Seamen left at Spitzbergen, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 1 Tour through the Island of Rügen, 8vo. Contemp. Voy. vol. 5

BACSTROM (Dr.) Voyage to Spitzbergen, 4to.

Pinkerton, vol. 1 CAMERON ( ) Tour through Germany, 8vo. : Lond. 17.., CABR (Sir John) Travels round the Baltic, through Denmark, Sweden, Russia, and part of Germany, 4to..

Lond. 1805, and Contemp. Voy. vol. 2 Coxe (w.) Travels in Denmark, 4to. Pinkerton, vol. 6 Coxe (W.) Travels in Norway, 4to.


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